What do you do in your backyard? This man is a boss!!


I know this is the same speech as the other one, but MAN!!! I want to do a Spartan Race! I’m doing pull ups as I type this!!! 

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I just did this entire DVD (100 minutes)… I consider myself both a yogi and a martial artist… but I wasn’t ready for this!! Intense and awesome, but not for beginners at all. Loved it!!

They interrupt Hulu fitness shows with commercials!!!

It’s pretty much an accepted truth that variety is the spice of fitness. Doing the same thing at the same intensity over and over again tends to have diminishing results, and this starts relatively quickly if you are already in pretty good shape.

     This is why initially I thought the idea of “Work-out TV” on Hulu Plus would be a perfect way to workout inside…. initially.

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