BTS Reactions/Imagines/Scenario Ideas


  • Reacts to watching horror movie with s/o
  • How they would ask their s/o to move in with them
  • Reacts to clothes shopping with s/o
  • Reacts to furniture shopping with s/o for first apartment together
  • Reacts to s/o making one of their favorite recipes from their mother
  • How they would enjoy a trip abroad with s/o
  • Reacts to american s/o (can replace american with anything)
  • Suga reacts to s/o dressing up as Kumamon
  • Namjoon reacts to s/o dressing up as Ryan
  • Reacts to s/o bringing them dinner at work
  • Reacts to s/o making them homemade chocolate for valentines day
  • Reacts to going to a hot springs with s/o
  • Playing video games with s/o
  • S/o teaching them their native language
  • Teaching their s/o Korean
  • Teaching their s/o how to use chopsticks
  • Reacts to s/o baking them cookies
  • Reacts to s/o tugging on their shirt to get their attention
  • Reacts to finding s/o asleep in the bathtub
  • How they would spend their days off with s/o
  • How they would introduce their s/o to their family/parents
  • React to finding their s/o working out
  • React to their s/o being scared of spiders (need them to kill it for them)
  • Reacts to watching their s/o put on makeup
  • Reacts to s/o giving them a massage after a long day
  • Reacts to s/o playing with their hair
  • Reacts to s/o with long hair
  • Reacts to s/o with short hair

Update: 9/21/17

  • Their s/o is their muse (dancing, singing, songwriting, producing etc.)
  • S/o comforts them after reading mean comments/hate mail
  • Going to the beach with s/o
  • S/O secretly learning how to dance/sing/rap and revealing it to them
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I’ll only post and link the members and groups who have a scenario! ~


Bobby: - Something about you (angst/fluffy)
            - Please (requested, angst/fluffy)
            - Mean (requested, angst/ fluffy)
Hanbin: - Suprise (requested, fluffy)
             - Lost best friend: Part 1 / Part 2
             - Troublemaker (requested, angst/fluffy)
             - They don’t matter (requested, angst/ fluffy)

Junhoe: - Jealousy (requested, angst): Part 1 / Part 2
              - It’s you (requested, fluffy)
              - Why (requested, angst)
              - Catching feelings (requested, fluffy/angst): Part 1 / Part 2

Chanwoo: - A plan (requested, slight angst/fluffy)

Yugyeom: - Cute fall (requested, fluffy)
Jackson: - Fun times (requested, fluffy)

Rocky: - Cuddles and love (requested, fluffy)

Shownu: - Just go (requested, angst) 
               - Lean on you (requested, angst)
Wonho: - Felt it (requested, angst)
             - Hopeless love (requested, angst)


Youjin: - Day with family (requested, fluffy)


Jungkook: - Ain’t my fault (fluffy) 
                 - Wanted (angst, fluffy, slight smut) / Part 2 / Part 3 

~Jay Park: - High (angst, slight fluff) / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5
                   - Done (requested, angst)