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Me before going into CrossFit: oh yeah I’m sure I’ll do fine I run and hike and do other workout shit at home. How hard can it be

Me after going into CrossFit, lying on the floor, unable to move: I just got my ass kicked and not only that, I paid $30 for it

Becky Lynch workouts: WWE diva explains how CrossFit helped her being in shape
Becky Lynch / Instagram

The WWE makes it mandatory for its employees to undergo strict olympic weightlifting in order to bring their A-game in the ring.

Over there, even the divas or the women wrestlers, work their butt off and shed buckets of sweat in their training sessions at the gym, to maintain their shape. The likes of Chyna, Lita and Beth Phoenix have remained major examples in the past. 

John Cena’s diet and workout regime.

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And with the changing times, new-age WWE divas — from Charlotte Flair to Becky Lynch — are taking course to advanced methods like the revered CrossFit training regime in the gym, to take their body to the extreme level.

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Becky, 30, for one, is one of the most dedicated WWE superstars in the women’s roster. She has frequently taken to Instagram and Twitter to post her workout videos and has inspired many with her displays.

Becky, whose billed weight is around 60 kg, recently posted a video of her performing a 300 pound deadlift — a personal record.

New 300 lb PR in deadlift. Huzzah! It ain’t pretty, but let’s ignore that shall we?! @joshyg27 @venicebarbellclub

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More about Becky Lynch

Real name: Rebecca Quin

Born: January 30 1987 in Dublin, Ireland

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Signed WWE contract in: 2013

WWE main roster debut: July 2015

WrestleMania debut: WrestleMania 32 (2016) - Charlotte (wins) vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

Achievements: WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion (once)

Boyfriend: Luke Sanders (UFC Bantamweight fighter)

Bye Felicia

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“I’ve always been lifting since I started training to be a wrestler at 15, but recently I’ve got really into CrossFit and I love it,” said Becky, whose real name is Rebecca Quin, to Mirror. "It’s something that constantly pushes you and constantly tests you both physically and mentally to keep going and keep going harder, getting stronger and faster and more agile.

“We [WWE superstar Seth Rollins and me] have the same trainer.

"They call Rollins CrossFit Jesus but if you want, you can call me Crossfit Shesus. Don’t feel obliged or under pressure, only if you want to. You may also call me Cybec, because I am a machine. Again, no pressure,” she added on a lighter note.

When you’re trying to snatch but your hair won’t get out of your way. @cfmagna @chardaifisher @iwmcuk

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faeron-the-wanderer  asked:

My guy, what's the name of the manga you've been reblogging?

Its called 


Or in English

How Many Kilos are the Dumbbells You Lift?

I literally found it yesterday All thanks to @jake-everfree 

and its about these 2 girls which eventually turn to 5 

who want to start working out and going to the gym 

so theres Sakura Hibiki the blonde girl and my personal favorite whos basically just trying to lose weight cause she eats like Goku

and  Akemi Souryuuin the Dark Black Haired girl who is OBSESSED with Fitness and has a muscle fetish

And they get a BEAST OF A Personal Trainer named Machio

And he’s Just a Monstrous Intelligent Fitness Training Obsessed with helping them become Great!!

And the Manga goes in detail explaining Exercises.

Now I’m a Personal Trainer myself. I’ve been Certified the last 7 years and graduated college last year 

PS if you wanna hire me for online coaching just email me at ;)

so I HONESTLY am Impressed with the facts they are spewing out. and THE MANGA IS F*CKIN FUNNY AS HELL! Because sometimes its slice of life fun.

Like a 29 year old teacher who loves to cosplay started working out so she could cosplay better 

and then it can turn into an ACTION BADASS SERIES just because Hibiki has Natural Gifts 

And everyones facial expressions will change to match the mood 

And its HILARIOUS, Its Fun, and just has so many things I appreciate as a Personal Trainer myself I LOVE THIS MANGA AND REAL TALK. Itss giving me 10x the Motivation to do better at fitness than OPM and yes even DBZ did back in the day 


Its only 18 chapters right now! So Go Read it and tell me what ya think. Also 

@train-go you should check this out :)

And I can start another poll! 

