workout before bed

Here’s a great workout for those that want to try a home ab workout in the morning or before bed….

•20 hip planks •20 knee to toe(each side) •20 in an out pluse ups •20 leg circles(outward inward) •20 oblique leg crunch •20 side hops •20 Russian twist •20 up-rights crunches

BTS reactions:You suffering from insomnia and being up for 24 with no sleep.

A/N: I hope you you get better and be able to sleep. I know how bad it is when you can’t sleep, in my case the problem is different. I hope you like this and sorry for any mistakes made.Requests are open.

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Request: “  Can you make a reaction to BTS their s/o suffering from insomnia and being up for 24 hours with no sleep. ( this happened to me this week lolol) 


  When Jin finds out ,he will run to the kitchen and make you warm milk or tea, which ever you prefer. He will stay as awake as he can until you fall asleep.Cover you with a blanket and sing you a lullaby.

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 Min Yoongi/Suga:

  Yoongi will pull you close to him and gently run his hand through your hair, telling you how much he loves you. He will ask his band members if they have had similar situations, in case they have a solution.

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope:

 Hoseok will try to make you laugh ( mostly funny dances) and keep you company until you get sleepy, but because he is a very hyperactive little sunshine, he will get tired supper fast and you will end up watching is cute sleeping face.

  “No jagya, I am not sleepy at all….I am fine….I will just close my eyes for a second.It’s not because I am tired, it’s just the light from the lamp is too…strong.”yup Hoseok is out.

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster: 

  Nams will open his books and search for a solution to this problem. He might find an answer, he might not find an answer, but he tried.He will be concerned about your well-being in many ways. He will cuddle you until you finally fall asleep. 

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Park Jimin:

  Chimchim will cuddle you and try telling you a story, if that doesn’t work than he will sing you a lullaby he loved as a child. He will do everything he knows of to help you fall asleep.He will be confused if nothing works.

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Kim Taehyung/V: 

  Tae is very energetic and I feel like he will make you get out of bed and start jumping and dancing and running. His theory is that if you get rid of some energy, than you will get sleepy.This will be like a workout before bed. But you thought that Tae might be on to something here.In the end I see you two dead tired on the bed, just talking.

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  Kookie will be one confused little bunny, looking at you like you were speaking to him in Latin or something like that.He will not have an idea what to do. I feel like he might google it and end up singing you a lullaby.

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Today was a good day!

Went out to take my friend pregnancy pictures at a nature preserve and got a lot of steps in. The weather was kind of poopy but we got so many cute photos! I can’t wait to start editing them 😊

Also went to the grocery store and unpacked our pots and pans. I’m so over all of the fast food. We won’t be moving until next week so I meal preped for us until then.

I planned to go to the gym but I didn’t make it (as usual). I was running late for class and by the time I got home it was late and I’m tired.

And now I’m writing this.
Today was 10/10.
Still debating doing a home workout before bed.

Hey! Question!

(Even though I can guess what the majority of responses will be)
There’s Muay Thai at 7:30-9pm tonight. I’m debating on going because a) I won’t get home until 9:20pm, then I’ll have to shower and go straight to sleep. Apparently workout out right before bed doesn’t help with how well you sleep? (Thanks Fitbit “tips”). And b) I’m nervous at how many people might be there and I don’t want to have to stop again because I feel nauseous. I feel weak when I have to stop, and then I’ve let my partner down because they either have to pair up with Kru or work solo until I’m able to join again.
I know it’ll be a killer workout, but I dont know..


It’s beautiful outside. I was thinking of biking with River so she can get some exercise and I can get some exercise and vitamin D. And I’d try and make it an hour long ride so I’d probably plan a specific route.


