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‪[지훈] 진짜 다들 너무 수고많았어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 우리보다 더 고생하는거같아서 맘이아푸..‬ ‪#크나큰 #KNK #지훈 #JIHUN #팅커벨 #조심히들어가요 #😢‬

[Jihun] You guys seriously worked really hard  ㅠㅠㅠ Because it seems like you guys worked even harder than us my heart hurts.. #KNK #Jihun #Tinkerbell  #Return safely #😢

You’re okay, I guess.

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Warnings: The moral of this story: Have sex with him. You’ll like him better than you think.

I’ve never wanted to get involved with him. He reeks the smell of trouble. His face has trouble written all over it. From head to toe, he screams out trouble. How come the more I try to avoid, the deeper I fall?

“Pick a number the sit according to the chart on the board. No complaints!” She slaps the table with her long ruler, indicates the cue for us to go pick our seats from the folded pieces of paper in the carton box. I, and of course my other classmates, have lots of concern about this new “random” seating arrangement. They all want to seat near their friends or smarter people whom they can copy the work from. But for me, I want to avoid one person, Jeon Jungkook. You may ask: “Well what’s wrong with this fine looking young man?”


Everything is wrong about him.

He has been haunting me longer than I could remember. My mind didn’t write down the memories about the day we’ve met but it did tell me once about my first impression for him: an active and energetic boy. I often saw him being caught up in troubles as if it was an addiction and he was overdosed. Somehow, he has my attention in the palm of his hand. My eyes reach for him, still they avoid his. Strangely enough, it wasn’t a one-way affection. The way Jungkook treats me feels different, neutrally different. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. Obvious seems to be the most accurate adjective to describe it. I see him everywhere: at the cafeteria, in the hallway, by the vending machine… until it became too usual to be just a coincidence. Our conversations would always start with him “offering” me to skip class with him and end with me rejecting him with a single word. I do question his reasons sometimes, not with him but with myself.

“12.” I exhale with relaxation and move to my new seat at the end of the class, next to the window. It is the perfect place to completely immerse myself in my works, without being bothered by the rest of this noisy class. I sit down and settle myself. The gentle spring breeze greets me, touching my braids teasingly as if it is flirting with me. I feel at ease looking at the strips of golden sunshine. The state of daydreaming approaches me through different media. The sound of rustling leaves sweeps me off my feet. I am flying to those cotton clouds.

“Hey! Earth to Y/N!” The pain spreads through my scalp where my braid is. My head follows its instinct and tilts the direction that my braid is being pulled. Anger can’t even describe the emotion I’m feeling, not after I know who the culprit is. There he is, sitting right next to me with his hand grabbing my braid and pulling it down, the one and only Jeon Jungkook. I hit his hand for him to release my hair. A tidal wave of anger and disappointment rushes through my organs. I shoot him with that you’re-not-welcome look and all I receive is a typical social smile that acquaintances give each other. He is sure that I’m not too stupid to not decipher that smile as a notice that for the next few months I’m going to experience hell at its finest.

I don’t talk to him at all for the rest of that day, trying to keep our conversations at the minimum. Meanwhile Jungkook, with all of his best effort, attempts to distract me every second. I lose count how many times he asks for a pen, a piece of paper, sharing textbook… It is driving me crazy. Still, showing it to him would just make him cockier about it. Time seems longer when I’m with him, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. He leans back on his chair. Hands behind his neck, he settles himself in a laid back position and of course, restrains from doing any math questions.

“Are you not going to do this?” I turn to him, showing a bit of my honest anger.

“Don’t want to.” Only his eyes are facing me.

“Well you’re going to get into trouble with the teacher, again.” I stress on my words.

“That old hag can’t do anything to me.” His body slides down the chair. Now he looks like he is lying more than sitting. My eyes still glue to him. “What? You’re worried about me?” He smirks. My cheekbones suddenly feel like they just went out from a heated oven. My heart misses its cue to beat. “No. Do whatever you want.” I quickly turn away to hide the uncontrollable expressions on my face. Nervous and weak are the last emotions I want to show him.

“Oh… somebody’s lying.” He leans forward and closer to me, one hand twisting the end of my braid. His cheek presses on the table as he looks at my face from the bottom. I lean further away, even move my chair so I don’t look uncomfortable. Jungkook hand leaves my braid and places on my thigh where my skirt ends. I hit his hand but his fingers just keep digging in tighter. My legs stay numb, afraid that if I move them he would get the chance to go deeper under the skirt. The heat from his palm on my thigh evaporates my skin. I feel hotter and almost breathless. Now my heart has to work harder than its capability. He must be fascinated about my thigh. Sometimes he traces heart patterns on it.

