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Fourth page of my human!testarossa kavinsky AU comic!

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Things are starting to unravel from here on out.

This comic reads from right to left!

The plan was to get home, take a few days to recover, then start looking for a job first thing Monday morning. Monday a week ago, not this most recent one.

Since then, I’ve watch every episode of Rick and Morty, walked 61 wholly unnecessary miles, listened to an audio book about life in post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, and been to a concert.

So, you know, that whole thing’s going to plan.

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Ok now I'm super excited :)my hs au prompt included: smoking behind the gym (or smwhere idk I've never done it), being partners for a project, studying in a library, one late night adventure..But the same problems and past they have in canon..

(AN: same warnings as canon? but no graphic violence. this is the first part of probably three, but i wanted to split it because it’s getting long/i didn’t want to post too much at once. i’ve branched off the prompt a teeny bit by messing with andrew’s backstory a little but i hope you like it!)

Every day that Neil has stuck around in California has been one day too many.

It was too much, in those first few days, to think about leaving behind the memory of his mom and that last, desperate night. He made it to San Francisco, tracked down a family contact, and then took random buses until he stumbled into a seedy motel in Oakland.

But then…he had no fucking idea of what to do next, did he?

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ID #13608

Name: Aimee

Age: 24

Country: USA

My name is Aimee and I am from California. I am a grad student who is studying Information Systems. I’m really into video games - mainly PS4 and anything Nintendo. I also enjoy watching anime series, drawing, reading, watching Netflix, baking, working out, hiking, and listening to music.

Preferences:  I would preferably like to write to girls who are 17 and older. Just because I don’t know if I can really relate to similar things to younger writers.


Hello kids I am coming to you with the vast tat knowledge I have acquired from the last 4 years of working in tattoo shops and getting tattooed. I am currently managing a shop, which means I handle everything besides the actual tattooing. in this post I will be addressing ~in detail~ what you need to know about getting tattooed. This is long but don’t worry, it’s not scary! Here we go. 

Where should I get tattooed?- Tattoo shops and tattoo artists exist on the spectrum of “walk in” (something that can be finished in one session, think tattoo “flash”) to “custom” (something that is drawn as a unique image for a client often with a unique “style”) . Most shops accommodate both, but some are more exclusive, or have a reputation for being either or. If you are looking for a small tattoo on a whim when you’re out with your friends, you will want to go to a shop that accommodates walk ins. If you try to walk in to a shop that is home to mostly custom artists, you might be turned away as these people can be booked out for months or even over a year (yes, really). Both are completely legitimate in their own right, as long as the tattoos they produce are of quality.

Who should I get tattooed by?- Speaking of quality, it is imperative that a client understand the difference between a technically good tattoo and a technically bad tattoo. This has nothing to do with style and everything to do with longevity of the tattoo and legibility of the design. This could be its own post, so until then visit for a myriad of different styles of great quality. The internet is a great resource, but it’s not the whole picture. The number of followers a person has on Instagram is not indicative of their skill. There are BAD tattooers with tens of thousands of followers and a long wait list, and AMAZING tattooers with a modest following just waiting to be given your business. Do some online research for tattooers in your area, or anywhere you’re willing to travel to, and determine if their style and content fits what you’re looking to have on your skin. In the shop where I work, people fly in from California, drive in from up to 10 hours away, and we have locals who live around the corner. I realize not everyone has the means to travel, I’m just saying that it’s not unorthodox to seek out the person who specializes in what you want. I know it can be really intimidating to go to, or call a tattoo shop and inquire about a tattoo. The industry isn’t exactly known for being welcoming and friendly, but trust me, if you have a good idea of what you want and have done your research on the artists, they will appreciate it. The most tried and true way to “shop” for an artist is to take an afternoon and go around your area visiting each shop, looking at portfolio’s, chatting and vibing with the staff/artists, taking their card, and considering your options.

