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Room For Dessert 01

Description: A boring company dinner gets a little bit spicy when you notice the tension between you and your table’s waiter.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.1k

Index: 01, 02, 02.5

A/N: Filth. Straight filth. That’s what this is. Jungkook’s graduation photos pretty much ruined me, especially when I saw the one of him taking their order and just looking so good and UGH. This is the result. Sin. Filth. Porn put to words. Enjoy. Please try not to die. 

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i really did everything i could to avoid doing this but

i’m a lesbian who was kicked out as a teenager and pretty much completely disowned – i’m 25 now and i’ve been poor as dirt (last year was the first year my income was above the poverty line) the last 7+ years. i worked two jobs, went to school and worked full time, and moved across the country twice with little to no help from my family. even now i make minimum wage with tips. i’m not well off – just as responsible as i can be.

now that i’m 25 i can finally go to school since i don’t have to report my “family” income. based on my own income, pell grants will cover almost all of my school expenses, and working part time + student loans should cover most of my living expenses.

however, i’m going to lose my health insurance in 2 months. i’m nearly out of dental already. i don’t know what i can do yet, because my financial aid for school has been put through the verification process for months and months and lots of paperwork and i don’t know what my period grant is exactly or what kind of student loans i’m applicable for. on top of that, i have to pay $1,130.00 to my University out of pocket because financial aid didn’t come through in time.

i’ve never worked less than full time – in the decade i’ve spent much of it working 2 jobs – but now i’m going less than part time and my job i’ve worked for years won’t even give me so much as health insurance. i’m very scared and i feel like i’m jumping off of a cliff.

i do have credit cards, but with no health insurance and only a part time job i need them for emergencies only. $1k+ is enough to stress my credit out horribly, and i have absolutely no fallback plan. i’m an adult survivor of an abusive homophobic family taking a huge risk by finally going to college like i’ve always wanted to.

i know this is the best thing for me, and i know that my life will improve so much with a degree – and eventually my JD – and i know that i have the potential to do this. i think i might be able to survive on my student loans. but right now… i have absolutely no information. right now im going in blind. and i know this is the best choice for me, but i don’t want to end up struggling or to have everything fall through because of my low income. i make minimum wage (+ tips) and even full time i don’t even know if i can afford books. my father doesn’t speak to me and my mom has nothing she can give me.

my paypal is and my squarecash is $wishbyspirit

i’m a lesbian survivor who has lived through hell and is finally trying to do what i know is best for me, but it’s terrifying. everything helps. this is the biggest risk i’ve ever taken in my life, and i’ve sworn to myself that i’ll never be homeless or struggling to eat again, because those struggles have been a reality for years of my life.

thank you all for everything in advance. i appreciate all of the help i can get.


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When hoodoo was created, most of the people using it did not have ready access to the best ingredients and often had to hide their practice. Consequently, a lot of what was used had to be things people could obtain. This is why hoodoo uses various roots, sticks, herbs, honey, sugar, and other household supplies readily available. There is no exception for dirt. Different kind of dirt is used for different kind of things but some examples include:

Dirt from the crossroads: used for many things including hexing/cursing, summoning certain spirits, opening roads, etc.

Dirt from a bank: Most commonly used in money work. I swear by bank dirt. It adds so much potency to money workings and every time I have used it I have gotten great results. Could also be used in works to get a loan, get approved for a house, relieve debt, etc.

Dirt from a church: This is usually used for works that have to do with cleansing, healing, or otherwise “holy” matters.

Graveyard dirt: A staple in hoodoo, used for many different things including curses, healing, ancestor work, goofer dust, hot foot powder, etc.

Some of these are examples of things that have been used traditionally and throughout hoodoo’s history. However, all types of folk magick utilize whatever you have.

I have in the past used dirt from a car dealership(to obtain a car), dirt from a red ant farm(defensive/hexing), dirt from a destroyed/abandoned building(defensive/hexing), and dirt from a specific apartment complex I wanted to live in. *not all of these are my ideas, but some of them are* 

Folk Magick is and was about using whatever you have around you, and often whatever cost less. Do not ever feel like you can’t do effective, life changing magick with twigs and leaves. You can. Our ancestors did, you can too.

In the past couple months, you’ve requested books on Southern California music culture, parasitology, the neurology of PTSD, modern practices in Reform Judaism, locked-in syndrome, children’s literature… and your request for a book on alien conspiracies just arrived. I gotta ask: what the hell is your research area?
—  The guy who works the Interlibrary Loan desk at my university
  • Millennials: Damn okay
  • Baby Boomers: hey why the fuck aren't you eating at applebees more

#kdramawomensweek day 2: rent’s due

kang hye soo & the things she does for her daughter


Hey. So I’m starting college in october, a year and some program. 
While in school Im currently stuck staying in a toxic household, which has already sent me to the hospital about four times, and close many more, in the past three months. 

