workout on the go

•Going to my parents for a BBQ later with the fam.
•Remember last year when my dad was buggin about me not dating and paid for a dating site? Well, I guess there was an automatic renewal (that I just turned off) because a few days ago I got a message someone was interested in talking. I’m seriously never on the site, but we’ve exchanged a few messages on there. He’s 41 and works at a jail. We’ll see.
•My self esteem has been shit lately. Plus I lost whatever WW motivation I had. I wish I had a workout partner. When I was going through and after the divorce I lost a bunch of weight and was so into it, I was seeing a trainer twice a week. I got a good deal because he was a friend of my dad’s, but he’s not doing it anymore.
•Kids are out for summer on Friday. The boy is having his first away sleepover on Friday too, I’m already nervous.
•I’m craving watermelon. When I was pregnant with the girl, I’d eat sooooo much watermelon. With the boy it was pickles dipped in chocolate ice cream. I remember going to restaurants and ordering it and them looking at me like I’m crazy.


Yesterday was rough but I’ve got to power through. Did 50 min workout, burned about 500+ cal. I am thoroughly satisfied. I’m going to start starting my day with exercise. My mood is so much better now and I feel like I can tackle the day. Ah that’s what people are always on about. I understand now. Time to hop in the shower and get some breakfast.

Stay strong

I’m trying to decide if I am going to go do Murph tomorrow at crossfit. There is an 8:30am workout and a 10am. I’d likely go to the 8:30am. I haven’t put any work into my bikes, so a morning ride is out.

I haven’t done Murph before and it would be a crazy good benchmark and it’ll be nice and cool at 8:30am. I don’t know if I can do the pull-ups due to cheese grating off most of my right index finger knuckle yesterday. I think I’m going to just see how I feel in the morning.

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Hey, do you have any gym routines? I'm just beginning to hit the gym and so I'm new and all that :/

Check out
They have some pretty good ones! I usually go there when I need new workouts and shit

Planking is pain, I know. But I love it. It’s such a good test of strength, not only physical but mental too. It’s so easy just to drop and say “I can’t go on”. However, over the week, the plank has been my best friend as I have only seen my resistance grow. Before I could muster about 30secs, yet today for the first time I managed 90secs. That’s what I call progress.

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