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Exam period tips: Body wellness

1) 7 minute workout :

2) Drink lots of water, keep track by decorating your bottle with tape or like this:

3) Do 30 squats each time you go to the bathroom, to increase blood flow thru your body. 

4) Yoga or stretching in the evening before you go to bed, to be more relaxed.

5) Mindfullness apps: keep saying this but seriously : “have you tried headspace?”

6) Bathroom workout : be creative, some suggestions are wall/counter push ups, squats, jumping jacks and high knees.

7) Always take the stairs. 

8) Eat healthy, ideas for study snack is here: and breakfast ideas will be up soon :) 

9) Desk stretching: 

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Fellow equestrian people! I HIGHLY recommend these flat work ground pole exercises! Had an hour long ride that was strictly surrounding these poles and it was a great workout for both me and my horse. It’s very simple and you can come up with any patterns you desire. I made up 4 different patterns that weren’t on here. I would also make my horse do pivots and 2-point turns in the middle. Had so much fun doing it. I would suggest that you start with the poles about 4 to 5 stride lengths apart just to get a feel of how your horse will move through it and then shorten it to a minimum of 2 strides, or 1 if your horse makes tight enough turns. Can do these at any gait and any discipline.

I’ll never get tired of saying it: there is nothing I love more than seeing the artists who inspire me be rewarded for their talents and hard work. As I’m sure most of you know by now, RuPaul Charles won the Emmy this weekend when the Academy of Television handed out the Creative Arts categories. What an incredible achievement! I not only applaud @rupaulofficial for his amazing work but also the Television Academy for finally honoring him and being open to recognizing a program like RuPaul’s Drag Race. In his over 35 year career, RuPaul has been a pioneer in TV along with being a supermodel, author, recording artist (if you are looking for the perfect workout music, I suggest RuPaul), actor, drag performer, comedian, producer, and motivational, mogul mama. I realize that some people do not understand or respect drag entertainment, in any of its forms; however, I hope that one day it will be universally recognized for its artistry and the irreplaceable role it has played in storytelling. While it requires certain senses of humor to enjoy, it’s not worthy of the ridicule it receives. Drag performers are incredibly talented artists who are keeping a tradition coined by Shakespeare himself alive. But there’s so much more to these performers than their aesthetics or sexual orientations. Not only has RuPaul worked his whole career to create opportunities for other drag artists but he is an inspiration to ALL people to be accepting of others AND theirselves. His beloved quote, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” has gotten me through many tough times. RuPaul inspires us to be compassionate, confident, and creative people. He has introduced me to so many amazing people who, along with himself, have shaped so much of who I am as a person and artist. Congragulations, Mama Ru on snatching that trophy! Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place.

Body weight training can be a great way to gain strength, build muscle, boost cardiovascular fitness, and burn fat. Body weight training has little to no marketing since it requires no equipment beyond your own body weight.  It is a form of training that has many benefits but is often overlooked due to the overwhelming amount of advertisements competing for you attention. Here are some benefits:

Efficient workout.

Research suggests that bodyweight exercises such as plyometrics yield great fitness gains in a very short workout durations. Since there is no equipment, it is easy to transition from one exercise to the next. With shorter rest times, you can burn more calories and boost your heart rate.


Body weight training can be done anywhere at any time since it does not require equipment.  It can make workouts easier to squeeze in.

It is cheap.

Gym memberships could be pricey but you do not need a gym to do bodyweight exercises.

Outdoor Workouts.

Since it does not require a gym, you can do it anywhere! On nice days you could go in your backyard, a park, etc and enjoy your workout there.

Combines cardio and strength training.

Adding quick cardio intervals will keep your heart pumping while still building strength.  Cardio intervals could be a minute of jumping jacks, a minute of running in place, etc.

Easy to Modify.

Body weight trainings are easy to modify for any fitness level. Adding extra repetitions and performing exercises slower or faster can add a challenge.

Increase Flexibility.

Completing exercises through a full range of motion is a great way to ensure that joints move freely.  It can lead to better posture and might reduce the chance of exercise-related injuries.

Improved Balance.

Body weight exercises do not use weights for resistance so it is accomplished through other ways.  A bodyweight squat could become more challenging by doing a single-leg squat (pistol squat).

Core Strength.

The core helps with posture, improved athletic performance, and many other aspects.  Bodyweight exercises can be used to engage all twenty-nine abdominal muscles.  More core strength means more stability in other workouts which means you rely less on outside support. This helps prevent injury.

Injury Prevention.

Body weight trainers are generally safer regardless of experience, age, or fitness level.  Many exercises can actually be used as an option for rehabilitation.