I’m getting student loans, as of this moment I havent been accepted for any loan though, and I’m unable to get a job (because of school ((my classes are every day, sat-sun)) and Health Issues). 
But I’m also hoping to get out of this house. I cant stay for my own physical safety, mental safety, and to be able to get through school successfully so I can get a career in the field. 

I have an eye on the housing situation around my school and the Student residence and rent seems to be from 690-900$ a month. (the economy in my area is fucked trust me this isnt a scam.)

I have absolutely nothing and I’m in… desperate need to leave. While staying in this home any cash I have is at risk of being used to buy alcohol by my addict parents. 

Please if you can help me out, even just a little, Donate here > XX
Or if you’d like a little something for your cash, my commissions are open > XX

If you can reblog this and spread the word that would be great too. I didn’t want to do this but I cant stick it out without falling hard. 

You're Cute

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Request #1: A fall/autumn college au with mechanic!dean and cubby/curvy reader?

Request #2: Could please do a Dean x reader where the reader is plus size (like size 20 or more) and they’re shopping for Halloween costumes and the reader isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry that all the women’s costumes are sexy?

Pairing: Dean x plus!size reader

Word Count: 1,400ish

Warnings: language, self-confidence issues

A/N: Combined these two since they fit well together…

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Australian Universities

There are a load of posts floating around about university/college life in the US but I wanted to talk about how my experience of university in Australia differs from that. I wanted to write this so that Australian studyblrs know what their study future may look like, so that anyone considering moving to Australia to pursue higher education can get a feel for what the differences are, and more generally so that people in the US in particular have a greater understanding of the way things work in Australia.

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Psa about student loans and scams

Hey so a new phone scam is going around where some automated person is saying you’re qualified for a new forgiveness option and if you have defaulted loans it can forgive them

As someone who worked at the student loan servicer Nelnet for 2.5 years I know this is a scam (also because I don’t have student loans. So there wouldn’t be any to be forgiven).

If you need to know your options for forgiveness and lower payments call your student loan servicer. If it is not a private loan it will either be: Nelnet, Navient, Fed loan servicing, or Great Lakes.

And any legit application these calls say they can help you fill out for a low low price of money, your servicer (being contracted through department of education) can help you fill out that same application for free.

What the Hell is “Financial Abuse”?

Okay. So most people know what physical abuse is - that’s pretty straightforward. And most people have a vague idea of what emotional abuse is. But what about financial abuse? Financial abuse is a common type of abuse - much more common than you’d think - and it can make it almost impossible to get away from a toxic relationship. So what the hell is it?

Simply put, financial abuse is when an abuser controls or limits your money in order to keep you in the relationship or make you do what they want. Financial abuse can come in many forms, some more subtle than others, but all forms can be extremely difficult to escape from. 

Most of my followers are in their late teens or early twenties, which means at this stage in your lives, financial abuse is most likely to come from your parents. This often comes in the form of threatening to take away financial support if you don’t do exactly what they want. “We’ll stop paying for your tuition if you start dating/change your major/join that club/leave our religion/etc.” is a common threat made by financially abusive parents. Note that this is NOT the same as parents who want to teach their children financial independence - financially abusive parents do not want their children to work, take out loans or provide for themselves. They do everything in their power to keep their adult children financially dependent on them, so they can keep making these threats. 

In a relationship, financial abuse often means that your partner will try to prevent you from having any money of your own. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of ways to achieve this. That could mean that they try to discourage you from going to school or having a job, or that they actively sabotage your career. They could try to limit your career choices, or insist that you only work low-paying, part-time jobs. They might intentionally move you to new city to force you to quit your job. They might also force you to turn over all your paycheques, or insist that you don’t need your own bank account and credit cards. All of these tactics force you to rely 100% on your partner for basic necessities, and they can threaten to take away finances or humiliate you by forcing you to beg for money. 

Financial abuse can also mean carefully tracking any money you do spend. Your partner might carefully look over every credit card statement or debit transaction, demanding that you justify every penny spent. Not only is this incredibly degrading, it’s a method of control - if you displease your partner, they can get revenge on you by yelling at you or making fun of you for “wasting” money on things you enjoy. This is also a tool to keep you from leaving the relationship - your partner will know right away if you’re buying things like suitcases, bus tickets, hotel bookings or down payments on a new apartment, and they can shut down your escape plan right away.

And finally, financial abuse can also come in the form of a “deadbeat” partner. This is a partner who refuses to work or contribute financially to the household, although they are fully capable of it. They’ll control all aspects of household finances, even if you are the only one working, and will freely spend your money on luxuries for themselves, like alcohol or video games, leaving you with nothing for yourself. They will insist that all household bills be put in your name, to make sure that you continually have to work harder to avoid ruining your credit. Both men and women are equally capable of being “deadbeat” partners, and usually a healthy amount of guilt and emotional abuse are used to convince you to keep this parasite in your life. 

The best way to escape from a financially abusive relationship is to get outside help. Tell your family and friends what’s going on. Reach out to organizations that help victims of domestic abuse. If you live in a small town without many resources, ask your local church, temple, synagogue or mosque for help - they will almost always help you, even if you are not a member of the congregation. There are a lot of resources and organizations out there who are more than willing to help you find housing, acquire furniture or household items, find a job, or go back to school.

