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I’m bored so here’s some general tv production stuff. I’ve been wanting to post these concepts in a meta but decided to give them mostly their own post.

We’ll round the ratio for the hourly screentime to 1 even though most network TV dramas are 42 minutes. Producers of tv networks usually like a lot of coverage and shot variety so there’s more control and they can adjust timing. When I took film/tv production classes in 2012 or so, I was taught that networks budget about 18-20 hours of footage to 1 hour(rounded) of screen time. Looking around now, that seems to still be about right from what I could find. If anything, it might be more footage because pretty much everyone uses digital now and digital is cheaper than film by a lot. I’ve heard of 40:1 but I don’t think that’s normal. It is a thing though.

Typical projected filming with actors is about 12-16 hours a day for tv. I don’t know what the schedule is for all tv, but SPN apparently films for 8 or so days an episode. 

Below are the 6 cardinal rules of editing and how much each one is supposed to matter in the cutting room. These were taught to me in school using the book: In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch. The first 3 are pretty obvious, the last 3 are more technical:

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DAY 3390

Jalsa, Mumbai                    July 9,  2017                 Sun 11:49 PM 

That is all one can express on a Sunday such as this .. the might of the well wishers .. the cheer on their faces .. the excitement for just those few minutes .. the hours of waiting for it .. the banners, the gifts, the pictures they seek .. just for those few moments .. 

Nothing but  an obligation crosses the mind .. a gratefulness that has now reached proportions indescribable .. 

मन में इस घड़ी के आने से पहले , कुछ संकोच होता है   - क्या आज भी लोग मिलने आएँगे , क्या मेरे वहाँ आने पर उनके मन में ख़ुशी होगी , ऐसा क्या पाते हैं वो उन क्षणो में जो उन्हें हर इतवार यहाँ खींच लाता है   - और जब तक इन प्रश्नों का उत्तर मैं सोच पाता हूँ , वो पल समाप्त हो जाता है  ।। और जीवन का एक और पहलू हाथ जोड़ कर बग़ल से निकल जाता है 

Idleness invites complacency .. begs it to be of immense disinterest and lethargic in nature .. binds you in an embrace that you find difficult to get out of .. it is the fortune of goodness that I begin work in earnest again by tomorrow .. 102 Not Out starts again and hopefully shall be the end of the film, by the end of the month or a few days into August .. and then begins the ABC of KBC .. and then some more projects .. and the greater time for TOH .. and on and on till most of the end of 2018 and perhaps spilling over into 2019 .. and then some more for consideration .. and you wonder .. is it not too ambitious to be thinking so far and beyond ..

One aspect that has intrigued many is the ability of management .. a home, a work place, a production, a film programming, a desk, a work load .. and all ..

And the matter that comes to unite in an effort to give result is that nothing can ever replace the concept of personal management, the individual interest to be taken, and the monitoring of affairs in person ..

The grand old man of Hotels in India and Internationally, Rai Bahadur Oberoi, whose chain of Hotels run all over the world, started as a small worker in one of the Hotels up in Simla, eventually one day to take the entire Hotel and made it his property, to multiply severally around the world .. was one that I noticed personally once ..

Early in the morning at the Srinagar Palace Hotel, where we were housed for a film in the making in Kashmir, I discovered the Rai Bahadur at an early hour, dressed in his finery, walking the lawns of the Hotel, with the Manager and inspecting and seeking answers for the flowers that were being planted in one area of the vast lawns and why they were not giving the same results as the flowers in another part of the property .. !!!

Lessons learnt !!

Mr Ford of the creator of FORD Motors, employing millions of workers apparently knew each worker in this factory by first name .. so I read somewhere .. that sense of belonging translates into efficiency of work, belonging and thereby a greater attachment to not just the master, but the job at hand ..

I do long for such .. and they tell me it is far too late to be involved .. really ..?

Either be involved then and bear the pain of management .. or be distant and be distant to all else that your work and surroundings desire .. and if is too late, then so be it .. 

Amitabh Bachchan

I hear sad news of the passing of Sumita Sanyal, she who played opposite me in ANAND, and it saddens me to, learn that she was just 71, 4 years younger than me .. 

a simple soft spoken shy artist, with the most pleasant face .. gone  .. what can one say at moments like these ..

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Do you know what the girls are doing next? What their plans are?

A few things! 

Shay has a reality tv type show coming out called Shades of Shay, I think. A horror movie she stars in, Cadaver, is also in post-production.

Lucy has 3 movies in the works! Dude (post-production), Miles (filming - voice), Truth or Dare (pre-production).  She’s also got a TV movie for The CW in post production, Life Sentence, although it’s looking like it could become a series instead of a tv movie?

Troian has a couple movies in the works too. Clara (still filming), Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins (completed). She’s also produced, written, and starred in a movie called Feed which is about her struggles with anorexia. Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame also stars in it. 