Like I when I got 1021 people to read the One Punch Man manga way before the anime premiered :) Booyah! Let me see how many we can get! Making a video on this on my channel later ^_^


This Manga will inspire you to Workout
more than Dragon Ball Z

NEW VIDEO for those who happen to give a F*ck How Many Kilos are the Dumbbells You Lift? This workout manga is a MUST READ. Of Comedy Training and Action! One Punch Man and DBZ be proud


How To Calculate Macros

Calculating your macros is a crucial part of making progress with your body. The macronutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Calculating how much you need of each is a huge part of your success. It is simpler than a lot of people think.

PROTEIN - Protein is what the muscle tissue in your body is made of. It also plays a key role in the functioning of many hormones. Without protein you cannot build or even maintain muscle tissue, or even maintain things like collagen in your cartilage. Protein is necessary when trying to gain muscle, lose weight, or just maintain good health. Protein yeilds 4 calories per gram. An easy way to calculate how much of it you need in your diet is to eat a gram per pound of lean body mass. This means you must figure out your body fat percentage, multiply that by your weight, and then subtract that number from your body weight. What is left is your lean body mass in pounds. If you don’t know your body fat percentage, it is okay to estimate. Typically protein should make up about 25-30% of your diet, depending on the individual and what their goals are. To calculate how many grams you need using a percentage, take your total calories and multiply it by .3 or whatever percentage you are using. Then take that number and divide it by 4.

FATS - The reason I put fat next is because they have more function than carbohydrates. Fats are in each cell in your body, and they supply your body with much more energy per gram than carbohydrates (9 calories per gram). Fats also make up many hormones and help to transport nutrients across the body. Many people try low fat diets in fear that eating fat will make them gain fat. This has been proven to be untrue again and again in studies. Because fat is used for so many other things in the body, your body does not just store all of them. Also eating too low of fat could suppress hormones, cause malfunction with the micronutrients in your body, and ultimately will force you to eat more carbohydrates, which can cause fat gain much more easily. Typically fats should make up 25-30% of the diet depending on your goals and body type. To calculate how many grams you need, take your total calories and multiply it by the percentage you are using, then take that number and divide it by 9.

CARBOHYDRATES - Carbs are pretty simple; they are your body’s main energy source. They have other functions, but giving you energy to do everything you do is the main function. Carbohydrates have much more leeway than the other two macros. Carbohydrates can change drastically depending on what your goal is. For example, many bodybuilders eat anywhere from 300-500 carbohydrates when bulking, and then drop them close to 0 when cutting. When you consume carbohydrates they are either stored as glycogen (in the muscles), converted to glucose (in the blood), or stored as fat. When you have more carbohydrates than you need to supply your body with proper energy, it stores the rest as fat. This is why they must be limited when trying to lose weight. This is not to say you must drop your carbs to 0, just don’t overeat them. If you do decide to go 0 carb, just keep in mind that you will most likely experience dizziness, fatigue, and some other abnormal symptoms when you first stop eating them. This is due to your body trying to find a new energy source as you have taken away its main one. When eating 0 carbs, your body will be forced to burn fat through the process of lipolysis, and convert amino acids to glucose through the process of gluconeogenesis. If you do things right and eat enough, you should not lose much muscle. Carbohydrates yield 4 calories per gram. Typically they should make up about 35-50% of the diet. Like I mentioned before this varies drastically depending on your goal and body type. I myself can only get away with about 35% when bulking and I go to 0 when cutting. For others they go up to 60% when bulking and only down to 40% when cutting. To calculate how many grams you need, take your total calories and multiply them by the percentage you want, and divide that number by 4.

Sorry this became such a long post but it is a more complex subject and requires more information. No matter what diet you decide to do, just try to find what works best for you and stick to it. Never starve yourself. You want to eat less than you burn off, but only by about 250-500 calories. This a surefire way to burn muscle. Hope this helps guys, let me know if you have any questions.

