workout clothes

My advice:
  • Get proper shoes - running shoes if you’re a runner, lifting shoes if you are lifter, et cetera. Take care of your feet, and try to avoid cheap and bad quality shoes. Shoes are expensive - I know - but it IS worth it.
  • Get a good sports bra! Or a handful of them - I’ve got about 10 bras that I value because they keep stuff where stuff is  supposed to be kept while I run or lift :)) 
  • The rest of the clothes? No need to buy expensive brand stuff. Go with whatever’s available at your local stores. Make sure it fits and that you can move properly in it, but you really don’t need to spend $200 on a pair of Nike leggings when an off-brand will serve you just as fine. 
  • If you want to spoil yourself: Buy the big-name brand stuff. Get the Nike leggings!