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Season 4 Drabble #3: Shoot Your Shot

Hope you all enjoy this little drabble. The next chapter of the prequel is almost done and will be posted soon!

Ahsha watched from the second-floor balcony as Derek ran back and forth down their outside basketball court. This was his second workout that day and Ahsha was enjoying every minute of watching his sweaty body bulging from physical activity. His velvety toffee skin looked delicious under the sun. The dancer sipped her iced tea and hummed to herself. Damn, that man knows he’s fine. When Ahsha grew tired of watching from afar, she joined her husband on the court. With headphones in, the baller bopped his head to the music as he took a slight breather. He didn’t even notice Ahsha standing on the sidelines.

For what seemed like the 100th time, Derek ran to one end of the court before turning around and running back. Ahsha was busy bouncing a basketball by the time Derek noticed her on the side. Removing his headphones, the baller walked over to his smiling wife, “What do you think you’re doing out here?”

“Watching my man workout. You getting in enough for me too,” Ahsha blushed when Derek kissed her forehead, “Here, I brought you a Gatorade.”

“Well aren’t you sweet? Thanks baby,” Derek said, with a smirk. How could a person be this sexy?
Ahsha’s hormones were all over the place and Derek having his abs on display wasn’t helping the situation. The dancer couldn’t help her traveling eyes when it came to the print in Derek’s shorts. “Like something you see,” he flirted with a raise of his brow. He knew exactly what his wife was looking at, besides she made it no secret.

“Ha, ha. Very funny,” she joked back. “I mean…. You have it on full display, so I couldn’t help it,” Ahsha continued, referring to Derek’s lack of compression shorts.

“I’m a big man. Sometimes those shorts are uncomfortable.”

Ahsha frowned, “I hope you’re not out there showing your goodies to the world. They can’t handle all that.”

“Nah, only for you. Since you can handle it…sometimes,” the baller teased. In response, Ahsha only shook her head and chuckled. “I’m about to get back to this workout. Don’t be in this heat for too long,” Derek warned. “Or else…”

The player went back to his workout while Ahsha made her way to one of the hoops. Bouncing the ball a few times, she attempted to aim and shoot, only to come up short. Her baller husband stood back and laughed with each failed shot. “Baby, baby, you playing basketball or dodgeball,” he interrupted, removing his headphones again.

“Since you’re the pro, how about you show me how to shoot,” Ahsha gave Derek the ball and placed her hands on her hips. Sweat dripped down Derek’s chest, making a path down his defined abs.  

“You already know how I shoot,” he suggested, licking his lips.


“Alright,” Derek laughed, ducking away from Ahsha’s hand. “First, you aren’t standing right. Square your shoulders and your hips to the basket.” He fixed Ahsha’s stance by guiding her hips. The sound of his voice directly in her ear reminded her of the times he- “Focus on the basket, then shoot.”

The ball still missed the basket, but it was closer. “That’s enough for you today. Can’t have you hurting yourself or my baby,” the husband demanded, rubbing Ahsha’s small bump. “But I know there’s a little baller in here. I can feel it.”

Ahsha placed her hand on top of Derek’s, imagining what their kid would be like once he or she arrived. “Let’s take our asses back inside before Daddy gets mad,” the dancer spoke to her belly.

“Yeah, I’ll be in in a few. Gotta finish this workout,” Derek explained, leaning in for a quick kiss.

Ahsha took her husband’s advice and went back to her watching post on the second-floor balcony.

Now, I don’t want Ahsha to get pregnant in this next season because babies can come later. But, it could be a possibility with the way our faves operate. Hope you all enjoyed!

This makes me miss Greece so much!! Although I was travelling for 3 weeks, I still managed do my #bbg stronger program while I was away! I researched gyms around our hotel and also used the hotels gyms. There was absolutely NO WAY I would have been able to workout outside in that heat and I knew it! Although it was a holiday, I still loved working out each week, it kept me feeling fresh. @travel_a_little_luxe

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time to rest


new york city in 7 weeks

Been knocked out the past couple of days, a combination of fatigue and the heat.  The past couple of weeks of training culminating with last Saturday’s half and subsequent workouts in this current heat wave we’re having along with a busy week at work did me in.  The sore throat was a sign I needed to recover a little, and that’s what I’m doing.  Will play it ear the next couple of days in hopes of being ready for Sunday’s XC race.  A good dress rehearsal for taper time.

