YES, this, is for today’s prompt “Confession” and I’m absolutely NOT ASHAMED OF IT 8DD

I was kinda sad when I realized the crossover prompt didn’t win the poll so last week I was like “WELL SHIT I’M DOING A CROSS OVER ANYWAY” and litteraly made this one before all the other prompts

Lapidot reminds me a lot of other ships I love but the most similar is Alphyne but Lapidot is still my big fav tho so I felt the need to make this because it thought this was fun and because this is one of my favorite parts of Undertale and because I’m a huge trash

I mean come on you got  the small blonde nerd having a huge crush and a cool, blue and strong one. The small one takes their blue gf in their fandom, they look at each other with the weirdest and cutest faces…Also you got a child, who help them making it work

I…just love these dorks <3

Btw I first didn’t know who would replace MTT but Sardonyx seems to be a good choice. I’m just currently laughing at what I’ve done lmao


i think peridot is a little too tall in this one

i’m so not sorry for all this

(boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @luclipse85)

(By the way I actually made another cross over, made before the poll results. I’ll post it tomorrow with the selfies :^) )

Sometimes the 3-year-old I watch will get very upset and say loudly, “I AM NOT OKAY!”
And I really admire that about her. I think a lot of us are taught somewhere along the line that that’s not something we can just say to people. We can’t just come out and say, “I’M NOT OKAY” because it’s alarming.
How many of us would have gotten the help we need so much earlier if we could have found our voice and told someone we were not okay?

Connie from Steven Universe

Please do NOT copy, steal, publish or use my art in any other way without my permission and knowledge!
Thank you.

The Tree That Outsmarted Me and Punched Me in the Face

Ok so this one isn’t so much wild as it is ‘Rekina what the heck do you think you’re doing sit down this instant’ kinda deal.

Our story begins back when I worked retail.

Alrighty so quick update. The part of Saskatchewan where I live is flat. I don’t mean mildly ho hum flat I mean flat ok like the nearest slight incline(besides the dump) is nearly a fifteen minute drive. ok flat as a ruler

And because of this intense flatness we get some equally intense wind. The last few days we’ve had winds upwards of 90km (55mph) and that’s a pretty normal seen it all before kind of wind storm. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then sometimes we get even worse winds called plough winds. Now, these are sometimes hurricane force winds ok windy as all get out

These winds make a straight path across the prairies, ripping roofs off, uprooting trees, and causing general havoc ok

there’s a reason they are called plough winds they plough over everything in sight like a bull in a china shop it has zero regard for your average home or retail employee like myself

Plough winds only show their ugly faces during the summer. and in summers I worked in the garden center. 

Now, normal people would stay indoors during winds like this. Common, sesnible people would hunker down and batten down the hatches and wait for the whole thing to blow over. Not me. Not only was I at work

I was outside

That’s right folks yours truly still had to go out and water the plants in winds fast enough to shut down most cities

So there I am in my oversized rain jacket that I was practically swimming in. This thing trailed along the ground it was so big on me. I have my garden hose on and am doing my thing

First of all, do you have any idea how hard it is to water plants when the water comes out of the hose and just kinda shoots off into the distance

It’s an acquired skill to say the least k I was standing like two feet to the side of the plant I actually wanted to water

Now if that wasn’t annoying enough i also have to deal with these jerks of trees

At the back of the center is our tree selection. I’d tied them down with the full stregnth of my scout knot tying knowledge and most of them stayed secure. But there was three little jerks on the very end that would tip over, making me go and pick them up again

This happened every ten seconds.

I would go, water a plant, and then drop everyhting to pick up these stupid trees

I did this for five hours straight

Then one time while I’m picking up a fallen ash, this little apple tree gets cheeky and topples down right on top of my head.

It didn’t hurt, but those leaves are like little whips in the wind my whole face was stinging by the time I got the jerk set up right again

This tree was about to become a very big problem

See when the other trees tipped over they would politely lay in place until i could reach them, still tethered loosely to the pole. But not this apple tree oh no

Little did i know i was dealing with Houdini Incarnated into a tree.