The bell rings to end this awfully long period. We have gym next and I’m glad there can be some space between us for me to calm down. His hand leaves my thigh as the whole class stands up and becomes noisy. Before turning his back on me, he gives me a maleficent smirk and I can’t help but blush. He knows I could have screamed to the teacher when he touched my thigh, but I didn’t. I try to argue myself that I didn’t have a choice. However, my heart keeps throwing out these convincing testimonies. I rest my case.

Gym class starts with the friendly basketball game between the boys. As expected, Jungkook great athletic skill shines bright on the field. I’m too busy analyzing Jungkook to notice the aching volume of the girls cheering for him. The sweat drips from his forehead to his sharp jawline and paints his whole body with a glossy coat. The muscles in his arms appear and disappear as he works his way through the opponents and shoots the ball into the basket. His strong-built calves and even the veins shown through his thin skin attract my attention. The game ends faster than I thought. Our class wins.

My eyes stick with Jungkook for the rest of gym class. I wonder to myself how come a good athlete like him takes these exercises so lightly. He barely does what our teacher says, not even the easiest tasks like push-ups and running. There’s no doubt that he can do them all. It may just be that breaking the rules is his natural habitat.

I stay back to put the basketballs into the storing room. It isn’t my duty, but considering that we were the ones who took them out, I think it’s the right thing to put them back where they were again.

“Cleaning up?” Jungkook leans on the entrance of the room, holding the last basketball in his hand.

“Yeah. Why are you still here?” My arms cross in front of my chest.

“To help.” He steps towards me, closing the door behind him.

“Thanks.” I receive the ball from him. As he turns away, through the open of his backpack, I see the textbook for today’s class that he claimed to “forgot it at home”. I’m surprise and a bit angry.

“Jungkook… You have your textbook today with you…” I ask.

He turns around and flusters “Yeah…”

“Why did you lie to me?” My anger is on the top of my head.

“Well how do you think I’m going to get your attention now?” He yells out loud. His anger calms my anger down. His words stop half way through my brain. They are too vague for me to analyze. “Shit” He punches the locker. “I’m sorry okay? I know how much you hate me so… you know… what other choices do I have?” My body freezes. I just stand there, looking at him with zero expressions shown. He has his face looking at a different direction. His eyebrows squint together.

“Kiss me.” I say.

Jungkook looks at me puzzled, wondering if what he heard by his ears is what came out from my mouth.

“Give me a kiss like those romantic couples on TV. I’m giving you a choice now so do it before I change my mind.”

He steps closer until I’m at the bottom of his nose. His hands cup my cheeks and lift my face up. His rough lips touch mine, granting me this passion and lust. He starts tilting his head and our lips open. The kiss becomes tenser and lewder. His tongue gains its access into my mouth and tastes mine. I can taste the sweetness of strawberry from the tip of his taste buds. His hands leave my cheeks, trails down to my ass and then make their way to my thighs.

He cuts of the kiss and slams my back on the lockers. Stuck between his arms, my head tilts so he can nip the wet skin of my neck and collarbones. The heat of his body makes me sweat. Each time he sucks harder, my core feels like melting. I can swear there is water in my panties. My body tries to adapt this overloading sensual feeling but it’s too difficult. I start to shiver. He begins to suck harder, leaving pain lightly covers some areas on my neck.

“These are proves that you are mine. Mine only.” He whispers into my ears.

Jungkook pulls down my shorts and panties at the same time. He looks at my core for a long time, which is still in the process of developing sexually. He can tell this is my first time, not only by looking at my core, but my expression. He pulls down his shorts and underwear. His cock rises, pointing towards me. My thighs have the tendency to move closer, trying to protect my core from being seen.

“I’ll go gently. But if something goes wrong, tell me to stop.” His forehead touches mine as he tries to calm my nerves. He inserts himself into me. My core stretches out to receive him. It hurts a bit to adjust along with his size, but when he sinks in completely, my body can feel this mixture of these arousals. He starts slowly, thrusting into my pelvis to make sure I have to time adapt. But I learn this lesson quicker than that.

“Faster… go faster…” I struggle my words out of this suffocation. Jungkook goes faster. Water drips from my core to the side of my thighs, I’m not sure if it’s mine or it’s his. He pulls his dick out half way slowly then slam it in again, making sure I have enough energy to hit that climax. And I did, followed by my juice creating a mess between my legs. I sit down, feeling my core throbs and burns.

Jungkook gets a towel and cleans both of us up. He dresses me again and carries me of his back, switching his backpack to the front of his body. Exhaustion doesn’t allow me to see clearly. My cheek presses on his shoulders. His large back feels warm and for once, I don’t think about avoiding him. He’s okay, I guess.