Starting tomorrow (05/02)

1) I will wake up and weigh myself
2) I will take my dog for a walk, water bottle in hand
3) I will start day one of both the ab and butt 28 day challenge
4) I will start the AIT diet to get back on track :)
5) I will start drinking 3 liters of water a day again
6) I will avoid carbs and fried food like they’re a man with a gun
7) I will do small workouts before bed
8) I will stop eating at 7
9) I will not eat before 10
10) I will reach my goal weights


Things Iv learned so far:

- drink more water. no seriously, drink. MORE.

- Don’t walk past the bakery isle. Ever.

- If you like yourself,  then avoid watching the food network channel .

- the kitchen is not your friend. 

- baking is not fun - its torture.

- Listen to Quran more often

- don’t read Quran in warm comfortable soft bed

- don’t read anything in bed

- don’t stay in bed

- workout before ifftar, NOT when you first wake up

- make more dua for your eternal life, you’ll thank yourself

- smile often - it will uplift your mood

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Nurseydex prompt idea! So you know how it is kind of established that Nursey is incredibly beautiful? Like it to the point where the team chirps him for having fans or people flirt/ask him out on dates. So here is Dex when they first meet is like "Welp this guy is super out of my league. Moving on". Anyways, Nursey is like well I'll just do what always do to get dates and dress really hot and flirt to get Dex. And nursey is just getting more unchill the more Dex just unphased by his "wooing".

I love this!!

The worst part about joining the Samwell men’s hockey team for Dex is being surrounded by attractive people. Like, seriously. Every single one of his teammates could be a model. And it’s just his luck that the best looking guy on the entire team happens to be his d-partner. It’s almost comical it’s so painful.

Dex knows Nursey is way out of his league. They all are, but especially Nursey. It’s unfair, but it’s something Dex knows he’s going to have to deal with for the next four years. So he quickly gets over his immediate attraction and tries to put blinders on.

He focuses more on spending time with women, in order to dull his senses to the fact that Derek Nurse is the single most attractive person he’s ever met in his life. It mostly works, as Dex conditions himself to look more at breasts and thin waists rather than biceps and hockey butts.

On the other hand, Nursey knows he’s pretty. He’s been told his entire life that he’s a good looking person. It’s flattering, sure, but it also gets old after a while. He’s got fan girls at all his games and he’s constantly having to turn down people asking him on dates. It’s totally “woe is me,” but it’s super frustrating when his charm works on everyone but the one person he wants to charm.

Yeah, that’s right. Derek Nurse has a hard time impressing the one person he wants to charm the most.

It’s beyond frustrating. It’s infuriating. It’s insanity. He tries so hard. He wears the right clothes and says the right things and works really hard to make himself undeniably desirable every second he’s with the team.

No one is unphased by Derek Nurse squatting in the gym, shirtless and wearing tight booty shorts. No one but William Poindexter.

Nursey even tries to pull out the big guns. He walks around their hotel room on the road in just his form-fitting briefs. He goes through a mini-workout in said briefs before bed, showing off his best assets with crunches and pushups and lunges. He does everything and yet Dex just has no reaction.

Nursey feels like pulling his hair out.

Dex also feels like pulling his hair out. He keeps the field hockey player he hooked up with in his mind as Nursey goes through his absolutely obscene workouts before bed. He visualizes her smooth stomach as Nursey does crunches. He visualizes her perky breasts that fit so well in his hands as Nursey does pushups. He visualizes her strong and flexible legs wrapped around his head as Nursey does squats.

He keeps everything in check because there’s no fucking way he’s making things awkward their first year on the team together. Not when he’s got no chance in hell with Nursey.

It’s driving Dex crazy. It’s driving Nursey crazy. It’s driving everyone around them crazy.

MC has a bad nightmare and how her MSB guy looks after her

MC has a bad nightmare when spending the night with her MSB guy. It’s 1:30am and I’ve managed to finish this and another chapter update tonight! But I just had to finish and upload this before I go to sleep! I hope you all enjoy! 