How do I book my tattoo appointment?- Please keep in mind that protocol for each shop/artist is going to be a little different, but walking in will yield the quickest results. If you can’t stop by the shop due to schedule or distance. CALL (do not email or DM, CALL) the shop directly (if you have phone anxiety, make sure whoever is calling knows exactly what info to relay). They will give you ALL the information you need to know based on who the artist is and what the tattoo idea is. I think there is a balance to be struck to expedite the booking process. Keep in mind that you need to know what you want, but that you need to understand your own limitations as a non-tattoo artist. Do not go to a tattooer and tell them you “don’t know” or “don’t care” or want them to “do their own thing”. As well, do not go to a tattooer with a laundry list of expectations and try to micro manage the tattoo. They will likely set you up with an appointment or a consultation. If you are planning something custom, large, that will take multiple sessions, such as a sleeve or a back piece DO NOT ARGUE OR WHINE ABOUT COMING IN FOR A CONSULTATION. The artist may want to chat with you in person to make sure your expectations are aligned, and they may also want to take a tracing of the area getting tattooed so they can plan the design accordingly. This is especially true if you have other tattoos around that area of the body. DO NOT ask to “see a sketch” of the tattoo before your appointment. If you’re tight with the artist maybe they’ll send you a preview on their own accord. The reason being that tattooers are extremely busy and will likely draw for you the night before or the day of. Additionally, people bail on tattoos ALL THE TIME and it behooves them not to waste their time drawing if someone is going to bail. During your consultation you will be asked to leave a deposit which will go toward the price of the tattoo. These are often non refundable but ask them what their specific policy is. At this time, you may inquire about price. You will either be charged an hourly rate or by the piece. Hourly rates vary, but expect between $100-$200/hour. If you are not a local client and are asked to come in for a consultation, my advice is to make a day trip of it! Bring a friend with you and when you’re done, go spend the day in that city or town. If you truly are too far away, they’ll guide you through the process. The shop will likely call you to confirm your appointment closer to the day.

Here is a list of things you should not get tattooed: something you drew, something your friend drew, an exact copy of an existing image/tattoo you found online, images made by an artist or illustrator without their permission.  

What should I expect the day of my appointment?- On the day of your appointment, make sure you eat a filling meal and drink some water (bring these will you as well just in case). Arrive to your appointment BY YOURSELF or WITH *ONE* FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER. –DO NOT– bring your whole crew to your appointment. Also, do not bring your kid/s. If you are desperate and your childcare fell through, give the shop a call, and ask what you should do. They may allow you to bring your child. Arrive about 20 minutes early to fill out paperwork (bring your I.D. or expect to be given the boot), and to chat about the final design of your tattoo. If there are any blaring changes to be made, it’s normally not a problem for them to edit the design a little. However, it is your responsibility at the time of your consultation to communicate exactly what your expectations are, so that you’re not wasting anyones time the day of the appointment. DO NOT walk in and say “I changed my idea”. Just don’t do it. It’s your responsibility to be confident in what you want from the jump. After you approve the design, they will need to make a stencil, and transfer the stencil to your skin. You can absolutely change the placement of the stencil if you don’t like the placement. They will wash it off and re-do it. You’ll probably get comfy on a massage table and get right to work. You will experience pain similar to a concentrated burning sensation, and as the tattoo progresses it will feel very tender, sore, and sensitive. Depending on the size and duration, you may feel exhausted. If the pain is becoming too exhausting, eat/drink something for some energy. If you’re feeling like you cannot continue, you can “tap out”. You know your own limitations. During your tattoo it is important that you do not move, jump, flinch, fidget, or complain. This will compromise the quality of the tattoo and make it take longer. If you learn after your first tattoo that you do not “sit” well, plan on accommodating for that in the future. There is no shame in doing shorter sessions, but you should let the tattooer know so they can be prepared for how your body will be behaving.

The “easier” spots to get tattooed are- bicep, thigh, forearm, calf

The “harder” spots to get tattooed are- ribs, feet, torso, back 

What should I expect when paying?- After the tattoo/session is finished, they will wrap the tattoo so it doesn’t contaminate anything/get contaminated on your way home. They will give you a run down on tattoo aftercare and might even give you a sheet to refer to about aftercare to take home. At “checkout” you should already have a rough idea of how much you’ll be paying as it would be discussed prior, but I always come prepared with $100 more than expected, plus at least a $50 for sessions that are a few hours long. Tipping is important because your tattooer likely makes a percentage on each tattoo, and do not pocket the entire amount. A portion goes right to them, and a portion goes to the shop owner. Some clients like to bring gifts instead of cash tips, and in my opinion this is more appropriate if you are a repeat customer, but it’s up to you. Cash is always preferred and may even be required for payment. You should inquire about this before your appointment, because if you need to leave to get cash, this will make the shop very nervous. People often try to dodge paying for their tattoos. After you pay, you may set up another appointment to continue the tattoo, or to start a new one. CONGRATS! YOU DID IT! YOU GOT TATTOOED!