Financial abuse IS abuse, and you deserve better.

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51. “It’s about to rain, get inside.”

It was freezing cold rain, the kind that chills you down to your very bones, And it was dark, scary dark.

And she was here.


She was always “here” though, wasn’t she? If you need something go to Betty Cooper, a favor? Betty’s got you. A loan? Working at Pops made her a little bit of money, of course she’d be willing to loan it to you. What about a question? Betty’s got the answer. So that’s what brought her to the position she was in right now, she was just….


The Southside was a scary place to be, there was always yelling no matter the time, and no one ever slept yet no one left their lights on, she shouldn’t even be here. Would this be considered trespassing? It didn’t matter, she had to be here and so she was. Suddenly a familiar bark shook Betty out of her heavy thoughts.

“I know hot dog, it’s dark. Just find a space to pee and we can go inside.”

Jughead was gone, he and Archie were missing, well not quite missing. The two teen boys were holed up in some skeevy motel just north of riverdale waiting for the aftermath of what had been the biggest battle the tiny town had ever seen. The Ghoulies versus the Serpents and the Townies, it was gruesome and almost everyone came out of that fight injured. Some Serpents fled in fear of retaliation while some stuck around waiting for another fight, Jughead and Archie had led the battle making them the prime object of the Ghoulies anger.

So she was left here, alone.


Well not quite alone. It had taken two days before it had sunken in, Jughead had said he was dog sitting, hotdog was the puppies name and he had to be scared stiff all by himself locked in that trailer without any food. So she went to him, “a blonde on a mission”Veronica had called it. It was two weeks now of Betty’s late night visits to Jugheads trailer to feed hot dog and let him out, he had grown quite attached to Betty and every night she came over he nearly tackled her to the ground. She loved the little fur ball but tonight? He was especially playful.

“Alright hot dog, inside boy. Play times over.”

Instead of trotting his big paws over to her, the white puppy simply sat on the muddy ground and stared up at her with his big brown eyes.

“yes you’re very cute but we have to go inside”

Hotdog dropped his nose to her feet, a whimper escaping his mouth. Betty felt her hair dripping wet on her back as the rain pelted against her bare arms. Perhaps a tank top and pajama shorts weren’t the right attire for her late night walks.

“It’s about to start raining bud, get inside.”

“I think it’s already started.”

The familiar voice had Betty whipping around her eyes going wide as she stared at her boyfriend, his helmet between his arm and his hip as he stared at her from his place leaned up against his motorcycle.

“Juggie..” betty whispered, tears flooding her eyes as she ran to him, flinging herself in his arms as he caught her by the waist, holding her close to him as her legs wrapped around his waist.

“hey Betts.” He whispered, burying his nose in her neck, inhaling her uniquely Delicious scent of baked goods and motor oil.

“You didn’t call! I didn’t know you were coming back..”

Jughead pulled back slightly dropping his forehead to hers

“I can’t be away from you. Not any longer, I’m gonna face this head on and when we win, which we will, I’m taking you out on a date and then another one and another one and another one. We’re gonna do this right because god Betty, I love you so much.”

Betty sobbed, her lips landing on his with a passion that only two weeks apart could bring. She loved this boy so much it hurt and she wasn’t going to give up on him, not for anything in this world. . After a few moments Jughead pulled away his eyes finding something over her shoulder as they widened.

“Hot dog! I forgot about hot dog!”

Betty grinned, tightening her grip on his neck

“No duh.”

Scorbus Poems

I was really sad not to have time to write a birthday fic for the amazing @ohscorbus, but while I was talking to my dad about my predicament, he joked that I should write some Scorbus haikus. I don’t think he expected me to think it was a brilliant idea. So without further ado, here are some Scorbus haikus, and a bonus limerick because why not. (Trying to find rhymes for Scorpius is really hard, in case anyone’s interested). 

Just a note: If any of the haikus are incorrect I apologise. I counted all the syllables multiple times but I have been known to miscount. 


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Latibule || Jihoon || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // 

Word Count: 3186

Genre: fluff, slice-of-life, casual writing

Summary: No one had time for love in this day and age. Everyone was busy paying off loans, working hard to stabilize their life, and concentrating on not snapping at their boss and potentially losing their job. No one had time for love but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. 

Your pen carefully touched the blue, cloud-shaped sticky note. You placed all your concentration on the pen, willing yourself to make your handwriting the best it could be after years of rushed note-taking. You pulled back with a satisfied smile once you had finished, clicked your pen, and placed it down on your desk.

“What are you doing?”

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Here’s one of my favorites, JULIAN FISHER THE LOAN SHARK! *longest yeah boi ever*

He’s a very friendly shark man who will help your toons with their finances. He’s probably never been angry before. Also, he runs off of steam and doesn’t notice when his business partner pines after him.