Weakness - Mitch Rapp

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word count: really fuckin long (9269)
warnings: swearing, violence, the torture kind, mitch being hot as always

You sat at the kitchen table of your cabin home, a glass of water in your hands as you watched the outdoors curiously.  A black SUV had pulled in front of the house, a woman leaving it but you could tell that there were others in it.  You stood up, wandering closer and wrapping your cardigan around your tank top and shirts to preserve your warmth as you opened the door, just enough to hear what was going on outside.

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If Storms Were People | Bucky Barnes x Reader

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Enhanced!FormerHydra!Reader

Part: 1/??? Probably at least 3

          Part 2

Summary: You’re an enhanced human, formerly affiliated with Hydra, with the ability to control electricity, and honey, you do not get along with Bucky Barnes. With a passed mostly erased in your mind, you can’t seem to figure out why he dislikes you so much.

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, allusions to past Hydra experiments and mistreatment, nothing out of the ordinary for Marvel related things.

Words: 4679

A/N: I have been thinking about this for a while and am super happy with the plot line so far. I wrote a sappy and cute Bucky fic first so I figured I’ll write one where he’s a dick turned sweetheart because I LOVE those types of fics with him tbh. Feedback and reblogs are always encouraged and appreciated! Thank you for reading!! Check out my masterlist for more criminally good imagines!

(low key Steve’s entire character in this fic is defusing situations)

“James Buchanan Barnes, you better back the fuck up right now.” You snarl, nose to nose with the super soldier. You were clutching your upper bicep where a bullet had just grazed you, blood leaking through your fingers.

             “Or what?” He said with a sarcastic smirk, but there was no amusement in his eyes as he met your angry gaze.

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avocuddly  asked:

Could you do "SHINee gets healthy"?

LOL u ily 


  • hell n o 
  • he’s going to enjoy his life and that includes his various snacks 
  • the hardest part is getting him to the gym 
  • like he’ll change into workout clothes and everything but will sit on the floor and not leave the dorm (onew: “but do we have to??? / minho: yes. / onew: ………. but do we really????????) 
  • but once he’s actually at the gym he works out arguably harder than ming 
  • (it’s bc he feels his body aging and he’s lowkey freaking out) 
  • also he can do one handed pushups no prob bob


  • working on gaining weight!!!
  • but he learned real quick not to flaunt the fact that he could eat whatever he wants in front of the others bc they will steal his food and lick it (onew: *grinning* / jonghyun: *gaping at his plate of cream pasta now with a stripe of no sauce*)
  • srsly whO DOES THAT
  • goes swimming a lot and floats on pool noodles 
  • deadlifts at the gym bc he knows it annoys mango that he still lifts more  


  • “i’m going to go on a juice cleanse. is there a one day juice cleanse??” / taemin: “that would just be you…. drinking juice”
  • since he mostly does cardio, tries to see if he could do all their dances 2x fast by himself and if they actually do everybody 2x on weekly idol they might die 
  • made eye contact with jong who was waiting for something in the microwave and after it beeped he just stood there like ㅎ-ㅎ;; and refused to open the door so key just walked over and took his freaking lunch back 


  • slams down a color-coded working out schedule and dietary plan 
  • literally all the other members: HA no (jonghyun: *backing away* if i see a chicken breast i will scream SO loud) 
  • his gym outfits are color-coordinated with his shoes always 
  • is spotting taemin as he squats but keeps side-eyeing onew and jong as they’re working out and whispers “i could lift more” (tae: what / minho: i said you’re stupid) 
  • makes everyone protein shakes and watches them until they finish it all 


  • working out to his own album
  • it’s v obvious bc 1. he’s so dancing drip drop between reps 
  • and 2. he didn’t sync his wireless headphones correctly and his songs are blasting from his phone and no one is saying anything 

Hey y'all! :) I am posting what will hopefully soon become my BEFORE pictures! Over the past few years I’ve gained close to 50 lbs and I’m trying to get back to where I want to be!

My goal is to lose 20 lbs before the summer and 50 lbs by the end of the year!! Ahhhh!!!

[February 2017]
Currently: 185 lbs
Goal: 135 lbs
Mini goal: 165 lbs

A letter from Gladio, before your wedding.

Hey, babygirl.

First off, I’m sorry for telling you I never wanted to get married. This whole thing has been a blast. One big, crazy blast. Never been so happy to change my mind on anything. The look on your face when I asked you made it so worth it.

I want to try and make this letter as sincere as I can, because you deserve that. You deserve the world. But I can’t give you the world, so this will have to do for now.

The main reason for my opposition was because I didn’t think I’d get married. Did I want to? Sure. Did I think I’d have the opportunity to? Gods, no. I didn’t think I’d have the time to form a real relationship, never mind marriage, what with training and protecting Noct and all. It just didn’t seem possible.

But then in you came. Throwing yourself into my life and turning it into chaos. The good chaos, I mean. You made me realise that life isn’t all about duty, we all deserve to have a little fun too. Or in our case, a lot of fun. 

You’ve had to change a lot of your life, being with me. Crazy morning workout schedules and diet changes aside, there have been a lot of emotional challenges too. I know the ridiculous late nights are hard, I know having to watch me leave for weeks on end is hard. I get it. But you still stay with me after all that, and I love you so goddamn much because of it.

Everyone expects me to be this big, tough brute. I’m not meant to be weak, not in their eyes anyway. But you? You accept me for who I am, for what I am. You inspire me to be better, not force me. I’m so appreciative of that. I know I have a duty to fulfil, and I’m more than determined to fulfil it to the best that I can. A lot of that determination stems from you, and everything that you are.

You know what caught my eye when we met? It wasn’t your gorgeous face, though that is most definitely worth mentioning, you looked like a goddess to me the first time I saw you. Anyway, it was how you carried yourself. You looked like someone who could take on the world, and wasn’t going to let anything stop them. It really drew me to you.You may not have seen that in yourself, but I saw it. I still do.

I have to hurry and get ready now, but I’ll leave you with this: You have so much more of an impact on me than you realise, in all the best ways. I love it, I love you, and I love the fact that we’re doing this. I’ll see you in a few, baby. I promise to protect you with everything I have.

All my love,




It took 2 years of hard work and 16 months of testosterone but wow am I oozing confidence now

Let’s Start Here

Request: Am I allowed to request a Tony smut fic? Maybe with a bigger boned reader who’s not totally comfortable with their body? Idk. Ive been craving some fluffy smutty tony goodness. Thanks!

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: ~2200

Warning: Fluff, Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving)

A/N: This is for my sweet little anon! I hope this is everything you wanted! Also, I got a little carried away.


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Every other day starts the same way. You get up. You eat a light breakfast, brush your teeth, change into workout gear, and head down to the gym for your warm up. After all that, it’s the usual sparring match/training exercise with Steve. It’s been this way since you found yourself recruited for the Avengers Initiative six months ago.