So I’m minding my buisness watering a plant from a distance and I happen to see Houdini take the fall. Except this time something was different. This time it not only fell, but it started to roll

It had somehow jumped the little enclosure and slipped the bonds

Im still pretty chill at this point. The whole center is surrounded by a fence where could it possibily go I’ll just go get it when it hits the fence right?


Because I was dealing with an escape artist ok what happens next had nothing to do with me

See off in one corner we had this pile of manure right near the fence. 

This tree my little Houdini was chugging towards it at full speed, those little leaves were like sails it was just a’cruisin down aisles of bricks. It’s fine tho it’ll hit the manue and–

It hit the manure alright

It rolled up the manure pile 

and over the fence

So now The Little Tree That Could was barreling around on the highway like a phsychotic leafy bat out of hell

My first thought is if that hits someone im so fired

I scream and drop the hose and begin my pursuit because I am not getting fired over an apple tree ok no sire im going down with my dignity

So i do the only logial thing in my head

Most people would run through the open get four feet behind them and calmly make their way to the highway. Not me

I sprinted across the compound, scrambled up the manue pile, and vaulted the fence

For one glorious moment I thought I could fly.

And then I plunged downwards with a very undignified squeal.

Still I splash down into the ditch and prepare to make my heroic capture

Problem: I had just landed chest deep in slough.

For those of you lucky souls who don’t know what a slough is let me explain

A slough is what happens when stagnat water, cow crap, cow piss, and crop fertilizer mix and heat up in the sun. Doesn’t smell good.

And I just landed chest deep in the stuff. Gross doesn’t even begin to cover it

But being the trooper I am i decide I’m going to end this day on a high note and salvage my dignity

I heave myself out of the slough and take off after the tree which is dancing around the thankfully empty highway

Just one issue: Plough Winds tend to change direction

So there I am chasing this freaking apple tree around in circles and it’s winning ok every time I get close to grabbing the trunk of branch the wind throws it in another direction leaving me stumbling like a drunk moose as I try to adjust course 

This goes on for a solid twenty minutes

I’m back and forth across this highway cursing enough to make a sailor blush

And then victory is in sight my fingers graze the trunk and–

the wind stops

The base of the tree is so heavy with water that It sits straight up and whacks me across the face harder than Dwayne Johnson ever could

My momentum throws me forward, my foot catches the pot

and I sail head first into the next slough

I am now covered in disgusting, thick, sticky water and that tree is just taunting me on the road

Eventually I manage to snag the little jerk and I start dragging it back towards the compound like oh yeah who the boss? i’m the boss i caught the tree 

Just as I see  two more trees making a break for it over the fence

It was a long end of shift to say the least

I had a black eye from that tree for a week and a lovely bleeding cut on my forehead. But i caught it and I am still proud of that to this day

A Slight Change of Direction

On my first tumblr post, I explained a little about my kinks, saying that If I had to describe what my biggest fetish is, in only one sentence, it would be humiliation by corruption.

And I also gave the example of taking an educated, posh guy that has a nice, socially-approved (as in what society would judge as being right) life, and transforming him into a cocky, swaggering, chav; taking a law-abiding citizen and relegating him to the fringe of society.

Well, that’s exactly what I went for.

I know this tumblr started as a tool for motivating me to become a jock, which still is a huge fetish of mine, among workies and chavs and a couple of others.

But somewhere down the road I realized that what I needed, what I craved, was the humiliation. And as a jock, even if a dumb one, it’s more common to be worshiped, than to be humiliated. And then I noticed, that, without even realizing it, my goal was shifting, from a dumb jock to a workie chav.

And that’s the goal I have been aiming for the past year.

I have always been the office nerd, so going from that to a workie chav was a huge transformation. And it required a lot of work, but most of all, it required getting out of my comfort zone. Which is something very hard, and that I’m still working on.