Sora - You had been suffering with nightmares occasionally since your encounter at the park with the assailants who sought to use you to get to your Father. Though you hadn’t really spoken of them with anyone. You hadn’t wanted to worry your Father or your friends. That included the bodyguards and of course…your boyfriend. Generally when you spent the night at his, you were so tired, you slept through with little trouble. Especially with Sora beside you. It contented you even if he fell asleep first, just being able to listen to his soft breathing. But tonight, you were haunted by the familiar darkness. It didn’t matter how much you kept running to the single illuminated streetlamp. Sora was there…you could see him there, dressed in his work attire and wearing his ear piece. Though as he called you to him, you knew he could not see the danger that lurked behind. 

‘Sora! Look out!’ you screamed, seeing the shadows engulf everything as you kept running. You had to reach him. You just had too. 

As he finally appeared before you, Sora was already on his knees, though he tried to offer you a weak smile as he fell forward, your arms moving on impulse to hold him up as you supported him with your own body. 

‘Please no. Not you. Please! Sora!’

Waking up in a shock, you bolted upright, finding Sora instantly knelt before you, cupping your face with his hands as he looked into your eyes with worry.

‘It’s okay…it’s okay…’ he soothed, his voice laced with concern as he gazed into your eyes, though he was unprepared for your reaction as you embraced him tightly, as if afraid to let go. 

‘I thought that I lost you…’ 

‘Hey…Don’t cry…Please don’t cry…’ 

You could hear the sadness resonating in his voice as he held you against his bare chest. 

‘I’m sorry…’ you whispered. 

‘Don’t apologise. I’m your boyfriend. I always want to take care of you…’ he responded with sincerity. Feeling the tears as you continued to embrace him, Sora gently eased you back, being certain to keep his arms around you as he helped you to settle and pulled a comforter around you both.

‘I don’t like seeing you so scared…Tell me what to do to make it better…’ he asked, caressing your cheek and looking into your eyes. 

‘You’re already making me better just by being here…’ 

Feeling his arms tighten around you, Sora buried his face in your neck and asked you how long you had been having bad dreams. 

‘I didn’t want to worry you…It’s been happening occasionally for a few weeks,’ you admitted. 

‘You shouldn’t have been going through it all alone…I only ever want to see you smile. From tonight I will spend every night with you until the nightmares stop. I don’t want you to feel afraid when you have me to keep you safe.’ 


The way you agreed so willingly pulled at Sora’s heartstrings as he showered your face with soft kisses. 

‘Thank you for letting me take care of you…I love you…’ 

After that, Sora didn’t get any night shifts at the residence for a while. Though he put it down to good luck, you believe that Sora wasn’t the only one watching over you…and for that, you were grateful. 

Mizuki - As you tossed lightly in your sleep, Mizuki found himself awakening at the motion beside him. It was uncommon for you to have moved out of his arms when you slept. But you seemed restless. As his tired eyes fell on your expression, he could see the lack of contentment. With your brows knitted together, you seemed to be struggling with something, your breathing become heavier as you gripped at the sheets with your hands. Like you were holding onto something. 


Your voice was tense. Frightened. 

As he gently rested his hand over yours, he used the other to cup the side of your face.  

‘Mizuki…no…don’t go…please. No…’ 

Seeing a tear slip from your still closed eyes, Mizuki tried to rouse you, sensing your panic as he pulled you into his arms, 

‘No. Mizuki! Mizuki!’ 

As your eyes flashed open, Mizuki could see the fear and apprehension as you looked at him in confusion. 

‘Mizuki? You’re…’ 

‘I’m right here…it was just a bad dream…’ 

‘You’re okay,’ you stammered, putting a hand to your mouth to contain your sob as you looked into his brown eyes as though you were terrified to look away in case he might disappear. 

‘Of course I am. I’ll always be okay when I’m by your side,’ he uttered softly, kissing each tear that ran down your cheeks so that he could continue to hold you in his arms.

‘I dreamt that…that we were being held captive and that I couldn’t get to you in time…they were…I…’ 

‘Shh…’ he encouraged softly. He hated seeing you so distraught. 

