And here’s my actual entry for shelbssims’ BC! Clara’s page and CC Listing is over this way! It’s a smidge image heavy, because I get carried away with poseplayer very easily, hence the cut! Hopefully it’s alright? ;w;

Audition Tape for the Parr Bachelorette Challenge:

Clara: Hello? This thing worki– Oh! Yep, there we go!

Clara: Hey there! My name’s Clara, and this is my audition tape for the upcoming bachelorette challenge!

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Got a Few Commissions of Worky while at Trot Con!  ^_^

In order we have…






Go follow these amazing artists! I wanted to get many more but alot of the artists where booked when I asked.  Maybe next time!

Trotcon was a blast! I got to hangout with a ton of friends from here on tumblr and meet with new friends too!  I can’t wait for next year! 

Whew Catching up this week is killing me~

Office life

• someone lets their milky breakfast spill in the microwave; doesn’t clean it up, leaves it for the next person
• instead of saying “excuse me” to someone standing in front of the rubbish bin, throw non-recyclable garbage into the recycling bin
• LinkedIn invites from someone you met once, about four years ago, and have nothing to do with today
• uncomfortable small talk about the reasons I’m eating quinoa for breakfast (really, you want details?)