I read recently that Ashley said she’s being very selective in the next role she picks, which she wants to be a movie role. Since filming on PLL has completed, she moved from L.A to NYC. There were rumours about her being considered for DWTS this season but she was not announced as a cast member, but that’s something that could come up later. 

Ian was cast in a new TV show called Thin Ice. He also has a movie in post production – Office Uprising. He’s also slated to be in a web series called Flip The Script . He’s recently talked about doing some more writing since he enjoyed doing Odd Birds so much. 

Tyler has a movie in post-production called Hello Again.

I’m not sure about Keegan – I think he has plans to do some music and another book! 

Sasha, as far as I can tell isn’t slated for anything quite yet. I think she’s focusing on her wedding and her lifestyle blog

Janel has a completed movie called Tiger. She’s done a few guest stints on shows, and she tends to do some off-broadway musicals and plays so definitely keep your eye out for that. 

Just finished a Film Studies essay on auteur theory and almost done with my Faustus quote cue cards finally!!
It’s been a day of organised chaos as you can see but got so much done today phew!
9/100 days of productivity


Watch The New Studio Ghibli Animated Short

Whilst Studio Ghibli are taking a break form making feature films the studio is still active working on short film productions and their latest has been produced for the energy company Marubeni Shin Denryoku who are touting their shift towards low-pollution, renewable wind, water, and solar-based energy production. The source of this film is the 12th century “Choju Jinbutsu Giga” or Scrolls of Frolicking Animals which are considered to be the earliest examples of manga in Japanese history and were chosen by Ghibli as a symbol of the natural beauty of pre-industrial era Japan. 


“Creator” - Bumper for the Maryland Film Festival 2016

I’ve been working on this since the middle of January, and it’s finally done! My Animation Production class at MICA was given the task of producing 30-second bumpers for the Maryland Film Festival, and this is my entry - with added title & credits, since I’m planning on submitting this to my school’s own animation festival. I learned a lot from creating a project entirely on my own from scratch, and I’m very happy with the result. I hope y’all like it too!

(WIPs and week-by-week documentation of this project can be found in my “DLCreatorProject” tag, here [X])

“Excuse me…”
“Wait a minute. I can’t see well out of one eye and I also can’t hear well. Come closer and stand directly in front of me please.”
“Could you perchance tell me the reason your body is in such bad condition in your old age?”
“In the past I worked for a film production studio; I would many times pull all nighters at the film sites. One time when we were filming I was sleepy and fell down the steps; I stabbed my eye on the fence of the straw house we were filming at. We were in Gangwondo at the time so my eye wasn’t properly treated. When I got back to Seoul and had it looked at they told me I had an inflammation of the cornea. Many years later it still didn’t heal. Later I had implant surgery on my cornea, but it wasn’t successful. The best doctor in Korea even gave me a nice, young cornea but…”   “저기 혹시…”
“잠깐, 제 말 좀요. 제가 한 쪽 눈이 안 보이고, 귀가 잘 안 들려서 꼭 눈을 똑바로 마주치고, 가깝게 말씀해 주세요.”
“혹시 어르신 몸이 불편하게 된 이유를 알 수 있을까요?”
“제가 예전에 영화계에서 일 하면서 세트장에서 밤을 많이 샜어요. 그러다 촬영 중 졸다가 계단에서 헛딛어서 고꾸라 졌는데, 시골 초가집 울타리에 눈이 박혀서 다쳤어요. 거기가 강원도라 치료를 제대로 못 받다가 이후 서울에 와보니 각막염이라고 하더라구요. 근데 몇 년이 지나도 낫지 않았어요. 나중에 각막 이식수술까지 받았지만, 결국 수술에 실패했어요. 국내 최고 의사에 정말 젊고 좋은 각막이었는데…”
Why the 12 Hour Work Day Isn't 12 Hours for Anyone

How many people have to die or get injured before we limit the work day?

Departments that bring me back their daily department time sheets that actually have twelves marked.

  • Grip
  • Electric
  • Camera
  • Actors
  • Departments that always work more than a twelve:
  • Wardrobe
  • Production
  • Transpo
  • Art
  • Props
  • Craft Services

Departments that often work more than a twelve (due to precalls or prep)

  • Make up
  • Hair

There’s no point to discussing whether or not someone gets paid.  The support departments typically don’t (please don’t think going Union always protects your hours, it depends on the contract and the producer).  What I want to discuss is why, WHY are we working routine 12s and then with commute - let’s allow an hour each way…

So here it is:

  • 12 hour work day
  • 2 hour commute
  • 2 hours shower/eat/dress

TOTAL: 16 hours.

Meaning the most that person is sleeping (if they don’t do anything but what they have to do is 8 hours.  I know damn well other people do their dishes and shop and gas up their cars so let’s be honest and say 6.

