Umm…yes I really need a chill pill rn 😁🙃🙃✍🏼📖

Looking forward to the end of the week when my exams will be finished and presentations/labs done with.
Gonna reward myself by catching up on Outlander, better 6 months late than never!📺💁🏻😅

🔅🔅planner by bando🔅🔅🔅


Yesterday I’ve done some bookmarks with watercolours and ink. Six for now. They’re still missing something on the back and maybe some fancy ribbons. I guess I need another trip to “Hobby Craft"❤️

The “I’m bored at work bathroom selfie.” There’s so few people here today … #bored #bathroomselfie #isitoveryet #longestdayever #cubicledweller #officegay #workflow #holiday2015 #workinghard #plaid #beardgame #bearscubsandbeards #imisstraveling #getmebackontheroad (at The Raymond Corporation)

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Something amazing about starting with the eyes and having them stare at you throughout the rest of the painting. #painting #paint #acrylic #canvas #art #artlife #artist #fineart #portrait #portraiture #eyes #nyc #brooklyn #brooklynart #studiotime #workinghard

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Studying in my room with the windows wide open today, because Spring is finally here. Got a lot of reading to do for my class tomorrow, and also ploughing on with Lady Audley’s Secret for a midterm essay.

I love my room, and it’s taken time to develop it into the haven that it is now. Every corner says “Larissa” now, and I love that. From the Dickens poster above my desk, to the postcards plastered on my wall, to the piled books acting as stands for my speakers, to my growing vinyl collection, to the easel with the poster my nephews bought me for Christmas.

I hope you all have a happy place to study in too! Happy Thursday studyblr! 💗

I see these beautiful studyblr posts and the papers are neat and organized, and they’re beautiful colored pens and highlighters and the lighting is very artistic. Well, here’s my gradingblr pic from today. (Is there even such a thing? Haha). Nope, it’s not pretty, it’s from over 65 kids and 6 assignments (that’s approx 390 papers and it’s not even half of my students). I thought it would be fun as a comparison. I like the studyblr pics much better! Hahaha