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“My mind,” he said, “rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. I can dispense then with artificial stimulants. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation. That is why I have chosen my own particular profession, or rather created it, for I am the only one in the world.”

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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‘Good Booty’: The Sexual Power of Music
By Franz Nicolay

“Tutti frutti, good booty,” ran the pre-bowdlerized version of Little Richard’s hit song, one of the lyrics the NPR music critic Ann Powers cites to demonstrate the intersection of evocative gibberish and open, transgressive eroticism that, she says, is “at the heart of American popular music.” The line encompasses sexual frankness, piratical rapine, the backside in fetish and dance and a wordless endorsement of the pleasure principle. All this through the flamboyant vessel of a performer who himself embodied complexities of sexuality, race and the slippage between the spiritual and the carnal.

And “embodiment” is the relevant term for Powers. Her argument, that “we, as a nation, most truly and openly acknowledge sexuality’s power through music,” is intimately tied to the body: enslaved and objectified black bodies, the erotic sublimation and liberation of dance, the dialogue between charismatic performer and enraptured audience and the problem of “cyborg” singers like Britney Spears. She stresses the primacy of the voice, the flesh and the communion of bodies in a room together over the atomized experience of listening to disembodied sound (while acknowledging new forms of intimacy introduced by the age of recording). Powers connects her early attraction to popular music explicitly to its “erotic pull,” the “physicality” of live performance, and the centrality of music to the sexual awakenings of herself and her friends. She decided, she says, “to write a book about American music and American sex, one that would really be about American dreaming, violence, pleasure, hunger, lies and love.”

It’s a self-consciously ambitious program (the jacket copy prepares the reader for a “magnum opus over two decades in the making”) befitting one of the rare rock critics with a national audience, and a key female voice in the field. It’s also one that Powers admits will be necessarily incomplete: “To talk about what’s revealed within the sexiest moments of American music … is to recast its history in terms that are more inclusive, and less dominated by old ideas of artistic genius or great works. … This retelling of American popular music doesn’t always focus on the big stories. It has gaps.” Powers does spend time with obscure artists like Florence Mills and Jobriath, and fruitfully explores the colorful, gender-fluid world of early gospel music. However, her story hews to a broadly conventional narrative — the intersection of African-American expression, white curiosity and appropriation, and the dialogue between the spiritual and the secular — that begins in Congo Square ring shouts and leads with inexorable circularity back to the New Orleans of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.” Familiar figures like the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison stand in for “the sexual revolution and its discontents,” while Madonna and Prince do the same for the MTV ’80s. Meanwhile, the centrality of eroticism in Powers’s narrative necessitates a de-emphasis on canonical artists without an obvious erotic component to their personas (Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan), and inconclusive glosses on others (Chuck Berry, Michael Jackson) whose sexual and racial stories are more complicated. [Read More]

apparently one of the people who made that “in a heartbeat” short film went to my high school. my old english teacher posted a long status about her, which included a couple of lovely phrases such as: 
“I ‘taught’ (is that even the right word, when you try not to get in the way of a student who has a greater understanding of the subject than you?) Beth in several courses for which she made films, and “I feel privileged to witness the early work of an artistic genius.” 

and it just makes me really happy to see a teacher from a catholic high school glowing with pride over a student’s work that portrays LGBTQ issues in an innocent and positive light. 



American live action/animated crime film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi, about an African American rabbitfox, and bear who rise to the top of the organized crime racket in Harlem, encountering corrupt law enforcementcon artists, and the Mafia. The film, which combines live-action with animation, stars Philip ThomasCharles GordoneBarry White, and Scatman Crothers, all of whom appear in both live-action and animated sequences. 


This is one of the big ones folks, one of the most prolific of forgotten animated films. A cult hit by legendary animation god, Ralph Bakshi that is unmatched by any other animated film in its style or its portrayal of its subject matter.

I could do a whole week dedicated to the works of this animator but I feel I should spotlight one of his works sooner rather than later. Why not rush in, guns a-blazing with one of his most controversial and personal of films, Coonskin.

