I think if there’s a single thing that’s actually happening so far during this administration that is reshaping government and affecting the population broadly, it is what is going on in the regulatory area. … Trump … for the most part, his legislative agenda has not really gone anywhere, but more quietly, in each of the agencies across the federal government, his appointees have been rolling back rules … in just about every sector of the government – from health and the environment, and financial regulatory matters, and workplace safety. And it is pretty extraordinary and it’s happening at such a rapid pace.
—  Eric Lipton, New York Times reporter, with Terry Gross

(Besides, everyone knows what Star Trek is really about: taking experimental technology whose first successful proof of concept under carefully controlled laboratory conditions was carried out that morning and implementing it on the flagship of your fleet, because workplace safety protocols are for weenies.)

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Re: that post about capitalism making every simple thing harder than it has to be:... workplace safety is very common, at least in Canada? I don't know what it's like in other parts of the world but if we're speaking from a Western perspective, then.. maybe this is ignorant of me though? Also, 2.

Reliable workplace safety is rare in the super-exploited Global South, where western capitalists enrich themselves off the labor of sweatshop workers in all kinds of industries. Even western countries have some degree of workplace safety because people actively fought for it, through class struggle, within the confines of the system. There’s nothing intrinsic to capitalism that cultivates safety for workers – in fact it overwhelmingly runs counter to the interests of bosses, because it means chunks of their bottom line gone; bosses will either undermine corporate regulation law over time or they’ll bypass the spirit of the law altogether with an army of lawyers who can help them dig up loopholes. An illustrative example is the factory farm industry, where encoded regulation forbids farms from keeping chickens in enclosed cages or rooms without windows; the capitalist solution is merely to stuff them all in huge open-floor rooms, where none can effectively move, complete with one window on the far end of the room. Individual capitalists take these measures because it’s more profitable, and a capitalist needs profit in order to reproduce their business and thus accumulate more capital; this process applies to every capitalist, in an environment of competition and liquidation. I don’t make that last point to get people to feel sorry for the poor little bosses; it’s more to emphasize that capitalism as a system compels bosses to make unethical choices in order to remain competitive. Robust safety standards go against that, so you can be sure to see constant attacks against any regulations that do exist, as long as capitalism is a thing.

Real talk - guys, listen up

Today I had to deal with a contractor who made unwanted passes at one of my women staff. He was at our office to work on phone lines and first asked for her cell number so he could text her when he’d be back in our office next week.

Something felt off, so she declined. While here, he made a few more comments in passing. He then later followed up with an email offering to buy her a cup of coffee, even while fully acknowledging it was “completely unprofessional” to do so.

I can’t allow him back here. Work is supposed to be a safe place. 

We contacted his employer and forwarded his email to them, making it clear they are to send a different phone tech to complete the work. 

At the same time, my employee is worried about retribution. He knows where she works. He knows her name. And he knows the work hours in our office.

I’ve made it clear we will do everything to make sure she’s safe. Our office is guarded by armed security, and I will have them escort her to her car if that’s what it takes.

But this is not right. Women should not have to worry about propositions in the workplace. Women should not have to worry that their safety is at risk when they turn down a man.

So get your shit together, guys. Stand by women when they feel unsafe. And don’t feel entitled to ask them out at their place of work. 

Don’t be that fucking guy.
Immigration agents showed up at labor dispute proceedings. California wants to kick them out
Federal immigration officials are looking for workers who file complaints against their bosses.
By Natalie Kitroeff

It’s really common in the US for employers to hire undocumented people or people with shaky legal status and then use that as a weapon to stop them from unionizing or getting even basic labor or workplace safety rights.  

It’s a big part of why rightwingers want it to be so hard to get legal status, being undocumented is a vulnerability bosses exploit.

Workers and organizers with US citizenship need to do a better job of supporting those that don’t have US citizenship, including undocumented people.