Bodyweight exercises involve compound movements (multiple joints and muscles). Compound movements have shown to be extremely effective for strength gains and performance improvements.  Since core strength is developed it translates into improved strength gains throughout the entire body.

romanian workout tips

if ur like me where you love to work out but you are broke and don’t have any equipment here are some replacements that may come in handy

  • lift filled borsec bottles instead of dumbells
  • squat with a sack of onions or potatoes in your arms
  • the above works for crunches as well
  • hold a watermelon while running up and down the bloc stairs
  • if you tie those garlic packs to ur ceiling u can punch them

Just got home from the gym where it was blazing as it’s 80+ degrees here today. As we don’t have that many days this hot, most businesses just open the windows. So I’m dying. It was also probably foolish of me to start/try out a new program (nana health on Instagram). No muscle memory for any of these moves so my body was all, “lololol nope.” It was intense. It’s a 6-week program and I’m thinking of doing it for the next three weeks and the three weeks we’re in America as it doesn’t require a gym. Then I might switch back to BBG. We shall see. Three weeks until America!!!!! Gotta make room for all the barbecue, fried pickles, biscuits and gravy and Mexican food I’m going to inhale upon landing. Also, I really need to stop wearing these shirts; they’re way too big. Any suggestions for workout clothes that I don’t have to take out a loan to buy? (Aka no Lulu, Sweaty Betty, Fabletics etc…) 💪🏻

33 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere

Greatist writes:

Rock out with the band! Resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training routine or rehabilitation program and come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strengths . This portable exercise equipment is also easily stored, making it perfect for home use, hotel workouts, or when you’re tight on space at the gym. Just like free weights, exercise bands come in a range of resistance levels, from highly stretchable to heavy-duty strength.

The most common types of bands include tube bands with handles, loop bands (aka giant rubber bands), and therapy bands. (When in doubt, a fitness professional can help determine which band is right for you, depending on your fitness level and specific workout plan). For most exercises, try aiming for 8 to 25 reps for 2 to 3 sets per exercise. And don’t miss our sample workout suggested at the very end. Ready, set, streeetch!

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So I decided to re-watch The Grand Magic Games

And I’m on episode 165 of the dubbed Fairy Tail and the first time I watched it I completely missed Happy’s comment on where Erza was.

Lucy: I bet she’s getting in a solo workout before tomorrows games

Happy: I don’t think she’s solo, but she is getting a workout.


What happened to Happy being at least somewhat innocent?

What the hell, who writes the script for the dubbed version?
The 'Kitchen of the Future' Isn't Just Retro, It's Regressive
In a world full of incredible technology, why can we still not imagine anything more interesting than a woman making dinner alone?
By Rose Eveleth

Then there’s the idea of a “smart kitchen,” a room full of devices that learn all about you and help you go about your cooking more efficiently. A domestic installment in the “internet of things,” the smart kitchen is the space where all sorts of companies are trying to find ways and justifications for hooking up electronics to the cloud. Your smart countertop could connect to your fitness tracker and suggest post-workout meals. Your smart fork could beep when you’re eating too quickly, or too much, or taking bites of something not on the diet you’ve taught the fork you’re following. Your stove and fridge could be controlled by your phone.

This might sound convenient for someone with an efficient, perfect life, but it’s another case of futurists not thinking about how messy and unpredictable human behaviors actually are. What happens when your kid runs around the kitchen and pushes all the buttons, training the fridge to freeze or thaw or open or close at odd times of night? Or your cat hops on the cabinets and meddles with the toaster so it sends you emails while you’re at work asking when you want your toast ready and how well done it should be? Jain is optimistic that designers will come around to reality eventually. “It’s time to acknowledge that we are all whimsical, weird people,” she says. “I think there are ways to design stuff that’s more interpretive, more open to possibilities than just This is going change your lifeI

This isn’t a new phenomenon. There’s a rich history of “efficiency enhancing” devices turning out to actually create more work, particularly for women. And in the case of smart devices, much of that work comes in the training. A smart stove is still just a machine; it doesn’t know what you want until you teach it. Neither does the fork that tracks your calorie intake, or the cup that monitors your hydration, or the fridge that wants to tell you when it’s time to buy more milk or eggs. Suddenly, each device in your kitchen demands attention beyond simply turning it on or off, or lifting it up or down. “The technology becomes the most demanding child you’ll ever have to deal with,” says Sarah Kember, a scholar at the University of London who studies how domestic technology affects women. “Every gadget is asking what’s this? What’s this?”

anonymous asked:

Can suggest any workouts that don't build muscle and can be done in my room? 💕💕

You can do cardio, this doesn’t build muscle. 


Reverse Lunges (10 times)

Squats with Arms Overhead (10 times) 

Bridges (10 times) 

Plank with Shoulder Touches (10 times each side) 

Main Set: 

Mountain Climbers (do as many as possible for 1 minute) 

Burpees (as many as possible in 1 minute) 

Squat Jumps (again, for 1 minute) 

Skier Jumps (… 1 minute) 

Pilates (100) you can do 10 and rest, 10 and rest and keep going like that until you reach 100, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THE 100, START WITH 15. 


Warrior II (5 breathes) 

And you’re done :D 

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Hey! So I live in a very small town and there are only two gyms.. one is the open gym and the other one is a closed one for girls but there aren't really a lot of machines,what are the best workouts you suggest for me to do to focus on booty gains even though I'm trying to lose weight?

Squats, deadlifts, lunges, glute bridges, reverse lunges goblet squats, kettle bell squats, and that’s keeping the list long. I do nothing to my butt besides squats and deads. I’m sure you can go on YouTube and find a lot of booty builders that get away from the basics. Just train, man. The butt doesn’t happen overnight.