Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (and minimal cardio)

Warm up:
1 mile of 1:1 sprints on treadmill
Chest Press 2x10 70 lbs
Tricep Press 3x10 70 lbs
Shoulder Press 3x10 30 lbs

Dumbbell Flys 3x8 20 lbs
Incline Dumbbell Press 1x10 20 lbs 2x10 25 lbs
Tricep Kickbacks 3x5 20 lbs Standing Military Press 3x10 40 lbs
Lateral Dumbbell Raises 3x8 10 lbs
Alternate Front Dumbbell Raises 3x10 10 lbs
Shrugs 3x10 40 lbs
Bench Press 2x8 85 lbs
Incline Bench Press 2x5 85 lbs
Tricep Push downs 3x10 25 lbs
Overhead Tricep Rope Extensions 2x8 25 lbs
10 Push-ups

I think there are some exercises I call a different name every time. Whatever. I’ll try to get some pics of me in the gym up soon.

anonymous asked:

Soooo for shoulder workouts, I have an oddly messed up arm (i think it was hyper extended and never healed back in place because it's longer than my other arm/looks rlly buff) and I had problems when I played softball. Are shoulders something you should really focus on or is it alright to skip/go light? I wanna get in shape for school and such (and such= wanna get stronk for the girls) but I'm afraid of pushing it too far. Any thoughts? Thx dude

hm imo you shouldnt skip out on shoulders theyre one of the important muscle groups and if you workout your arms disproportionately to your shoulders it may be noticeable in the longterm.. if you can i think some simple shoulder workouts are rear delt flys and db lateral raises to slowly build up strength to do the more compound movements (overhead press, db press, etc)


Yesterday’s workout before flying to Copenhagen. You guys still enjoying these workouts?? Been needing to workout out a lot so I can eat everything!!
(Wearing new Db pop shorts. Available when I return to Australia. Make sure to like my DIRDY BIRDY PAGE for give aways! A reminder if u liked my page a while back it was deleted so much sure to like the new one 😊)

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Cardio Exercises that Burn the Most Calories

All cardiovascular exercises are not equal in terms of the amount of calories they burn and which muscle groups they work. Whereas some exercises are perfect for beginners who are looking to burn excess calories and tone their muscles, others are more intense and suitable for those who have a bit more experience in the fitness field. 

Calorie burning exercises do not have to be boring. In fact, there is a long list of activities that not only burn a large amount calories, but also help to tone your body and strengthen your heart. Below is a list of the top 14 calorie burning exercises. With such a wide variety to choose from, there is sure to be one that you will enjoy. 

Cycling: Cycling is a low impact activity that can burn a high amount of calories depending on how and where you cycle. Whereas a casual ride down your neighborhood sidewalk can indeed burn calories and improve your overall level of fitness, you should incorporate inclines in order to burn the maximum amount calories.

Spinning: Spinning is like cycling, only your bike is stationary. Because you can adjust the resistance on a spinning bike, it is a great workout for individuals of any fitness level. It is possible to burn around 400 to 600 calories during a moderately intense 40 minute spinning session.

Swimming: According to studies conducted at the American College of Sports Medicine, swimmers can burn up to 7.5 calories per kilogram of body weight. This is due to the fact that water increases resistance over the entire body, causing it to expend much more energy to move than if it was on land.

Elliptical trainer: The elliptical trainer is the most popular piece of cardio equipment in the gym. However, many individuals lean on the railings, therefore lessening the calorie burning benefits. Because the elliptical is easy to keep going once it is in motion, energy expenditure drops, therefore lessening the calorie burning effects.

Zumba: This popular dance aerobic workout is set to rhythmic South American music, and is very popular in gyms everywhere. The upbeat music and fun dance moves can make an hour-long workout fly by, therefore providing you with an intense workout and a high calorie burn without feeling like you are actually working.

Running: Running is a highly effective way to burn excess calories. However, the longer you run the more efficient your body becomes at running, which results in a lower calorie burn. To keep your body burning calories at maximum efficiency, jog slowly for a few minutes, then sprint for 1 minute.

HIT: According to the American College of Sports Medicine, HIT (high intensity training) burns more calories in a short period of time than a moderate intensity exercise for a longer period of time. Although this method of training burns more calories than traditional cardiovascular exercise, it is best suited for those who are starting out in good physical condition.

Kickboxing: Kickboxing incinerates calories because it uses every major muscle group in the body. Depending on your body type and weight, an hour-long kickboxing class can burn up to 800 calories.

Surfing: Surfing is an extremely aerobic activity because it entails carrying a heavy board across the beach, running into the surf, and shifting your body on the board to maintain an upright position. This provides you with a total body workout.

Hiking: When it comes to weight loss, hiking is an often overlooked activity. Because of the unstable terrain, a person of average weight who hikes at a rate of 2.5 mph can burn roughly 250 calories in an hour’s time. 

Rowing: The rowing machine is actually a total body conditioning machine. Rowing is an incredible cardiovascular workout because it utilizes both upper and lower body muscles and can burn around 1000 calories per hour.

Sprinting: Researchers at Colorado State University conducted studies to prove the intense calorie burning benefits of sprinting versus running. They concluded that sprinting burns up to 300 more calories per session than just running alone.

Basketball: Basketball is an incredible cardiovascular workout because it is so full of variety, such as running, jumping and lunging. An intense one hour game of basketball can burn up to 750 calories.

Tennis: Tennis not only burns a large amount of calories, it also greatly improves heart and lung function. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that tennis may just be the perfect cardiovascular exercise because it can be performed by anyone of any age and has such a wide range of health benefits.

Sources: British Journal of Sports Medicine, Colorado State University, American College of Sports Medicine


Breakfast and catchups after teaching 6am grit plyo and before going back to the gym for my own workout 💪 one final workout before flying off to BALI this afternoon!!!! 🙈😍👏✈️✈️ so excited! Have a great day X


anonymous asked:

I'm having trouble with developing my chest muscles. When I do bench presses or push ups it's feels like my arms are doing more of the work? Any tips or suggestions.

Some people have “stronger” deltoids/arms than their chest, which lead to make your chest work less. I actually got the same issue 1 year ago

Your goal will be to learn how to squeeze and stretch the chest at each repetition.

Follow these tips:

  1. Stop doing barbell exercises, do dumbbell exercises. It will allows you to put more stress on your chest than your arms/deltoid, plus you get a better range of motion with dumbbell that barbell. Barbell bench press -> Dumbbell bench press.
  2. Focus on the form, not the weight. Since your chest is not used to perform the whole movement, you must teach it to do it. Lift lighter weight (aim for 12-15), but focus on having a good stretch when you lower the weight and a good contraction when you press.
  3. Flex your chest between sets/exercise. It’s very important that you learn to flex it. When you learn how to flex it,  you will get the same sensation while exercising. Ignore what people might think “oh he is showing off”, fuck that, you’re learning.
  4. Add flys exercises to your workout. Cable flys are popular to only target your chest! Add them at the end of your workout, it will destroy your chest.

If you follow these tips, you will get a huge chest. Money back guarantee … wait wat money !?

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