workout while watching tv

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The first thing Lance does everyday after work is kick off his shoes and take your 3 month old daughter Suzie from you and not putting ther down. He eats dinner with her in his lap, cuddles with you and her on the couch while watching tv and includes her in his nightly workout in your living room before they fall asleep either on the floor or couch with Suzie on his chest. You appreciate it because it gives you a break, but love that he spends so much time with you both.

this is perfect and melts my heart omg

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Niecy who’s recently embraced a healthy lifestyle, lost 50 Ibs a year ago by following a simple 1,200 calorie- per-day diet and went from a size 14 to a size 6.  Niecy says she didn’t have a traditional workout plan and with three children it was impossible to commit to a solid workout program.  She did however, focus on hula-hooping while watching TV with her kids, and enjoying leisurely activities on weekends with her family such as skating and bike rides.  

I love to see when stars get fit and one well known personality that’s been killing it on the red carpet lately is Niecy Nash.