On this particular day, as you work your run down into a steady jog, Natasha enters the gym. She’s wearing nothing but a pair of black, spandex shorts and a sports bra to match. You watch her in silence as she stretches before beginning her workout.

It only takes about fifteen minutes before you can’t take it anymore. On your way out, you run into Steve.

“Hey! You ready for our session?” he asks, playfully punching your shoulder.

You laugh nervously, rubbing at the spot his fist hit, “Actually, I’m not feeling too great.”

He looks a little defeated but nods his head in what seems like understanding, “Well, go get some rest, and don’t hesitate to let someone know if you need something.”

You nod your head and walk away, silently praying you don’t run into anyone else.

Unfortunately, as you enter the common area, you find Bucky sitting at the dining table, a large bowl of cereal in front of him, a spoon in one hand and his phone in the other. He glances up at you, smiling slightly as he swallows back the bite he’d just taken.

“Hey. I thought you’d still be in the gym with Steve.”

“I’m not really feeling up to it today. He told me to get some rest.”

He nods, “Well, I hope you feel better. Let me know if you need anything.”


Once again, you walk away without another word. Luckily, you make it to your room without having to explain yourself to anyone else.

You lean back against your bedroom door, sighing heavily. After a few deep breaths, you push off the door and head for the bathroom to shower. You hope the hot water will help relax you a bit, but the time under the spray only gives you more time to think. Your mind wanders back to Natasha. She’s strong, athletic… sexy. She was born to do this job.

Then you start to think about the others.

As far as you’re concerned, you are on the other end of the spectrum from your teammates. You’ve always had to work twice as hard to keep with the others. You and Natasha have the same job, but her slight figure made her part in everything so much easier.

Now you’ve always been on the thicker side, but you’re healthy; you’re capable. You’re just not as capable as the others.

Wanda has her powers.

Tony, Sam, and Scott have their suits.

Steve and Bucky are super soldiers.

Bruce has the other guy.

Thor has his hammer and his god-like strength.

Vision has… what doesn’t Vision have?

And you… What do you have?

You turn off the water and step out, grabbing your towel from the rack and wrapping it around your body. You don’t even bother to get dressed, opting to climb straight into bed still wrapped in your towel.

When you finally wake, it’s hours later and dark outside. The others are probably in the middle of dinner and wondering where you are. You think to get up, but as you push yourself up, you decide against it. You pull your blanket up and tighter around you, making yourself as small as possible in the warmth of it.

After some unknown amount of time passes, you hear a gentle knock at your bedroom door. You sigh and crawl out of bed, mumbling a quick “just a second” before pulling on a long t-shirt and a random pair of panties.

When you open the door, you find Tony standing there, an obvious look of concern on his face.

“Hey.” He says softly, “you missed dinner.”

“Yeah, I… uh… fell asleep.”

“Steve said you weren’t feeling well earlier. How are you now?”

You shrug, turning away from him. You sit at the edge of your bed, pulling your left foot up and tucking it under your right leg. After a moment, he sits beside you.

“What’s going on with you?”


“I know you better than that. Tell me what’s going on.”

You stare at each other in silence for a minute or two. You break first.

“Why am I here, Tony?”

He leans back, obviously taken aback by your question, “What do you mean?”

“Why was I recruited? I mean, Natasha can do everything I can and more. You guys don’t need me.”

“Where is this coming from?”

“I was in the gym with her earlier. I know it’s just me, but she makes me feel so… insecure.”

“But why?”

“Have you seen her?”

“Yes.” Her takes your hand, lightly caressing his thumb over the back of it, “Just like I’ve seen you.”

Your voice drops, as does your head, “There’s nothing special about me.”

You feel him move beside you. You feel him kneel down in front of you. His finger hooks beneath your chin as he raises your gaze to meet his.

“I can name a few things.”

When you don’t reply, he smiles slightly.

“Let’s start here.” He says, brushing his fingertips across your forehead as he tucks your hair behind your ear, “Your mind. The way it works. You’re so smart, so creative. No one thinks the way you do, and it’s saved our lives on more than one occasion in the field.” His thumb traces the lower curve of your eye, “Then there’s your eyes, the way they light up when you talk about anything you love. There’s so much passion in them. It’s mesmerizing.” His touch is so gentle as his hands move to rest on your thighs, “This body… this beautiful body. Every curve. Every angle. You may not see it, but you’re just as captivating as Natasha, or anyone else for that matter. The only thing is I’d still rather have you.” His lips curve up a little more, “Now I think I’ve saved the best for last.” His hand cups your cheek; his thumb rides the curve of your lower lip, “So soft.” His eyes are focused there for a second before he looks up at you again, “When you speak, I can’t help but watch your lips move.”

You pull your bottom lip from his touch and between your teeth, “Why tell me all of this now?”

“I’ve been stifling these thoughts and feelings for a while.”

“Define ‘a while’.”

“Since you walked through that door six months ago.”

You smile, running your hands over his chest and shoulders before locking your fingers behind his neck, “Tony?”

He hums in response

“You can kiss me.”

He smiles wide now, taking your face in his hands and pressing his lips straight to yours. He leans into it, and you can feel yourself giving into him. He comes to his senses first, pulling back to look into your eyes.

“Are you okay?” you ask, questioning his hesitation.

“I’m fine. I just… want to be sure this is what you want.”

Instead of replying with words, you grab at his t-shirt and pull it over his head. You drop it to the floor before taking his face between your hands and pressing your lips down to his. He smiles into the kiss as he rises to his feet, still leaning over you. You pull yourself back on the bed. As you do, passion seems to take him. He presses forward quickly, slightly catching you off guard. He rolls his hips down in yours as he settles between your legs, causing you to moan softly into the kiss.

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You struggle to catch your breath when he pulls away, his lips moving over your jaw and down your neck. You lick your lips, rolling your hips up and into his as he presses back down.

He continues to move down, pushing your t-shirt up as his lips find the bare skin of your stomach. His eyes are locked on yours as you card your fingers through his hair. His eyes flutter closed at your touch. He continues to kiss up your stomach, to the valley between your breasts.

You sit up on your elbows, wrenching your shirt up and over your head, tossing it to the side. Once the fabric is gone, his hands grope the plump flesh, kneading gently before his lips close around one of your nipples.

Your breath shakes, wetness pooling between your thighs. He begins to move down your body again, his fingers now curling around the band of your panties. He eases them down your legs, rising to his feet at the end of the bed. You watch him as he unbuckles his belt and pops the button on his jeans.

Now clad in nothing but his briefs, he lays flat on his stomach. His hands wrap around your thighs, keeping them apart. You tense as his tongue presses flat to your clit. Your hips buck into his movements. You’re desperate for more, but he presses you into the bed, keeping you in place and maintaining full control.