Now with that title, and this trailer I shouldn’t have to explain why the film was met with a mountain of controversy both pre-and-post-release. I shouldn’t, but I will. The movie shows a massive amount of depictions of “black” characters as violent gangsters, con-men, sociopathic monsters, drug addicts, etc, etc and doesn’t shy away from blackface caricatures, and stereotypes that have aided in marginalizing Blacks in America for several decades. 

Some people out there will argue that even though Bakshi grown up in the epicenter of Harlem, New York during the time of segregation in America, lived and worked with Black Americans his whole life, specifically wanted black artists, animators, and voice actors that the film is bad for showing such imagery.

Even if it’s all presented in a satirical way (which it is), it’s still bad to show these caricatures and black characters acting in a stereotypical way because it only helps to reinforce those stereotypes and keep them alive. That’s pretty nonsensical since the entire point of the movie is to show that these types of things manufactured by Hollywood and ingrained in the popular culture are bad. They’re thrown in your face in a way that’s striking and horrible and you can’t believe it exists, or that such a thing was ever ok. Its meant to be raw, gritty, and spit in the face of White America that doesn’t know what Blacks have had to contend with and what their culture has been forced to be like.

Then again, nobody is really depicted in a positive light; White people in this movie are stereotyped, Gays, and Jews are HEAVILY stereotyped, and cops… well, cops are cops, ain’t no changing that.

Despite the controversy, and how it received a limited release it became a cult classic among animation fans and is heralded by Bakshi as one of his best works, if not his best work.

Nowadays– in all honesty while the film should be watched by everyone as a genius work of satire, it’s more on the artistic side rather than the entertaining side. Bakshi is one of those directors who is in love with his rough and gritty style and loves to linger on his visuals for the audience to absorb.  In every one of his movies he has this problem with pacing; drawing out some scenes that look great or are meant to convey a message. Other scenes just kind of get zipped past or don’t have much to them, making the movies feel longer than they actually are.

This makes his movies, particularly Coonskin more along the lines of something to be enjoyed for the art rather than the story, which isn’t a bad thing but kind of kills rewatchability. 



I dig this movie, I dig it a lot. I saw it for the first time years ago when I took a course in college about The History of Writing & Cartooning In American Culture.

In short, I would definitely recommend it. Go see this movie, in fact, go hunt it up on youtube right now, you owe it to yourself.

Go on.

Get a move on

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Im so glad that this whole Weinstein stuff is coming to light and that people are using this as encouragement to step forward. On the other hand, i cant help but resent hollywood in general though. Everyone is coming out condemning him, but will continue to work with these disgusting directors because theyre an artistic genius. Idk seems a bit hypocritical to me

In a perfect world, everyone who abuses their power and throws their weight around for ill purposes would be banned and blackballed but unfortunately this is a world-wide problem across the board in every discipline, not just in Hollywood. People want to have jobs and be successful, and that often means working with someone fucking horrible while you grin and bear it. But hopefully we’re starting on a path of enlightenment where people get called on their shit and face actual repercussions but I have my doubts.

But no work of genius has ever been based on hatred and contempt. This is why the artist, at the end of his slow advance, absolves instead of condemning. Instead of being a judge, he is a justifier. He is the perpetual advocate of the living creature, because it is alive. He truly argues for love of one’s neighbor and not for that love of the remote stranger which debases contemporary humanism until it becomes the catechism of the law court. Instead, the great work eventually confounds all judges. With it the artist simultaneously pays homage to the loftiest figure of mankind and bows down before the worst of criminals. “There is not,” Wilde wrote in prison, “a single wretched man in this wretched place along with me who does not stand in symbolic relation to the very secret of life.”Yes, and that secret of life coincides with the secret of art.

Create Dangerously

A Lecture by Albert Camus

December 14, 1957 at the University of Uppsala in Sweden

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Despite being Chinese (from the US..,) I'm quite new to the world of cpop, cdramas, ect. I'm looking for recommendations for mandarin music artists, dramas, movies, and tv shows. I wouldn't mind a long list because I'm open to nearly any genre of music/movie/whatever. Take your time responding! Thank you for looking at my message. ^-^

NOTE: this is STRICTLY based on my personal opinion. Also, i totally blanked out on everything so i’m 100% sure i missed a lot of things. LOL 

but here it is.. My Taiwanese/Chinese Entertainment Master post. 