Today, I was tired.
Today, I woke up at 7am after getting 4 hours of sleep to go downtown to a volunteer event until 12:30, immediately followed by isolating myself in the library to study for my huge Bio exam on Monday.
Today, I was extremely unmotivated to work out.
But today, I was dedicated.
Today, I was determined.
Today, I forced myself to take time for ME. I picked my ass up out of the library and into the gym by 6:00pm and devoted one hour to my health.
Today, I had the best work out of my life.
It was heat day. My first Phase 2 heat day. (Or should I say INFERNO?!) I didn’t want to be there. I was dreading it. But i turned on my pump up playlist, cut out all distractions, and put my game face on.

Today, I. Fucking. Killed it.

I gave this workout 120%.
This is the face of a tired, sweaty, worn-out champion.

Today, I proved to myself that I CAN do this. Whatever I set my mind to. I can do it.

I am my own motivation.

Name (or just your first name): Katie
Age: 26
Age at start of transformation: 24
Age at end of transformation: 26
Starting weight: 160
Weight at the end of transformation: 120
Height: 5"6
Bodyfat loss: 15%

Why did you start?: I was tired of being unhappy with my body, always talking about it and thinking about how much I disliked what I saw. I knew it was time to change my entire lifestyle for the better, so that I could feel happy with myself.

How did you lose the weight?: I really had to start with my diet first. I cut out all of the things that were negatively impacting me; processed foods, gluten, un-natural sugars, dairy and high fatty foods. I began to cook for myself every day, eating the right portions, increasing my protein and making sure that I ate as much whole foods as possible. From there it was about finding a fitness routine that worked for me. I started with heated yoga sculpt classes and began to switch up my routine, working in barre, pilates and running. I knew I wanted to continue to enjoy life, but do it the right way.

Diet: (a sample daily diet is preferable, even if you didn’t stick to one meal plan throughout and just ate healthier, give an example of a healthy day meal 1/meal 2 etc Also you can add a little about your philosophy on your diet) 

Breakfast: Either protein shake + fruit or egg whites (1 yolk) with avocado

Lunch: Healthy wrap, chicken breast, quinoa veggie bowl

Dinner: Grilled chicken, grilled fish (salmon or mahi usually) with veggies, quinoa

Workout: (Your workout routine, be as specific as possible)

My workout routine consists of:

- Heated yoga sculpt 1-2x per week

- Weight training in the gym 1-2x per week

- Running or other cardio 1x per week

- Circuit training in gym or at home 2x per week

How did you stay motivated?: My motivation really came from reminding myself how I felt when I ate healthy and worked out. That feeling I got was hard to beat and could never return if I was unhealthy. When I started seeing progress, that gave me even more of a lift! Also, having a workout buddy is a HUGE help…really keeps you accountable.

Advice/Words for people looking to transform their bodies: Despite what you may think or anyone might tell you…you CAN achieve the results you want. I have been in your shoes and I know it’s possible. A healthy lifestyle can still be fun, you can still eat yummy food and go out with friends. Find ways to substitute healthy options for the things you crave most!

Any other points you would like to say:


I just want to hug it out with someone right now. Today was so good. Weekends are usually really hard for me to eat right or workout, but this weekend? This weekend was mostly on point the entire time and I feel great. Well, I am SORE AS HECK, but I feel my best when I am sore. 

My meals were all planned and although I am low on protein and could eat a little more, I am fully satisfied (unless you put mac and cheese or pizza in front of me, then we’d have issues). The most exciting part of my day though was that I got a workout in with Autumn Calabrese at a Beachbody event!!! For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is basically like the female version of Shaun T. We did a new workout from Country Heat and it was ex-haust-ing. Everyone was a sweaty mess and the energy in the room was surreal. 

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that eating right and working out really changes your attitude. A few days of consistency and I already feel significantly better than a week ago. Happy Sunday! 

why I need feminism:
today while I was lifting weights at the gym a guy said to me “what are you doing in the big boy area you’re gonna hurt yourself” so I looked him straight in the eye while I grabbed another twenty pounds and continued my workout


Me before exercise,
Me after exercise.

That snapchat filter.. can’t decide how I feel about it. But I can decide how I feel about my workout, which is pretty good. My back is still SO TIGHT, but I was super mindful of how it was feeling, so I really didn’t push it in the gym. I did 2.9 super light miles followed by a lottttt of stretching. A lot.

