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Close as Strangers: Chapter 11

Close as Strangers: Chapter 11

Word count: 6.2k

Genre: High School au, angst, smut  

This is dedicated to one of my best friends, thank you for being my friend and putting up with my weird ass. Thank you for reading my works and helping me want to keep writing even when I feel overwhelmed. Love you to death @kae-popx have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it! 

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You and Yoongi were bringing your stuff down to the foyer when the doorbell rang. You had woken up only about fifteen minutes ago. You were so tired but you lazily went and opened it to a sleepy looking Jungkook. He smiled and walked in, giving you a kiss and brushing hair from your face.

“Morning, Jungkook.“ you rubbed the sleep from one eye.

“Hi, love. Do you want some help with your bags?” He asked. He became very smiley all the sudden. His hand suddenly slid down your back and cupped your ass, squeezing it quickly. All you could do was gasp and he was out the door with one of your bags. Yoongi had already taken his but came back for his pillow and backpack.

“You okay, Y/N?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah,” you unfroze, you were definitely awake now. You grabbed your backpack and blanket. Then you and Yoongi said goodbye to your parents and his parents.

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Okay listen…can we all just relax for a second…and think abt Tony and Steve just sat in the Rec Room together…it’s mid afternoon and everyone is out so it’s just the two of them… Tony is curled up against Steve, half asleep already; his legs thrown over his Supersoldier Boyfriend’s lap, with one hand swirling little patterns into the skin of Steve’s arm and the other one interlocked with Steve’s fingers…. 

and Steve- he’s just sat with his forehead pressed into the top of Tony’s messy hair,, looking down at his tiny genius boyf with such a look of wonder on his face… and it’s happy and good and calm and Steve plants a kiss on top of Tony’s head because goddamn it he’s in love and Tony grumbles something in reply about needing to work but then just curls up even further into Steve’s arms and all is good in the world.

Léana Lavellan made by the amazing @kauriart

I’m totally in love with her. I love the colors you’ve chosen for her, the expression on her face and her eyebrows, hair, ears… She’s perfect!

It’s been worth waiting for! Thank you sooooo much, your work is always wonderful!


Hey, @nerdsbianhokie and @queergirlwriting, i fic-ed it! my nb!alex word vomit, that is. (here, for those wondering


When Alex gets home from work Maggie is already there, sliding berry cobbler into the oven, her t-shirt dusted with flour and her hair in a messy bun. She’s fresh faced and smiling as she greets Alex with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and Alex’s heart flutters at the touch like always, even as their stomach starts to knot, because after what they have to say there’s the possibility they could lose this. It must show on their face, too, because suddenly Maggie is looking at Alex with that expression, that head tilt and Alex swallows thickly at the tightness in their throat.

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Madam C. J. Walker

Featured in Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen

The first child in her family born into freedom, Madam C. J. Walker (1867–1919) overcame being orphaned and widowed before the age of twenty to become America’s first female self-made millionaire. Her success is even more extraordinary given that it occurred in the face of the worst Jim Crow laws of the time. As a single mother, she worked for $1.50 a day as a laundress and cook so she could send her daughter to school. Lacking access to regular bathing facilities, she started losing a great deal of hair. At the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, she met a woman, Annie Malone, who was selling cosmetic products for African-Americans. Among the products was “The Great Wonderful Hair Grower.” Madam Walker quickly became a client, and then a sales agent for Malone. A year later she relocated to Denver for family and started her own namesake hair product line.

There’s debate as to whether Annie Malone or Madam Walker was the first to cross the millionaire line, but there is no arguing that Walker had the advantage of being a marketing genius. She sold “The Walker System” of hair products and with them, the image of a new lifestyle and hair culture. For example, she used black women in the before-and-after photos for her product—prior to her ads, the after photos would show a white woman. Within five years, she expanded her company to include over three thousand sales agents, and her detailed training pamphlets taught them skills to develop a refined personal image. At her business conventions, she gave awards to not only the top sellers but also the saleswomen who gave the most to charity. She became the first large employer of African-American women and was a generous philanthropist during her life and after—she left two-thirds of future net profits of her estate to charity.

Missing my friendo @toriitorii and I couldn’t help but drawing her beautiful galaxy hair because its so gorgeous! Also wanted to repay her for her wonderful work she did for me when making a commission of us squishing our faces together.

