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I wanted to start off the week with a little yoga! So I did a little at-home prenatal yoga using my Core Power Yoga training that I’m working on!🙏🏼🤰🏻 What’s your Monday motivation?! Don’t forget to sign up for my August workout challenge for some motivation and inspiration! and if you have any questions, let me know!

Horror Movie Workouts

                        1….2…. Freddy’s coming for youuuu

Welcome to day 1 of your survival.

These workouts are inspired by horror movies because we all sit there and yell at the screen as we watch these D rated or even the mainstream movies. And as Sydney once said in Scream, “she should be running to the front door instead of upstairs” We are going to test out that theory here.

Nightmare on Elm Street is not safe here as this movie takes place in your nightmares or a dream. You think you cant outrun a crazy maniac with knives for hands, especially when he’s in dreamland. But when Nancy Thompson brought him out for those special 15 minutes she did try to outrun him while setting off booby traps all over the house.

He’s outside… in the real world now. He doesn’t have the dream world powers. Basically if you know how to fight, you can just kick his glove off, and he’s fair game. So here’s your first workout. We all know the running part of the challenge. You can either do it before the workout or after the workout. But there is some running. The workout itself is for your fight against the final boss on October 31st.

Day 1

Do 4 sets and rest 1 minute in between sets.

10 Squats with military press extension (your choice of weights or resistance bands)

10 push ups

10 jump squats

15 push ups

15 jump squats

20 knee lifts

If you like, you can increase the reps to 5 after each set. Dont forget to hydrate and stretch after the workouts and your cardio is to do a run before or after the workout. Its your choice if you want to warm up and cool down after these workouts by doing a one mile run.

Survive til the end!


Good Morning

Bubbers had not just one but two night wakings last night. Both of which my husband blissfully slept through. I don’t know what’s gotten into the poor little guy. He’s been sleeping through the night for over a month now so it’s unusual that he’s waking several times. My working theory is teething or his daily routine being disrupted by having guests over.
So I’ve not had great sleep, 3 two to three hour intervals of sleep being interrupted by a distraught baby.
It’s nap #1 right now, I’m using it to scroll through tumblr and just enjoy some me time before resuming our day. Nap #2 I’m planning on doing @evolutionofacosfitter’s horror movie challenge, but I’m going to save the run for after Hubs gets off work so I can do it alone

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I know monthly challenges don’t fix anything but I really enjoy doing them as I feel a great sense of accomplishment once I finish and even if I don’t get to do a proper workout on certain days I still feel like I’ve achieved something, this month I’ve chosen a few different ones ^ plus of course the 30 day abs and 30 day squats beginner level 2
wish me luck and feel free to join me!

464 PUSH UPS in 26 minutes 18 seconds. And because I wanted to see how many I could grind out in 30 minutes I kept pushing for a total of 520!!

Thanks to everyone who liked, reblogged and commented on my self challenge this morning. You all definitely motivated me and made me accountable. I know for a fact I would not have done 520 push-ups tonight without the assist. Workout this morning sucked…workout this evening totally smashed!!!! And now I must collapse and 😴