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Week 4 💜 12-Week Challenge!
Let’s do this, girls!! Keeping pushing through 😘
Week 4 is a hard one because a lot of women start losing motivation! A few things you can do if you are feeling demotivated is…1️⃣Talk about what you are doing to friends and family 2️⃣Take a progress photo 3️⃣Make sue you workout with a friend who will motivate you 4️⃣Write down your goals and check them off one by one 5️⃣Have a relaxing day to yourself so you feel refreshed and ready to get back on track the next day!! 💜💛

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It’s a good thing that my processing times at work aren’t as slow as my tumblr updating times; I’d definitely be looking for another job.

First of all, fuck triathlon pool swims. The whole premise of “let’s let grown adults predict their 250 yard swim time, give them a race number according to their pace, and let them self seed themselves outside of the pool ACCORDING TO THE FUCKING NUMBER ON THEIR LEG AND ARM” seems very straightforward, but Jesus Fucking Christ was the swim a clusterfuck! Granted, my brilliant idea of launching under/across the lane lines after I tapped the wall didn’t help my cause, it was just ridiculous. Lesson learned.

While that was a pain in the ass, the bike course fell right in my wheelhouse and I rocked the shit out of that. The run was meh, but considering it was the first time I ran coming off of the bike this season, I’m happy about it. I debated putting myself in the fat kid category, since I currently qualify, but decided to enter my actual age group and that backfired in my face; 9th in my AG, but I would’ve placed 3rd, and won an award, in the Clydesdale division.

Womp Womp.

Okay yall binder question:

I taught this morning and then ran a workshop (on mental health in the classroom yeahhhhh) at a conference this afternoon and I’m only just getting home and I’m doing all the deep breathing stuff but are there any particular stretches or something that work well for post-binding all damn day (8.5 hours, I didn’t get home as early as I thought I would)?

Thank yall and so much love to you!!!

“I worked about 5 years at a company as a designer, and now I’m a writer and I build furniture after quitting. When I was young, I considered the age of an adult to be 27. I believed that when I became that age, I would make a lot of money and be able to spend more too… Last year, I was 27. I would go to work at 9 and leave at 6 and meet with friends or workout or watch TV at home, but at one point I felt like I wasn’t worth anything. So I decided, ‘ I can’t waste away my youth like this,’ so I quit my job to try everything I could do. When someone asks me how everything is going, I would have said ‘It’s just okay.’”
“What about now?”
“Now of course I can say ‘I am happy and doing very well.’”

“회사에서 5년 정도 디자이너로 일을 하다가 그만두고 지금은 글을 쓰고 가구를 만드는 일을 하고 있어요. 제가 어렸을 때 막연하게 생각했던 어른의 나이가 있는데 그게 27살이었어요. 그 때가 되면 돈도 많이 벌고 많이 쓰면서 살 수 있겠지 하면서 생각했었는데… 제가 작년에 27살이었거든요. 9시에 출근해서 6시에 퇴근하고 친구를 만나거나 운동을 하거나 집에서 TV를 보는데 문득 내 자신이 너무 아무 것도 아닌 거예요. 그래서 ‘이렇게 내 젊음을 소비하고 있으면 안 되겠다’해서 회사를 그만두었고, 제가 할 수 있는 걸 모든 해보기 시작한 거예요. 누군가가 잘 지내냐고 물어보면 예전에는 ‘그냥 그렇지’ 라고 말했는데…”
“지금은 당연하게 ‘기분 좋게 잘 지낸다’고 말해요.”

*does one ab workout a month, consistently checks for abs*

Hahahaha, my life.

P.S. - I did a preliminary weigh in because I wanted to know what to expect for Friday, bodyfar went down to 23% on the dot. My friend at the store told me he thinks I can get down to 14%, but I’m aiming for 16.5-17%. I’d even be happy with 18, 19%. I won’t win with that but it’s more about how I feel and look.

I’d like to make friends with motivational and positive people 🌸 Feel free to message me over the new update of tumblr! 💕💟💗 ( The pyramid is all over my feed I AM SORRY but I am so happy about it. )

Many of you wanted to see the full version of the pyramid! I have it on my blog, otherwise you can just click on the link below!