No, but imagine Yoongi working in his studio all day long and being really happy with the way his song is coming out. He’s just stuck on this one last arrangement, but it’s not a big deal; The rapper’s sure that in another hour or so he’ll be completely done and can call it a night. The prospect of going back to the dorm before midnight, of actually being able to fall asleep with Jungkook instead of getting back at some god forsaken hour before dawn and quietly slipping in under the covers next to the already sleeping maknae, is making Yoongi giddy and he can’t keep the wide gummy smile off of his face.

Now that he’s thinking about Jungkook, Yoongi realizes that he hasn’t seen him all day. Impulsively, he sends the younger a vague and cryptic text about needing to see him because they’re still new to this whole dating thing and Yoongi is still learning how to say things like “I like you,” and “I miss you,” aloud without feeling self-conscious.

Jungkook, who had been in the middle of helping Jin out with dinner, quite literally drops everything (including the spoon he’d been using to toss the salad) and hastily wearing shoes, sprints all the way to Yoongi’s studio. Yoongi never openly admits to needing Jungkook without any prompting (at least not when he knows that Jungkook can hear him), and Jungkook’s overcome with worry after seeing the elder’s message.

Only, the maknae arrives at the studio, chest heaving and perspiration rolling down the side of his face, to find Yoongi perfectly alright.

“What the hell, hyung?!!”

Jungkook can’t stay mad for long though, not when Yoongi pulls him into his lap and rests his forehead against Jungkook’s. With Jungkook pressed against him, Yoongi feels a lot more comfortable and without thinking too much into it, lets the words slip past his lips.

“I just wanted to see you.”  

  • Eliza: Hamilton you should take a break, lets go upstate.
  • Hamilton: I'm okay I don't need a break.
  • Eliza: fine
  • *one day later*
  • Hamilton: wow I'm really stressed from all this work I should take a break. *thinks* Ah ha I should cheat on my wife ,this will totally not ruin my life. *sighs* wow I'm such a genius!