Love it to death <3

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Face Riding

A/N: First post on here yee! -lou

Just imagine, being on top of Bruce, grinding your hips back and forth on his mouth. Pants, soft moans where the only thing that was heard in the dim room. Feeling his newly formed beard on the inside of your thighs. They just gave you an extra boost of pleasure. His tongue worked wonders on you; lapping your juices, bold stripes on your slit here and there. Sucking on your clit harshly, taking you over the edge. This made you lose control. You ground your hips harder on his face, making him groan at your actions. Both his large hands got a tighter hold of each of your thigh. Your hands would tug at the roots of Bruce’s hair whenever he did something that drove you wild. You were on cloud nine. Thin layer covered your forehead, beads of sweat raced down your face towards your neck and finally your chest. Your legs began to feel weak, knowing your orgasm was right around the corner. Your movements got sloppier and Bruce noticed, and to help you get there. One of his hands let go of your thighs and went in between your sex and his face and began to rub harsh circles on your clit. No words nor noise was able to come out of your mouth. Speechless you were. within seconds you came. You rode out your orgasm, feeling Bruce lick up all your juices from your orgasm. Plopping onto the bed, scooting closer to Bruce. You felt a pair of strong arms around your waist, a head placed in the crook of your neck. You both drifted off to sleep. Everything was at peace.

005 / 101 kisses

005; stay the night
♡ optional bias (second person)
♡ best friend!au
x; when he gently kisses your closed eyes

letting out a sigh through his nose, he held up the remote control and switched off the tv, letting the dim, golden hue of the side lamp illuminate the living room on its own. he was expecting you to make some sort of comment on the end of the movie he had selected for you two to watch for the evening but he should have known better when you were fairly quiet for most of the showing.

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I might take the phrase “appreciate the little things” a bit too literally. Because I love watching him run his wet hands through his hair and I love the way he looks with toothpaste around his mouth. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll always love the little things so much or if I’ll grow out of it with age and routine. I hope I’ll always find pleasure and peace in simplicity. And I think I’ll love those things more when they’re spent with him. Rolling over and seeing his face. Quiet mornings and the sound of the coffee pot. Kissing him goodbye before work. I think I’ll just love him more.
—  fna

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Hello hello! I was wondering if you could do RFA(plus V and Saeran if you like)'s reaction to MC being kind of obsessed with self-care, like working out almost everyday and doing face and hair masks 2 times a week and really watching her diet? Thank you💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨ Btw great blog 💗 I really like your headcannons and it's a shame that some people only come for the matchups /: Keep up the good work!


  • Yoosung isn’t really into self care
  • If anything he’s kind of a slob, an adorable slob
  • But seeing you work so hard is kind of inspiring for him
  • He doesn’t completely stop with his current lifestyle, but he does join you with a healthy diet
  • You’ll come into his room while he’s gaming with healthy snacks
  • They’re even better than HBC though, because you prepared it
  • He loves showing you off to his friends
  • Because you always look good, you make sure you look good
  • If anyone says you’re too good for him you can and will kick their ass
  • You gave him a charcoal mask once
  • He cried when you peeled it off


  • Jaehee’s never had time for this sort of thing. I mean, she doesn’t even have time to sleep sometimes
  • But with you in her life she has more reason to try to get out of work
  • She tries her best to support you
  • And you often support her to, through little things like packing her a healthy lunch in the morning and putting little notes on it
  • Anytime you can, you drag her to join you for facials, or mani pedi’s
  • She loves getting her nails done, it evens out all the grooves she puts in them when she bites them under stress
  • Also, she’s a muscle fanatic, have you not seen the way she admires Zen’s physical build?
  • She loves watching you work out, muscle S/O/ is best SO


  • Zen is all in for it, you do everything together
  • You’re actually goals
  • You know those cute couples who always have pictures and videos from when they workout together? That is what you are now
  • Literally you guys have every spa day planned on your calendar
  • And when he does hair masks he lets you play with his hair so it spreads evenly. 
  • Then when he washes it out, it actually feels like silk.
  • You both inspire each other to do more, and push your limits, challenging each other with prizes of kisses
  • Ever since you came into his life he finally is eating like he should be, It helps that you keep his fridge stocked with healthy foods
  • And you bring him lunches during rehearsals Definitely not an excuse to check up on your boyfriend