Kissing your forehead and eyelids, Mizuki’s lips traced over your cheeks and trembling lips as he looked into your eyes with love.

‘I’m not going anywhere. I will always be here, to keep you safe…and to love you.’ 

As you embraced him tightly, Mizuki smiled to himself, wondering what he had done in his life to be so lucky to have someone worry for him like you. As he gently rocked you in his arms, Mizuki crooned a lullaby softly in your ear as he felt your hands intwine in his hair. 

‘I love you,’ you whispered tearfully, holding onto him tightly as he felt a warmth in his heart at your emotion filled words. 

‘I love you too…always…’ Reaching to kiss your neck, Mizuki held you all night long, content to know that you were sleeping soundly as long as you were in his arms. Even he felt like nothing could disturb him knowing that you were safe in his embrace. 

Daichi - Your boyfriend had seen you go through many things since meeting you and he was always proud of your inner strength. But even he could see your slightly pale complexion and tired eyes when you went to meet him at the residence. 

‘I’m sorry I finished so late. Are you sure you still want to stay tonight?’ he asked gently, looking over you with concern. 

‘Of course I do,’ you smiled, taking the hand he offered you and heading back to his place. While you protested at going to bed when you arrived, you inevitably ended up falling asleep on the sofa whilst curled up against Daichi’s chest. You had been watching a movie at the time, but having been disturbed by nightmares for the past couple of weeks, you hadn’t been able to keep your eyes open any longer. 

You could hear Daichi’s voice, calling you. It was frantic. You felt scared…trapped, your hands were bound and there was no way out. Only darkness and emptiness. You could feel it consuming you…the panic enveloping you as you screamed out Daichi’s name, only to find yourself bathed in a warm glow. 

Waking with a start, you found Daichi facing you, his strong hands holding you up as you breathed deeply, taking in your surroundings and remembering where you were. Putting a hand to your forehead, you closed your eyes and tried to steady yourself. 

‘I am so sorry…’ 

‘What was it? What happened?’ he asked you, his tone gentle as he studied your expression. 

‘It was just a bad dream…’ you responded, trying to shrug it off, though he made you look at him. 

‘That’s why you have been so tired lately…isn’t it?’ he pressed, seeing you nod finally as you glanced away from him. 

‘I didn’t want you to think that I was being ridiculous.’

‘How could you believe that?’ 

You knew he felt hurt at your thoughts as you finally looked up to him, feeling his hand gently caress your cheek as he watched over you. 

‘Stay here…’ he instructed, standing and leaving you on the sofa, bewildered as you heard him fumbling around in the kitchen. Though as he appeared and disappeared once again, he finally rejoined you with a comforter and two cups of tea. 

‘What’s this?’ you asked, sitting up as he handed you your cup of tea. 

‘When I was first starting out in this job several years ago. I used to get nightmares myself,’ Daichi admitted shyly. ‘Whenever they were bad, I would make tea with honey, wrap up and fall asleep watching my favourite movie. So that’s what we’re going to do.’ 

‘Daichi…’ you breathed, placing down the cup and pulling his face towards you as you kissed him, tasting the sweet honey on his lips as he looked at you shyly. 

‘Thank you…’ 

‘I’d like it if you would stay here…until you don’t worry about falling asleep with bad dreams anymore…’ he said, the blush in his cheeks darkening as he glanced away, still gripping your hands with his. 

Embracing him warmly, Daichi promised himself that he would take care of you until the nightmares went away. 

Kaiji - It had been a long day for you and Kaiji after he had been assigned to you for a dinner hosted by some important politicians. By the time you got back to Kaiji’s place, you felt as though you could fall asleep as soon as you sat down. 

‘Go to bed…’ Kaiji encouraged, taking your coat and kissing your forehead. 

‘Aren’t you coming?’ you asked, Kaiji shaking his head as he knelt down to you. 