“Tony…” you beg, “more. Please.”

He chuckles softly but concedes your demands. Your soft moans turn to loud cries of pleasure as his fingers join his tongue. He slowly pushes them in, immediately finding your sweet spot when he curls them. Your fingers fist in his hair when he moans against you.

His movements continues, the pressure in your stomach steadily rising. When it finally breaks, a sound that can be described as nothing less than pure euphoria explodes from your mouth. He eases you down slowly before pulling away. When his eyes meet yours again, he’s wearing his usual cocky grin.

“That was loud.” You whisper.

“It was.”

“I wonder if anyone heard that…”

When you begin to look away, he catches your chin to stop you, “Doesn’t matter.”

His lips comes down on yours, and you completely forget your insecurity. Your hands go to his hips, traveling past the band of his boxers. He sucks in a deep breath, the sound he makes resembling a hiss, when you wrap your hand around his hard length.

“Fuck, (Y/N)…”

“Take ‘em off.” You groan, surprised at the confidence in your voice.

“Yes, ma’am.”

He leans back, standing on his knees and pushing the fabric down. He eases them off and drops them to the floor. Hovering over you again, his lips find yours as his tip presses at your entrance. You press your heels into his lower back, urging him forward.

Once again, he concedes to your demands, filling you up in one swift motion. Your breath catches in your throat at the sudden sensation. His eyes are closed, his lips parted slightly. His eyes open when you press your hand to his cheek.

“Move, Tony, please.”

He nods, leaning into your touch and turning to kiss your palm.

Moaning. Groaning. The sounds of pleasure fill the room mixed with the sounds of skin against skin. You clutch onto him, reveling in the way he moves back and forth inside of you.

“So tight. So perfect.” He mumbles, “Shit, you feel good.”

He kiss is forceful, quick and demanding. The thrusting of his hips in quick as well, every passing second driving you higher. You know he’s close from the way his length twitches deep inside of you.

The feeling awakens something inside of you. You push against his shoulder, flipping him to his back but keeping your connection.

You ride him, slowly at first, but his hands on your hips guide you to move faster.

The heat of his release pulls your second orgasm from you, both of you crying out. You collapse against his chest, catching your breath before rolling off of him. He pulls you into his side, holding your chin between his fingers as he kisses you.

When you pull away, you lick your lips. Your hand rests on his chest, over his heart when you sit up on your elbow.

“Thank you, Tony.”

“For what?”

“For being here for me. For proving me wrong. For making me feel worthy.”

“I’m glad I could help.” He chuckles, “Though this was not my original intention when I came to check on you.”

“I believe you, but I have to ask…”

“I have no intention of letting this be a one-time thing.”


You smile, resting your head on his shoulder. He pulls the blanket up over the two you, holding you tight to his side as you begin to drift to sleep. He kisses your forehead, and it’s the last thing you feel before completely fading out.

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Hi there. 
I’m Kris and I am not a studyblr.

I’m making this Masterpost because I am intent to make my last year in high school a great one (I’ll actually settle for decent).
I have major depression, anxiety, and several other mental illnesses so I understand more than anyone how tough (to put it simply) school work, and school in general, can be. I have already taken a few steps towards having a more positive attitude going back to school; such as changing my self-image to make myself feel more confident, like cutting/dying my hair, buying nicer clothes and makeup, etc. As well as setting up a desk full of school supplies in a small room off of my bedroom, which will be my study room, and also buying a huge book on how to do well on the SATs. 
Another way on having a calmer attitude is figuring out what you’re going to be doing after this year is done (for me it’s my senior year, I know this won’t be applicable to all). I know it is a hard and stressful subject but having a plan, no matter how small, in place will help a lot. Also, writing positive/motivational letters to yourself to look at. 
I have recently written a short letter called “Dear Past Me” which contain things that I wish I knew in 8th and 9th grade. But it is applicable advice to anyone really. Here it is.
Whenever You’re Feeling Sad/Anxious/Stressed/Bored (Websites & Games, Art, Music/Sounds, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Self-Care, Comfort Food)

I have faith that you will all do well this year. I wish you all the best of luck. 

New Year, New Start, New You

  • New (School) Year Resolutions
  • Goals for 2015
  • 3 Steps For Creating a Powerful Self-Image
  • Personal Image & Appearance (Highly Recommend)
  • Self-Image Makeover
  • How to Change Your Image
  • 10 Ways to Reinvent Your Look
  • How to Change Your Appearance 
  • How to Improve Your Image
  • 7 Drastic Ways to Change Your Appearance Before You Graduate High School
  • How to Choose a Hairstyle
  • Find Your Perfect Hairstyle
  • Choosing a Hairstyle: Men
  • How to Choose the Right Hair Colour
  • How to Take Care of Your Hair
  • 32 Makeup Tips No One Told You About
  • 10 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know
  • 57 Life-Changing Makeup Tips
  • How to Take Care of Your Skin
  • 20 Simple Ways to Take Great Care of Yourself
  • Best Nail Tips
  • Healthy Eating
  • 30 Days of Yoga (YouTube Videos)
  • 10 Workout Secrets
  • How to Change Up Your Style
  • How to Change Your Style
  • How to Change Up Your Wardrobe
  • How to Be Confident  


  • Back to School Tips
  • Positive Message
  • Dear Headphone Users
  • Tips for Being an Intellectual Badass
  • Self-Gradebook
  • Unlock Creative Genius
  • 5 Facts That Will Teach You How to Learn
  • What Type of Learner Are You
  • How to Create a Kickass Powerpoint Presentation
  • Tips on Having Neat Handwriting
  • How to Not Fall Behind at School
  • Sending Emails to Teachers
  • Things to Avoid Doing
  • 13 Incredible Back-to-School Hacks You Won’t Believe you Survived Without
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your School Year
  • Free Education
  • Free Online Courses from Top Universities 
  • Things to do to Control Stress During School
  • Search for Information for School Essays
  • Online Version of Photoshop for Free
  • Insanely Cool and Important Research Manager and Academic Social Network
  • Websites Worth Knowing
  • How to Pick Out a Laptop
  • Idk what to do with my Life
  • 10 of the Best Educational Channels on YouTube
  • Educational YouTube Channel Masterpost
  • 6 Resources That Have Changed my Life
  • Top Tips for Top Grades
  • How to Disappear Online
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • Awesome Free Apps for Students
  • 20 Apps for the New School Year
  • 16 Apps All Students Need
  • How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter
  • How To Shakespeare
  • Learn Things for Free
  • Research Websites
  • Healthy Study Snacks
  • Guides to Life
  • The Education System Won’t Really be Teaching you Important Shit Like This
  • Life Hacks
  • Life Hacks Worth Knowing
  • Course Books or Internet