  • You’re extremely into selfcare? Okay, Jumin can help you get anything you want
  • Remember the building that his apartment is in, also has a gym, and probably a spa
  • He also has a hired nutritionist, that he would willingly pay to also care for you
  • He’ll often search around the building for you, because you’re always doing something
  • Even Elizabeth is healthier with you around, you’ll take her on walks, and play with her when you get bored
  • His bathroom is stocked with the best products
  • You better expect he has like, 50 things of those stupidly tiny glamglow face masks
  • Jumin is pretty healthy overall, his only problem is that he doesn’t get enough sleep, with you around through he sleeps like a rock


  • He loves how healthy you are because he doesn’t have to remind you to do anything. Like eat, or get enough sleep.
  • He also loves watching you, while you do anything, work out, masks, sleeping, you name it
  • He takes pictures of you while you’re at your worst and zooms in really close to your face
  • You are a meme now.
  • But you also make sure that he stays somewhat healthy to. Like bringing him to bed, making sure he eats full meals and having him take breaks from hacking when he’s sat for too long
  • It actually makes him more productive


  • V is cool with everything and anything, if there’s a new product you want to try, he lets you use it on him
  • He literally could care less what you do as long as you’re happy, not killing anyone, and not leading a cult… *cough, cough*
  • He doesn’t really work out with you, maybe hiking once in a while, He used to love hiking.
  • “V watch out for that trE-” *Thump*
  • You don’t go hiking for a while
  • He loves how healthy your diet is, you guys always eat together after you cook and it does wonders for him
  • Before you most of his time was spent worrying over Rika, taking pictures, and trying to hide his affiliation with the RFA from her. He really didn’t have time to worry about eating.
  • He’s even got a bit of pudge on him now.


  • You are really into self care, and Saeran has never really taken good care of himself
  • So now, you are here to rid the toxins from his life
  • He is originally really against it, he doesn’t trust you to control his diet/make his food, and touching him is a no go.
  • He doesn’t want you to be in control of anything now that he’s finally free
  • But after a bit he gets a bit more lenient
  • He starts eating the food you make for him, which helps him regulate his eating schedule. Even eating with you
  • And he had you show him how to use those weird products you’re always using, like the facial masks (He hates peeling them off) And hair masks
  • Hair masks are his favorite because after his hair has been very damaged from all the bleaching, it kind of smooths it out
  • To be honest, with you in his life he is healthier than he’s ever been

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This one was pretty fun because if I had enough money and time I would totally be into this stuff. I mean, I already am. Just not as high key as MC here

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A problem I have with JKR:

What’s the big deal with Snape’s greasy hair? Why such a big deal? I mean, he works with potions made of god knows all day with his head craning over them and his face in the steam so his hair probably does get greasy over the course of the day. Remember how Hermione’s hair got all mussed when she was fretting about the Draught of Living Death? That was in one period. Poor Sev has to deal with not just one cauldron per period, but 30 at least and five times a day. It’s no wonder his hair is greasy. Not to mention students like Neville and Goyle who don’t have the best grasp on the subject.

Also, some people just naturally have greasy hair which is usually a source of insecurity for them. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find shampoo for greasy hair in the muggle world? I bet if you let him out of the dungeons for a few days and let him do something nice like go for a picnic or to the bookstore, his hair would be just fine.


HAPPY GAJEVY DAY EVERYBODY! It makes my heart so happy to see so many wonderful art works of my OTP. Fanart and fanfiction EVERYWHERE!

I usually don’t write short pieces, but today’s special so here goes.

As the sunlight filtered through the fluttering curtains, Gajeel shifted in irritation and opened one eye blearily to glare at the window. Well, he would have been glaring at the window if there wasn’t a giant mass of blue hair obscuring his view.

“Mmm…” the solid script mage in his arms rolled towards him and burrowed her face into his chest. The content sigh she let out tickled Gajeel’s chest and he couldn’t help but let a small smile creep onto his face.

Although the iron dragon slayer wasn’t exactly a morning person, the rare days that he woke before his wife were moments that he wouldn’t trade for the world. Even after several years of marriage, one set of twins and another boy that Levy had dubbed early on a ‘mini-Gajeel’, he still felt his heart expand in his chest and swell with just as much emotions as it had on his wedding day if not more.

