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Mutually Beneficial

For Ults Day, an ode to how much Ults Steve likes getting fucked.

It was a casual arrangement, that was the thing. This unspoken exchange between them, where Tony knew what Steve needed and gave it to him without him having to ask.

It had started after a discussion about Ultimates strategy and teamwork had dissolved into bickering, with Steve huffing out that Tony thought he was so insightful but he didn’t know have any idea how to handle his teammates.

At that, Tony had glanced up at him with a flirtatious smirk, eyes sparkling with clarity rather than the usual drunken haze. “Try me,” he’d challenged, and Steve had snapped. He’d thrown Tony full force against the wall of the office, luckily without knocking him out, and kissed him with demanding insistence.

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Look who hasn’t fallen behind on the prompts yet! Welcome back to the @tpthvegebulsmutfest with Day 2 - Heated Glances.

not gunna lie, I feel like this particular moment has evolved a bit beyond glances - heated or otherwise… 
As always, these smutfest pieces seems to come out a bit rougher and sketchier than I intend, but I kinda dig the look. It’s a good chance to experiment with colors and shading. 

hey y’all!! so i hit 2k recently and i wanted to do this bc i love all of you and i’m so glad you all decided to follow this blog ! <3

(big s/o to my fav @teamtozier for this banner i’m love you)


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that’s it!! thank y’all again for 2k <33

And why you were all so focused on Lusamine and her obsession you failed to notice the real mastermind behind the Aether Foundation! 

Me? Losing to a child and giving up a precious key? How laughable. It’s was all part of the plan! And now it’s too late to stop me.. especially since I have you to thank for disposing of the only person who could stop me. 

Thank you for doing the hard work for me.. I’ll take over from here.

[[ I’ve been playing with this idea since forever so here is super quick sketch to go with it. I might color it, or it will vanish forever~ Whichever way works. Part of a !Verse / !AU in which Faba was the true mastermind behind the Aether Foundation.]]