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A girl could really get spoiled with these types of posts. Hoo.. @therealjimparsons you’re a BEAST!! 💪 To quote Amy: I’m gonna go brush my teeth.. It might take awhile. 😂😋

@Regrann from @benbrunotraining - Well it’s official, Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon) is a beast on the sled. Here he’s crushing sled rows with 425 pounds and making it look easy. @donsaladino, he’s a machine! As a point of reference, this is more weight than a lot of professional athletes I’ve trained, and we actually trained together during this workout and he moved the sled much more explosively than I did. He also demonstrates a great squat pattern for someone of his height. Very, very impressive stuff Jim!

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Adam's Workout Theory - Week 12: The End

You’ve done it.  You’ve reached the end of my Muscle Exhaustion workout program, and dammit am I proud of you.  You know who you should be proud of?  The ripped up shredded beef you see standing before you in the mirror.  THAT’S YOU~!

Look at that hulka-hulka burning lats.  Those tri’s?  TRI and make me not notice.  You’ve got washboard abs, and I’m ready to do laundry.  Hear me?  Hope so.  Feel you?  Always.

Now, you just need to stick to a twice-a-week maintain fest at the gym, exhausting your muscles only half as much to look exactly the same.  And diet?  Get back onto the pizza airport, ‘cause slices are going to be flying into your mouth landing strip on the REG.  You won’t notice a difference in your waistline; the hard work’s over.  Now you get to enjoy the traps of your labor.  Feast on life; it’s been prepared for YOU.

Those of you who bitched out, keep eating ice cream by the tub and crying onto your beer gut; I have a feeling you’re used to it by now.  You’re so weak.  I hate you.  Almost as much as you hate yourself.  Keep failing, bub, it’s all you’re good for.  Maybe you can jump on the Fitness Train the next time it passes Lame-Nerd Station, but for now, stay indoors and don’t bother the beautiful people.

My graduates, I unleash you on the world, ready to make it a fitter place.  Teach those that need it; train those who want it; BEAT those who doubt you.  Get it in you, spread it around, crap out the rest.  I’m talking about INTENSITY.  Most of you already knew that.

Until we speak again, gym warriors, remember;

Unless your muscles are exhausted?  You’re doing it WEAK!

Adam DeMamp, Excellence Defined since 2011



The first episode of the new “Anime Training Theory” series is here!  Today, I discuss why the Saiyans weren’t as strong as they could have been. 

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