Ceasing to be the casual, nerdy, middle-class guy, and being seen as a chav, wearing chav clothing, working with my hands, getting dirty, instead of holding a nice office job, and the metal humiliation that it entails is what I’ve been working on.

And I can say I have been very happy with what I’ve achieved so far.

And if I have an advice for people that also want to go through something similar is this: take the first step. Once you do this, everything becomes a lot easier.

On my next post I’m talking about exactly this, my first step.

Part 2- Hal Carter 

Read part 1 here

Pairing: Hal Carter x Reader
Part: 2/?
Warnings: Smut - slight angst 
Summary: Hal takes you for a ride in his pickup truck
A/N: This is the second part in a series based on this post. I’ve been writing this for a while and I’m honestly so proud of it. Thank you for @writemarvelousthings for encouraging me. Please come let me know what you think! This is the song I listened to while writing - You Belong To Me - Jo Stafford
Word count : 4,157

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The creak and slam of Hal’s red pickup truck door is unmistakable as he pulls up to your house and got out. Checking your lipstick one last time, you kiss your mother on the cheek and tell her not to wait up. She fixes you with the stare that you knew all too well. You skip out of the house, the screen door shutting behind you with a screech. Looking up you see Hal, he’s leaning against his truck a playful smirk spreading on his lips when he spots you. 

“Well don’t you look like sugar and spice and everything nice” he drawls, a cheeky chuckle following his words as he rids himself of the straw he was chewing. He takes you in his strong arms planting a sweet kiss on your cheek. “Your momma isn’t watching out of the window again is she?” he mumbles. 

You laugh and shake your head placating his fear, “she’s fixing dinner”. 

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Jimin, Namjoon and Jungkook react to: Their girlfriend squeezing their boobs onto anything

hello-btsfangirl said: You’re hilarious!!! 😂 ehm BTS reaction too gf squeezing their boobs onto anything just for fun

NAMJOON: (You find him in the living room walking around)
Y/n: * You tip toe up to Namjoon and you wrap arms around him to squish his back against your boobs* Hi Joonie!
NJ: *jumps up a little because you scared him* Oh it’s you. Hi baby! *tries to turn around to kiss you but you keep him in place* Let me go *laughs* 
Y/n:*you press your boobs on him even harder*  No! I like hugging you like this.
NJ: It’s cute because you can’t even see over my shoulders. *feels your boobs squished against his back* Uh babe, please let go. ‘Don’t pop a boner, don’t pop a boner’
Y/n:*smirks* But why?
NJ: *squirms around in your arms* It’s nothing just let me go *laughs nervously*
Fine *you finally let him go* I was gonna ask if you wanted any help with your little problem but since you want me to let go I’ll just leave
NJ: No! Yes, please help me!

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JUNGKOOK:(You love to squeeze his head on your boobs)
Y/n: Kookie!
JK: Y/n!
Y/n: What are you waiting for kiddo, come here and give your beautiful girlfriend a hug *hold your arms out to him*
JK: I told you that I didn’t like it when you called me that *pouts* *leans over to hug you*
Y/n:*put your arms around his head and squish him against your boobs* You’re too slow Kookie
Y/n: Why are you trying to escape, do you not like my hugs? 
JK: N- no! I love your hugs ‘Damn her shirt has a really low cut how did I not notice that. They’re so soft, I could stay here forever’
Y/n: Really?
JK: Yes ‘Where do I put my hands?!’
Y/n: I think you’re just saying that because you like having my boobs in your face *smirks*
JK: *Blushes* T-That’s not true!