I’m hoping my back continues to heal up. I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing and we will see. Light workouts, stretching, heat and ice. Anti-inflammatory meds. Repeat.

Happy Tuesday to ya! Hopefully it’s less humid where you are than where I am, because this is nuts. Summer is here.


I find this kind of hard to post. But the first picture in the two that are compared is from 6 months ago. I was at my highest weight since I was a chubby 8th grader, and I’m assuming that day was a really body positive day for me, or I wouldn’t have take the picture. 6 months later and I’m not sure if I see a difference. But today I feel different. I feel happier than I have been in a long time because of anxiety and minor depression. Life has been hard. Managing my stress and frustration has been REALLY hard. Loving myself has been even harder, and let me tell you, I am my own worst enemy. Today - I’m trying to love myself and I have Love Myself playing on repeat ( Hailee Steinfield ) Today will be a good day, and I will crush my Crush60 workout (HEAT DAY 😭) and the 5 billion quizzes I have due tonight 💪🏼 BTW shoutout to bbbenwilliamson for creating a program that busts my butt and to aubernutter for giving me motivation you guys ROCK

The Signs as Different Aesthetics:

aries- the feeling after a good workout, getting into a heated argument, being on top of a mountain

taurus- eating at a luxurious restaurant, going barefoot in a grassy field, the smell of crisp dollar bills

gemini- being on an airplane looking at the clouds, talking on the phone for hours, reflecting in a coffee shop

cancer- the smell of summer rain, deep conversations with friends on the beach, night swimming

leo- winning an award, laying out in the sun, crowd surfing at a concert

virgo- a nice stroll through a forest just after dawn, reading a good book at the library, thinking about life

libra- cuddling with someone you care about, taking a deep breath of fresh air, doing yoga

scorpio- cliff jumping, walking into a party, a good cry by yourself

sagittarius- buying a plane ticket to a different country, dancing with friends around a bonfire, singing at the top of your lungs

capricorn- the feeling after reaching a goal, gardening, watching your favorite tv show

aquarius- watering plants, giving a speech, joking around with friends and laughing until your stomach hurts

pisces- daydreaming, listening to a small rivulet, laying on a blanket while looking at the stars

1D Pref; Workout gets heated


You and Harry wanted to work out together since you two would be leaving to Hawaii in a few weeks. You both wanted to get in shape and have a hot looking body before vacation at Hawaii.

It’s your second week of working out today, 5 days a week, for a few hours and Harry hasn’t stop touching you.

“Babe,” You laughed, “Get to work! That body isn’t going to work itself." 

"I can’t.” He replied, “if you stopped looking so hot while you work out, I wouldn’t get so turned on." 

"Start working out, pretty boy.” You shoved him away so you can continue your workout.

“I want you. Right now.” He growled into your ear before nibbling on it and made his way down your neck, finding your sweet spot in the process. 

“Haz” You moaned, “Don’t do this here." 

"I want you, Y/N.” He replied, his lips attacking yours in the process, which turns into a full on make out session.


To stay healthy, you and Niall would go to the gym and work out every so often. Today, was one of those days. 

“You ready, Ni?” You asked him while refilling your water bottle.

“Mhm, as ready as I’ll ever be.” He smirked and hugged you from behind.

Oblivious to the fact that Niall wanted you right now, you turned around and gave him a peck on the lips before walking out the door.

“Ugh.. such a tease.” Niall complained before heading out the door, making sure to lock it. 

Once you guys arrived at the gym, Niall couldn’t keep his eyes off of you.

“Niall” You said, yet he didn’t respond. Waving your hand in front of his face got his attention, “Niall!”

“W-what? huh?” Niall’s face couldn’t get any redder, HA caught in the act. 

“Stop staring and start working out, silly." 

"You look so hot today, princess.” He replied, pulling you closer to his chest.

You’ve got to admit, Niall was looking super fit lately and you couldn’t help but feel turned on when he works out. Enough said, you spun around and pulled him towards you, kissing his soft lips that you’ve been craving for the past few days. 

“Mhm.. Y/N..” Niall moaned, “Let’s go home, I want your hot body." 

Niall being so turned on, was pretty hot.

Getting in the car was quite difficult since Niall and you were full on making out.

By the time you guys got home, clothes were thrown across the floor and ya know the rest ;)


Three times a week, Louis and you would have a morning jog from your flat to the park to get some exercise and become healthier. 

