workout dvd's

a normal person making an impulsive purchase: $2 candy bar at the drugstore checkout

me: 3lb exercise hoola hoop for $30 on Amazon complete with workout DVD

Merry Christmas @watsonofabitch!

I hope you enjoy this :D

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Bad Santa

“Wait, what?” Stiles sputters, spitting Cheetos everywhere. He twists round to stare at Scott, the episode of Brooklyn 99 they’re watching forgotten.

“Secret Santa.”

Stiles gapes. “Seriously?”

Scott shrugs, “I thought it would be nice.”


“Y’know, promote pack bonding or whatever.”

“And you couldn’t have mentioned this earlier?”

“I sent a text,” Scott’s face falls. “Oh, wait, I sent it a couple of weeks back, around the time your phone was broken.”

“Oh my god, Scott. When I didn’t get back to you, you could have e-mailed me. Or skyped. Or written me a letter or something.”

“There were giants, man. Actual giants. I was distracted.” Stiles rolls his eyes, and Scott sighs. “I honestly thought you knew. I didn’t make the connection between the lack of reply and the broken phone until just now.”

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June Goals

▪️ Lose 5lbs

▪️ Do 10,000 + steps 2x a week

▪️ Drink no soda

▪️ Eat no chocolate

▪️ Go for 1 outside run

▪️ Do the belly blitz workout dvd 5x each week

▪️ Stick to calorie goal of 1250

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mels cher***'s having a workout dvd and simon is godfather and i thesun{.}co{}uk/tvandshowbiz/2943308/new-baby-new-direction-everything-you-need-to-know-about-cheryl-and-her-bump-from-directioners-to-wolverhampton-and-yoga/

Oh hey! Cheryl’s talking to the tabloids again - how fun for her! I mean, I’m not the Melly to say I told you so (I’m exactly that Melly let’s be real) and that this baby was a huge part of her rebrand and would be monetized to within an inch of its smol life, but let Melly lay down the mentionable bits:

B – BRAND: the mum-to-be is said to be spending £1million on rebranding herself and launching a new career, including a post-baby workout DVD and a baby book. She’s also been working on her Cheryl’s Trust charity and its new HQ in Newcastle. A source said: “She sees becoming a mother as the chance to start a new direction. She has a big-money offer on the table to do something along the lines of Cheryl’s New Mum Diary.”

F – FASHION: expect Cheryl’s post-pregnancy style to be as spot-on as ever. Mum and baby brands are clamouring for her to be seen with their items. 

G –  GLOSSY SHOOT: the traditional welcome for any celeb family, all dressed in white and beaming. Experts say the first pictures of the baby would net a  fortune. Top PR agent Sean O’Brien said: “A magazine would be likely to offer around £500,000 for an exclusive contract. That would include the first pictures and a couple of lifestyle shoots during the first year.”

Q – QUIDS IN: this baby could earn a small fortune from magazine deals to babywear ranges. PR agent Sean O’Brien reckons Cheryl could design a High Street clothing range. He said: “An exclusive range would be worth £300,000 to £400,000. Add a magazine deal and you’re looking at £1million in the first year.”

S – SIMON COWELL: he created One Direction and gave Cheryl a career after Girls Aloud as a judge on The X Factor, so surely Simon is in line to be a godfather. 


Update: almost at 140 which is my next milestone.

I’m reaching the point where some of my clothes are too big for me. I’m trying to hold off buying more clothes until I lose more fat.

My metabolism is healed after years of doing too much when it came to workouts. I’ve only made nutrition changes, focused on sleep, and walked. Last night I did my first DVD workout in months (PIYO as my back has been cranky) and haven’t touched weights in about a month.

I’m just continuing to do what I’m doing which is actually less work than what I was doing that plateaued me at 153 for months. I guess you can say that less is really more in my case.

Continuing the theme of Sherlock Merchandise That Doesn’t Exist But Really Should, I think Mycroft ought to cash in on his unexpected exercise scene from The Sign of Three by releasing a workout DVD. Consider it a belated sequel to Mrs Hudson’s all-too-real aerobics album

Workouts on a Budget with No Time

So, I’m a stay at home mom. From the time my kids get up around 6 am until 8:30-9:30pm when they fall asleep I’m on the go. (Especially since 4 of my 5 are small and stay home all day everyday because they’re not old enough for school.) So, obviously workouts are HARD for me to get in, but I do it anyway.

I have found the best workouts are around 30 minutes. It’s something I can manage. DO WHAT YOU CAN MANAGE.

Another thing I’ve had to take into consideration is expenses. It’s ridiculous hard to afford a gym membership with five kids. So, home workouts are the best for me because it’s a ONE TIME cost and I can have the program for as long as I want it. Plus, I don’t have to worry about getting a sitter and since it’s at home I don’t waste any time driving somewhere else to do a workout.

There are a bunch of cheap and effective programs out there. I mean, you can go down to Walmart and pick up a DVD workout for like $10. That’s pretty chill because most people can afford that. You can watch free workout videos on YouTube no matter where you are. Personally, my favorite workouts are Beachbody. I have been getting the results I’ve gotten with their programs. I love it. Not only do they have great workout programs, but the programs come with nutrition guides. They start at $20 and go up from there. (If you live in the US or Canada I can help you order workouts from them.)

There is seriously something out there for everyone. I promise! You just have to make some goals, get a plan in place, and GO FOR IT.


So, I didn’t do a full 40 minute workout, which was my originally plan, but I did just workout it out for about 18 minutes.

Annnnnnsd for your viewing pleasure I give you some gifs of my lovely jiggly self. Lol

Also, there is a brief cameo on Layla in one of them. Lol

This is one of my fav Wii workout DVDs because it really gets my heart rate up.

P.S. Now you don’t have to wait up @grandenoirceur to make sure I get home from one of my late walks. Lol

Muse Fact No. 36

Chris is planning on releasing his own workout DVD in September. He is also going to release a line of workout gear in late November. Chris says that he has no idea how to actually excericise, but just wanted to show off his cool football tricks.

“I spent so many years believing that I didn’t deserve holidays unless I spent months beforehand torturing myself with starvation diets and entire summers locked indoors doing workout DVDs. Sorry diet culture, I’m not buying into the idea that only ‘perfect’ bodies deserve to swim, strut, eat, drink, and make memories. Not anymore. I’ll take my life now thank you, with a cocktail on the side. 💜💙💚🌈🌞”

Keep calm, and Namaste.

Back in my uni days, when I was obsessed with exercising and losing weight (and to be honest, eating as little as possible), I used to do a lot of cardio - whether at the gym, or just by going for really long runs by the river.

Now that I’m more conscious of staying healthy rather than keeping the weight off, and since I do a lot of “cardio” from chasing after my toddler (or at least it’s what I tell myself: that all the running around after him is my exercise for the day), I prefer to do pilates and yoga at least twice a week.

I’m not going to lie, in the beginning I used to find yoga SO boring, and I was really skeptical about the benefits of doing all these weird-looking poses that don’t even make you sweat. At least with pilates I could really feel the difference after a few sessions, especially when I started doing the abs-specific pilates exercises.

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