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Y/n: Jimin come here, I need your help with something!
JM:*runs into the living room to find his girlfriend standing very close to the wall* What’s up babe, what did you need help with?
Y/n: I need you to take a picture of my boobs
JM: What? *blushes*
Y/n: Picture, boobs, now, please.
JM: Okay sure * takes the picture* But why are you doing this *laughs*
Y/n: I want to see how my boobs look pressed up against different things. Next up is  the TV
JM: I want to play too *smiles*
Y/n: But you don’t have boobs 
JM: True…. I can use my butt, it’s the same size as your boobs or bigger lol that could work
Y/n: YEAH! Come then let’s see who has the best picture

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Do you have any recommendations for MM blogs? My dash is dry as hell, and I'm looking for more blogs that post often, preferably writers? Thank you! 😁

~Sure! This list is in no particular order, all of these people are amaziiing! 




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Planet Invocation ✨

To invoke something is to invite it into yourself for assistance in magickal workings. 

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Items required:

  • Visualization
  • Incense associated with your chosen planet


  1. Planet invocation can be performed inside or outside
  2. Using a star map or an app on your mobile device, locate your chosen planet in the sky
  3. Light the incense
  4. Face the direction of the planet and either stand or sit comfortably
  5. With the palms of your hands facing the direction of the planet (either face up or face down, depending on it’s location in the northern or southern hemisphere), meditate on your intent
  6. When you’ve reached a calm or even trance-like state of mind, recite one of the following incantations, whichever corresponds to your chosen planet and intent
    1. I call upon the Moon, ruler of serenity, to aid me in my work
    2. I call upon the Sun, ruler of nobility, to aid me in my work
    3. I call upon Mercury, ruler of intellect, to aid me in my work
    4. I call upon Venus, ruler of love, to aid me in my work
    5. I call upon Mars, ruler of passion, to aid me in my work
    6. I call upon Jupiter, ruler of prosperity, to aid me in my work
    7. I call upon Saturn, ruler of chaos, to aid me in my work
    8. I call upon Uranus, ruler of intuition, to aid me in my work
    9. I call upon Neptune, ruler of the unconscious, to aid me in my work
    10. I call upon Pluto, ruler of transformation, to aid me in my work 
  7. Continue to meditate on your intent, feeling the planet’s energy surrounding you and entering your body
  8. Once you feel a warm, tingly feeling rush over you, you will be able to direct that energy into your magickal working
  9. Let the incense burn while you’re performing your spell or ritual and be sure to supervise it until it burns out
  10. Always remember to ground your energy or send it back into the cosmos when finished

Feel free to substitute the trait of the planet you’re invoking (i.e. serenity, nobility, intellect, love, passion, prosperity, chaos, intuition, unconscious, and transformation) for whatever you feel is appropriate for that planet.


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Erin, obviously we know how many times lexa said "Clarke". But do you know/have any post about how many times Clarke said lexa or commander?

This is the count as of the end of 4x01….Also, the count for Clarke saying ‘commander’ or ‘heda’ in reference to Lexa not any old ‘commander’. (i think i got them all?)

  1. Lexa, please!
  2. You wanted me to kill Lexa yesterday
  3. One of your people tried to kill you Lexa, not one of mine
  4. You may be heartless Lexa, but at least you’re smart
  5. Lexa, this is going to work
  6. Lexa told them too
  7. Lexa’s orders
  8. I am about to leave for TonDC, where Lexa and all 12…
  9. Lexa respects you
  10. I need you to take me to Lexa
  11. What do you mean no, Lexa?
  12. Lexa, wait. You don’t understand.
  13. People died for this Lexa, it has to work
  14. I might be a hypocrite Lexa, but you’re a liar
  15. From what I hear, she’s worse than Lexa
  16. They want Lexa dead
  17. Lexa, let me go to Arkadia
  18. Lexa and I
  19. …or Lexa and the twelve clans will wipe us out
  20. I have to talk to Lexa
  21. Lexa’s just trying not to wipe us out.
  22. [Clarke opens door *lexa is shot*] Lexa
  23. He was Lexa’s choice. You know that. 
  24. Titus… you made Lexa a promise, remember? 
  25. Lexa’s spirit would never chose to do something like that. 
  26. Lexa had markings on her back for every life she took at her conclave
  27. Don’t! stop! It’s Lexa!
  28. Lexa didn’t even know she was an AI. 
  29. This is the Flame that holds the spirits of the Commanders, of Lexa.
  30. Lexa was special
  31. Lexa?
  32. No! Lexa!…I love you. 
  33. Lexa killed him
  34. Lexa called it Praimfaya
  35. Please, honor Lexa’s Coalition