  • Things to Remember When Studying
  • Reasons to Study NOW
  • Studying Hacks
  • Study Tips Review
  • What Helps us Memorize Stuff Better
  • Study Planning Options
  • How to Get Motivated to Study
  • How I Study
  • 12 Hacks That Will Improve Your Studying
  • A+ Studying Life Hacks
  • Study Playlists
  • How to Study Like a Straight A Student
  • 16 Studying Hacks for Finals Week
  • 14 Life-Changing Studying Hacks & Tips
  • 20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory
  • Studying Life Hacks
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  • Learning Styles and Study Tips
  • How to Start Studying
  • How to Start a Study Session
  • Studying for People with Terrible Memory
  • Subject- and Class-Specific Study Tips
  • Online Study Guides
  • Learning How to Study Masterpost
  • Study Apps
  • Best Study Apps
  • Learning how to study
  • How a Person Who Hates Math, Studied for Math
  • Red Board Study Tip


  • My 2015 Organization System
  • Bullet System Journal
  • Bullet Journaling
  • How to Bullet Journal
  • How to Use Your Study Planner
  • How to Create Your Own Life Binder
  • Organization Tips
  • How to Choose the Perfect Planner
  • How to Organize a Research Paper
  • How to Organize Essay Notes
  • Google Keep
  • Printables Masterpost
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  • Bullet Journals & Planners Masterpost
  • Journal & Planner Masterpost
  • How to Draw Ribbon Banners


  • Asian Languages
  • Language Learning Masterpost
  • Language & Linguistics Masterpost
  • Duolingo - Learn a Language Free
  • Conjuguemos - Online Workbook for Languages
  • Linguistic Approaches to Language Learning: Link Roundup
  • 3 Years of all Things Linguistic
  • Google Translate Alternative: Linguee
  • Language Website
  • Helpful Websites to Learn Languages
  • How to Study Spanish
  • Spanish Vocabulary List Masterpost
  • French
  • French Editor Resource
  • German Masterpost


  • How to Write the Perfect Essay
  • Creating a Fictional Character
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  • Conclusions
  • Parts of Speech
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  • Paraphrasing Tool (One of my favourite sites)
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Tone Vocabulary List
  • ZenWriter
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  • Connecting Words to Essay Writing
  • Tools for Referencing
  • This Site Grades Your Essays
  • Advice for Writing Papers
  • Creative Writing Resource
  • 60 Awesome Search Engines for Serious Writers
  • Sites for When You Can’t Think of a Word


  • How to Study for the SAT/ACT
  • ACT Masterpost
  • SAT Prep Books
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  • Feeling Sad?
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  • Get Rid of Distractions
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  • How to Take Notes: From a Textbook
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  • Sketchnote Tips
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  • Getting the Most Out of Lectures
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Specific Subjects

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Love Has No Height Restrictions

Originally posted by wondertrevsource

Series Note: This is gonna be a series where Bucky is dating a Tall!Reader and Steve is dating a Small!Reader. Two separate stories but named the same thing. I’ll be updating this when I can, I’m mainly focusing on Bucky x Tall!Reader more but I have a few ideas for Steve x Small!Reader. 
Summary: You’re a new Avenger, Natasha’s friend. You’re taller than most people, most men, and that intimidates them usually. Only Bucky takes a shine to you and you don’t know how to act when he becomes shy and nervous around you; thinking he’s intimidated by your height and strength. 
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Swear words and height shaming (? is that a thing) 

Got this idea from my friend and her boyfriend. When asked to be tagged for this you’re asking to be tagged for both Steve AND Bucky stories, please do not request to be tagged for one or the other, as I am tagging for the whole series which includes both their stories. - Rosalee

You had always been a little taller than your friends growing up. As a child it was never mentioned, simply a little growth spurt, to begin with, all your friends would catch up with you, eventually. Then when you hit your teens and puberty settled you had shot up. You were taller than most boys and all of your friends; it was no longer ‘normal’ or a ‘growth spurt’. The high school boys didn’t fancy or like girls taller than them and the girls were always laughing at you. You were lanky and skinny, just bumbling around the school corridors like a ‘sasquatch’ they’d call you.

When you finally left school and going to University you were already on the six-foot mark. You had moved away from your hometown and people seemed more welcoming to you, you didn’t get any boyfriends but you had friends, people that didn’t bully you for being tall. Having a boyfriend was the least of your troubles but you always knew it was because of your height. You stayed away from heels, despite the fact they make your legs look great and you tried not having friends below five-foot-five because smaller people make you look taller. The taller you are the worse you are; so you had grown up to believe.

Men had a difficult time wanting to be with you, especially if you were significantly taller than them. They were brought up to be tougher, taller and manly, with you as a girlfriend it defeats the purpose of all that. Women are meant to be petite, graceful and fragile, and you simply didn’t fit that mould, therefore, you were without love or romance. It shouldn’t bother you but it does.

The problem was you didn’t look like those runway models either, you aren’t skinny, you’re average with a toned stomach and wide waist (your mother would say “good baby-bearing hips”), you also had thick thighs from all the mountain climbing and training you do. You went from lanky to lean, some would say “built like an Amazon Warrior Princess”, not that many men found that attractive.


“You gonna stare at that target all day?” You were snapped out of your thoughts by Natasha; you turned and tilted your head down at your fiery haired friend. “What’s up?”

You had met Natasha a few years back when SHIELD was still kicking and you were just part of the Tactical Team for her and Steve Rogers. You became fast friends, which led to now; you being part of the Avengers, your skills and agility proving useful on most missions. You fought differently to Nat; she used precision and graceful, ballet, moves in her fighting style. You opted for brute force; you packed a mean swing and used your strength rather than quickness to fight, almost like Captain America but with a graceful twist to it.

“Nothing,” you tried to lie, “just got a few things on my mind.” You shrugged, it wasn’t the entire truth but it wasn’t a lie either, you could never lie to Nat.

Natasha cocked an eyebrow but smirked. “Bucky has been looking for you, by the way.” She grinned as you looked away from the target, once again, back to her with curiosity. “Wanted to train with you today,” she toyed lightly.

She knew you had a thing for Bucky, she knew before you even did, of course. Steve brought him in a few months ago, he was a little timid and shy but he eventually opened up, becoming more of a valuable member to the team. You gave him a little space because you didn’t want to intrude on his time or his healing process. Eventually, he started to come to the gym and would usually watch you train before just starting to spar with you.

You had an easy friendship with the man. Only he was a few inches shorter than you, you being six-foot-four and Bucky just hitting the six-foot mark, it was noticeable but he never made a comment on the fact he had to tilt his chin up or the fact your hands are nearly as big as his own.