Below I have listed the main supplements that I recommend and take myself. Feel free to check them out and give them a try.

Pre workout (stims)

Pre workout (pump)

Intra workout

Post workout (protein)

Post workout (carbs)


The Lazy Girl's Guide to Losing Weight
  1. Always start a meal with a glass of water: You’ll stay hydrated and feel fuller instantly, which can help you from overeating.
  2. Make a few simple swaps at every meal: Going for a vinaigrette dressing instead of a Green Goddess dressing at lunch can save you 80 calories, while opting for fresh fruit instead of dried can save you dozens as well. Get a list of simple swaps to save calories here.
  3. Have a piece of dark chocolate for dessert: Instead of opting for the cookies in the break room, quiet your sugar cravings with a piece of dark chocolate. It may not feel quite as satisfying the first few times, but as you wean yourself off your sugar addiction, you’ll be glad you’re saving calories while having a healthy yet decadent treat.
  4. Be diligent with portion control: If you want to lose weight, sticking to the right portions at every meal is important. Measure out snacks beforehand instead of eating from the bag, use smaller plates to visually signal that your meal will satisfy, and put away leftovers, so you’re not tempted to go back for seconds.
  5. Move more: Even if you’re not dedicating an entire chunk of time to a workout, you can burn a few extra calories by making an effort to move a little more during the day. Taking breaks to walk around the office, opting for the stairs instead of the escalator, and parking a little farther from the office entrance are all simple ways to up your calorie burn.
  6. Don’t drink your calories: It’s a common reason why you’re not seeing results — those empty calories from a daily soda, morning juice, or large glass of wine at dinner can really add up. Stick to water flavored with a fresh ingredients likecucumber, lemon, or mint in order to save on important calories.
  7. Don’t go hungry too long: A little hunger can be good for you, but starving yourself all day in order to “splurge” on dessert at night is both unhealthy and diet sabotage. Eat well-timed meals and snacks in order to avoid low blood sugar levels that cause you to crash.
  8. Snack on high-protein, high-fiber foods: When it’s time to snack, make your food work for you. Steer clear of the empty, high-calorie options like chips and crackers, and go for protein- and fiber-rich foods that taste good and fill you up too. You’ll be able to eat fewer calories while still feeling satisfied. One of these150-calorie snacks will surely hit the spot.
  9. Eat a light, early dinner. Try to keep your dinner to about 25 percent of your daily calories, and have it at least two to three hours before going to bed. Eating too much too late can cause digestion and sleep issues that make it hard to stick to a healthy routine.
  10. Get more sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you to eat more throughout the day and not have enough energy for your workouts, so aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night. It’s an easy and effective way to keep your weight-loss goals on the right track.



2017.03.18 🚴 Short Bike Ride

Didn’t feel like doing much of anything, to be honest, but I needed to do something, so I did a short bike ride. It was a bit windy, and I probably would’ve gone longer if not for that. I really dislike riding in the wind.  It’s all fun and games while it’s at your back, but eventually you have to turn around.  Plus, the book I was listening to ended about half-way through. The struggle is real. haha!

This is my old, heavy, too-small bike, also, which I could really feel in my quads vs. my new bike.

I got my 5/5 day workout goal in with this, so that’s also good.

Anyway, got something done, which is more than I felt like doing. Go me.

Bambam is so damn cute! I was watching his vapp with a huge smile on my face the whole time! He is so sweet and pretty much spent the whole time just talking to us/reading comments and speaking different languages. I love him so much. Our fanservice King!


This 30-Day Challenge Will Transform Your Posture

It’s not just the problem of rounded shoulders and chins jutting forward that you’d expect from staring at screens in every waking moment — posture affects your whole body. “When the whole top of the body is forward, the butt has to stick out, then the calves get tight, and you’re out of whack,” says Charleene O’Connor, a postural alignment and muscle biomechanics specialist.

So, how can you whip yourself back into shape?