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As Requested: Workout Hygiene and Beauty Routines! 👟💦💅💄

Pre Workout:


  • cleanse with a gentle cleanser
  • if working out at the gym: moisturize with a non spf moisturizer
  • if working out outside: moisturize with a spf moisturizer


  • I didn’t previously wear makeup to the gym but my skin got quite bad recently (due to poor skincare routine - will talk about later) so I sometimes put a dab of concealer on especially red marks.
  • I leave other pimples/eye bags alone - just cover the healing red spots from popping pimples that stick out like a sore thumb.
  • I’ve also started applying soft eye makeup to enhance my eyes (bit of dark brown shadow in the upper eyelid crease with a small line of eyeliner on the top outside corners of my eye, and along the upper waterline) as I’ve noticed it makes me feel super put together at the gym and is awesome for post gym selfies!
  • no mascara so removing is a breeze. which brings me to…

Post Workout:

I jump in the shower! but of course its never as easy as that…


  • I use a gentle cleanser to get rid of all of the sweat/concealer and most of the eye makeup
  • then I just wipe the excess makeup under my eyes post shower and leave the remaining makeup above my eyes for the rest of the day! it leaves my eyelashes looking really long and black and looks like a totally effortless smokey eye!
  • I then moisturize with a gentle moisturizer all over, followed by an antibacterial moisturizer along my hairline, on pimple threatening areas, and on the back of my neck/upper back. prevention is key!


  • For my body I first use a soap bar - as they remove more bacteria than most body washes.
  • I then (if I’m not being lazy) use gentle moisturizer to nourish my skin after being stripped from the soap.

Washing Hair

  • Since my hair is so long, I don’t always wash it after - it depends on how sweaty I got/where I am in my hair wash cycle.
  • If I got very sweaty all over my scalp, or it has been about 2-3 days since I last washed it, I’ll wash it.
  • If I got semi-sweaty but just washed it yesterday, I’ll clip it up and only wash the sweaty bits- around my face and behind my neck and ears.
  • For shampoo I use any brand and focus on lathering my scalp (not actually the easiest task) but make sure you’re getting to the scalp and not just the hairs above it.
  • For conditioner, again I’m not loyal to one yet :) I focus on applying to to the ends, but apply it all over my hair even my scalp a little bit. Shampoo can be so drying, and stripping it from all moisture is pretty rough, so I let the conditioner apply a little bit back. think about it - you can either wash it more often (2-3 days) and apply moisture to your scalp each time so its clean and nourished and not over producing oil, or wash it less often (3-4 days) and not apply moisture to your scalp, but this is still stripping it and waiting for your body to produce sticky oil to make it nourished again. I know which I prefer!
  • I then use a wide toothed comb to comb out knots, then a thinner toothed comb to make sure every strand of hair got nourished :)
  • Then I leave it in for 5 mins before rinsing with cold water to lock in the moisture and keep it soft :)

Drying Hair

  • This is different for everyone, but my hair type is long, thick, brown but highlighted-to-blondish hair.
  • I leave it in a towel turban for about 5 mins to remove excess water.
  • Then I apply a leave in treatment and (leave-in) for -10 minutes depending on whatever I do in that time (find an outfit for the day/check emails)
  • Sometimes I just leave my hair to dry naturally, but its kind of like Russian roulette as to whether its gonna look cute, or look like Hermione from earlier harry potter films (still cute, but not the cute I’m going for)
  • So if I decide to dry it, I always first spray hair protector all through. Make sure you’re hair protector is good quality - some have oils in them that actually cook your hair if you apply heat! so props best to find one that makes your hair soft afterwards, not burnt.
  • Then, after combing out any knots, I dry it to the bone - no moisture leftover otherwise we’re back to Hermione again (sorry Hermione, again, just not the look I’m going for)(why do I feel the need to apologize to a fictional character) ok back to drying hair - I find clipping up sections helps a tonne here (must-not-pun) and allows you to dry the roots without burning the top layers too much.
  • Once dry, I style. different for everyone, but one time my hair dresser put curls in my hair for my birthday and since then I’m addicted. they look super cute and bouncy on the first day, then drop and look even better on the second, and then on the third it looks like long natural waves. It is a bit of effort on the first day, but being able to just wake up on the second and third, even fourth, with effortless soap opera hair is fab!

