26959) Basketball workouts are killing me. Changing in front of my team and then almost fainting… I don’t know how much more I can handle.

So I’m really really feeling myself right now! 

Finally from a professional I’ve been told I’m an athlete

 My body fat is 13% most of my weight is muscle.

 I also got all kitted out in New gear which I’m really loving

 Repping Nike hard right now!!!

 So what if I don’t look like some of the popular fitblr girls I don’t have too. I look like me and that’s more than enough. No negativity today xo

I am kind of glad that I got to start fresh with a new blog its almost like a new me in terms of fitness because I feel way healthier and better xo

I worked my ass off in today’s workout. I have been lagging behind in my progress - hence the reason I’m not as lean as usual but I think that’s because ive changed my workouts from less long distance running to more weight lifting and my body is just adapting 😊

Body is slowly getting where I want it. I love my shoulders, looking to make my arms more toned. Body fat is dropping… Stay tuned for abs, hamstrings looking sexy as hell and my quads are getting strong on the daily! #trusttheprocess #skarlettrock #bodywork #workout #cardio #weightloss #wcw #gym #cndo #teamkomel #fighter #muaythai #nike #adidas #yesplease #thickfit #mealprep #lifestyle #change

One the biggest differences I’m finding, now that I’m working out regularly, is how much I’ve started looking forward to my workouts.
I had a not so great day and was in a pretty foul mood all day.
But I knew that workout would clear my head and it didn’t disappoint!
I feel so much better and that’s a legit smile on my face.
This is 100% a new experience for me!


the two pictures on the left are recent, after changing my lifestyle and cutting the crap and eating healthy and natural foods (90% of the time)

Pictures on teh right, yes I looked fine, and no I was not fat but i was very unhappy and unhealthy and my diet consisted of chocolate and takeaways.

fitness and health are choices we have to make ourselves and commit too, nobody can do it for us and thats what makes progress and results all the more rewarding! My blog is tracking my own journey and looking for motivation in other peoples journeys! it is not for comparing or putting someone else down, I tag all my pictures with horsesandfitnessxo so you can block that tag if you think seeing these pictures will trigger comparisions or unhealthy thoughts! 

Everyone stay healthy and eat lots and lots and lots and then eat more! you can never eat enough healthy good foods <3 



That moment when you decide you’re gonna go for the 30k step badge and your Fitbit dies right before you hit it! So frustrating,lol 

On a positive note I’m starting to see some arm/shoulder definition, TRX/ Suspension is starting to pay off! 💪 I was surprised because I only do body weight exercises.

Legs are pretty sore today, gonna take easy and RICE to keep IT band pain at bay. 

Bom dia Julho ☀️. Já estamos na segunda metade do ano 😨, passou voando. Como vão as metas para 2015 ? Confesso que as minhas estão meios atrasadas 😕. Mas o importante é continuar tentando, e não desistir! 👊🏻💥 #motivação #motivation #morning #npng #nopainnogain #bh #beaga #belohorizonte #beforeandafter #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #vemmonstro #change #lift #gym #fitness #diet #dieta #d3suplementos #suplementos #suplementação #academia #antesedepois #workout #exgordo #evolution #transformation #treino (em Belo Horizonte)

siriously in love with my homemade smoothie! it’s got blueberries and raspberries, passionfruit, banana, kiwi, oats and chia seeds in it and is soooo yummy! 🍌💪🏻🙏🏻💕

Sorry I’ve been kinda inactive for a few days. My queue’s next to empty now but I’m also done with renovating my room and the excitement that is prom. So now I’m back!

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