“Thought he was training with Sam today?” You asked nonchalantly.

Natasha refrained from an eye roll and opted for crossing her arms instead. “He was meant to but decided he wanted to train with you instead,” she huffed, “you going to go?” You looked down at her, her only being five-foot-five.

“I suppose I have to,” you placed the gun down with a light thud and shrugging your leather jacket back on, you glanced at the sly red-head. “What are you planning, Romanoff?” You asked with suspicion.

“Nothing, Y/N, never you mind.” She toothily grinned as you left the shooting range in the Avengers Base.

You finally made it to the gym, already changing into workout clothes; a tank top and some leggings. You see both, Steve and Bucky, over by the weights each equally pushing each other to prove they’re stronger than the other. You chuckled at them before walking over and standing by their heads, resting hands on your hips and looking down.

“What’s the award title ‘Biggest Loser’?” You laughed as Steve chuckled and Bucky jumped at the suddenness of your voice.

You shocked Bucky so much that he lost his grip on the bar he held above his head, his metal hand slipping and the weight coming to drop on his neck, this would be how he died; embarrassing himself in front of you. Before that could happen you grabbed the cool metal bar, holding it up and stopping it from crashing down on his neck. From where he laid he could see your arms tense, your face in full concentration at keeping the almost double his own body weight off of him.

He slid out from underneath the bar, sitting on the bench and panting, he turned just in time to watch you readjust your grip on the metal bar and begin to use it. Dropping the metal bar to your thighs with your arms straight, little tension or strain, before you hoisted it back up to your neck and you puffed out air, you did this five times before setting the bar down with a bright grin.

“Such a show-off,” Steve snickered at you placing his own weights away before sitting up. “Thought you were in the shooting range for the afternoon?” Bucky watched as Steve stands up, he stands two inches shorter than you, crossing his arms the same time as you do; it’s uncanny how you both do that, you both work similarly on the field too.

“Natasha said that Barnes wanted to spar with me, so here I am.” You shrugged as Bucky frowned, you uncrossed your arms at his face, “you did, right?”

Bucky becomes nervous. His cheeks felt hot and so did his neck; you raised your eyebrows as Bucky began to mutter to himself, you glanced at Steve who was trying not to laugh at his best friend. It takes almost a full minute till Bucky actually replies to you.

“Uh-I’m fine,” he mumbles looking away from you and you bite your lip, nodding stiffly. Bucky stands up and walks away to different gym equipment away from you.

Steve sighed. “it’s fine, Steve. I get it; it happens a lot, more than I care to admit.”

“What happens?”

“Men feeling emasculated around me because I’m taller, stronger, than them. I get why Bucky is like that around me, it’s fine. He wants to feel in control and have power now, being around me doesn’t give him that” Steve grimaces at you for a second, you look far too chilled to be saying stuff like that, especially when he knows how Bucky really feels for you.

Steve shakes his head, “it’s not like that with Bucky.” You rolled your eyes and begin to walk away, “honestly, Y/N, Bucky likes you. He just isn’t very good with the whole… feelings and being open about them bit, yet.”

“Sure Steve,” you sarcastically retort. “I’ve been dealing with that type of behaviour since I was twelve, guys becoming twitchy and intimidated by me, like women can’t be tall or stronger than them. Don’t defend Bucky’s actions, it’s fine, he’s the only guy that I’ll let it slide, for now.” You turn swiftly, your H/C hair snapping behind you as you walk out of the gym.

Steve turns to his best friend who was on a treadmill, “Bucky, you’ve got to tell Y/N how you feel.”

“No way, she’ll laugh at me,” the man grumbles and refuses to meet his best friends stern glare. “Besides she doesn’t like me, I’m not exactly dating material, Steve.”

The blond rolls his eyes so hard it almost gives himself a headache. “Trust me; you need to speak with her. She thinks you’re intimidated by her because of the fact she’s taller than you,” Bucky momentarily stops running and almost falls off the machine, his eyebrows furrowed in question. “She’s had to deal with guys- ask her yourself, bro.” Steve snapped before walking off to the punching bags.

Bucky presses the button a few times before the treadmill slows to a stop; he grabs his towel and stalks out of the gym. Heading to your room, the full intention of finding out why you think he’s intimidated by you.

When he finally reaches your room takes a deep breath before knocking. It’s a few seconds before the door opens, you’re still in your gym wear, he can tell because he’s staring at the floor where he can see the Nike white trainers. Slowly he drags his eyes up to meet yours, chin tilting upwards due to standing a little closer to you than he intended. E/C eyes meeting his clear blue ones, only your eyes are glassy, watery almost. A slight redness forming around them, indicating you had been rubbing at them.

“Are you crying?” He asked in disbelief. He had never seen you cry; you often let out any emotion through sparring or training. This was unusual and different, an emotion he hadn’t dealt with before, not with anyone else, at least.

Your eyebrows furrowed in frustration. “What so I can’t cry now?” Your raised voice made Bucky flinch backwards, “What because I’m big and tough I don’t cry? Well, I do. I may walk around here like I’m one of the guys but I’m a girl, Bucky, I have feelings and they get hurt just like everybody else’s around here.” You snapped, quickly wiping away the now angry tears that fell down over your cheeks.

“I didn’t mean it like that- I didn’t- I’m sorry?” He tried and you scoffed at him. “No, not what I meant. I mean, Steve told me that you think I’m intimidated by you because you’re a girl who is tall, I’m not. –“ He stopped when he sees you cross your arms, eyes a blaze as you glared at him, as if he had just offended you in some way.

“Oh, I see,” He frowns at your tone of voice, condescending pitch. “You aren’t intimidated by me because I’m a girl. So, if I was a guy that’s taller than you, you would be intimidated?” He stumbled to find an answer to that question. “You should just go, really. I’m not in the mood to be looked down to- I mean up- whatever.” You slammed your door and slumped against it, tears falling freely now that Bucky couldn’t see you.

(Because this was in my drafts and I can’t add tags, have this till I can figure out a way to get my laptop working again. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience I’ve caused, I really wanted my vamp!Bucky series up but I can’t add the tagging list. This was beta read, unfortunately, this isn’t my edited version because I can’t get on my laptop! - Rosalie)

What a Surprise (Peter x Reader)

Summary: You and Peter both go to Midtown High and he’s got the biggest crush on you. What Peter doesn’t know is that you harbour the same feelings and Tony Stark is your not-so-related uncle.

Peter tried to keep his crush on you on the down low, he really did, but Ned and Michelle could see right through him. 

“You’re staring again,” Ned whispered into Peter’s ear during fourth period history. You were scribbling down notes on a fresh sheet of paper and Peter couldn’t help but notice how you liked to colour code everything. 