My Top 5 Male Artists:

  • Show Luo 羅志祥: all-rounded artist who excels in singing, dancing, acting, MC-ing. not afraid to take off his idol image for a comedic effect. has worked hard and earned every bit of his fame by himself. love his personality more than his music
  • Jay Chou 周杰倫: a musical genius. also a well rounded artist who composes his own songs and directs his own MVs. has surpassed the definition of “idol”. also has starred in Hollywood movies. generally dislikes paparazzi and media, but is a really great person.
  • Leehom Wang 王力宏: music genius. music man. he has worked with the most respected artists around the world, and is a very highly looked upon artist himself. American born Chinese, great personality although quite awkward on TV shows (it’s cute though), SO talented. no reason to dislike him tbh.
  • JJ Lin 林俊傑: super talented, so cute. you’ll love him after one music video. SUCH A GREAT PERSONALITY with EQUALLY GREAT MUSIC. i’ve never heard one song from him that i actually disliked. really friendly and cute personality
  • Will Pan 潘瑋柏: not a super big fan of his singing, but def love his acting, dancing, and his PERSONALITY IS A+. has a lot of friends in the entertainment industry (which is really rare) which means he’s an amazing person on and off screen. REALLY hard worker, great comedian

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one thing that always sucks about being “the smart kid” is that you’re just “expected” to do well, so if you get good grades then fucking who cares you’re a genius you always get good grades. like no one is ever fucking happy for you because you just naturally get good grades, you don’t work for them, you don’t fucking study your ass off or anything, you’re just naturally good so your accomplishments don’t mean shit.

Just read through God Hates Astronauts and I’m so sad to finish this shitshow of stupid brilliant dick gags. @ryanbrowneart​ is a true artistic genius. PLEASE read this GREAT WORK OF LITERATURE!!!

To College or Not to College

Hi Justin! 

I saw a while back that you shared a college on facebook that seemed very enticing for someone who wants to work in the animation field. I’ve spent the last few years in atelier programs and doing mentorships, but I’ve been wondering lately if the lack of a degree won’t prove detrimental if I someday want to work at larger-scale companies like Blue Sky, Dreamworks, or Pixar. Nearly all artists in the industry say that a degree isn’t necessary, however I was wondering if you knew whether or not companies won’t hire someone if they don’t have a degree for company policy or legal reasons. In your experience, have you ever known of someone turned away from a company due not having a degree or whether you know of people with successful careers in the animation industry but with no degrees? Thanks so much for any time you take to respond to this, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there, @pablonotpicasso​! 

So the only cases I’ve known where degrees matter are:
Teaching at an accredited school
Going Overseas (BOTH WAYS).

I have known some genius artists, 12+ years in the industry, worked on big name movies, working for a big company, but to bring them over from Europe was a gigantic hassle because they didn’t have a degree. The Visa process was super miserable, even through a giant company that imports a very large amount of talent from overseas, despite his clear qualifications.

It’s the same if you want to go overseas, or so I’ve heard; trying to a work Visa in another country is crazy hard without a degree.

So yeah- if you want to teach or travel for work, it’s important. 

Otherwise, you should be fine. 

Art Museum


Words: 1337

“I saw you staring at a painting and I drew you in awe then you saw my picture and now I’m dying of embarrassment.” AU

Author’s Note: I am Jikook trash 

 It was an early May morning according to Jungkook. Which meant that it was approximately 11:30am. 

 Jungkook strolled into the art museum exactly ten minutes after he rolled out of bed, brushed his teeth and tugged on one of his last t-shirts hanging in his closet. Yes, he wore jeans to bed. There wasn’t an exact or sensible answer for this, but he’d deal with explaining that to someone later down the road. 

 "Back again?“ The front desk lady called after Jungkook who already had one hand on the door to the exhibits. He turned slowly, giving her one of his bunny like grins before responding with, “Could hardly stay away.” And eagerly waltzing into the galleries. 

 This particular modern art museum in Busan was Jungkook’s favorite. From the soaring white ceilings that resembled clouds to the onyx floor that shimmered like ink under the sunlight. Jungkook was practically in his second home surrounded by hundreds of sculptures and paintings. 