Why not? times Clarke says “Commander”

  1. Let me talk to the Commander. She was Anya’s second.
  2. I’m going to talk to the Commander
  3. I’m here to talk with your Commander
  4. Commander stop him, please.
  5. That dam withstood a nuclear war, Commander.
  6. God forbid one one your generals becomes Commander
  7. Reincarnation, that’s how you became Commander?
  8. I’m sorry I’m late Commander
  9. As the Commander said, once the door is open…
  10. Your Commander’s made a deal
  11. The Commander’s changing the terms of the summit.
  12. Commander, what is this?
  13. You wanted to see me, Commander?
  14. I don’t want the next Commander I want you.
  15. You killed your Commander
  16. Because I saw it come out of the last Commander.

Times Clarke says “Heda”

  1. Reshop, Heda
  2. Hey, Heda. 
Mała dziewczynka. Dzieci w jej wieku bawią się , śmieją, czasem jeszcze wyciągną pluszaki. A ona ? Siedzi w rogu, ma napuchniętą twarz - płakała. Była tak bardzo inna. Czemu inność się niszczy ? Ona również została zniszczona. Jej kroki były takie nieporadne, lecz piękne. Miała malutkie rączki , jak u 6-latka. I takie delikatne. Kruche. Cała była taka krucha. Ona zawsze jednak miała się coś bardziej zbliżonego do wraka niż do człowieka. Była niszczona przez fałszywych ludzi aż padła. Długo wytrzymała. Ja bym nie wytrzymała. Zawsze była taka smutna. Nie dość , że inni ją niszczyli , ona siebie też niszczyła. Oczy zawsze były zamglone , rozbiegane, jakby czegoś szukała. I szukała. Szczęścia i powodów by żyć. Nie ma wątpliwości do tego jaka biedna była jej psychika. Rozwalona na milion kawałków. Dzieci w jej wieku powinny przejmować się tym czy fioletowa bluza będzie pasować do błękitnych spodni. Ona martwiła się o to, czy będzie gnojona w szkole , czy może jutrzejszego dnia ją zniszczą, martwiła się o oceny , martwiła się o rodziców , wiecznie kłócących się , martwiła się czy na WF będą widoczne jej blizny , i czy na pewno założyć 5 bransoletek zamiast 6 by nie odsłonić ani skrawka nadgarstka. Była wyniszczona. Czuła się zapewne jak żołnierz , zmęczony walką , wycieńczony, umierający z głodu i pragnienia , z wieloma otwartymi ranami , któremu każą jeszcze walczyć i walczyć i służyć i dawać z siebie jak najwięcej  bez ustanku , dzień i noc , po czym zmuszony jest iść na rozstrzelanie. Gdyby ona była takowym żołnierzem i gdyby kula trafiła prosto w jej brzuch , nawet nie opadłaby na kolana , tylko z twarzą nie wyrażającą uczuć , pustymi , wręcz szklanymi oczami , oparłaby się o mur stający za nią i jeszcze powiedziałaby : i widzicie ? To ja wygrałam. Ona całym swoim sercem chciała zanieść pokój , zniszczyć konflikty , namalować uśmiechy , pokolorować świat. Ona była jedyną osobą w klasie , która wiedziała co to ból. Za otwarte serce jedyne co dostała to nóż. A ona była taką osobą , której jeśli się wbije nóż w plecy , to nawet nie piśnie , tylko wyjmie go , naostrzy i wbije z powrotem szepcząc przy tym , że sam mogłeś to zrobić i zabić ją jednym pchnięciem. Chciała być silna, nawet taką udawała. Wszystko ją wykorzystywało. Chciała pomóc. W końcu jej oczy zbladły, nie były już błyszczące tylko takie szarawe , jej włosy straciły dawny połysk , usta wydawały się być już zmęczone wypowiadaniem kłamliwego ,, wszystko dobrze “ , miała sine worki pod oczami , cera zbladła , nie dawała rady. Nie miała siły na te wszystkie fałszywe związki. I te cholerne przyjaciółki , których była workiem treningowym , i ta fałszywa miłość , mało tego , fałszywe gesty ,spojrzenia , wszystko. Ona była jedyną prawdziwą osobą w fałszywym świecie. Kiedyś ktoś się jej nawet wyżalił , że nie chce żyć. Ona parsknęła śmiechem. Nie by sprawić przykrość. Nie rozumiała jak ktoś oprócz niej może chcieć umrzeć. Pamiętam dobrze co wtedy powiedziała. ,, Zwariowałeś. Jesteś zbyt dobry by chcieć umrzeć. ”. Ona również była zbyt dobra. Potwór w jej głowie ją zabijał. Nie wiem jak świat mógł zabić tak piękną osobę. Ona zawsze mówiła , że jest brzydka i głupia ale przecież każdy wiedział , że tak nie jest. Ale jednak znalazły się osoby , które zechciały ją zniszczyć. Mimo wszystko ona kochała ludzi. Niestety w pewnym momencie miała w głowie takie coś co nie pozwalało skupić się jej nawet na minutę. Myślała tylko o tym by zasnąć a przed zaśnięciem lekko porysować po skórze czymś ostrym. Chciała by ktokolwiek zauważył jej dobrą stronę , tą stronę , która ona sama ledwo znała , ale wiedziała , że jest najlepsza. Miała gdzieś w sobie coś z aniołka. Przerażało ją jej ciało. Miała tyle blizn na rękach. Na udach. Nawet na kostkach. I brzuchu. Do tego uważała się za grubą świnię. A cóż mogła myśleć jak codziennie słyszała to w szkole ? Może i kogoś kochała. Może ale to i tak nie miało sensu. Chciała siebie skrzywdzić , ale nie chciała blizn. Czy to ma jakichś sens ?  Ten świat jest dobry, ale nie dla osób, które są na niego uczulone.
Gravebone Merman/Captain AU

