Why I love my job.

I work the nightshift. And it’s great.

We have an incredible flexible work schedule that changes from time to time. Wether you like it, or not.

In my case, I like it.

Let me enumerate a number of reasons:

1) the travel going to the office is less stressful, although, scary. A cab travel from home to office in the evening is 100% faster than during the day.

2) it’s going to a nonjampacked mall. Early Friday Sale Madness? Oh right. I am on.

3) and let this be the last one I share, the time you get to share with the people that matters, while you sacrifice your sleep, those moments when you are so sleepy but needs to wake up to cook breakfast (sleeping gets the most of me though). Those PTA you need to attend to while most of your co-parents look like they just got out from the bathroom (with the bit of dripping hair) while you stay somewhere at the back finding a place to close your eyes and let be.

So tonight, I’m not working. It’s Araling Panlipunan once again. #workingparent #nightshift

To Do

We are in a holding pattern because we need to get the dogs’ rabies vaccines updated and have our fire extinguishers inspected again. I haven’t been able to muster the care to do any of it. I just don’t want to foster enough right now to put any big effort into maintaining our licence.

On the topic of working foster parents: the dog vaccines and fire extinguisher inspection are both done at places with normal hours that aren’t open on weekends. So one of us also has to take time off work to do it. Stuff like this crops up about once a month so though “NO! We totally love working foster parents!!” is the official company line apparently those people don’t know what it’s like to actually work full time.

We have limited time off and both have already used a fair amount of it while Biscuit was with us. I don’t think I could do a good job fostering enough kids at one time to make up for my monthly income but it’s hard to be a foster parent and work full time. ( For the record, I’d have to parent roughly 4 kids and all their money would be going to the household, not the kids.) 

A Hitch Already

I am worried that, logistically we may not be the right placement for Birdie. Got word from our caseworker today that Birdie will not be able to be left at home alone at all. 

With two parents working full time that is going to be very difficult. She has been court ordered to get a GED (rather than traditional high school) which means that we don’t have school to fill her days.

I was hoping outpatient therapy would take up about 4 hours a day but it appears programming is only three days a week and in the evening. Then GED classes are for about 4 hours in the morning but they don’t start until 9 so I don’t know how to get her there.

I know Fosterhood laments about this often and I ahve too but it’s still very true: making it difficult for households with two working parents to be foster parents does a disservice to children and potential families.

A child free cup of tea in the garden at 5.30 this morning. It was fresh & a little dark but it was amazingly peaceful. I’ve found that since becoming a Mum, my appreciation of complete silence & time alone, is huge! ;) #morning #sunday #tea #caffeine #peace #relax #earlystart #earlyriser #workingparent #mother #upallhours by upallhoursphotos