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Thanks for all the kind comments! I can’t believe any of you put up with me making these let alone encourage me to do them <3

Part two of three! I’ll try to have the last instalment finished tomorrow aaa.

Part one can be read here


Enemies to the north.  Daughter of the North.

Taking Build Requests!

So I just hit 440 followers. Yikes!! I’m not sure what I’m offering you but thanks??? I appreciate you all so much ❤❤

I want to especially thank @applezingsims, @annaisntcreative, @starry-hills, @108sims, @pillowcreek, @glammoose, @zimbyplays, @pooofy, @calisimgirl, @sacraia, @indielectualll, @cherrygrapesims, @greenfooddog, @sarrasims, @luridroses@vicarious-sims, @berrysweetboutique and @vvatore (and probably more people oops) some of whom have been following me for way too long, but all of whom have been really supportive and liking my posts and replying to things and generally making simblr an enjoyable place to be, especially when I was a lil baby starting out. You’re all amazing ❤

Onto the fun stuff:

I’m on study leave as of today which means I’m going to have lots of time and a strong desire to procrastinate. So I thought “why not spend all my time building things for you lovely people to say thank you?”

So if you’re following me and want me to build something (including commercial lots and apartments), send me an ask or reply to this message with what you want.

! Please include the packs that you own, because otherwise it’ll be awkward
!! I don’t have any build CC so they’re all going to be CC free
!!! Go nuts with requests - want a base game starter? An alien restaurant? A secret serial killer dungeon? A building shaped like a flying pineapple? I’ll do my best.
!!!! Be as detailed and picky as you like. Don’t feel bad about specifying the dimensions of the first floor bathrooms if it’ll make you happier with the end product

I’ll do the requests in whatever order they arrive. In the event that I get 440 requests I’ll probably do them all eventually but it may take three years, so get in early.

Thank you so much for following me and interacting with me and generally being along for the ride. I’m really enjoying simblr and it’s because you form such a gorgeous, supportive, creative community and I’m so happy to be a part of it. Have a fabulous day everyone!

having finished my buffer my webcomic SCAPEGOATS will FINALLY be launching sometimes during next month 

some of you might recognize it from the very first visual concept done last summer, it’s been a long way since then, but it is finally ready to be thrown into the wild 

SCAPEGOATS is a rescue mission turned pseudo roadtrip through a near phantasmagorical america where hell, heaven, and everything in between exists, just not really as described in the books. Set in the late 90s, it follows Sol, a con man, who falls right into heaven’s sight after tricking a man desperate for friendship into taking the blame for his latest -too ambitious- failed scam. Forced to dive back into the past he nonchalantly put behind him until then, the long list of people he scammed leaves him with no ally but the newly sent, yet brutal angel who pressured him into righting his wrong and their devilish, cunning ‘friend’, who pretends to tag along solely for the fun.

It will update weekly on mondays, starting with the full five page prologue. I’m still setting everything up but it should be available to read on tapastic and comicfury, as well as having a tumblr dedicated to extras and updates to not flood this blog too much. I will also keep up with updates on my twitter !


jay and i have a 4 day weekend coming up and we started it off by sending out our cute af wedding invites, going out for beers (on-tap root beer for me yaaa sobriety), and then he treated me to fancy italian on a whim and they brought us extra food and made me a cheap mocktail and now i’m flopping so hard cause my body is pasta now. can’t wait to spend all weekend in the sun, at the park or or beach

lil bit of the invite if you’re curious!!

I’m going to preempt this by saying that I will finish Another Trip Around the Sun on the same schedule as I have been. This will not affect Another Trip at all. But after that, I think I’m going to take a long hiatus. I am tired. I am very tired. And it seems like I’ve been tired for a long time. I work two jobs, around 56 hours a week, and I need the money, so that’s fine I guess, but I just don’t have the energy to write a lot when I get home. I used to write at work sometimes on my breaks, but then I took on too many responsibilities, and now it seems like I’m drowning. I’ve been pushing through, writing even though I’m exhausted, because there were no other options. I want to write, desperately, but I need to work. So I’ve been tired-working for a while now, and then last week one of my managers came to me, saying that come mid-august our whole department is being let go. And it was like a light that I hadn’t even realized had been missing, came on, and I felt relief. I need a break like I need air, and though I am sad (really, really very sad) that our department is closing, I didn’t realize how much strain I’d been under until I could see an end to it. So, I’ve decided to cut myself a little slack. I think I’ll start up writing again, more, when I’m not working seven days a week. So, come the end of August, or early September, I should have more things to publish, once I lose one of my jobs, but until then, I’m going to finish Another Trip Around the Sun, because I can’t bear not to and I owe you all so much, but after that I’m going on an emotional vacation. 


My goal is to finally finish this monster of a smut fluff Xavierine fic after work TONIGHT. Period!!

Or maybe tomorrow morning pending on how sleepy I am.

i’m so tired…… i miss the days when i was a gremlin who never left my house……. what happened…….

(i cycle between being a gremlin who never leaves my house until i feel so guilty about being so reclusive that i’m unable to say no to anyone, so i’m out doing things every moment i’m not working, until i’m so exhausted and stressed that i become a gremlin who never leaves my house, that’s what happened)