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Do you have an old pair of dumbbells that are way too light for you? Here’s an exercise circuit you can do! The circuit alternates 1 minute of a back exercise with 1 minute of a cardio exercise for a total of 6 exercises that you can repeat for 3-4 rounds:

1- Back: Reverse fly in warrior 3 position
2- Cardio: Shadow boxing
3- Back: Swim kicks
4- Cardio: Shadow boxing in a static plié squat position
5- Back: Y-raises 
6- Cardio: Running man in a static lunge position


Backpack workout
Do-it-anywhere workout using a filled backpack. Perform the following circuit without backpack first, then perform it 3 times with backpack. (Be careful: your body has to adjust to the changes that the backpack makes in your center of gravity. Pay attention to how the weight shifts and how it affects your balance.)

10 exercises, 10 reps each: 

1) Plié squat
2) Alternating forward lunes and twist
3) Hip thrust
4) One leg bridge on the right leg
5) One leg bridge on the left leg
6) Up and down plank
7) Squats
8) Push-ups
9) Lunge & kick on the right leg
10) Lunge & kick on the left leg


I’m happy to present:


To prevent early winter blues, I’ve made two pages of printable, easily readable workout ideas or add-ons that you simply print, cut, and mix up.

Then when you’re bored or lacking for ideas or want to try something new each day, you grab one out of a hat/box/bag and try it! 

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Open the pictures in a new window for high-res. :) 

Snacking on the worlds yummiest fruit 🙌🏼

Today has been busy. I woke up at 6:30 to babysit, grabbed a quick lunch at whole foods (rainbow quinoa, green beans, chickpeas, roasted tofu, spinach, and marinated mushrooms), and now I’m heading to the gym 💪🏼

Hope you guys are having great days! 🌺