"Lou, come on! You’re lacking on the running!” You shouted behind you.

“I’m fine back here, you go ahead and run!” He shouted back. Frowning, you turned your head to see him staring at your bum

“My eyes are up here, Louis Tomlinson!” You smirked and stop to wait for your boyfriend.

“I can’t help it, did you do squats?!” He questioned, looking down towards your bum. Louis then pulls his hands out from his pocket and grabs your bum.

“Lou!” You shrieked, slapping his hand away.

“What?” He replied, before he pulled you behind a tree and starting kissing you, from your neck and up.

Louis hasn’t give you this much affection lately and you weren’t going to let it slip away, so you kissed him back and soon you guys made your way home to ‘shower’ ;)


Liam was at the studio rehearsing, so he wasn’t able to work out with you. 

You turned on some music and started stretching and working on your abs. After you were done with your abs, you decided to work on your legs and arms. By the end of your workout, you turned around to find Liam standing by the door.

“Oh hey Li, didn’t see you there.” You said, “When’d you come home?”

“Not too long ago, but babe.. you’re so sexy when you’re working out.” Liam replied, walking towards you.

“Yeah, thanks Li. But not when i’m all sweaty.” You laughed and gave him a kiss before heading to the bathroom.

“No, wait come here.” Liam growled and pull you into his chest. His soft pink lips were awaiting you, so you pulled him closer and kissed him. First softly and passionately, and then it was getting more rough, but still full of passion.

“I’ll show you a good workout.” Liam said before carrying you upstairs ;)


Being Zayn’s workout instructor gives you and Zayn more time to spend together.

“You can do it, babe! 1,2,3,4,5.. etc. Now other leg!” You shouted.

“Alright done. Now what’s next?” He asked.

“PUSH UPS” You replied, knowing Zayn had no motivation to be doing any push ups.

He was about to protest, but an brilliant idea came into his mind.

“I’ll only do push ups, if you lay on the ground. Every time I come down, you kiss me.” He smirked, pulling you over.

“Fine fine..” You blushed and got down on the ground. 

Zayn started his push ups and only stopped at about 25 before he came crashing down on you, on purpose. 

“Zaynnn” You laughed, “We are not done yet!" 

"Too bad, we are now.” He replied, leaning down to kiss you. 

Giving in, you wrapped your legs around his torso and kissed him back.

Let’s just say, you both had too much fun in the workout room ;)

A/N: Sorry it was all so similar! I kinda ran out of ideas on this one. 

kaleidoscopeprisms  asked:

Hope it is not to late to ask for Katniss/Peeta and cop/person getting a speeding ticket au

The pavement gives off waves of heat, as Katniss climbs from her patrol car, electronic pad in hand. She’s on traffic duty and this is the third person she’s stopped for speeding in the last hour. Climbing in and out of her car shouldn’t be a workout, but in this heat she’s already sweat through her polyester uniform.

Two feet from his window, the man in the black Volvo rolls it down, and she’s not really paying attention behind her mirrored sunglasses, when he interrupts her rehearsed questioning. Are you aware of just how fast you were going?

“Katniss Everdeen!”

Her eyes flick up from her pad.

“This is a surprise,” he continues, smiling broader than any man should when he’s about to be stuck with a speeding ticket, but then, the Mellarks always were rich and careless. “Peeta Mellark.”

“I remember.”

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Yumm 😍 frittata and Ezekiel toast with coconut oil, cinnamon & coconut sugar before my workout today! Recipe below 👇 🍳- Heat a little avocado oil in a small pan to medium low. Sauté diced yellow onion, mushrooms, and small handful of spinach for a few minutes. Once spinach is almost wilted add chopped bell pepper, zucchini, then cook for another 2-3 minutes and season with cracked pepper and mrs. Dash chipotle southwest seasoning. Whisk 1 egg and 2 egg whites in a bowl with a splash of almond milk for a few seconds; add to the pan of veggies and make sure it covers the entire bottom of the pan. Season again and add feta cheese and red onion; leave on the heat untouched until the bottom of the eggs are fully cooked, then transfer pan to the oven and broil for 2-3 minutes or until top is cooked. While frittata is broiling toast a piece of bread to your liking and top it with coconut oil, cinnamon and coconut sugar. Enjoy! Instagram - goodhealthgoodvibes