 The first work that Jungkook would pass was a sculpture shaped like a brain. It sat on a pedestal, glistening under the sunlight. The artist chose to cover the sculpture in shades jade and sapphire, making it look like a stone that held the ocean inside of it. 

 Jungkook let his finger lightly graze the pedestal as he walked by. The cameras would of course catch him. But none of the staff ever said anything when he’d tap the sculpture itself for luck before an exam.

 The entrance room was a wide circular space that held only small sculptures, the room then branched off into hallways decorated with marble like tile that made Jungkook’s head spin if he stared too long. 

 This was probably the sixth time Jungkook had come this month. He made sure not to mention to his mom the fact that he’d bought season entrance tickets that costed 76 thousand some won. He was foolish enough to buy the tickets, but not completely dense enough to let his mom figure it out. So according to Mrs. Jeon, sweet, financial savvy Jungkook was currently in the library doing a research paper. 

 Jungkook smiled mischievously as he walked down a hallway. He twirled his pencil absentmindedly in one hand and dragged his fingers along the closed pages of his sketchbook in the other. It was a strange obsession Jungkook had. He was determined to sketch every single one of the works of art placed in this museum before he left town. Six visits and 12ish hours later, Jungkook had exactly half of the museums galleries documented into his sketchbook. Pride practically tore itself from his body as he sauntered down the pearl marbled hall, careful not to glance down. 

 Jungkook had decided to save his favorite painting for today. It was done by an unknown artist, the work of art -human genius and beauty to Jungkook- was discovered in a deserted music store two years ago in the sweltering summer months. 

 Jungkook’s fingers were itching to sketch. The image of the painting appeared in his head. A boy standing, with his hands gripping a microphone, his eyes closed, lost in the movement of music as he sang passionately into the crowd. The artist had used a vibrant violet to color the crowd, then covered it in a rosy haze of scarlet. The boy on the stage was beneath a beam of soft white light, with flecks of blue streaming around him. The paint kept the artists strokes, they worked in frenzied movements in the background but slowed to a graceful brush once on the stage. 

 Jungkook turned the corner, anticipation growing for when he’d spot the 6 foot canvas leaning on the wall. 

 He exited the hallway, and spotted the artwork. Then paused. There was a boy standing in front of the painting. He stood with one hand twirling the string of his loose sweatshirt, his stance lazy, shifted to one side that made Jungkook strangely allured by the boy. Jungkook unknowingly focused on his lips, how plush they look and how the pinkness of them resemble the sunset. 

 Nevermind the painting. Jungkook thought to himself as he scrambled to flip his sketch book open. The painting could wait, but this, could not. Jungkook had found his muse, and it was of a boy whose hair matched the depths of the ocean and simple smile that stopped Jungkook’s heart. 

 He leaned against the wall and kept his head down so as to not catch the boys attention. But how could someone that looked like that, even spare a glance at him, Jungkook concluded. 

 His hand moved quickly around the page, first with the shape of the boys face, then to the gorgeous head of hair he had, and following that the careful outlines of his sweatshirt and, tight, really tight jeans that made Jungkook’s cheeks flush. He was finishing up the laces on the boys boots when he heard something behind him. 

 His head whipped up and saw that the boy was gone. He frowned, disappointed at his missed chance of possibly striking up conversation with him. Jungkook snorted. Who was he kidding, the second that boy looked over at him Jungkook would melt into a little puddle. 

 "What’s funny?“ 

 Was it possible to hear a smile? 

 Jungkook stiffened and slowly turned. God, looking into this boys eyes was like staring into an abyss of gold. "We’re you drawing me?” The boy got up on his tip toes and tried to stretch his neck over Jungkook’s sketch book. 

 Jungkook wanted to crawl under a rock. Tell his mother he loved her. His brother would get his collection of CDs and albums. Jungkook was going to disappear from society forever. 

 Jungkook opened his mouth but nothing came out. He tried once more, after clearing his throat, “Uhhh…nothing” One of his most intellectual sentences, Jungkook thought. 