Gajeel reached up with his hand and gently brushed a stray lock of silky blue hair away from Levy’s face before placing a feathery light kiss on her forehead.

Even in sleep she was breathtaking.

Hell, she was fucking beautiful even when she was drooling… and no matter how vehemently she denied it, she did drool in her sleep; he would know - he was the one she drooled on.

“Gajeel…?” Levy mumbled, honey colored eyes blinking sleepily. “Why’re you up so early? Trouble sleeping?” The thin strap of her nightie slipped off her shoulder as she propped herself up on her left arm, exposing the creamy pale skin of her shoulder.

Unable to resist the temptation, Gajeel wrapped his thick arms around her petite frame and flopped back onto the bed nibbling at the naked flesh.

Levy hummed happily at his ministrations and buried her hands in his thick mane. Although she absolutely loved how thick his hair was and how ridiculously soft it was, she was admittedly a bit jealous of how he managed to look every bit the tall, dark and sexy with long wild hair while she just looked like a giant cloud of cotton candy.

“Cotton candy’s good too,” as if proving his point, sharp canines nipped playfully on her collarbone. Levy gave him a playful smack on the shoulder as her cheeks flamed. “Not my fault you think out loud gihihi.”

Before she could give him an equally part sassy part witty response, he pulled her down and captured her rosy lips in a deep kiss. The low moan he got in return made him smirk, his fang catching on her bottom lip as he angled his mouth and took dominance.

By the time they parted for a much needed breath, the petite woman’s eyes were glazed over and a dopey smile had settled itself permanently on his face.

If Gajeel were a lesser man, he would have cried with how much his heart was bursting with happiness. But since he was the fucking manliest man ever, he stubbornly pushed down the stinging behind his eyes and buried his face in her neck instead.

“Good morning, Levy.” He rumbled at last, his voice still raspy from sleep.

“Good morning, Gajeel.” Levy smiled and kissed him once more on the cheek.

He might not have been a morning person, but he couldn’t deny that she always made waking up worth it; after all, no dream could ever compare to the happiness that was reality.

A/N: man. I’m so rusty. I haven’t written anything in so long other than analytical essays hahaaaaa… I hope you guys liked it! :)


For Fëanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind, in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and in subtlety alike, of all the Children of Ilúvatar, and a bright flame was in him. The works of wonder for the glory of Arda that he might otherwise have wrought only Manwë might in some measure conceive.

He was tall, and fair of face, and masterful, his eyes piercingly bright and his hair raven-dark; in the pursuit of all his purposes eager and steadfast. Few ever changed his courses by counsel, none by force. He became of all the Noldor, then or after, the most subtle in mind and the most skilled in hand.

-The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien

MY LOVE!!! Pangara Lavellan commissioned from @curiousstrawberryarts

My Lavellan is perrrrfeccttt, her ears, pug nose - there is nothing I do not love about my girl. ^.^ I Highly recommend commissioning this artist!!

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Hey! So I was wondering if you had any pictures Of your hair? Odd question, I know but I'm thinking of getting something similar and wanted a reference? Maybe? Please ❤️

lol so i had to dig a bit, and this is the absolute best i could manage to come up with for you, my friend. sry m8. i hope these work well enough, though. maybe try my insta if you need to? :D -arin

Sheith Barber Shop AU where Keith is a barber and Shiro is a regular customer. They know each other from university but they never really talked until Shiro came in asking for a haircut. Shiro’s really impressed with the result of Keith’s work so from then on he comes in regularly asking for Keith to do his hair or give him a shave. They exchange numbers and are always keeping in contact. 

One day, Keith’s acting strangely and Shiro’s wondering what’s going on. But even though he seems frustrated, Keith’s still got a gentle touch on Shiro’s face as he puts foam to get ready to shave. As Keith’s shaving him, Shiro ends up asking about it and Keith is reluctant at first saying “it’s nothing” but eventually he just lets it all out.

He tells Shiro that he’s struggling with money bc he’s working all by himself to pay for rent and uni among other necessities and at that point Shiro feels for him. He understands Keith’s situation and wishes that he could do something for him.