For all of y’all thirsty people who asked for Jungkook doing you at school, hope this satisfied you. 3:20 am here so I apologize for the procrastination.


[TRANS] 141203 Heechul Talks about Puff in Dream Girls’ New Book

Hear What Super Junior Kim Heechul Says: “I am very deep red, Puff is cool mint green!”

The first time you saw Puff…

Because we were only coworkers, at the first meeting my only thought was, “so this is Puff,” kk. Puff is very bright! Like a child of light (Taiwanese idiom). Puff is also very cute. When I’m in a bad mood, I look at Puff’s face and my mood immediately gets better. I also really like her round eyes.

Puff is very considerate. I’m a person with rather big mood swings, but Puff always understand my thoughts. As the time we’d been working together got longer and longer, even if I was angry she always knew how to calm me down. I think Puff is very observant, because she would often say to me, “Oppa gwenchanha? (Cherry oppa, are you okay?)” “Oppa, hwanasseo? (Cherry oppa, are you angry?)”

On-stage Puff vs. Off-stage Puff

I know that Puff is really big in Taiwan, even though I’m also the Space Big Star (haha ^_^). Puff would often secretly take care of the staffs around us, and would even bring a small notebook to record things, which made me think she places a lot of importance on people’s relationships. Even when we were out having meals, she would pour alcohol for the new staffs. This kind of personality made all the staffs really like her.

Cherry Oppa and Puff’s Relationship Style

Privately, our relationship was completely not awkward; in fact, we got along even better in private. Actually, at the beginning the two of us were a little awkward, until we went to Geoje Island for the honeymoon filming. After going out together with the staffs to eat, drink, and chat, I finally got comfortable with Puff, but the day after I was hungover during filming ^^. After that time my relationship with Puff became better and more natural.

During filming, the staffs arranged a lot of romantic stories and cute things for us. Because I’m not a very romantic person, and don’t understand what girls are thinking, these things gave me goosebumps all over my skin, and I said I didn’t want to do them. Every time there was this kind of situation Puff would help me and ask, “Cherry oppa, are you okay? Cherry oppa, are you angry?” She would comfort me like this, and in my heart I thought, she’s definitely working harder than I am, I’m sorry, thank you. Even though I didn’t say it out loud, I would still hug Puff to thank her. I remember something I said once, “Today, except for Puff, everyone else isn’t satisfied, so today when I film I will only look at her face” (writing like this, I want to gag…haha). Thinking back, I was more romantic off-camera.

Uh…we don’t have any common interests. I like video games and anime…the two of us also can’t cook, haha. During the secret show, there was one time it was just me and Puff by ourselves resting in the car. I kept playing games on my cell phone, and Puff just sat quietly and watched me play. I said to Puff, “Cherry oppa is awesome! What do you think? What do you think? Wahahahahaha.” Puff said, “Yes, Cherry oppa is awesome!”

After we got out of the car, the PD and the scriptwriter asked us what we were talking about in the car, and also said they had intentionally left us alone in the car. I replied, “I just played video games, that’s all.” The PD, the scriptwriter, the managers, and the stylists, with helpless expressions, all said to me, “You really don’t understand women!” I replied angrily, “So what? This is a very important game!” Puff, standing next to me, helped me and said, “Cherry oppa is very cute when he plays games.” …^_^.

Kim Heechul’s Ideas about Puff

Puff is like a cat! When Puff was taking wedding photos with me, there were some scenes that we shot with cats, but because Puff and I both really, really like cats, we would often play with the cats and forget to take pictures.

I think Puff is like a pine tree, because no matter whether she is on or off camera, she always keeps the same serious attitude. (Note: in Korea, pine trees represent never changing)

Puff is mint green. I am very deep red, and she is cool mint green.

Kim Heechul wants to say to Puff…

Cherry oppa doesn’t know how to express his feelings, has big mood swings, and didn’t take care of you well, but you always took care of me. Thank you for being so good to me. Even though at the beginning we were only coworkers, as time passed, I became more honest with you, and like a child, more and more sincere. When I go to Taiwan let’s drink soju mixed with beer (haha).

Right, I know your legs are very pretty, and girl groups won’t wear very much clothing even in the winter. Cherry oppa is most worried about this (haha). Take care of yourself and don’t catch a cold. Even though we won’t meet often, you can’t get sick, or else I won’t keep looking at you. This kind of visit is good, it makes me think of how things were before with us. It’s already been more than a year…I miss you…

Raw credit: 任妈1106

Trans credit: potatochul @ tumblr

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