For those “lucky” departments that are at a 12, they work the most physical of the jobs.  Joints are strained, knees are hurt.  Bodies get destroyed working G&E.  So, the way I see it is that at 12 is the max we could work them without killing them so we work the max.  Still not ok.

Now me personally? Unless I’m pregnant or sick I personally love long days.  I started loving them less and less as family and life began to have a larger role in things.  But working them doesn’t hurt my body (and I’m much older than I look) and I can usually work a 14 day after day until the cows come home. 

But… I’m also from a family that has it’s own share of Olympic athletes and super marathon runners.  So my base level of fitness is pretty solid and I was raised with that fitness and health and I have a good old dose of good genetics.  That’s allowed me to succeed and accept a system of allocation of resources that needs to be challenged and questioned. And I wonder, how many good folks would I like to work with are eliminated by this system? 

In the interest of diversity, sanity and safety I think we should begin to challenge the twelve hour day. It’s based around money and equipment, not human-power.  How is it not illegal to work me repeatedly on a four hour turn around?  Or a six hour turn around?  Why is an actor allowed twelve but me, who is in charge of safety, repeatedly allotted far less?

And the diversity part?  Look.  When I’m pregnant I’m still a badass AD.  But no doctor is going to clear an 18 hour day for a seven months pregnant AD.  And where am I going to breastfeed or pump (as legally allowed to do so) for 18 hours?  Do you or don’t you want women of all ages on this job?  Or do you only want women who don’t have kids?   What about a pregnant DP?  Or a breastfeeding DP?  Does she just need to sit out or are we going to demand our industry evolve?  It’s time we remembered WOMEN IN FILM are NOT just directors, actors,writers… but ADs, Grips, Electrics, Camera…

And it’s not just a female issue.  Fathers like to see their kids, last I checked too.   I don’t know if anyone for who this works well and who loves it but it come down to what we’ve accepted and what we think is okay. I want to crack the discussion open a bit.  We’re all worried and more aware of safety and for me…

This is the starting point.  So.  Ready set… go. 



The music video I production designed and set-decorated for Lindsey Stirling has been released! I will share some BTS photos soon. #intothewoods

Recap of Crystal Reed & JR Bourne panel

Team Wolf Convention (Day 1 - 05/07/14)

- About Crystal’s next projets : She just finished a movie where she plays a striper, and she would just love to work on film production, and she reads a lot of books that she would want to adapt.

- To JR, if he was worried to die this season : He thought about that because there is a pattern with one Argent dying each season.

- Best moment for Crystal to shoot : The pilot, because it was the first time that she was doing anything in acting, and she was meeting everybody. She will never forget the innocence and happiness she felt that time.

- How did JR reacted to Allison’s death : He was very shocked but he understood Crystal’s reasons for leaving the show and respect her choices. There was a true friendship between them and JR said they are meant to make something together in the future.

- About Crystal’s real archery skills : She said that at first she didn’t know how to shoot with a bow and her father, who is a hunter, never teached her. But then she asked Jeff to take some classes and training and she became pretty good at it.

- On how difficult for both of them to say the Argent Motto in French : For both of them it was very difficult but they revealed their big secret. Crystal said that she is very professional with her lines and she finds french very beautiful, but she couldn’t say it, so during their scene, JR was actually holding a paper with the sentence written and Crystal just read it !

- If Crystal will ever come back as a creature like Kate : Crystal won’t come back and especially not as a creature because she loves Allison just as she is and doesn’t want to diminish her story like that. For JR, it would destroy Chris if Allison came back as a creature because it would change their link because of the strong tradition of the Argent family.

- Crystal about shooting her death scene : She was crying so much and said to Jeff that she didn’t know if she could do it and let Allison go but Jeff said that she can and it will be great. First scene to shoot was let go of the last breath of Allison, and it was visceral and very sad to say goodbye to her character because it’s a part of her. Have to let go of 4 years of experiences and frienships was very difficult for her, but she hoped we liked it.

- How it affects Chris to lose everybody and now Kate comes back : He will carry a lot of anger and frustration and confusion between good and bad.

- Why Crystal chooses death for Allison and not just go like Colton Haynes : Dying was not Crystal’s decision. she just wanted to leave the show and she didn’t know until the last end that she was dying.

- Any advice for every type of artist (acting, painting, writing…) from JR : “You have to be true to yourself and to tell a story that you truly believe in and for you more than for the other. Just live the story for you and be authentic to yourself because people relate on that truth.”

- If Allison didn’t die, what would be her life in 10 years : Crystal imagines Allison and Scott married with some children. Allison would still be helping people and be like a private investigator.

- What inspire Crystal and JR : Crystal is very inspired by nature and art. JR is inspired by life and little things in life and little moments. For Chris, Argent just want to do what he was meant to do in life, to accomplish his mission.

