workplace rants

Apparently it doesn’t matter what age you are, if you’re 5 or 22, it means nothing.

The moment you’re put in a group project, 3/6 will let you down.

I think one of my biggest difficulties, in terms of working, is to “get out” of my given tasks and to manage to get which task should be a priority, especially when the person who was supposed to be there is not around to accomplish it.

When I started to work in my library, I grasped all of my given tasks and established a routine around it. That way, I was able to not forget anything and to accomplish my daily or ponctual tasks easily. Unfortunately, I have lots of troubles to understand what should be a priority.

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My 93 year old great-grandmother likes my tattoo sleeve. Literally nobody is allowed to use the “I’m old fashioned” excuse to put me down. Ninety freaking three years old. It barely gets more “old fashioned” than that. If you don’t like tattoos then good for you don’t get one but don’t think that for one second that you get to talk down to me for having them because you are “old fashioned”. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years so don’t use that bullshit excuse to pretend that you’re a better person because you don’t have tattoos and I do.

Workplace bullying

Why am I writing this?  Why am I writing this? Seriously.   Why?   I’m writing this in the hopes that someone out there, someone like me, someone who is questioning their own sanity, their own loyalty sees this.

Workplace bullying is a real thing.  It exists. What you’re feeling?  It fucking exists, and its valid, and it’s worth it.  I have been dealing with my own case of work place bullying for 3 years now and I still catch myself trying to make excuses for what I’m living through.  

But I’m here to tell you you’re not imagining it.  You’re not crazy.  I’ve been in the trenches of it.  I’ve seen it.  And it finally took someone who was a true friend who had my back to make me realize how fucked it is.  Its been consuming me.  Its been detracting from who I am, fundamentally as a person.  I can now see it for what it is. I have been in an abusive relationship but no more.  I’m choosing to not only fight for myself but for everyone else that comes into contact with this fuck up workplace.  I don’t want anyone else to ever feel so crazy or so alone, or so isolated.  Its not ok to have to walk on eggshells in your workplace.  Its not ok to feel that you have to conform or dumb down who you are, or compromise what your values are in your workplace.  Its not ok.  You need to say something.  You need to complain, you need to voice it. Otherwise you’re just dooming the next poor sap to your fate.

Narcisists in the workplace exists.  And they won’t stop til you speak up for one another.  I’m done being quiet .  I’m done playing victim.  Fuck this shit.  I’m protecting the next person who just doesn’t know yet.  So if I’ve been quiet of late, know that that’s been my focus.  I can’t sit here and let someone have to work through my 3 years of hell.  Fuck that shit.  Even if it means career suicide, fuck this shit..


BadMouseProductions is a Youtuber who makes great videos. Like myself, he went through life phases of liberalism and right-libertarianism; after great amounts of research and open-mindedness, he found himself on the socialist side of things. This video in particular is very similar to what I’ve been arguing for months now – namely, the idea that social decisions can only be deliberated on autocratically (whether by an individual or set of oligarchs over everyone) or democratically (whether by majority-rule or consensus-building). He even goes into detail with regard to the individual’s fate within cooperatives and democratic property – they have autonomy in personal matters, and it’s only when other people become involved that democracy and consensus-building take over.

It’s almost like “my right to fling my fists ends at your nose” or something. It’s almost like liberal capitalist society completely mystifies this mantra by assuming that individuals have a right to lay claim over collectively-operated property, land, and utilities or something. It’s almost like socialist conceptions of liberty finally reconcile the drive to question authority and hierarchy throughout the social strata or something. 

Working as a grocery store cashier is actually a lot harder than most people fucking think. Customers are assholes, ok? I don’t make the rules. I don’t have a say in the rules. I can’t do SHIT for you. I can scan your groceries and you can leave. Coupon doesn’t work? Buy the right fucking item and read you fucker. Angry about our policies? Call the President of the company! Nobody in this local store can change them! We didn’t bag your groceries how you wanted them exactly? If you’re that fucking picky, bag them yourself. Rant complete.

Okay, so this grinds my gears.

<rant> I needed to do an image search for a project at work. I was looking for a picture of a business woman, you know, someone in a suit. So I did a non gendered search for “suit”, and came up with this:

Not a woman in sight. I hadn’t even really thought I’d need a qualifier to get at least SOME heterogeneity in the search, but oh well. So then I filtered by gender, selected female only, and used the same “suit” query:

Okay, but now I get girls in swimsuits, women in bikinis, a few legitimate options on the page, and a few men in case I change my mind about portraying women in the workplace.

2k16, y’all. </rant>