Styling hair

  • I do it in 3 sections: bottom, middle and top
  • I first clip up the middle and top sections so I’m left with the bottom third, part in the middle and bring the sections to the front on each side and apply more hair protector, comb out any knots, and curl in the direction away from my face. this opens your hair out and back which I find looks better than curling in towards your face :)
  • I then repeat for the middle and top sections, tying the already curled sections behind my head to keep them out of the way and avoid mixing sections.
  • And voila! ready for the day!

This looks like it takes a lot of time but I can assure you that’s just my writing style and me going off on tangents haha. Takes about 30-50 mins to go from sweaty beast to effortless beauty, depending on the extent to which I wash/style my hair.

Hope I helped! and let me know any other workout/routine/vegan/beauty related stuff!

Disclaimer: all products I use are vegan and not tested on animals. Even if I say “any product” I mean any vegan & not tested on animals product. :)


So where is the YouTube vlogger AU where Prompto films everything and Noct is the sleepy bf being dragged on adventures for the vlogs and it’s really cute.
Prompto drags Noct out of bed every morning it’s basically a channel tradition now. They go to starbucks or dunkin almost every morning. Prompto sometimes does tech videos talking about new phones and cameras and he gets super hyped about them. He takes the viewers to the camera store with him to get SD cards and batteries and tripods and lenses. He’s addicted to getting sick drone shots and loves doing reviews of the newest drones. Both Prom and Noct hyperventilated when they saw the DJI Spark take off from Prom’s palm and follow him around. Noct sometimes does tech videos with him because they are both Samsung nerds and love their galaxies. Noct and Prom do gaming videos on a separate channel too. Noct wins a lot. Prom dies a lot. 

Aranea is a beauty and martial arts youtuber and she makes self defense tutorials and makeup tutorials. She also does modeling videos on cool gothic outfits. She might collab with Mortem3r. 

Cidney is a tech youtuber and she mostly just vlogs about cars and car shows and does car tutorials and stuff. She’s that youtuber who will park and hop out of her car just to get a shot of the amazing Tesla on the side of the road, careful to get away before the owner catches her being weird with a camera around their car.  

Ignis has a cooking channel. He collabs with Jun, Ro, and Man About Cake and loves it. He does science experiment videos too and makes food with liquid nitrogen and flames and other cool stuff. He has at least two best selling cook books. 

Gladio has a fitness channel. He does workout tutorials and survival/camping tutorials. He’ll collab with Ignis to show how important a healthy and balanced diet is and how to create a personal diet based on what your fitness goals are and what your individual body needs. Ignis has some awesome healthy recipes.

Whenever Gladio appears in Prom’s vlogs, he’s susceptible to Gladio yelling “Prompto! Twenty push ups or you owe me fifty dollars! Go!” followed by a loud groan as Prom in the background drops to the floor and does them. And if Noct is there, he gets similar treatment. “Noct! Get up lazy bones! Thirty crunches let’s go!! Or 50 in my pocket!” 

If Ignis is around in the vlogs, and they are trying to go out to eat, he will force them to get something healthy and if they don’t he will pester them. 

Every birthday party is held at Prom and Noct’s house and every detail and second is recorded and uploaded. It’s a fun time. 

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DO you have some DIY for moms day? but my mom is a runner and do sports so.. can you recomend me somenthing she woud like? she is not girly so plz help

Hey there!

DIY Easy Sew Headband

Use an old t-shirt! Reuse, reduce, recycle!

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Stylish and useful if your mom has long hair!

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sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Don’t be a person who has something to contribute to the world but is too afraid to do so. #ChaseYourDreams

SN: This video is from yesterday. It was my first time holding a handstand! 2 years ago I started doing handstand push- ups on the wall to build my strength and prepare myself, this past year I started watching yoga videos to get more help.

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