adventures of pea - "how bout this? Is this work appropriate?“ Pea still doesn’t understand the concept of a work wardrobe.

Graduation’s less than a year away so shopping nowadays increasingly involves asking whether what I’m buying can be worn to the office in the near future. Which is not fun because most traditionally office-appropriate clothes are pretty boring. I need to watch more Suits for inspiration. 

Today, I fucked up... by being pregnant at the mall

I have a fancy black tie event coming up in a few days and I am too far along in my pregnancy to fit in anything that would have worked in my wardrobe, but not pregnant enough where I am restricted to just maternity clothes. I went to the mall today with the intent of going into a few stores I like and purchasing something in the next size up.

I found three dresses to try on and headed to the fitting room. The first one fit fine but was baggy and awkward. On to the second. It was a little tight as I put it on, but I took this as a good thing because I wanted something form fitting. The dress looked great and it was the winner. I unzipped the side zipper and proceeded to try and pull it over my head. It wasn’t working. There was no way it was going down, it had to go up and over. I tried again and got it up just under my boobs. Then I realized I was stuck. I couldn’t see and my upper arms were restricted to the sides of my head.

From inside the dressing room I had started to cry and sweat. Pure panic ensued. “Hello? Is anyone working back here?” That was all I could get out. No answer. I tried louder. No answer. My strategy now was to rip the dress. Doing anything I could to get the fuck out, but no luck. Keep in mind I also can’t see. Angrier, I try to get someone’s attention again. I opened the door to the dressing room ever so slightly to try and see if anyone was there. This did nothing though as I was blinded by red fabric.

At this point I estimate that about 10 minutes had passed. I had to go out, I was starting to feel lightheaded like I was going to faint. So out I went in my underwear and big belly out for the world to see, and everything from the boobs up covered by this dress. A woman quickly saw me and guided me back into the dressing room. She worked there and tried to help me get the dress over my head, but there was still no luck. The dress was cut off of me and I was so thankful yet so embarrassed at the same time. They refused to let me pay for the dress and said they would write it off as damaged in store. I am never going back there again.

tl;dr - tried to squeeze into a larger, non maternity sized dress and got stuck while trying to take it off. Had to waddle out into the store half naked with a dress over my head to have an employee cut it off.

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I just want to take a moment here and point out that Delphine is wearing RED nail polish in that scene.

RED. Not black, but RED.

This is very important to me.

“Red is the color of blood, and because of this it has historically been associated with sacrifice, danger and courage. Modern surveys in the United States and Europe show red is the color most commonly associated with heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love, and joy. In China and many other Asian cultures, it is the color of happiness.”[3]



Only Aslan can save your brother now.

How to Wear Printed Pants

This trend will help shake up your work wardrobe

Far from just a fashion girl staple item, printed pants are here to stay. Spice up your closet with easy-to-match prints that can be incorporated into your office work wear. Eye-catching and easy to transition into cocktail hour or dinner, bold prints make a big style statement. 

Here are some outfit ideas to copy & repeat! 

Newest Fics  an early celebration for my birthday on sept 22nd

1. Dress You Up in My Love (72k)

Harry is single, and more than anything wants to find love. Agreeing to sign up to a dating website was a bad, bad idea. Niall’s bad, bad idea. Louis is single, but has no interest in relationships. Or so he tells himself. 

Harry is a lawyer, his boss, Nick, happens to give him a bonus, which he decides to splurge on a new work wardrobe. Louis is a frustrated designer, working as a personal shopper at Selfridges. Louis happens to be working on the day a very beautiful, but out of his depth, new customer ambles into their department in need of advice. Louis might have just found the muse he never knew he was looking for.

2. Ache To Know The Song He Sung (14k)

Louis is a bartender and Harry is a DJ in a club in Barcelona. All they really need to do is get their shit together. Of course, that’s not what happens. 

3. For You I Saved the Love (I Never Knew How to Give) (42k)

Louis moves to a small town with his young daughter and has a gorgeous neighbor. Harry loves children and Louis also likes him a little bit. Lots of fluff.

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get to know me meme - 1/5 favorite movies: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

When Adam’s flesh and Adam’s bone sits at Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done.

I’ve had a minor epiphany tonight, guys. I looked at my socks for just a second, and the colors struck me; they’re nothing special, just bright orange and bright pink, on the left and right foot respectively.

But it occurred to me that part of my impatience with life is that I read about so many wonderful things happening to people, or people doing wonderful things, and I’m…not. I’m a college student. People in books, and I’m talking historical books, biographies, they always seem to be going straight from one grand and glorious endeavor to the next. 

The thing that I realized, looking at my mismatched, colorful socks and eating my substandard chicken tenders, is that I’m not living in my high moments right now. In books and historical articles, a single sentence, “attended and graduated from x university,” encompasses weird friendships, and late nights, and stress, and boring food, and the feeling that you ruined the curve. Sports meets, first jobs, internships, concerts, travel. One sentence cuts through all the dross and propels the reader to the interesting parts, the relevant parts. 

We don’t get to do that. We don’t have the option of fast forwarding our lives through the “boring” parts to the good stuff. Honestly though, I think the dull moments are pretty important. Our experiences during the boring parts drive our behavior during the good ones. And hey, so far I kind of like my fast forward sentences. College is fun. That paragraph describing a month long festival? I went to the festival, and I had a month of electronic bulls and bad cowboy accents (it was a western style gig). The two sentences that describe my sport? Adrenaline, hard work, accomplishment, hours upon hours of dedication.

The small moments matter, the ones that get glossed over by the world.