opens Fri, May 8, 7-9p:

Ignis Fatuus: Works on Paper
 Darina Karpov

Pierogi Gallery, 191 North 14th St., Brooklyn, NY

an exhibition of recent works on paper by Darina Karpov. Karpov works on both canvas and paper and often alternates between the two. This show is a kind of homage to her earlier work, expanding on some of the themes and techniques that she has touched on since 2007, and includes both large and small-scale drawings. As in her early work, there are many references to nature and the body. “I try to refashion various elements from flora and fauna – shapes and forms that are fertile and vivacious, but also impermanent – at times mutating into something with darker associations.” In this new work, Karpov has begun abstracting elements that have become internalized over the years: forms such as ropes, stringing tentacles, tree branches, crystals, vegetation, and organisms, revealing a more dramatic tension between spontaneity and control. Ignis Fatuus is an atmospheric, phosphorescent light seen by travelers at night, especially over swamps or marshes. It is said to recede if approached, drawing travelers away from the safe path.  - thru June 7

opens today, Sat, May 2, 4-6p:

And You May Find Yourself…
 Beverly Buchanan

Andrew Edlin Gallery, 134 Tenth Ave., NYC (bt 18th & 19th St.)

features a selection of her wooden sculptures and oil-pastel-on-paper drawings depicting houses and other buildings of America’s rural South. Buchanan, best known for her art’s exploration of the vernacular architecture of the American South, uses wood chips and scraps or sometimes Foamcore to make small-scale replicas of traditional saddlebag houses, cabins, school buildings, churches or barns. In a statement on her official website, she has written: “Remembering the look and feel of structures has been a strong focus in my drawings and sculptures. My vision and interest shifted to the reality of current places and their surrounding landscape. The house and its yard and the road behind and across.”  - thru June 13


recently opened, thru Jan 31:

And Friends
 Alia Shawkat, Macaulay Culkin, Fabrizio Moretti, Austin English,
 Devendra Banhart, Dustin Yellin, Taylor McKimens, Alexa Chung,
 Matt Leines, Toby Goodshank, Allison Silva, Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Walls
 Bibbe Hansen, James Levy, Har Mar Superstar, Johnny T. Yerington
The Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, NYC

One wall of the recently opened “Adam Green and Friends: Hot Chicks” exhibition at The Hole is devoted to the “And Friends” portion, consisting of small works on paper by Alia Shawkat (pictured above), Macaulay Culkin, Fabrizio Moretti, Austin English, Devendra Banhart, Dustin Yellin, Taylor McKimens (pictured above), Alexa Chung, Matt Leines, Toby Goodshank (pictured above), Allison Silva (pictured above), Todd James (pictured above), Jeffrey Lewis, Bibbe Hansen, James Levy, Har Mar Superstar, Johnny T. Yerington and Jack Walls (pictured above).