Things Simon Honeydew is NOT Allowed to Do in Yoglabs

Preamble: CEO Simon Honeydew is by all means our instructor and coworker in the same way Lewis Xephos is, but due to a large amount of complaints and numerous violations of the Server Workplace Safety Agreement (SWSA), a list of protocols and rules have been set in place by Lewis Xephos and the Yoglabs staff for the benefit of Yoglabs and our goals. This list can be added or removed from by any Level 3 or above Personnel.

1) Simon Honeydew is not a doctor in any way, shape, or form.
2) Simon Honeydew is not a political figure, either.
3) Simon Honeydew is not allowed to even be near Experiment 1-6, aka “The Memory Wipe.”
4) Simon Honeydew is not a mermaid, a gnome, Batman, Bat-dwarf, Robo-dwarf, or robocop. He is also not a professional wrestler or a millionaire, and most certainly not a teacher/mentor of any kind. (Christ how many things can he come up with?)
5) Simon Honeydew is not allowed inside the Holodecks without a Level 4 Personnel accompanying him. The only exception is for testing done with Lewis Xephos or Duncan “Lalnable” Jones. Both need to show keycard for access.
7 ) Bee Swords were not a thing studied here at Yoglabs. All who have reccolection of rhis event, please report to the Memory Den for reevaluating.
8) Simon Honeydew is not allowed to use the cloning facility or any of the clones in it for recreational, sexual, or experimental purposes. 9) Simon Honeydew is not allowed near the clone room period.
10) yes he is. Simon Honeydew is not allowed to change or edit this forum.
11) NO ONE in the facility is allowed to put experiment 2-7 (Red Sweets) in the vending machine “Just to see what happens”
12) Yoglabs certified directions for procedures and containment processes are NOT suggestions.
13) Nor are they there to trick you.
14) Do not, under any circumstances, let Simon Honeydew near the Intercom controls. (We are NOT listening to “Diggy Diggy Hole 10 hour edition” again.)
15) New clones are not to be told they’re immortal.
16) You are not immortal.
17) New clones are not to be told they are invincible.
18) You are not invincible.
19) Strife Solutions is not to be told that “Bort” is friendly. (That took a lot of paramedics and memory wiping.)
20) No, we are not releasing any Yoglabs Brand Pornography. (Even if it will be profitable in Japan. Jesus man.)
21) He is not allowed to switch the labels on syringes in the Pharmeceutical Devision for “experimental purposes”.
22) No, we cannot eliminate all the enderman from server. (Even if it were possible, PETA would be all over our asses.)
23) Simon Honeydew is not allowed to make posts on @YoglabsOfficial.

((Feel free to reblog and make some more! This is inspired by @fighteramy ’s Lab Buddies Comic and SCP wiki’s “Things Dr. Bright is not allowed to do at the facility”))


Here’s a scene that didn’t occur to me how very very VERY wrong it was. I was working in two tightly seal greenhouses with propane heaters and feeling incredibly ill, but because I was getting stress sick a lot these days I just thought it was that and kept pushing myself to get through my tasks and not dwell on how I felt. At some point as I was staring at the plants I was tending I started to feel like I was in an altered state, sort of having visual distortions like a really mild trip or as if I was looking through a fisheye lense. My manager took his lunch break around 9am and I was alone in the store so I kept working.