“What?” Peter replied, snapping his gaze from you to Ned. “No I’m not.” Ned rolled his eyes. “You know, if you keep doing that, your eyes will fall out of your sockets.” This prompted Ned to roll his eyes again. 

“I’m serious, man. Why don’t you go and talk to her?” 

“I’ll make a fool out of myself.” 

“But you’re Spider-Man,” Ned argued. “Everyone’s talking about you. You have so many fangirls who would kill to go on a date with you.” Peter swatted Ned’s shoulder. 

“She doesn’t know me as you know who. I want her to like me as Peter Parker,” Peter said, followed with a sigh. 

“Alright, class,” the teacher said, bringing Ned and Peter’s attention away from you. “With the slips of paper you received this morning, I want you to find your partner. You’ll have the same topic, and the report, and power point presentation will be due in exactly two weeks. You’ll have some time in class to work on it. Chop, chop!” Ned huffed when he saw Peter had a different topic than he did. 

Peter looked at different people and thought this pairing idea was stupid, until he found out you had the same topic he did. Peter did backflips in his head because this meant he got to spend more time with you. 

“Hey, Peter,” you said once you found your partner. 

“Hey, Y/N. Let’s get started?” he asked. You smiled and set your stuff down at a desk and began researching. Peter thought it was cute that you had to keep pushing up your glasses, which was obviously too big for your face, but he thought it was cute anyways. 

He knew you from freshman year. You had just moved to Queens and didn’t have any friends. You and Peter weren’t exactly friends, but you weren’t exactly strangers. A couple projects here and there granted you guys acquaintances. He loved that you weren’t snobby like most girls. He liked the fact that you never wanted to be like the other people and never succumbed to peer pressure. He like that you were the quiet type, always sticking your nose in a book if you weren’t talking to your friends. Peter liked you the way you were and desperately wanted to get to know you better, further than just a name-to-name basis.

This project was worth a hefty percentage of your grades, so the two you spent a lot of time together crafting the perfect presentation. You came to Peter’s house often, getting to know him more. Your uncle, Tony Stark, had teased you about seeing you with a boy, and you always blushed every time he mentioned “the boy you’re supposedly studying with.” 

“Peter, are you sure I can stay?” you asked when May left the apartment. 

“It’s fine. She trusts us, so she has no problem leaving us alone,” Peter replied, uncapping his highlighter. You shrugged and began typing on your computer. 

“So, what do you think about Spider-Man?” you asked casually. Peter’s ears perked and he looked at you. 

“W-What? Why do you ask?” 

“No reason. He’s everywhere lately. I’ve never had the chance to see him in action. He was spotted just last night, actually.”

“Really? Where?” 

“Around the sandwich shop you like. He stopped a bank robbery,” you said. 

“Oh. Sounds cool,” Peter said, trying to play it cool. He took a deep breath.

“I think he’s really cool. You know, always saving people from the small crimes. He takes care of the little guy,” you said, grinning to yourself. Peter grinned as well and blushed. 

Another hour passed by at it was nearing three in the afternoon. 

“I should get home,” you said while packing your belongings. “I have martial arts training in an hour.” 

“You fight?” Peter asked. 

“Not really. It’s more of self protection, if anything.” 

“Oh. Sounds nice. Let me walk you out.” Peter followed you to the front door and opened it for you. 

“Same time tomorrow?” you asked. 

“Same time tomorrow. I’ll be sure to make loads of coffee for you,” said Peter. You laughed and waved at him, waiting for Happy to arrive at Peter’s doorstep. He was there in no time and you climbed into the back seat. 

“Hey, Happy,” you greeted. 

“Hey, squirt. Natasha’s already at the compound so you can start your training earlier, if you’d like.” You shrugged. You both drove in silence for a few minutes before he put on a classic rock radio station and you both found yourself singing along. Happy opened the door for you once you reached home and waved goodbye to you as you entered the compound from the garage. 

After changing into workout clothes, you put your hair in a ponytail and met Natasha in the gym. 

“Hey, Nat,” you said with a smile.

“You’ve been awfully cheery for the the past week,” she noted. 

“Am I not allowed to be happy?” 

“Is it a good test grade? Did Tony buy you a car? Are you seeing a boy?” You blushed at the last comment. “So it is a boy. Tell me what he’s like while we spar.” The two of you stood face to face and threw a few punches at each other. 

“He’s so smart. Wicked smart. It’s unbelievable that he didn’t skip a grade. Plus, he’s really nice and not one of the mean kids at school, like Flash.” You dodged one of Natasha’s punches and swung your leg underneath hers, to which she jumped. 

“He’s kind of quiet, like me. I don’t really talk to him, though. I guess we only started talking because of the project. I’ve been over at his place to finish it.” 

“You’ve already been to his house? You work really fast,” Natasha joked. You moved your body so that you could tackle Natasha and pin her down, your eyes looking down at hers. 

“It’s really not like that, Natasha.” With a mutual agreement, you both decided that was enough sparring for the day and you grabbed your water bottle. “It’s only for this project. I don’t even think he wants to talk to me after. I’m so awkward and bad with boys.” 

Natasha patted you on the shoulder. “Don’t think about it too hard. I know I don’t have the best track record when it comes to men, but just know that he’s a dumbass if he stops talking to you.” 

Steve and Bucky entered the gym and Steve cocked an eyebrow. 

“Who is this ‘he’ we’re talking about?” You groaned and tried to exit the gym, but Bucky stood in front of you and crossed his arms.

“He’s no one,” you tried to argue.

“Do I need to beat someone up?” Bucky asked, looking at Steve. “I think we need to beat this boy up if he’s making our girl mad.” You rolled your eyes and looked at Steve. 

“Steve, Bucky, it’s nothing. I’ll let you know if I want you two to beat someone up for me, but don’t beat up this guy. He’s really sweet.” 

“All men are sweet until they get what they want,” Steve argued. You sighed. 

“Aren’t you a man? Aren’t you literally the most honest person in this country? So it’s really not every guy I talk to.” Steve opened his mouth to argue but closed it after having trouble finding an argument. 

“Be safe, okay? You know you can always call us and you know we’ll be there in a flash,” Bucky said. You nodded and awkwardly patted him on the bicep, desperately trying to end the conversation. 

An alarm sounded throughout the tower, indicating someone was trying to break in. Everyone looked at each other for a split second before you silently agreed that you would split ways, Steve and Bucky being hitters, and you and Natasha working at the computers to try to lock out the intruders. You both reached the main office where most of the computers are kept and took a seat. 

“I’m looking at the camera feed. It looks like most of the intruders are downstairs, but there are some who have reached the floor directly above us,” you warned Natasha. 

“Tony, did you hear that?” Natasha asked, noticing Tony was on communications. 

“Yeah, I heard. Spidey, swing!” Tony yelled. 