- If Allison was still here, how would she react to Kate come back : Kate was the first heartbreak for Allison because Kate was her friend and confident and it changed Allison and put her in a different path. Crystal loves that Allison always sees the good in people, so for Kate, she would probably try that but meanwhile, Allison saw so much things and so she would probably be sceptical.

I'm going to be completely serious here.

The writers are not in control of everything that happens on a television show.

Now. Buckner and Ross-Leming’s writing team is a complete bummer as far as the actual show writing goes, as far as movement of plot and awkward dialogue. I am not looking to excuse them.


Production design is not undertaken by writers. Casting is not undertaken by writers. In a common television script it will likely not say “two black security guards.”

I’m not saying that 100% that’s not possible, I’m saying based on the average script for a 43 minute production, it’s not likely.

That’s casting.

When the gross gong noise goes off when a Busty Asian Beauties mag makes a cameo, that’s not the writers, either. Writers don’t write out the sounds other than “he falls to the floor and CRASHES through the door” or dialogue.

Writers do not write out the minutia of a script. It is an actor’s job to interpret chunks of raw dialogue and given actions from the black-and-white text under their character’s name. It is a director’s job to interpret how everything that plays out in a scene will appear on screen. They don’t get detailed descriptions of what rooms and locations look like. Feelings and lighting and music are not written on a script. They get the general air of the place, the addition of any significant objects, and the set designers, etc. have to fabricate everything we end up seeing.

You all to take me seriously on this.

And if, for some reason, you think I’m telling tales out of school.
I am: I’m telling them out of my screenwriting and movie production classes.

Pick up a book – the universal guide to script-writing, just get it, it will come in handy one day – called Lew Hunter’s Screenwriting 434. It’s mandatory reading for people who want to write scripts.

The standard equivalency in American scripts-to-screentime is one page per one minute. And there’s a LOT of white space an an actual script. I’m not talking about show transcriptions like those you can read on the SuperWiki. I’m talking professional scripts. They’ve got less than an hour to make an hour-long show. They have between 40 and 50 pages to do it in. They don’t include details because the MASSIVE crews on shows and movies are the ones employed to do that.

Yes, sometimes writers are consulted on the look of a show. Especially if they’re also producers. But what they don’t do is sound mixing, visual editing, casting, acting, or directing. And that will be reflected on an actual script.

Blame the writers for the poor quality of the plot and how the story moves along through the season. And I know everyone is so angry about Supernatural these days that it almost feels like a technicality, but you actually can’t aim all your rage at the episode writers. It’s a team effort and if you haven’t taken film production courses or worked in film production, I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how hands-off writers actually are.

EDIT: this post has been updated with more information in response to tags/questions in this reblog.

spacematriarchy  asked:

This is a little bizarre but I work in film production part time and every set I've been on for the past six months I have found a pink lawn flamingo that was definitely not part of the movie and I can't shake the feeling you're behind it even though it's absolutely illogical.

I’m probably behind it because it’s absolutely illogical.

alightintheshadows  asked:

I am in need of a little advice. I work approx. 60 hours a week, and I can't really afford not to. As A result I'm tired and hurting almost all the time. I find when I get this happens it's very hard to stay present in the now and often I end up getting sucked into fantasies and identifying with my thoughts and emotions. Do you have any suggestions on remaining present even when I'm completely physically exhausted/in pain. Or any ways to use the experience to build my practice?

Do your best and surrender the rest. 

I went through similar experiences, most notably when I worked in film production. Working 18 hour days messes you up. 

Some bits of advice for extreme times:

  • Don’t resist. 
    • You are doing what you have to. Resisting this inwardly will create more suffering. 
      • Resistance will take the form of imaginations such as “Why do things have to be this way? Why me? I wish things were that way instead.” 
  • Recall impermanence.
    • Things were not always this way. Things will not stay this way either. 
      • This can lead to two insights:
        • A space for some gratitude. There are elements of this impermanent experience for which you might find appreciation, knowing that it will all end one day. 
        • A space for some peace. This is not forever. 
  • Use your breath.
    • Meditation is not always possible. Although I will always recommended it, meditation will not be as useful when you are physically exhausted. Under such circumstances, you would be better off simply getting rest. 
    • However, you can always use your breath as a focus for mindfulness throughout the day. A single mindful breath here and there can help disrupt cyclical thought-patterns and self-inflicted suffering. 
    • Furthermore, practicing some breathing techniques in the morning and in the evening may help with your calm and vitality. 
      • Check out Nadi Shodhana on Google. 
  • You can use your own suffering to build your practice.
    • Look into Tonglen and Lojong mind-training. 
      • These are about using our own basis of suffering as a way to soften our hearts and open our minds to others. 

I hope some of this helps. I will pray for your peace, freedom, and happiness. 

Namaste my friend.