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Born with the black mark, the dark tail, smeared with a dirty white underbelly, a powerful, thrashing limb, Credence was immediately abandoned at birth.

In his world, in the fantastic, imperfect society that he’d been born into, his birth was an omen of danger, the boy himself deemed as a threat to their peaceful living. As such, he was left, moments after his birth, ditched in an open sand shallow, reef sharks encircling the young with dark, piercing eyes. Having thrashed around, able to swim, though poorly, right after being introduced to the cruel reality he was facing, Credence’s pale, thin skin broke open and seeped a reddish liquid into the water, thick and viscous, flowing in magnificent ribbons from his wound. The first animal to strike had only done so because it smelt the spill of blood, body churning so rapidly, so swiftly, that there was nothing the infant could have done to avoid the attack. The blow never arrived, the teeth never sank in, and instead a body presented itself as a barrier and defended the young man. Gnashing an array of sharp, serrated teeth, the boy’s saviour growled menacingly at the encircling group of reef sharks, a thick, tough tail of a shark swishing in a threatening motion behind him. Outcast had saved outcast, for what else were they to do for one another.

Credence was raised in an unorthodox manner for his people, transient, never staying in one location for longer than a month, constantly fleeing persecution, having to live in a world that did not want him. The one who had prevented his death, only minutes after his own mother abandoned him, was condemned simply for the fact that he was born with the tail of a shark. Having survived on his own, the vagabond shark lived on the edges of reality, damned for being different, hated for the way he was born despite the fact that he could do nothing about it. It was all explained to Credence when he was of age to comprehend.