 "Were you drawing me?“ The boy questioned further, batting his illegal adorable eyes up at Jungkook. "Y-yes.” He slammed the book shut, from the boys gorgeous prying eyes. He shoved the book beneath his arm. “I’m really sorry, I should’ve asked, and you probably think I’m really creepy,-" 

 "It’s okay.” The other boy laughed. Jungkook hoped it wasn’t at his scarlet red face. He could feel the heat radiating off him in waves. 

 "I’m Jimin.“ The boy stuck out his hand. Jungkook stared at it before realizing that he should probably shake it. His hands were so small, Jungkook thought. And really soft. Jungkook awkwardly kept shaking the boy- Jimin’s hand. 

 "I-I’m Jungkook.” He stuttered out, his cheeks now challenged the vibrancy of a tomato. “You’re cute.” Jimin giggled and released their robotically shaking hands to point at Jungkook’s cheeks. Jungkook could listen to Jimin’s laugh for the rest of eternity. Then Jungkook realized that Jimin had just called him cute.  

 That 76 thousand won was so worth it. 

 There was a pause and Jungkook seized the opportunity to start conversation.  “So… Do you come here a lot?” Jungkook nearly face palmed at the cliché, not to mention creepy sentence that just came out of his mouth. “I mean, it’s just that I, come here a lot, I practically live here, and I just, have never seen you here before.” Jungkook gulped, and looked back into the boys grinning face. 

 "Actually it’s my first time here.“ He bounced on his toes. "I wandered into that,” he turned to point at the painting he once stood at, “and I just kind of stayed there.” He looked back at Jungkook. 

 "That’s one’s my favorite.“ Jimin smiled softly at the boyish grin that enlightens Jungkook’s face. "Mine too.” Jimin added on. 

 "So since you practically live here…“ Jimin spun to face Jungkook. Jungkook was regretting his choice of words. "Would you mind giving me a tour?" 

 Jungkook was now a genius at conversation. 

 Jimin tipped his head to the side, which nearly made Jungkook want to scream from the deadly amount of cuteness that came off this boy. 

 "Sure.” He replied.

 I would love to.

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May I know what formed the basis of your speculation that Zayn might attack Malay on socila media?

1) Zayn tweeted, “It’s embarrassing when you have no originality … people lack this frequently ..why copy ?” in the middle of retweeting fan art.  

The way he tweeted was oddly ambiguous and doesn’t quite fit with fan art.  If someone steals your fan art, it’s usually referred to as stealing, not copying. Also, he had been and continued retweeting fan art where you can’t really tell if the original artist posted it to Twitter, something he should feel the desire to be careful about if that tweet was supposed to refer to people abusing fan art.

2)  Malay Ho posted a picture on his Instagram of a tent with the caption, “Recording in tents. Acoustic treatment from surrounding trees and open air is epic”.  

Two hours later Zayn posts a similar Instagram picture of the same tent taken from a slightly different perspective.  His caption was, “You’ll probably copy this ,”.

This is strange because Zayn posted 2nd.  Why is he talking about copying? Also, the first tweet about copying is clearly a negative one, then the caption on the picture that’s clearly related to Malay Ho is also about copying.

3)  Malay Ho posted a picture on Instagram of birthday cake congratulating him on his birthday with the caption, “Thanks Z”.  The implication is that since Zayn was with him, Zayn set up a nice tray with cake for his birthday.  

However, I find the picture very odd.

Is he supposed to be implying they’re still out in that tent in the forest?  The tray looks like it might be set on a circular table with a glass top and the carpet underneath has a pattern that makes me think of hotels.  Maybe they’re in the tent or maybe they’re at a hotel, who knows.

Look at that tray.  There are 2 individual slices of cake, fancy cursive writing in chocolate, nice white china, linens, a flower in a glass bowl, and a bowl of ice cream chilling on ice.  That’s a very odd tray for one friend to be giving to another friend.  It’s so fancy and intimate.  It looks more like something Malay’s girlfriend/wife would have done for him than a twenty-two year old artist he’s producing for.  

Another thing is that the picture was posted around 3am PT, 6am ET. Assuming they were on the West Coast, that’s not too late to stay up, but it’s still not really when I’d expect someone to be eating fancy birthday cake or posting Instagram pictures of fancy birthday cake.  If they were in NY, I see no reason why they’d be up that early eating cake or posting pictures of it.