‘I’m going to do a quick workout set before bed. I haven’t had a chance for the past day or so. I promise I’ll be with you before you know it,’ he encouraged. You were too sleepy to protest, so you went on without him and undressed, freeing your hair from the piece you had put in it and settling under the comforters as your eyes closed quickly. 

When you awoke, your heart was racing. You had an awful nightmare in the time that you had slept and found Kaiji behind you, pulling you against his broad chest as he offered reassuring words. 

‘It’s okay…It’s okay…you were having a bad dream. So I tried to wake you.’ 

Vaguely remembering Kaiji’s voice in your dream, you shook your head to try and get rid of the memories that haunted you. Remembering when you and Kaiji had been caught and bound with rope was a terrifying experience and since then that claustrophobic feeling had haunted you in your sleep. The feeling of being bound with no means of escape. It was an awful experience. 

‘You’ve not been sleeping well lately have you?’ he asked, your head still leant back against his chest as you shook your head silently.

‘You should have told me.’ 

‘I’m sorry…’ you responded, turning so that you could face him and catching a glance at the time. You hadn’t been asleep for very long. 

‘Had you come to bed?’ 

‘No…I could hear you and I came running,’ Kaiji responded. ‘You gave me quite a scare.’

‘I’m sorry,’ you repeated, though Kaiji shook his head and leant his forehead against yours. 

‘You don’t get it do you? As long as your safe, that’s all that matters. Just…talk to me. I want to know when somethings not right. We’ve known each other for so long. I don’t want to worry that you’d keep something from me because you don’t want me to worry. I want to know,’ he explained in earnest, seeing understanding in your eyes as you nodded. 

‘Good,’ he concluded with a smile, pulling you onto the bed and holding you close to his bare chest. ‘Now get to sleep. I’m not going anywhere. I promise…’ 

As you lay in his arms, you felt contented, though something still played on your mind. 



‘Thank you…’ 

‘There’s really no need to thank me…’ Kaiji responded in embarrassment when you leant over to kiss him. 

‘Yes, there is,’ you smiled, curling up with Kaiji and sleeping well into the night. 

Subaru - 

Waking up in the middle of the night, Subaru quickly became alert by your fearful voice, though as he moved to protect you, he realised that you were having a nightmare. Turning you to face him, Subaru tried to wake you, calling your name as you became more distraught when suddenly you sat bolt upright in a panic. 

‘Hey, hey,’ he said, turning you to face him and holding your face in his hands as he looked into your eyes. 

‘It’s okay…you’re okay. It was just a nightmare,’ he assured her soothingly, seeing her eyes searching his as his expression softened. 


‘I’m right here,’ he promised her, kissing her hands as a way of letting her know she was really awake as she began to come round properly. It had been an awful nightmare…Subaru had a gun pointed to him and you were helpless to get to him. You had been restrained while the gunman taunted you, Subaru being unconscious and unable to defend himself when everything began to overwhelm you.

‘Whatever you’re thinking right now…stop…’ he told her, his voice laced with love as he saw the tears threatening to fall. 

‘I…I am so sorry…’ she stammered, unable to stop the tears falling as he embraced her warmly, hating to hear her cry as she rested her head in the crook of his neck. 

‘There’s nothing to apologise for. I’m your boyfriend. I’m always going to be here to look after you.’ 

As he gently rocked you in his arms, Subaru felt the tightening in his chest. He could tell from your cries what you had been dreaming about and how it had affected you. 

‘I remember holding you like this once before,’ he muttered absently, evidently trying to distract your worries by talking. ‘The first day we met. You were so fiery. You were determined not to be taken advantage of by anyone. Pretty tough for a girl who looked so fragile when we met you.’ 

Though you didn’t respond at first, Subaru felt as though you were trembling less as he continued. 

‘You know I’m not going anywhere right? You’re my woman and no one is ever gonna hurt you. I promise.’ 

‘I know…’ you nodded, shifting in his arms as you met his gaze with a tearful smile. 