You furiously typed at the keyboard, writing every code and algorithm you could think of to shut the doors, lock the windows, and use any external weapons to keep the intruders out of the building. You yelped when the window in front of you crashed. A couple men had been pushed in by Spider-Man, who swung in shortly after. Natasha looked at you and warned you to stay low. You did as she told you and sucked under the desk, peeking in between the cracks. 

Natasha joined the fight. She and Spider-Man were busy fighting the intruders that they hadn’t realized you were there. You were intrigued by Spider-Man, however. You’d never seen him in action and Tony didn’t want to make him an official Avenger yet, so you never got around to get to know him. He wasn’t as experienced as Natasha, but he used his strength and speed to his advantage. His web shooters seemed to have a never-ending supply and he didn’t seem to get tired of punching this guy over and over again. After a few moments, Natasha had knocked the guy she was fighting out cold and Spider-Man was struggling because the man he was fighting had him in a chokehold. Without a second thought, you stood from the desk and grabbed the guy with all your might before punching him, knocking him out. 

“You okay?” Natasha asked you once she turned around. 

“Yeah, I’m fine. Are you okay?” You asked Spider-Man. 

“Y/N?” he asked. You raised an eyebrow. 

“How do you know my name?” 

The alarm system turned off and FRIDAY informed the three of you that the threat had been taken care of. You ran down to meet everyone in the compound and ran to Tony, who was still in his suit. 

“Kid, I’m so glad you’re okay,” he said, keeping you in a tight embrace. Your phone rang and you glanced at the caller ID, and noticed it was Pepper who was calling. 

“Pepper, I’m fine,” you said. “Everyone’s okay. Just, get back to the tower, okay?” 

“Okay. I’m glad you’re okay. I had a heart attack and I’m not really sure I got over that.” You laughed and hung up the phone, putting it in your back pocket. You looked over at Steve who had a cut on his forehead. 

“Let me get the first aid kit,” you said, reaching for the white box on the wall. The rest of the team sat around the couch to discuss what had happened while you worked on Steve’s forehead. Spider-Man kept his mask on and seemed to be staring at you while you worked on Steve. 

“Why’s the kid staring at you?” Steve asked. 

“Heck if I know,” you replied. 

“Y/N, if I could have your attention,” Tony said. You stopped and turned around. 

“You haven’t formally met Spider-Man yet, and I think after today’s events, you should. This is Peter. He goes to your school, actually.” The masked man unveiled himself and you looked at him in disbelief. 

Peter?” He sheepishly nodded and pursed his lips. 

“So this is the Peter you’ve been telling me about,” Tony said. You shot him a warning look and he put his hands up in surrender. You left Steve alone, to which he protested, but Natasha finished what you had started. 

“Why didn’t you tell me Tony was your uncle?” Peter asked. 

“Well, he’s not really my uncle, but at the same time, he is. I mean, I think everyone would want to be friends with me because I’m rich,” you said. 

“And you had no idea that I was Spider-Man?” 

“I had no idea you were Spider-Man.” 

“So, you talk about me a lot, huh?” Peter teased. You blushed. 

“Well, I mean, I just -” 

“I’ve liked you for a while now,” he admitted. “I never really got the courage to get to know you better, but would you like to go out for dinner some time?” You smiled and nodded. 

“I’d like that very much, Peter,” you replied. Peter was happy you didn’t refer to him as Spider-Man. 

“Hey, kid, if you break her heart, you can say goodbye to the suit,” Tony warned. You shushed Tony and led Peter to the couch where you both got to know each other, leaving the rest of the team to both be disgusted by young love, but happy that their girl found someone to share her adventures with. 


Typically, if I can just summon the willpower to change into my gym clothes and get in the car, I can get to the gym and put in a good workout. Today, I got changed and got in the car…and still had ZERO desire to workout. I had two cups of coffee today. That is a HUGE mistake for me. 🤢 My stomach can only handle one, and all day I’ve felt insanely nauseous. The prospect of jumping around for an hour was just too overwhelming. But, since I was already in the car (and needed dog food anyway), I went to the store and got everything I needed to make a spicy, delicious vegetable curry–one of the husband’s favorites and something I’ve been craving in this cold, gross weather! And, I made sure to make a ton of it so we have leftovers for tomorrow. That way I can go to the gym tomorrow to the later class and not have to worry about dinner. Guilt (mostly) assuaged.

This has been a short week because of the snow days…but somehow it’s still felt long. 😳 I’m ready for some sunshine and for the weekend! For now, I’ll settle for cozy pjs and my next book.

Transformation Tuesday – only you can make it happen!! You can either decide to go for it and work for it, or sit there and wish for it! 💥💥💥💥💥 For 28 years of my life i didn’t really care, I was happy and couldn’t care what size i was…. then 3 years ago that all changed, i started to worry about my health and ultimately my size contributing to that, and so i decided that was the day i was going to change my life in Feb 2014! 💪🏽💪🏽 I got up and took action, with no help from anyone, you don’t need to know where to start – just start! Put one foot in front of the other and get moving, educate yourself on foods that are good for you, and most of all take responsibility for your life! 💯💯I started out at 127kgs (280lbs) at the age of 28 years old and every day i stuck to it, with no personal trainer, no fads or crazy diets, no surgery or weight loss pills – just good old fashioned exercise and good healthy foods! Time is going to pass by anyway, so instead of rushing it and trying gimmicks and short cuts that don’t work – do it the long way – the only way that truly works for the long term! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I dropped 140lbs in 2 years and continuing to learn about my body and keeping it off! Be realistic and rational about your goals – this will not happen overnight, hell it won’t even happen in a month – good permanent results take time! So use your time wisely, and do it the right way for your overall health and wellbeing! 😄😄

IG : misscarlijay_healthyliving

Another (Chapter One)(ThunderShield)

So excited to share this one with you guys!! I hope you all love our boys as much as I do becasue these big blonds are the CUTEST!!

Spread some love for this fic and everybody REBLOG for me please!! ThunderShield is sort of a rare pair so spread the word!


Enjoy :)


The first time something happened between Steve and Thor, it was after a tough battle. The team had been scrambling to work together, to keep their heads about them, and it had very nearly ended in several civilian casualties.
It had been a bad day.

“Movie night. One hour.” Tony snapped as the team stumbled through the doors of the common area. “Mandatory. Today was awful and we all need to reboot.”

“Sure thing, Stark.” Natasha agreed wearily, and looped her arms over Clint’s neck. “Carry me.”

“I gotcha babe.” He picked her up easily and sent Tony a smile. “We will be back after a shower. Can I order pizza?”

“Whatever you want, bud.” Tony said instantly, and reached for Bucky’s hand. “Shower for us too, soldier.”

“Sure thing, sweet thing.” Bucky drawled, and kissed Tony gently. “Cap, you want to pick a movie? We will be back.”