Here is a list of things to keep in mind if you want to be a respectful and chill client- Trust the artist, relax and be flexible as best you can (unless you are really feeling coerced, pressured, uncomfortable), try not to be too loud when conversing out of respect to the other artists and shop workers, talk on your phone outside not inside, keep breaks to a minimum, tattoo shops/booths can be small so respect their space (ask where to place your belongings, etc), communicate, ask questions instead of assuming, wait to get tattooed until you can comfortably afford it, understand that while casual environments tattoo shops are places of business and tattooers are professionals, tattooers need to and deserve to be paid for their time, do not expect to be hooked up or tell people you get hooked up, do not assume you are tight with your tattooer and can cancel or reschedule many times or on a whim, always give as much notice as possible for a cancellation/reschedule.  

Here is a list of red flags, avoid these places if you experience the following: tattooing or handling contaminated materials without gloves, discrimination/hostility (sexism, homophobia/transphobia, racism, general rude/crudeness), a tattooer telling you they “don’t” “can’t or “won’t tattoo dark skin, tattooing of people/minors without proper ID and/or guardian present, no way of checking out the persons portfolio before getting tattooed, visible filth, very inexpensive pricing, licenses not openly displayed, tracing/copying the work of other artists without their consent.     

Ummm idk, if I missed anything or if you have questions hmu <3 


In the 1980’s, married couple, Linda and Mike Briddle met Pamela Perillo, a topless dancer, through a mutual friend. One evening the trio decided to rob a man at the topless bar where Pamela worked and then fled from California to avoid apprehension. They hitchhiked their way to Houston, Texas, on 21 February, 1980, and were then picked up by Robert Banks, who offered the trio a lift if they would help him move his belongings to his new home, to which they agreed. Pleased with the seemingly generosity of these strangers, Robert took them out to dinner and paid for the meal. This kind gesture turned out to be a big mistake. When paying for the meal, the duo observed that Robert had a large sum of money in his wallet. The trio went back to Robert’s house to spend the night so that they could assist with more packing up the following day. That night, they noticed that Robert also had a large arsenal of guns. The following day, Bob Skeens, a close friend of Robert, arrived to help. Before they got started, Bob and Robert went to get coffee and donuts for everybody. While they were gone, Mike armed himself with Robert’s shotgun. When Bob and Robert arrived home with the treats, Mike forced them to the ground. Pamela found some rope and tied the two men up while the trio ransacked the house. They found a tape recorder and with it, recorded the brutal murder of the two men. Mike and Pamela strangled Robert first. Bob, who was in the next room, heard the brutal murder. Mike and Pamela m, evidently tired from the murder they just committed, sat down and ate the donuts and drank the coffee which Robert and Bob had generously purchased. They then strangled Bob. Pamela, apparently wracked with guilt, turned herself into the police almost immediately. Mike was executed in 1995 and Pamela was sentenced to death. This sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment in 2000. Mike’s (ex) wife received just five years probation for testifying against him.

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Do the admins have any favorite college AUs or office AUs with Yoonmin? P.S. thank you all for your continuous hard work! Much love from California xx

college aus:
up all night (to get my luck) by cyphers
color me blue by florations
- i don’t even know you by k506rl
i’m fully operational (and at your disposal) by mauvetarte
- paper chase by slimequeen
- untitled.mp3 by elemir
office au:
- strawberry milk by sonyeondanbiased 
- let’s get down to business by greasemin
- strictly business by blaqandwhite is taekook with side yoonmin

anyone else find it weird tht there are office aus for yoonmin.. i mean yoongi is so ceo material and jimin’s dope concept was basically a secretary or an accountant 
- admin nissi

Scattered In the Heights thoughts: 

  • Somebody who actually knows hip-hop (/rap?) should tell me if LMM writes in a truly distinctive way, if it was normal for me from the very first song to be like, yup, LMM wrote this, or if that’s just how all hip-hop is and it just happens that my only exposure to hip-hop(/rap) is Hamilton. (And yes, I deliberately went into this with almost zero knowledge of the show. I’d listened to about two minutes of it, tops, before seeing it.) 
  • LMM named the love interest after his wife, before she was his wife.
  • During intermission, a stage manager actually comes on to PUT TRASH ON THE STAGE. AND THEN THE ACTORS PICK IT ALL UP DURING ACT TWO. WHAT KIND OF TWILIGHT ZONE.