In his world, the oceans, the water, society was sculpted by merpeople, by their traditions, customs, beliefs, even if they were outdated and critical. The orca and the shark were two of the condemned deities, and anyone born with their tail was to be killed, essentially what Credence was left for. Raised by an often aggressive, temperamental, and condemned guardian, Credence’s childhood was rough, nearly nonexistent considering the hard realities he was forced to see at such a young age. His life was difficult to say the least, and it was only made worse by the death of the only other he’d ever known. The day he found his body, sunk, bloodied, gnawed on by scavenging fish after facing against a fierce traditionalist that had simply wandered upon the shark, was the day Credence lost a part of him.

The images of the corpse would still haunt him, mostly in sleep, and he would retain the scars of the past mentally just as he did physically. For a few days, mourning the loss more than anything, Credence simply swam around in circles, his tail, scarred with multiple gashes, claw marks, all self inflicted from when he damned himself for being born with the tail of an orca, flicking in the water anxiously, pondering uselessly as to what he should do. In the end, the young man, having just become 18 a few weeks earlier, simply swam off with no direction in particular, searching for a reason to live.

—- 4 Years Later —-

Heavy boots sank into the shallow sandbar, water splashing up and wetting Graves’ pant legs. The man shook his foot from the wet and took a hard step forwards, gait awkward in the unstable sand, but determined nonetheless. Percival shook the sweat from his hair, running a rough hand through the damp locks, greying in some places to his annoyance. He squinted, turning back to the ship and horizon, the sun’s glare glinting brightly in his dark eyes. Behind him, gruff ship hands anchored down the ship, sinking the iron deep into the warm waters. Stomping unto the beach, feet leaving large boot prints in the white sand, Graves swiveled his neck, taking in his surroundings. It was here, he decided, that they would make port for at least the next couple nights.

As a cartographer by trade, buccaneer by personality and hobby, Graves was given the task to map out the islands in the more remote areas of the Caribbean by the trading company he worked for. The task was mutually beneficial, getting Graves out of the way of business, since he usually was around begging for an offshore assignment, and also allowing the man to sail as he seemingly always yearned for.

A deep breath of salty air enthralled the man, scenting not only the ocean, but the vegetation of the thick jungle ahead of him. A knowing smirk played across his lips and he huffed, lifting his feet from the sand and trudging forwards, into the lush greens, pulling out his cutlass, making a short, shrieking sound, and hacking at the inhibiting vines. He’d make his way around the island alone, returning to the crew only when he was satisfied with his venturing. No one objected.

Credence swam lazily along the shallows, following a small school of fish that skirted the edge of the shoreline. He’d been attracted to this island over and over, enticed by the small river that flowed out from the island’s center. At times the young merman would thrash his way up the shallow waters, spraying water in all directions as he powered against the currents, and gawk at the jungle and the odd creatures it held. Credence had known the inhabitants of the water all his life, and to him, it was the land that proved to be the most interesting. Humans were at the top of such list.

In the four years since living completely alone, Credence had seen many ships, odd, floating vessels that carried humans, and observed them from afar, piqued by the way that humans looked so much like he did. Yet, he never dared to try and communicate or even show himself to them, fearful of their reaction to him. If even his own people would refuse to love or accept Credence, how was he to expect compassion, sympathy, or even pity from another race? Instead, he watched the people on the ships at night, observing their silhouettes in the dark, finding what he assumed to be the males more interesting than the rare females he saw at sea. Humans were interesting, violent creatures. Credence had seen more than enough cruelties by humans, the murder of he fellow sea creatures in ruthless, bloody manners that had always left him shaking in terror and unable to sleep for days. Whales, sharks, thousands of fish, and even the occasional dolphin fell victim to the evils done by the humans, and everytime he saw a travesty, too frightened, too weak, to help, his heart broke. Yet, despite all of the death that surrounded the land-dwelling species, they also possessed an intense intellect and emotion that the exiled merman saw from afar. He’d seen humans mourn their own kind, and even other kinds of creatures in rare occasions, seen them joyous, distraught, hopeless, hopeful, and all emotions in between, and their dynamics drew his attention whenever they were present. Thus, it was rather surprising when Credence had not noticed a human that would soon impact his life greatly.

