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is it at all viable to try and self-teach yourself how to design and build games? is having gone to and graduated from school an absolute must? or can you still be taken seriously and considered if you've never gone to college?

Yeah, it’s totally viable to work on games without formal training. One designer I know is a former professional basketball player. Another was a marine biologist. A third was a self-taught programmer who never finished college. But what they have in common is a relentless dedication to games, a drive to internalize and learn the skills necessary to make games, and the talent to know when to use those skills and how. 

In terms of being taken seriously in the game industry, beyond the initial screening by recruiters, we honestly don’t care too much about whether you have a degree. What we care about is whether you can do the work. The degree is supposed to mean that you have some minimal amount of knowledge on the subjects. It means that you’ve at least been exposed to commonly-accepted concepts and theories. It does not, however, guarantee skill or talent. Skill and talent can only be exhibited through your decisions and experience.

We need you to convince that you can do the work. If you can’t explain to us why you can do the work, there’s no reason for us to hire you. If you don’t have a degree, you’re going to need to show us that you have the equivalent skills and understanding that one would obtain in school. That might mean teaching yourself programming, level design, or animation. That might involve building your own game levels, or mods, or even an entire game. That almost certainly means you must have something you can show us that demonstrates what you’ve done. You must also be able to talk about your work in depth. If you can’t exhibit mastery of your own project, how can we expect you to learn our stuff?

Remember, we don’t just hire the first candidate we find that passes the minimum requirements for the job. We’re looking for the best possible candidate out of the total pool of applicants. You’re going to be compared to lots of other candidates, especially if you’re applying to a popular AAA studio. Many studios get hundreds of resumes on a weekly basis. If you want the job, you’ll need to persuade us that you are the best candidate out of all of the applicants. That means you must show us that you can do the work better than all of the other candidates, including those with degrees. Not having a degree won’t necessarily stop that from happening, but it means you more to prove than someone who has one.

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Things to remember in this election

1. You are voting for a President. You are not looking to get married or find a new best firend. You don’t have to like the candidate,for President. You don’t have to trust them. You don’t have to support them openly. You only have to make sure that the person you vote for is less likely to screw you and the country then their opponent. By any objective measure Hillary is the better choice in this. No stop. Don’t try to spin b.s. You know damn well she is better then Trump

2. Voting for a third party candidate works on smaller local elections. It doesn’t work in Presidential election.USA has been designed for a two party system. That’s simply a fact. And no you are sending a message. Parties don’t care about old data. Nobody will care that four years ago a few people voted for a third party candidate. By voting third party you are throwing your vote away and indirectly supporting Trump over an utterly meaning less protest that nobody in power will care about. If you want a symbolic protest next time you are interviewed for a poll say you are voting third party. But don’t waste your real vote on a meaningless protest

3. if it’s a matter of pride that’s keeping you from voting for Hillary simply don’t admit to anyone you voted for her. Voting is private. Nobody will know. Brag all about how you would never vote for her, how you voted for a third party candidate, how you wrote in Bernie. Just when you are in that small room please for the love of god if you care about anything other then yourself and your feelings vote for Hillary. The damage Trump alongside a RNC controlled government can do is immense and will echo for decades

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Hello! I saw you wrote a lovely, insightful meta about Syaoran and his family. I love CCS and Syaoran especially, but something has bugged me terribly about him: Syaoran's attitude towards Sakura in ep 8, when he forces/bullies her and Touya then comes to the rescue. I wanted to ask your thoughts on that? I hope you're having a great day! Much love xx Lu

Thank you so much for sending me this question!  I’m super-excited to talk about this scene as a springboard and a starting point for Syaoran’s story arc and its importance to the overall themes of CCS.

Syaoran does not show up on the scene as an admirable character.  He’s a jerk, and a rival (for about one manga volume lol, but for most of season 1 if you’re watching the anime).  That’s part of why his story is so poignant and telling as a subplot in Cardcaptor Sakura.

In his first appearance, Syaoran corners Sakura after school, demands the Clow Cards from her, and (in the manga) goes so far as to start trying to wrestle them away from her before Touya shows up and hauls him off Sakura.  If you go by internet logic, the fact that Syaoran starts out as a bully means he should be completely unforgivable. However, because of ongoing character development and how the scene is written, Syaoran’s actions in this scene are explained, though not excused.

 Syaoran’s attitude towards Sakura is abysmal.  He’s not bothered by the fact she’s a girl (it’s important that Syaoran never ever mentions Sakura’s sex as a reason why she’s weak!), but she has very little magical power at this point in the series.  Syaoran’s own magical ability exceeds hers.  She’s also inexperienced with magic, and, in the manga, it’s taken her most of a school year to capture a fraction of the Clow Cards.

From Syaoran’s point of view, Sakura is a poor choice for the dangerous, possibly deadly business of collecting the Clow Cards.  He knows that if the Cards are not captured, there will be a ‘disaster on the earth’ as that was a warning left by Clow, but no other details.  As far as he can tell, this is world-saving work, and Sakura doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Syaoran, who has grown up preparing for this very work, sees himself as the better candidate, and tries to take the task from her - by force when she doesn’t cooperate.  It’s terrible, certainly, but that’s why his transformation is so important!

While Syaoran’s attack on Sakura isn’t brought up again (except by Touya, who never forgives Syaoran for (a) being a jerk, and (b) being the person who will ‘take Sakura away’), Syaoran never attempts anything like that again.  He accepts that Sakura is the Card Captor.  In the manga, he begins to assist her despite knowing that the Cards will not be in his possession; in the anime, he shows up to help in order to gain the Cards himself, but never questions the fact that only Sakura can do the actual Sealing.  He isn’t actually a forceful, mean person, just a coldly practical one.

Also, while Syaoran attacking Sakura could certainly have caused her to never trust Syaoran again, Sakura does something amazing instead: she forgives him.  By forgiving him, she releases herself from any hatred she might feel towards Syaoran for trying to steal the cards.  She even acts friendly towards him.  She eventually befriends him.  And gradually, Syaoran begins to change.

Because of Sakura’s unconditional love and kindness towards everyone, Syaoran starts to thaw; and then, as he grows affectionate towards Sakura, his own love and trust begins to change him.  He never grows resentful of Sakura’s increasing magical power, but laments his inability to help her.  He stays by her side and supports her, first by necessity but gradually for his personal caring about her.  By the end of the second season of the anime, and by book 8 of the manga, Syaoran has completely fallen in love with Sakura, and that love literally makes him into a kinder, better person. He is transformed by love.

On its surface, CCS is a magical girl story, but the mahou shoujo setting is a vehicle for a deeper theme: acceptance is love, and love is power.  Syaoran’s story arc - from literal bully to closest friend - is about how love can change anyone for the better.

I hope this helps you feel better about Syaoran’s actions!  They certainly weren’t okay, but they’re used as a testament to Sakura’s ability to accept and forgive everyone, which is super important to the whole series.  :D