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Quick fact. Ready?
Laughter alone has been shown to increase the body’s own natural production of Human Growth Hormone, as well as endorphins (feel good hormones).
So, feel free to let out a good belly laugh from time to time!

Quick fact. Ready?
One pound of lean body mass effectively burns 50 calories per day at rest. That’s only if you have been stationary for an entire day. Imagine how much more muscle burns when they are activated through exercise and activities of daily living.

She’s the Man (Part 2)

Summary: Upon finding out that your twin teenage brother is leaving the country, you decide on taking up the role of him, in hopes of convincing the students at his new school that you’re the real Bruce Y/L/N. [MatureTeenage!Bucky AU] 

Word Count: 1,565.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy! Always happy to your feedback

Part 1

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Hot and Heavy

Welp, I woke up from a weird dream this morning after oversleeping and now I’m snuggled down on my couch and working, but I wanted to take a moment to write something because regardless of all these damn spoilers and upset nonsense and theories floating around, I still very much love Captain Swan and they are for sure my OTP.

So…because I am a woman with a one track mind and a mission to spread Captain Swan love whenever I can, here be a smutty one-shot leading into a weekend where much writing is planned for me (I’m looking at you, Fragile Design) and there’s a wonderful episode on the horizon for Sunday (Captain Charming shenanigans, yo).  

I mean…look at these two beauties together:

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How can you not just wanna love up on these two????  Be still my shipper heart.

Under the cut, for very smutty reasons…

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Quick fact. Ready?
The ‘burn’ that you feel during an intense workout is the build up of lactic acid in your muscles.
That exact same lactic acid is actually the preferred energy source to be used by your heart.
Lactic acid may be uncomfortable, but is certainly not the bad guy!

According to a group of scientists in Britain, approximately 15-20% of the population will not gain, or will gain very little absorbtion of oxygen ability from training. This is due to a group of eleven genes and can therefore not be changed. These people still benefit from workout just like others, in the sense that they lower their risk of diabetes, heart diseases and other lifestyle illnesses, etc.

Approximately 35% of the population are on the other hand super responsive and will increase their absorbtion of oxygen ability immensely. The rest of the population will be somewhere in between, with more or less ability to improve this from training. (Source: BBC documentary “The truth about exercise”)

I thought that this was extremely good knowledge, as I was starting to fear I’m not training hard enough, or doing something wrong, as I experience no improvement on my breath. I feel my muscels getting stronger and stronger, and my endurance is getting slightly better, but my gosh do I run out of breath quickly! I can improve this a little, but I just never get the feeling of being able to go on and on forever like some people….maybe this could be the reason why? And in that case, I can rest assured that I’m not doing something wrong, it’s just the way my body works :-)

Quick fact. Ready?
Exercise suppresses appetite immediately afterward, however increases it later on in the day.
Oh exercise, you truly are amazing.

Quick fact. Ready?
Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine are some of the three most important Amino Acids for muscle synthesis. These three in particular can contribute up to 10% of energy during a moderate to high intensity workout. That’s why they’re heavily including in BCAA mixtures.

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How do fandom tropes compare to actual canon characterization for the robins

I’ve answered questions like this before, for example [here], but let me try and sum it up TL;DR style.

Most fandom tropes are based in canon, but then wildly over-exaggerated until it’s just silly.  I don’t mind it, but it gives me a headache when it starts to affect canon, because it makes otherwise complex characters really shallow.

1) Dick Grayson

Fanon Dick is always happy, always optimistic and loves cereal.  This is based off of the fact that Dick has been called the most optimistic of the male members of the batfamily in canon, and is shown eating cereal more than once.

In reality, Dick is much darker than 90% of superheros, the fact that he’s next to the darkest of dark knights can sometimes make him look more cheerful.  Also, Dick has a “play mood” and a “serious mood,” and when he’s in the later he is just as dark, angsty, and non-humorous as Bruce. Out of all the Robins, Dick is the one most like Bruce.

Also he’s been shown eating many things that aren’t cereal, and considering his workout schedule and the fact that we know he follows Bruce’s health guidelines, he wouldn’t eat cereal regularly.  It has no nutritional value and, more often than not, is high in sugar.  Less than a dozen instances of eating cereal over a 15 year period and hundreds of comics does not an obsession make.

2) Jason Todd

Fanon Jason is the bad boy who just needs a hug.  He’s over hot-blooded and acts first, thinks later.  This is based upon people’s need to romanticize angst so they can “aww.”

Jason is a “bad boy” in the sense that his ideals are a foil to Bruce’s.  He and Bruce have a lot of unresolved issues, and while I’m all for that being worked out, the idea that he’ll suddenly become a “good guy” and “member of the family” if they do is laughable.

Then there’s the fact that every single action Jason makes is premeditated, and he’s extremely good at influencing things with little nudges here and there.

3) Tim Drake

Fanon Tim Drake is a nerd therefore he isn’t good in social situations and is a virgin.

There’s really no reason to think this, it just stems from the fact that Tim is shown as being really smart and occasionally liking “nerdy” things, and then people add the others as stereotypes.  Nothing suggests Tim is a virgin, nothing suggests he isn’t.  He reacts calmly to sexual situations (when Rose Wilson was naked in his bed, when Cass got too touchy-feely), and was stern but not stereotypically blushy or virginal about not wanting to jump into sex with his girlfriend of the time, Ariana.

Also Tim is arguably the most socially competent member of the batfamily, next to Bruce.  Tim is a true socialite, he goes to parties and events and mingles, and is well liked by the people of Gotham.

4) Stephanie Brown

Fanon Stephanie Brown is peppy and likes eggplant.

Same thing as Dick above.  Though Steph is definitely more “bright” and happy than Dick is, it’s still taken to an extreme.  And the food thing is, once again, just one instance blow wildly out of proportion.

5) Damian Wayne

Fanon Damian is always angry, always murderous, and also asexual.

Damian grew a lot over the course of his comics.  He was probably the robin with the most character development.  Fanon ignores this development because the smol angry child trope is easier than actually understanding a complex character.

It doesn’t help that all of Damian’s growth was thrown out the window in the N52.

The asexual thing annoys me a lot too.  We see Damian express a sexual interest in girls quite a bit pre52.  The fandom tends to make him asexual because he’s cold and aloof, reinforcing the stereotype that asexuals are emotionally stunted.  gg tumblr.

so my finger slipped and I wrote a little Trohley fic/AU thingy

Please be nice to me, it’s probably crap.  [TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2013 - 9:00 AM] p>

Joe exhaled as the automatic glass doors opened on front of him and he stepped into the gym. The perky young woman sitting at the reception desk spotted him and said something about welcoming Joe to the Elite Fitness Gym.
“Shit” Joe thought to himself, he had been seen- it was too late to back out now.
“No,it’s troh-MAN” Joe fidgeted as he stated his surname for the fifth time, what kind of name is Troham anyways? He questioned himself as to why he was even doing this, he glanced down at his scrawny arms and couldn’t help but compare his to the receptionists. Hers was lean and toned, they were strong. Joe had always hated how weak his arms looked. He doubted he would be able to do anything at this gym without causing himself extreme pain and injuries.
“No pain no gain” he thought to himself half heartedly.
“Mr Trohman,this way to the workout room.” The young woman guided him towards a large set of wooden double doors.

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