8.21.17 Workout and dinner

Core HIIT Circuit:
20 hip lifts
Break 15sec
30sec left side push up plank
Break 15sec
20 crunches
Break 15sec
30sec right leg plank
Break 15sec
20 cross crunch
30sec left leg plank
Break 15sec
20 Russian twists
Break 15sec
30sec right side push up plank
Repeat circuit 3 times… I really need a better tracking app for Tumblr screenshot or sharing accountability. When it comes to individual workouts like the above, each is a screenshot pic. Ugh. That’s like .. alot of pics. Sorry. I’m brain fried. I can’t count rn. Lol

Dinner: ¼ cup garlic rice stroganoff, 1 cup broccoli, 100g sweet potatoes, 89g sweet peas, steamed sausage tvp.

Macros: 411cal, 52.4 C, 8.6 F, 29.6 P, 651.4mg Na, 668.8.mg K, 10.8g Fiber

What if your workout was not primarily about getting in better shape? What if your workout wasn’t mostly about the hard work and sweat that you think must be required to lose weight or tone muscle? What if your workout was not about being or looking different than you do today? Let’s say your workout is about feeling good, being honest and experiencing a positive connection with your body/day/life. Please be open to your body/day/life being completely great right now. Can you find the good feeling of muscles doing what muscles do?

Good afternoon running gif! It was an extra difficult run today! I am convinced that the guy that came and redid the treadmills have them all going uphill except for one of them! 😂😂😪👍😡 it makes it a little difficult but I guess that is a good thing! I broke up the run with a bike but the first one was just rough! The second mile went a lot easier! I broke it up because I was hoping a fellow fitness patron that was running would get off my treadmill! (I may be a treadmill snob! 😂 jk)

Missing the beauty of Az this afternoon and the sports! The DBacks may be in a horrible slump but “we back the DBacks!” ⚾️

Hope y'all are having a great day!!

Tug o War.
“Between these two gun shows who ya think won? Worked hard today boys. #arrow #greenarrow #wilddog” - Thomas Taylor @T3athletics IG
Another fun way to work out. 😀 This guy has the best ideas!
Grab a partner and a stick. This is a plank, and then you tug on the stick between you with one arm. Then switch arms.
Don’t have a partner? No problem. Get yourself a resistance band and tug on that instead.
Coolest part? This works your whole body. Legs, core, arms. Heck yeah! Love being efficient!
Have at it, friends!