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Part 1, Part 2 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks ‘s prompt

Previously: Yuuri is the prince of the country of Yutopia. His older sister, Crown Princess Mari Katsuki, is readying to ascend to the throne. Due to the stress, she has allowed her relationship with her brother to deteriorate, causing him to leave for the sake of putting less stress on her. While trekking to the neighboring country, Yuuri comes across a carriage, which is soon attacked by bandits. As reward for helping to incapacitate said bandits, neighboring Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov offers him a job as his personal bodyguard, complete, of course with the food and shelter guaranteed of a servant. Yuuri has eight months before he has to go home. Besides, he’s too awkward to refuse.

Not for the first time, Yuuri wonders how he got here. Granted, he already knows exactly how, but that doesn’t stop him from wondering when Victor drags him from the carriage the instant they reach the palace.

“Let’s go, Yuuri! The guards will let Father know that we’re back and we can talk to him after we bathe, since no one is fit to be seen after travelling.” Victor’s grip on his arm is like iron.

Yuuri looks desperately at their companions, all of whom seem to be conveniently busy with their fingernails. “Your Highness, I don’t think–”

“Call me Victor,” Victor says, turning a grin in Yuuri’s direction even as they’re moving. “You don’t need to be so formal with me. After all, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, Yuuri!”

“Your Highness,” Yuuri says again, refusing to be put off by Victor’s odd behavior, “I don’t think it’s proper for us to bathe together. You are the crown prince, and I am a servant.”

At least, as far as Victor knows. Still, it wouldn’t be appropriate whether Yuuri was there as a prince or as a servant.

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You ask me if I want to survive.

The answer is I do not.

I’m tired of surviving.

It’s all I’ve done 

since I landed on this earth.

I’m tired of surviving. 

of every time I’ve found happiness

for it to be ripped away.

By a spear.

By cages

By a lever

No, two.

You ask me if I want to survive.

The answer is no.

What has surviving gotten me?

A scar.

The reminder that my efforts aren’t good enough.

That no matter how hard I try

that I can’t save anyone.

You ask me if I want to survive.

The answer is I’m done.

It isn’t survival that I long for.

What I crave.

No, I don’t want to survive.

I want to live. 

I want to watch the sunset,

enjoy the rain,

drink and smoke with friends,

and sing at the top of my lungs.

I want to not be afraid 

of the ticking time bomb.

Of the tick tick boom.

I want to embrace it with open arms,

and head upwards to the sky.

I want to accept my fate.

Don’t you understand?

I’m tired of surviving.

I want to live 

while I can still look forward to dying. 

anonymous asked:

College AU 1988 kaner is the president of his frat, Jonny is his weed dealer

totally didn’t read the ‘president of his frat’ part until after I wrote this, sorry anon! hope this is still okay!

“You’re back?” Jonny asks, opening the door to his dorm room and letting Patrick in. “Already?”

Patrick shrugs. “Been stressed lately,” he says, hoping it makes sense. People get high when they’re stressed, right?

“I feel you,” Jonny says, walking over to his stash. “The usual?”


Jonny pulls out a Ziploc bag of weed and hands it over to Patrick in exchange for cash. They’re hands brush and Patrick resists the urge to shiver or straight up jump the guy.

The thing is, Patrick doesn’t smoke weed. He tried it once and that was all he needed. He doesn’t deal well with the paranoia and he thinks it’s pointless to fuck up his body when he’s at the school on an athletic scholarship. Because of this, he shouldn’t be buying weed on a regular basis from Jonny Toews, but he just can’t help it. 

He met Jonny a few months back when he tagged along with Bur on one of his visits. He’s come back almost every other week since. It’s obviously not the marijuana he’s addicted to, it’s those dark brown eyes and those unreal thighs.

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Some Belated Valentines 2k17 Highlights from Flower Land

- The giant Russian man who stormed through the door while we were quite busy and shouted “Whoooo is helping me? I need BEST FLOWERS in the WORLD because I have BEST WIFE!!”
- The old man who picked up his roses at 8 AM and when I said “I hope she likes them!” giggled and said “These oughta keep me outta the dog house for at least a week!”
- At 3 PM: “I need a delivery of tulips to the south side today.” “We aren’t doing any more deliveries to the south side today.” “I should tell you that this is on behalf of my client {Redacted Football Player} of The Bears and he is willing to pay literally anything.”
- “Hey, boss, I have an order from FootballPlayer of The Bears and he is willing to pay literally anything.” “Don’t you mean FootballPlayer of The Bears FOR NOW?”
-“Okay tell him we’ll do it but he has to buy all our remaining tulips.”
- One guy wanted to buy a teddy bear holding a real rose so I made a teeny tiny rose bouquet for the bear to hold and it is easily the cutest thing I have ever made.
- This same guy grabbed a 55 dollar
arrangement from my table and brought it to me and said “Add flowers to this until it is 200 dollars.”
- Valentine’s Day makes some men crazy.
- When the last man came in to pick up his arrangement twenty minutes after we were supposed to close everyone who was working shouted his name in unison and it was Hilarious.
- All the parents sending flowers to their single professional daughters. Almost all of them made me teary. People from all over the country have daughters who live in Chicago and are single and they all wanted to send their single Chicago daughters flowers.
- “A man is calling and he says you are his best friend?” “What?” “He has an Eastern European accent?” “OH! It’s the man who has the best wife!”
- “I would like 100 roses.” “That will be 600 dollars.” “I would like 12 roses.”


Walk to the ends of the earth and you might just find yourself along the way. 

trans medical content

so today was the day I had planned to go for my next blood tests. I was told to wait 5-10 days after my next period to do them due to raised hormone levels in previous tests thought to be because of polycystic ovarys, I have incredibly irregular periods anyway among other symptoms and have previously thought it could be due to that. It’s been 8 months since I first had my appointment with gendercare and whilst it was optimisticly suggested I could be taking my first dose of hormones a month after the appointment it’s been an agonising wait of doing further blood tests and waiting for replies.
And most recently waiting for my goddam next period. No better way than to make a guy feel dysphoric than the focus of my treatment being my reproductive system that I want to rip from my body anyway.
Today was day 5 and I desperately want to start hormones asap so today was the earliest day possible to get them done. But instead I had the first anxiety attack I’d had for a long time due to overwhelming dysphoria and just sheer panic at everything surrounding it.
I just needed to rant because I feel terrible and stuck and rubbish that I didn’t make it to get my tests done today. Or even go to class. I just cried in my room about #transthings.
I need a hug.