Percival had been trotting the shallows for a few hours now, wet, sweaty, tired, but still not finished. His cutlass sat at his hip, sheathed, wiped clean of plant tissue, but ready to be pulled out a moment’s notice. Graves watched the small fish flit about the water to his left, tiny, shiny bodies glimmering in the falling light. Suddenly, a large, flash of black streaked across his vision. Reflexes fast, trained to be so, Percival’s arm reached for the sword, yanked it out, and stabbed at the water all in a moment’s notice. A soft, painful ‘thunk!’ sounded, and Graves knew he’d struck something before he had even seen it.

Something sickeningly painful streaked up Credence’s tail, all the way from his fluke to his back, spreading through his body like a poison, and then returning to sting more than anything before right at the base of his black, leathery tail. A shrill, piercing scream sounded from him, raising above the water as he pushed himself up on his forearms and tried to see what had caused the pain. The stab did not register to him until he saw Graves’ cutlass embedded deep in his flesh, passing through and keeping the young merman in place in the shallows. Tears arose in his eyes, usually invisible in the water, but now blending with the sea water and dripping down his face. They came out of pain, of fear, of confusion, but mostly because of the burning sensation that set his tail afire despite being underwater. The black, shoulder-length locks of hair clung to Credence’s face and neck, an odd sensation since it was almost constantly in the water, but he barely registered it in comparison to the throb and sting that cascaded around him endlessly. Rather than more screams, his throat sounded with garbled whimpers, short wails, and general cries of confusion and pain. He wondered, for a brief moment, why he had been saved at birth if his life was only to throw hate and violence and suffering at him.

Dark red streamed from the location of Percival’s sword, the shiny metal now stained red, blood flowing freely from the wound he had made in the creature. Despite having seen the black tail, immediately thinking Orcinus orca even though orcas would not survive in such warm waters, Graves had no clue what he was looking at the moment he saw Credence. It did not take long though, for the man to discern that he had captured a merman, a creature thought to be non existent, mythical, until the moment he saw one. While a wash of pity and regret came over the captain, even greater was the voice that shouted for him to leave the thing in the shallows where Graves could easily take it captive. Mind muddled with excitement, confusion, denial, and a melangerie of sympathy clashing with self-interest, Graves left Credence to writhe and leaped through the water to pull the boy from the water and out on the beach where he could at least examine the thing better. He did so, yanking the thrashing figure so that its upper body lay upon the sand, breathing hard, still sobbing, whining pathetically, and its bloody, twitching tail, still pierced with the cutlass, anchoring him down.

“P-P-Please! T-T-Taa-Take i–it o-ow…out!” The cry was begging, Credence’s throat speaking in the air for the first time, creaky and broken, but working nonetheless. “M-Maa…Make it st-st-stop!”

A moment of hesitation washed over Graves, and he knew he must decide. Would he remain ruthless, domineering, without repentance, over this bewildering discovery, though it seemed to be but a young man gifted with a tail, or would Percival take back what he’d done and show all the compassion and regret that he was holding back? It was a quick choice, and he yanked the cutlass free, tossing it away, and immediately placed his hands over the wound. Halting the wailing of the injured and instead getting his attention. Their eyes locked, but nothing was said, Percival’s fingers hard against the fleshy, bleeding wound, and Credence’s face red, eyes sad, and lips swollen from biting them so much. None moved, or spoke, but they remained entranced by one another for a multitude of reasons.

“I’m…I’m sorry…Let me help you. I’m sorry…” The voice cracked, throaty, low, and not belonging to a man that was ruthless, only one that could pretend to be so.