“Nobody likes the movies I pick out.” Steve argued good naturedly and Bucky made a face.

“Yeah. Me either. Thors out too, he takes forever to decide.”

“Damn you guys.” Sam rolled his eyes and dropped his wing pack on the floor. “I will pick a movie. You guys go shower.” He clapped Steve on the shower as he passed on his way to the movie room. “Take a load off Cap. You look tense.”

“Yeah.” Steve smiled, or at least he did until Sam left, then he let his shield drop with a thunk and sat heavily on the couch.

It was hard some days.

Hard to pretend like everything was okay all the time. Hard to pretend like he knew what to do with himself if he wasn’t fighting. A soldier who couldn’t fit into a world not at war.

It seemed to be getting worse lately, this feeling of not belonging.

He didn’t know why, and he didn’t know how to make it stop.

So he just sat on the couch with his head in his hands and waited to be called down to watch another movie full of references he didn’t really understand and didn’t really care too.

Bucky, of course, didn’t understand them either, but he had Tony on his lap explaining things in a quiet voice in between kisses. It was adorable in a borderline disgusting way.

Almost six months ago Bucky had stood up at the breakfast table and in typical charming Bucky style, had announced that he would love nothing more than to take Tony out for a date, because he figured it would be rude to stare this much without at least buying him dinner.

Tony had blushed and stammered and then had just walked over and kissed Bucky square on the lips. Bucky had swooped him up and carried him out of the room and they hadn’t left the bedroom for the rest of the day.

Steve had been so happy for his best friend, and at the same time, the saddest he’d been in a long time.
Because after finally getting Bucky back, Bucky had found someone else.

And Steve didn’t have anyone.

Keep reading

Traveling with Husband!Jungkook

Fluffy things you’d do when traveling with husband!Jungkook

Other Members: Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung

A/N: Please be careful and exercise extreme caution when climbing mountains and always make sure you do it with someone who knows how/under the supervision of professionals.

Also, thank you to everyone that has followed this set of imagines! I’m thinking of making my next set BTS as college boyfriends! Let me know what you all think!

-You two would be newly-weds planning their first international vacation together

-So this whole traveling by yourselves is new to both of you, which has you both STRESSED

-You and Jungkook would be up at 3AM one night just looking at travel deals while wrapped up in blankets on your couch because WHY NOT

-He’d be into a super adventurous trip so you guys ain’t going somewhere calm like a beach

-You guys would do things like skiing down mountains in Switzerland, cave diving in the Philippines, maybe even climbing Machu Picchu

-Honestly, Jungkook is all for adventure and though you’re not an adventure junkie, you will do it because you see how excited he is for your trip

-You two book your tickets together and Jungkook is so so so happy about the trip

-He cuddles with you all night and keeps telling you that he can’t wait for the trip even though it’s three months away

-Jungkook would be that person that’s packed three weeks before your trip because he’s so excited

- “Y/N you should pack your stuff up so you’re not rushing the day before”

- “Jungkook, we are literally leaving 20 days from now I have time”

-19 days later, on the night before your trip, you’re stressed because you waited last minute to pack

-Jungkook, being the kind husband that he is, helps you but you can see the little smirk he has on his face

- “Don’t say it.”

- “…I told you so.” *runs away before you can tackle him*

-Packing with Jungkook is an experience because he’ll be holding up some pretty revealing bikinis for you to bring on your trip

- “These look so good on you! Please bring them????”

- “We aren’t going swimming though omg why in the world will I bring them?”

- “…For me? ;)”

-You debate between wanting to kiss him and wanting to tackle him

-So the day of your flight, Jungkook is so giggly and bouncy

-He practically drags you through the airport with him and once you get on the plane, he keeps gushing about how he can’t wait

-The people in the seats around you keep looking at you guys with smiles because you’re such a cute couple

-Once you land, you call a cab and soon you’re whisked away to your hotel

-You haven’t even gotten your stuff down before Jungkook is dragging you out of the room to climb the nearest mountain or something

-And you can’t believe you actually let him encourage you to do mountain climbing because OMG THIS IS SCARY SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

-Halfway up, you realize that you’re getting super tired and you don’t know if you can continue going

-Jungkook realizes this, and soon, he’s grabbing your hand and telling you words of encouragement because “Y/N we’re almost there and I believe you can do this!”

-As he’s talking to you, you look at your intertwined hands and realize that despite the workout clothes that he changed into, he kept his wedding ring on

-And just seeing that and realizing that you’re married to the most amazing man in the world is enough to give you the strength to keep going

-When you reach the top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking

-And you honestly can’t believe you did it

-As you’re admiring the view, Jungkook turns to you with the biggest smirk on his face

-And you’re about to ask him what he’s thinking

-But before you can voice your thoughts, he plants a chaste kiss on your lips which has you blushing nonstop

- “Happy one year anniversary, Y/N. I’m so happy to be married to you.”

The Missing Piece (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1715
Warnings: mentions of death/cancer

Summary: You are a SHIELD Agent working undercover in Belgrade, Serbia when a run in with Bucky Barnes changes your future

A/N: Eventual smut, so 18+ please! This story beings a few months after the events from “Age of Ultron” gif not mine (x) Tags are open! :)

The door creaks open as you impatiently walk into your apartment. “Ughh I swear if Goran grabbed my ass one more time I was going to blow our cover right there!” you huffed.
“I’m sorry you had to deal with that,” a man replied, as he walks over to you.

“He repulses me,” you said, as you hold up your hair waiting for him to unzip the back of your dress. He pauses for a moment and savors the view of the fabric hugging your curves. “You look beautiful.”

You ignore his comment and go into the bathroom to change. “So what did he tell you?” you asked, speaking louder through the door. The man stands in front of it to answer, “I’m seeing Goran again tomorrow and I think in a few days he’s taking me to meet Josif. We’re so close Y/N,” he said unable to contain the smile on his face.

You open the door and throw your hands around him. “Matt that’s great news!” He deepens the hug but you pull away, lowering your gaze. He looks at you regretfully and retreats to the other room.

For the past two months you’ve been in Belgrade undercover as Charlotte, the wife of entrepreneur Aleksander Kovac aka your fellow SHIELD Agent Matthew Walker. Your targets are Josif & Marko Petrovic, two brothers with a petty criminal history until recently. After the Sokovia incident they had gotten involved in arms dealing. SHIELD got Intel that the brothers were going to be making a deal with the terrorist group known as The Ten Rings. They had black market Hammer weapons modified with Chitauri technology, and so SHIELD has to stop them. With the premise of looking for new “business partners” you and Matt have been gaining contacts to get closer to the Petrovic’s. While you’ve been playing the part of a loving couple you’ve felt that Matt may want to turn your professional relationship into something more.

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