I had been in the green houses for about 40 minutes when I texted the above photos to my spouse. I was intending to bitch about why we were heating plants in greenhouses (including perenials) when it wasn’t even dropping below 40 anymore and they had already made it through much colder weather for weeks. Suddenly he’s responding with GET OUT OF THERE NOW! because oh shit, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING! I knew it was dangerous but I didn’t put it together and he works in a hospital and they see cases every year, usually poor folk trying to heat their homes in winter with the very same devices. I got out of there and walked into the store. Customers started coming in soon after and while I was working the till I started having trouble navigating the computer, counting money, and even remembering words. I still felt woozy as hell and very strange, with my pulse jackhammering away and I felt like I was floating or the floor wasn’t quite where it should be whenever I took a step. I mentioned the propane heaters to a regular I often chatted with and he proceeded to FREAK OUT and went and looked at the greenhouses. He opened the doors and told me very emphatically not to go back in today because the effects were accumulative. He left and the boss came back. I tried to explain very calmly and rationally why the greenhouses were dangerous, I tried to be diplomatic and unconfrontational, knowing that anytime I go against him it blows up but that this was really important. I tried to tell him I was sick but he threw a fit and stormed out of the building while I was still talking. He went out to the greenhouses and started slamming doors shut and raging about how we had to follow orders from the owner. I’m feeling incredibly nauseaus at this point and realize my lips and fingers are numb and I’m struggling to process the whole scene. I started texting my spouse again to tell him what’s happening because I’m honestly flabbergasted and a little scared. He says just leave. The bullshit meter is off the charts and I’m shaking and imagining kids collapsing in the greenhouses because we must follow orders.

I don’t know how many times I fought back against stuff that wasn’t right there and how many times I thought “I need this job”. My kid, my farm, my overworked spouse. It was my sense the only social place I’ve ever fit in and only job I genuinely enjoyed… My boss had gone back into the building, I followed behind in a daze of panic. I looked one last time at my phone screen: just leave. I wasn’t even thinking out the state I was in or my own health, I was thinking of being complicit in others getting hurt. I gathered myself and strode to the front counter and in a booming voice said “HEY ___, I QUIT. YOU’RE GOING TO GET SOMEONE KILLED!” and went right out the front door and drove home.

On the way I felt really aweful but what’s more the danger was still present to anyone who goes in the greenhouses. The heaters ran all night and they had been filling for hours. What if kids went in there??? And all the older people that loitered for ages as they picked through the plants. My pulse was still really hard and fast and I could feel heart palpitations but I figured it was just panic. I didn’t know until reading up later that I had gotten a big dose of poison. I was about halfway home when I realized something was really not right, my lips and fingers were still numb and I felt profoundly bad. I pulled into the fire hall for our township as it was on the way and when I got out of my Land Cruiser I stumbled and the world lurched around me. I fumbled up to a big secure door on the side of the building and started pounding. I knew there where first responders somewhere inside and I should probably get help but I needed to report the carbon monoxide danger first. I called for help and stumbled around the building pounding on doors but nothing happened. I stood outside and felt like I was about to puke while shaking and tried to assess. Not being able to come up with anything else I fumbled back up into the Land Cruiser and headed home. I had missed Lieblings who packed up the kid and rushed down to the store. The owner had come in to replace me because the manager can’t operate the skidsteer. Lieblings made a point of telling them that carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and they see a number of cases every year at his work. I wasn’t just being a bad employee, this was a legit concern! They didn’t say anything and he left and found me at home. When I got into the house I called the police which was completely worthless because all they did was call the store and ask if it was vented and the owner said yes and that was that. Then I called the fire department for the township the store was in (not the one I stopped at) but I never got through and was only able to leave a message. I was frantic at this point and asked them to call me back about a carbon monoxide risk but they never did. Finally I called the Nurse Line and because I was coherent she said I’d be fine but also that there was nothing she could do about reporting it and I was having a meltdown over my inability to actually do anything. Then I texted my co-workers to tell them what happened and to be careful. One actually had a friend who lost his whole family to carbon monoxide poisoning and he took it very seriously. The other employee had been assigned to sit in the greenhouse the night before and deadhead flowers for hours after the heaters had been freshly turned on and was still sick from it. For the rest of the day I felt aweful and slept through most of the afternoon and evening. The loss of income and the first job I really liked and felt suited for was a blow (I LOVED working in a feed store and I loved the customers, just not the management). The stress of feeling like I let down my family was a major one, but Lieblings was quick to point out I’m more valuable unemployed than dead.

Later, the bookkeeper would tell me the heaters had wilted ALL the flowers on the plants into goo and she “had never seen karma work so fast”.

