workout layout

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Hi, I want to start working out but I don't have access to a gym or weights. What can I do to get a total body workout? I don't do anything right now, should I have a set time limit and all that? How should I start? I'm lost. :/

Body weight exercises are great! its my favorite form of workouts.

I do a lot of jumping squats, planks, burpees, pushups etc. 

Here is great source with 50+ total body workouts you can do!

Here is a workout layout I would do:

do a 10min warmup: 

  • jog in place
  • jump rope (imaginary jump rope) 
  • jumping jacks 
  • walk out planks (stand up straight and walk down into a plank and then walk your hands back in and stand up)
  • toe touch jumps (stand with your feet together, knees together, thighs squeezed. bend down and touch your toes, and then launch your body in the air keeping your feet, knees, and thighs together, land back on the ground)

Do each move for 30 seconds repeat the warm up 3x increasing the speed of each move every time you complete a round (by the 3rd round, its not a warmup anymore and you should every move as quickly as you can)

Then take a break (1-2 min) and get some water.

pick 8 of those body weight moves from the link i gave you, and create your own set list. Combining 4 moves together to be 1 set. Each set is 2 minutes long, and then take a 30second-1min break. 

Intensity is where it will count! so with good form go as quickly as you can. Find a stop watch, get your music blasting and get a great workout no equipment needed!