workout for a cause

Would you guys be interested in a “workouts when depressed” book?? Cause like… i know i could write one and i know how many people on this website don’t have the energy or time to get fit

Imagine how great a soccer (or football based on geographic location) AU of hetalia would be. Like, there could be some kind of elite team put together from the best players around the world. and then they’d all be on it. Everyone loves sports anime (Some people love hetalia) It’d be great. They’d workout together and fight and then have team bonding cause they’re all superstars from different nations and cultures who aren’t used to being on a team where they aren’t the sole focus and they have to learn to overcome their differences to work together and be awesome. Like a sports movie. But one about hetalia that doesn’t focus probably as much on the actual game.  

Ingredient - Honey

Magical Properties

- Honey can be symbolically used to stick things together. It can be used in binding spells, adding stability to relationships, and put on poppets. It’s good for binding spells because it can be undone fairly easily too.
- It’s used similarly to sugar; to sweeten a person or situation to work in your favour.
- Honey is an excellent offering to gods and spirits.
- A dab of it can be used in attraction, love, lust, and sex magic.

Medicinal Properties

- Honey is great for cold and flu treatment. Raw and organic honey is preferable as it is an antibacterial and is high in antioxidants.
- It can be used in an ointment for treating wounds, burns and cold sores.
- Honey will help in muscle building; a teaspoon of raw organic honey after a workout can induce an insulin spike, allowing your muscles to get the most out of the workout.
- It can be used as a weight loss aid. Honey can cause changes to the metabolism that will help curb sugar cravings.
- Honey is also an excellent hangover remedy.

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do you think you can not workout while on holiday and not gain weight cause you say you won't lose progress yet you look fatter

LOL going to pray for you and your hatefulness kk xoxoxoxxox

a guy @ work asked me what i do for fun and i asks uhhhmmm workout
and he asked what about with friends..
and i paused and thought… i rarely see my friends (i have 3 close friends) cause one lives in the states, the other works full time and the third is moving to New brunswick 🙃

people probably think i’m so boring cause i workout sleep eat work and school but i love that lifestyle won’t lie

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Is it okay to eat fruit before a workout? I've heard that it's bad cause it can give you a stitch and it's a better post workout snack?

It’s actually great to eat fruit pre workout as it’s quick fuel and energy! Eating/drinking anything and exercising too soon can cause a stitch, it’s not the fruit that’s the issue! Eat fruit whenever you want, pre/post workout because it’s healthy and nutritious and going to replenish your body

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Hey guys ☺️🌸 okay so my daddy worries a lot, he's so caring and protective but sometimes it worries me! I'm a curvy little but daddy loves it although it bothers me sometimes so I workout and he gets upset cause he don't want me to lose my tummy which means he feeds me candy and cheesecake cause he knows it's my favorite! I love him so much for this but I want him to understand that I just want to look my best for him, I want to look like the princess he treats me like 😔

First of all, you’re perfect the way you are. Second, just tell him you want to try and live a healthier life style and would love his support. -Master M & Little L

I’m so excited and happy cause I just had an AWESOME workout!! 😆👊🏻 And I did a first impression review video on a new flavor or Quest protein bars only the video stopped recording halfway through😑 so I’m prob still gonna post the beginning and then write out the rest of the review cause it was SOOO good!!

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oh my god i had a dream negan was my gym coach and we were kinda cool? but he hit this kid with a baseball bat cause he didnt do his workout or something?? what the hell lmao

omg this is my favourite ask ever. i feel like i’m never gonna have a personal trainer ever in case it is negan, especially as i would most likely never do any exercise at all so lucille would straight up kill me in less than 5 minutes of walking into the gym.

thank you so much for sharing that story and i hope you’re having a great day!

Dude at my gym
“you have a good workout?”
“Yes sir”
“Haha… okay….”

While my heart has been full and happy this holiday season*, my physical health has taken a back burner. I have been at my parents since the 19th with no access to a gym or even gym shoes. It’s a big pain to even do body weight workouts or stretching cause the house is too small so there’s no where to really do it. I have big plans for January and this upcoming year!

*Except for when my pet snake died.