‘Don’t cry…you look beautiful when you smile,’ Subaru admitted with a slight blush on his features. ‘I promise by the time you go back to sleep, you’ll only have sweet dreams…’ he assured you, kissing you passionately and ensuring that you didn’t leave his arms all night.

Ah I loved writing this head canon. The MSB guys are too sweet. I will be writing more this month and at least one head canon/one shot for LLFTX and OTBS. 

Thank you for reading! My ask box is open so send me some requests! :) 

Much love to my readers and my followers! You’re all diamonds! 


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Hey Victoria! I'm so amazed by your weight loss and you are my go to tumblr whenever I need reassurance that everything is going to be ok. I weigh 240 and I graduate high school in May I want to be under 200 by then, do you think that it's possible?

Aw thanks love. Everything will be okay and like that famous Ed Sheeran quote, “If it’s not okay, Then it’s not the end.” I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever and thats both the good and the bad so if this happens to be a tough time for you try to ride it out knowing better days are ahead. I think losing 40lbs in 4 months is totally possible to do in a HEALTHY way and I know this because I did it in the beginning of my journey. 

First find your BMR: 

Then make a plan on how and when you are going to workout. I would start with 4 days a week for 45 mins each of cardio. Have someone who works at your gym show you the workout equipment before you start lifting weights. If you don’t have access to a gym there are plenty of options you can do at home but getting your heart rate up by a taking a walk or jog is your best bet to start. 

Dont’ forget to checkout my clean eating & workout pages…

Here is a sample of a healthy clean day to start out the new year on the right track…

Breakfast: 6 egg whites with Salsa, 1tbsp of olive oil, 1 banana, 1 slice of whole grain toast.

Snack: ½ cup Greek Yogurt with 1 cup blueberries or strawberries, 2 tbsp flaxseeds or some tukey rolled up with a slice of cheese.

Lunch: 6oz chicken breast,  1 small whole wheat tortilla with sliced veggies, olive oil with a sprinkle of salad dressing (low fat, low sugar)

Snack: 1 scoop whey protein powder into a shake with ½ a banana and 10 almonds or an apple

Dinner: lean meat with asparagus or some other veggies with 1 potatoe

After workout or before bed: ½ cup low fat cottage cheese with 1 tbsp of natural peanut or almond butter. 

friendly reminder to kill it with a core workout before heading to bed!

50 crunches
25 toe touches
25 seconds of flutter kicks
25 leg raises

15 second break


10 second break



Watch on

Here’s the youtube link if this above video has a lag.

As I sit here thinking about how much my life has changed this year I thought I would share with you all the noise inside my head in the hopes it helps me release the weight off my shoulders.  If I can help someone out there not feel so alone than that’s even more of a reason to share. Although I’ve never been shy these past few months about my struggles I haven’t been very open either. 

This video just skims the surface. What I forgot to mention is that in December 2013 I was in the hospital recovering from pneumonia along with a head concussion from a bad skiing accident.  That morning I woke up excited about going skiing with my brother as I felt amazing and unstoppable in my new body. What I didn’t realize is that only a few short hours later I would almost die flying head first at 60mph per hour right into a patch of ice. Before my accident last year I remember going for morning runs and felt unstoppable and in control of myself for the first time in my life. Not to mention, I was excited that I was going to hit my goal by summer and of the possibility of being in a bikini for the first time. Everything changed after that accident as it took several months to recover and when I was finally given the okay to start working out again I went nuts trying to “catch up” from all the time I “wasted” laying around the house.

 To give you a little more background info…. Running and cleansing became a way of purging after a binge and I was either eating “bad” or “good” food, I was either doing “good” or  was “off track” depending on my weight at the time.  I fell into a habit of not eating after a workout at night and one morning I woke up and ended up passing out on my way to get help. I was alone and scared and it took 10 minutes of passing out and coming to before I could get my hands on some food and instantly my vision and hearing came back. Doctors told me my blood sugar was dangerously low from push my body through nightly workouts but not eating before bed. Scary.