Again, why is Malay posting this?  Why is he advertising that Zayn did something for his birthday on social media, but Zayn can’t even tweet Malay or post a picture himself?

4) Eight minutes after posting that picture, he tweeted, “Cat’s out the bag, it’s no secret we’ve been working. @zaynmalik is pure genius. An artists’ artist. A shining star with a genuine <3”.  

I mean, “Cat’s out of the bag” is used to refer to accidentally revealing something you were supposed to be keeping quiet about.  After the double tent posts and the “Thanks Z”, it was Malay and Zayn who made it more than obvious they were together and working on recording.  They chased the cat out of the bag, so why play coy?

Then he retweeted the Billboard article from today that was talking about how he and Zayn were working together and how he had nothing but amazing things to say about Zayn and his music.  

5) Speaking of Malay’s girlfriend/wife… Malay posted a picture with the caption, “Missing my ❤️ @pennylane915on her birthday. Our birthdays are only one day apart, so this is the first time we haven’t been able to celebrate together. You always got my back, you are my queen 👸🏼 Sending my love on this special day! We will be celebrating together soon”. 

On her Twitter, she posted, “When @MalayHo and @zaynmalik FaceTime you and sing happy birthday it’s a great way to start my birthday :) thanks guys xo”.  

So I’m to assume they aren’t in LA?  Or is she not in LA?  I tried to figure out where she was by looking at her social media, but it beats me.  In any case, she isn’t with Malay, meaning that she definitely wasn’t involved with that fancy cake set up.  She also retweeted the same Billboard article and a fan that was begging for help to get Zayn to see an edit.

All of that praise and gushing and buddy-buddy stuff from Malay and his girlfriend/wife, but why isn’t Zayn participating in this love fest?  The most he’s said was “You’ll probably copy this ,”.  ???

6) There was a Blind Gossip blind item yesterday about Zayn.  The blind item was definitely meant to be about Zayn because the hint was, “If you think this is about an American, you are looking in the wrong direction.”

It talked about Zayn’s behavior being erratic and dredged back up the narrative that “the breakups (plural), the photos, the fights… [have] become an everyday occurrence.”  This is something The Sun has also been pushing, the idea that Zayn is out of control and turning on anyone who he’s close to or would want to help and support him.

Just to be very clear here, that blind item is nothing more than an attempt to slander Zayn.  I don’t believe it has any truth in it simply because Blind Gossip has been aggressively pushing negative stories about 1D since Zayn left and probably before.

7) Yahoo Celeb UK posted an article with the title, “Who Is Zayn Malik Mad At Now? Former One Direction Star Slams ‘Lack Of Originality’”.  In the article it mentions Zayn’s tweet, his past Twitter fights and break ups, and the tent picture.  However, it doesn’t mention Malay or the matching tent picture.  It acts like no one has a clue what/who any of it is referring to instead.

The last line of the article is, “So this mysterious impersonator will no doubt be exposed before the week is up, and we can’t ruddy wait to find out who on Earth it is.”

Okay then.  That doesn’t remind me of when Krept and Konan just happened to make a throwaway comment about how their music video with Zayn would probably get leaked at all.  Except that it does and that music video was intentionally leaked through Naughty Boy, that being the incident that was used to officially sever the connection between Zayn and Naughty Boy.


This series of events doesn’t automatically mean Zayn will go after Malay Ho on social media, but it’s strange enough to make you wonder.  They’re dredging up the fact that all these Twitter fights have happened at the same time that Malay is gushing about Zayn and Zayn is not exactly gushing back.  

If you remember, Zayn hardly ever engaged Naughty Boy himself or posted pics of them together.  That was always Naughty Boy.  Naughty Boy was always very complimentary about Zayn, even after the fight.  

Setting it up that way makes Zayn look worse if everyone is nice to him and he’s the only one being aggressive. The same thing happened with Calvin Harris too.  As soon as Zayn engaged, Calvin backed off and complimented Zayn’s voice.  

That pattern is why I think all this positive press and interaction COULD end up feeding into another Twitter fight.  Maybe it’s just positive press, and that would be awesome, but there are some strange things going on with it.