PSA: Carbon monoxide is clear, odorless, tasteless gas leftover from combustion fuels (heaters, fireplaces, stoves, vehicles, generators, etc.). It is extremely toxic because your blood readily binds up with CO and displaces oxygen. So even if you have plenty of oxygen immediately available, your hemoglobin is going to glom onto as much CO as it can.

If you experience exposure go to the hospital! They can give you pure oxygen and flush it out of your system faster, otherwise it takes hours to cycle out and and the whole time you can be sustaining tissue damage that can lead to health issues. They can also test your blood to see how much is in your system. Never ever ever fuck around with carbon monoxide. People who smoke, have asthma, and young/elderly/sick are especially susceptible. People with past cases of poisoning may be permanently sensitive. Even small amounts can cause brain/organ damage or death and damage may occur without immediate symptoms, so exercise​ extreme caution. Have someone else drive you to the hospital as you may pass out on the way. Vent everything properly and use carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

May 24, 2017.

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Prompt alert: Lucifer getting used to flying again and ends up taking Chloe for a flight

“Wait,” Ella says. “Are you serious? He has wings? Wingy-wings?”

“Yeah.” Chloe rubs the bridge of her nose. “I know I sound a little cracked, but… I kind of figured that you were the only person I could talk to who might get it.”

“Aw, man. That is so sweet. But.” Ella is not going to be distracted. “He has, you know – ” She does an improvised Funky Chicken in the middle of the forensics lab. “Can he fly? Because I’m sorry, that would be awesome.”

Chloe eyes her narrowly. “You’re taking this surprisingly well.”

“Why not?” Ella shrugs. “I’ve always known there was something different about him. Weird. I mean, not weird – well, yes, weird, a lot weird, but more than just that. Him being an angel, I can’t say I’m all that shocked, you know? It’s not like it’s something that I think can’t happen. I believe in a book where it happens a lot. Hey, has he announced anything? Like the two of you are meant to be and having a miracle baby?”

Chloe’s look turns cold. “No.”

“Darn.” Ella sighs. “Anyway. Wow. I have so many questions. I’m not gonna ask them, because  he’ll do that thing where he spooks and runs away like a startled turtle. If turtles ran, but you know what I mean. Is he here?”

“Yeah. In the break room.” At the other woman’s look of barely restrained curiosity, Chloe sighs and decides that since the cat, or rather the angel, is out of the bag, they might as well at least allow Ella a chance to peek. Not that Lucifer is going to be strutting around the station with his wings (or any other part of him, hopefully) hanging out, but still. “Fine. Come on.”

They leave Ella’s lab and start down the corridor to the break room. Just before they enter, however, they hear a familiar voice complaining, “Lucifer, did you eat my pudding again?”

“I did not.”

“It was right there!” Trust Dan’s dessert-related tribulations to be ongoing. “Look, I might not mind letting you have it if you asked, but you can’t just grab it and – ”

“Fine, if it’s that big of a deal, I’ll just fly down to the corner store and act as your personal messenger angel, shall I? More of Gabby’s gig than mine, but if you insist – ”

“Lucifer, can you not say crazy shit for two seconds and just – how’d you fly, anyway – ”

“Oh for goodness’ sake, Daniel! WITH THESE!”

There is a rush of air, a whoosh, a sudden light that does not come from the dismal fluorescents, and papers swirl off down the hall in a miniature cyclone. Chloe stops, stares, and then rushes forward, Ella on her heels, to wrench the door open and find Dan flattened across the far wall looking as if he is about to have a heart attack. This is understandable, due to the fact that Lucifer is standing with wings unfolded, bursting from the back of his usual smart suit jacket, tips almost touching the workplace safety poster on one wall and the coffee machine on the other. At the sight of her, he folds them tidily against his shoulders and smiles brightly. “Ah! Detective!”

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Workplace health and safety

Why is it against health & safety regulations to boil water without a lab-coat, yet it is perfectly acceptable to make 20- and 30- year old graduate students work 60h a week for less than minimum wage? Funny to see society displaying such disregard for mental health while zealously safeguarding against even the slightest risk of physical injury.