I never realized it until now how happy and simple my life was in Savannah and I desperately wish I could go back and tell myself to slow down and enjoy it more.  I lost all my weight my senior year in college when I lived alone in my apartment and I think it was because not only was shitty food not around me 24/7 but I was able to fully commit to working out whenever I wasn’t in class. The weather was beautiful even in the winter and I was able to run all year round at the same time each night without a problem. I was living in a perfect little bubble where it was just my journey and me and nothing could get in my way. I reflect back to the day I moved the last few boxes out of that apartment and the moment I pulled out of my parking lot for the last time. That’s the same day I said goodbye to my life as I knew it. I no longer was going to be visiting home in NY for a week or two at a time on vacation… I would be surrounded by the same negative environment day in and day out when I was that 283lb miserable and obese girl I thought was gone forever. I lost my friends and the confidence in myself that took a year to built and a few months at home to destroy.  When I originally made that choice to live at home and save $ I didn’t realize I would be sacrificing not only my happiness but my weightloss efforts as well.  Old habits from high school slowly came back to haunt me and the healthier version of myself  felt like a distant memory.  I started binging from lack of sleep, exhaustion, and lonleyness as I desperately tried to find control in my life but couldn’t grasp onto anything steady. My relationships with the people on my weight loss journey drained as I pushed away because I felt like I was letting everyone down. I would come on tumblr to a inbox full of people begging for help or asking “what do you weight now” or “can we see a new progress pic? It’s been months.” I didn’t want to be reminded just how much time has passed or how much I let myself go so I stopped answering everyone back. I had no confidence or self love and instead of fighting against my eating disorder I went in full speed ahead.

So what now?  In a lot of ways I feel like I’ve wasted a year of my life in misery but 2013 taught me a lot of hard lessons and I think this happens to everyone at one point in their lives. I hope you  follow me as I take on this new chapter in my journey that will hopefully lead to a long lasting healthy future. No matter what you are going through NEVER GIVE UP on yourself because time does heal all wounds and soon the dark clouds will part and new hope will present itself. 

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Hi! hope you're doing well, love your blog. I need some help, I'm a girl, I workout 6 days a week, I eat healthy and I love it, but the problem is that I can't sleep. Is it because of the workouts? and do you have any tips so I can sleep like a normal person?

If you workout just before going to bed it might be the problem.

But regarding sleep, my only advice is to continue eat healthy, take your vitamins. Buy magnesium supplements, it helps you get better sleep. 

Otherwise go see a doctor anon!

More info there ->

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I have been eating clean for a while now, and have not yet reaped the benefits of clear skin. :( honestly I think my skin has gotten worse! ahah. i must be doing something wrong.

Skin is very sensitive, sometimes a change in diet can irritate it, or hormones or stress, or even different environments and atmospheres..

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you’re drinking lots of water.
  • Try not to touch your face too much so you don’t get bacteria and grease from your hands in your pores.
  • Wash your face after you workout, before you go to bed and after you wake up.
  • Find a sensitive moisturiser to use after washing.

And here are some links:

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Hi, I've always wanted to make my skin look healthy and I've been eating lots of vegetables and fruits. but I think my skin is not improving. I often get pimples, and I have blackheads that look gross and I don't know how to remove them. I've had a facial but I don't always want to do that every few weeks. Do you have some tips?

Skin is very sensitive, sometimes a change in diet can irritate it, or hormones or stress, or even different environments and atmospheres.. So even though your new diet should improve it, you might have to wait a while for it to settle.

Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you’re drinking lots of water.
  • Try not to touch your face too much so you don’t get bacteria and grease from your hands in your pores.
  • Take off your make up before you workout
  • Wash your face after you workout, before you go to bed and after you wake up.
  • Find a sensitive moisturiser to use after washing.
  • Buy some of those nose strip things to help with blackheads

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