Months pass, and Keith’s telling Shiro how he wants to become well-known and maybe own his own barber shop one day. Shiro promises Keith that he will help him in any way that he can to make his dream come true. At this point, Keith’s blushing bc he’s never had someone care about him so much before. It doesn’t take long for him to realize he’s fallen for Shiro.

Likewise, Shiro’s fallen hard for Keith and just wants to see him achieve his dream. He knows there’s something different about how he and Keith act towards each other and he starts to consider asking him out. When he finally gets the courage to do it, Keith becomes a mess in Shiro’s arms, he’s never been happier.

Fast forward and Keith and Shiro are standing hand in hand in front of an empty and worn down space that is to be Keith’s future barber shop. The shop will need a lot of work to get it looking nice, but Keith’s already got it all planned out. All Keith can do is hug and hold Shiro whispering “thank you”s and “I love you so much”. At that moment, Shiro truly believes that Keith’s happiness is the most contagious thing.

And you’ve never seen anybody more in love than these two. ok bye

Dear Future Wife,

Sometimes, when I’m typing out an assignment, and I stop to take a break, I crack my knuckles, stretch my fingers out, and think about the relationship you’ll have with my hands.
I think about how you’ll intertwine your fingers with mine, how I’ll brush strands of hair away from your face when it’s windy and I want to look at you.

How my thumbs will gently dig into the muscles in your shoulders, working away the stress of a long day, and how you’ll hold your hands up against mine, comparing their sizes, marveling at how they fit together so well.
I wonder if you’ll be able to feel my pulse racing, the first time we hold hands, or if I’ll be able to feel yours when I cup your face in my hands to kiss you.

I think about the days you’ll come home, and I’ll be cooking; how I’ll dip my finger into the curry or the sauce, and hold it up for you to taste – relishing the feeling of my finger against your lips, while you enjoy the spice.
I think about my hands holding you, playing a crucial part in my memories of the way you feel on the rare nights we don’t get to sleep next to each other.

And I think about my hands holding our children, putting band-aids on tiny, scraped knees, fixing little ponytails, securing diapers, doing up the laces on the cutest little sneakers.
My hands were made to hold you, to work together with yours in building our lives together.



So I saw moana recently, and it was awesome, and I really loved her in her power – this teenaged girl speaking to the sea and the sea /listening/. And part of what made that wonderful is that she was so /normal/ the rest of the time, so human.

And then I wrote a tiny thing about how people would react to that confluence of identities. It – could use a bit of work, a little rounding out, but, oh well. Don’t have the spoons for heavy editing right now.

@counterpunches and @silenciadelumbrae

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A/N: hello I’m back and yes, I’m not dead

A soft knock on the door snaps Steve out of his trance, a soft-spoken “Hey.” eases the tension on his shoulders. 

“What are you doing up so late?” Tony asks, wrapping his arms around Steve’s shoulder from behind, his breath ghosting his ear. It’s amazing how Tony’s weight on his shoulders makes him feel like he’s got less weight. “I was starting to wonder if I was going to spend the night alone.” 

“Sorry,” Steve exhales, the tension crashing onto him again like bricks being thrown straight at him. “I got caught up in work and-” 

Tony nuzzles his nose against his neck, softly saying, “I didn’t mean it like that,” He takes a step back and spins Steve chair around so their face to face with each other. “I get worried, is all.” 

“Yeah,” Steve sighs, running his fingers through his hair. “I’ll get these done, just wait a minute-” 

Tony’s hands stop him from spinning around the chair again, and suddenly Steve is staring into deep chocolate eyes that are a few inches away from his face. Tony smiles, gently and beautifully that Steve can’t help but bring his hand up to stroke his cheek. “Come,” Tony says as he takes Steve’s hand in his, guiding him towards the couch in front of the fireplace. 

Tony sits close to him, head on his shoulders, making him feel warm and content like he always does when he’s near. “I know sometimes you have to work long hours,” Tony says, ever the understanding person. “But why do I always get the feeling that you feel alone in this?” 

The question hangs in the air, Steve’s fingers that were stroking Tony’s side stills and suddenly, there are calloused fingers on his jaw, turning his face to the side, “Look at me, darling.” Tony whispers. “Believe me when I say this, you’re not.” 

“I know that.” Steve mutters. 

“Do you?” Tony asks, but he doesn’t let Steve finish because he says, “I know you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders but sweetheart, you’re not alone in this. Not anymore.” 

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