works in progress gallery

It’s wip Wednesday and I’ve got a brand new painting I’m working on! 🎨 This girly and her dragon are going to be for “Mythos” at the Haven Art Gallery in New York opening April 8th! 🖼This is going to be such a fun show! 😊✨ I really wanted to go with an Asian looking water dragon for the show’s theme of mythical creatures. 🐉 Right now I’m building up colors on it’s mane and around it’s face. 🖌 I want the mane to be bright and rainbow from it’s head to his tail! 🌈😀💖

Between constantly posting pieces from my Corey Helford Gallery exhibition, I’ve been working on a few pieces for a couple places in January 2017. Below is a progress teaser for my piece, “New Home” that will be included in the “Flesh and Bone” exhibition at the wonderful beinArt Gallery! It’ll be my first time showing with this gallery that has a jaw-dropping list of artists. Eekkk!

WORK IN PROGRESS Big4/Jelsa selfie >> 100+ notes and i’ll finish it!

I’m just-too-busy this period of mah life, I wanna have spare time again *sob* … BUT! Gimme motivation tumblr people: if this post will gonna hit 100+ notes, i’ll finish the Big Four/Jelsa pic, even if i dont have much time with work and stuff

UPDATE: Finished pic here!