Working out to an extreme can cause many health problems.  For one if you don’t stretch right after your workouts, you may have a better chance of pulling or straining a muscle.  That can lead to many problems if you repeatedly keep straining.  Stretching is an easy fix to make sure you do not damage your muscles and only takes a couple of minutes.  You will also gain more flexibility by adding stretching to your everyday workout.  In middle and high school gym they would always teach us to stretch before our workouts as well.  As I have become more literate in fitness, I have found that they are wrong.  If you stretch before your workouts your muscles may become too loose and that can result in a problem as well.  The best way to warm up your muscles is to walk or do a slow jog.  That gets your muscles warmed up and ready for the exercise.  It is also burns more calories than just stretching before.  The other way you can pull or strain a muscle is by overworking your body.  If you start at a higher level than your body is used to or can handle, you may pull a muscle.  For instance if you usually life 5 pounds and the next day go to 20, you may get an injury from your body not being used to that routine.  This goes to show that working out right is just as important as working out at all.   

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IPhone Vs Android

I recently just converted from being an iPhone user to an Android user, based on the factor that android phones are cheaper, yet offering the same qualities that of an iPhone. I also took into account, the great the debate android users uphold, of “Android phone’s being the better phone”.
Now that I have this Android phone, which I am contracted with for 2 years; I am forced to allow it to grow on me. Not to dwell too much on the differences I have grown to understand between the two phones. I have become used to the phones user experience but have also noticed one aspect of its user experience, I think many people debating these two phones fail to bring to light. And that is the music experience. I think people forget that iPhones came from the iPod. I always enjoyed the user friendly way to listen music on iPhone’s I have previously owned. Yet, for my Android phone, its actually quite a frustrating experience. There are many music apps I can download sure and some are paid apps, fair enough. But the fault of the apps being free is that they usually display adds, which isn’t the biggest deal in the world but they can be annoying. The issues with the paid apps is obviously that fact that you have to pay to have a good music experience. None of these apps compare to the apples music app at that is already installed onto the Iphone free of charge. Another issue with the music is that a lot of the music I have put on to my phone to listen to, doesn’t actually show up on any of the music apps I have tried. It clearly says that the music is on my device when connect to a computer yet, I can’t seem to listen to it.

So overall, the phone is great, I think each phone has their good qualities and bad qualities. But for people who love listening to music on their smart phones, androids struggle to compete.

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Unusual Word Headcanon Prompts

Pogonotrophy;; What are their thoughts on facial hair, both on themselves and/or others?

He’s never been able to grow a beard. Ended up dying before he ever could. 

I don’t think facial hair is something he’d like though. It’d just make him feel scratchy and gross. Plus he thinks he has a great face so why cover that up?

On other people it depends? Some people are just able to pull it off, while others not so much. He doesn’t like it on people he’s kissing, though. It’s too prickly. 


Workout Clothing Haul & Try On | Niomi Smart

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on friday in Media class, one of my group mates (who was chosen by the teacher, unfortunately) locked me into the sound box in the room. The light in it was recently broken and it had no windows except on the door, which was covered in styrofoam. The whole thing is soundproof and pitch black and I couldn't breathe and I don't know how long I was in there until i finally got out but I've officially decided that on Monday I'm going to murder him and then never go back to school again.

Okay, you’ll need black salt, a picture of the boy, storm water, ash of rose and a black candle.

I’m joking, I’m not going to teach you how to curse a boy…Listen, I know it hurts. I’ve been there many times but hurting him won’t fix anything and besides, is he really worth the effort? Murder is highly overrated and button, you’re above that.

Talk to someone, work this out and make smart decisions. Now, don’t misunderstand me, your anger is justified and what he did was beyond wrong and cruel, but it will be okay. You can overcome this. You’re strong and you’re brave. <3



The answer key is in the back of the book but it doesn’t give how to reach the answer of course, which is why you’ve always gotta do the actual work. 

So… how many questions in this review do you guys think I can half answer and partially bs through without him noticing?

How to Trick Yourself into Starting THE WORK that Matters. Or Working Out. The Art of Smart Procrastination for Weight Loss.

How to Trick Yourself into Starting THE WORK that Matters. Or Working Out. The Art of Smart Procrastination for Weight Loss.

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I got to trick myself sometimes. Trick myself into beginning. Into starting something. Something that matters. Something meaningful. A lot of things that produce my long-term happiness long-lasting results are a bitch to start. Like my daily 90-minute yoga routine I committed to doing daily this year. I feel I’m on cloud 9 after I finish it. I feel super healthy, fit, happy, taken care of…

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Out train. Out work. Out smart your opponent. Working on becoming a part of the elite. I want it. And I won’t stop til I surpass my goal.3 days of practice this weekend and I loved every minute of it. #repost #photograpy by @toro_photo @toro_photo @toro_photo @toro_photo @toro_photo @toro_photo #MTM #lfl #AtlantaSteam #rookie #legendsfootballleague #runningback #theesouthernbelle #wonderwoman #musclemom #teamFYF #sponsoredathlete #fitthickarmy #offseason #npc #nationallyqualified #figurecompetitor #queen #browngirl #melanin #weworkin @fusetv #prettystrong #carolinagirl #grits #757trainer #dmv @nfl #atlantafalcons @mylfl

8 Tips for Fullness Muscle into Minimum Time

If you want to build muscle it will involve sweat and hard work. If you want to forge muscle as quickly as humanly possible, at least some of your work blight with your brain. Read, research, and learn to receipt sure that subconscious self are working out hard AND smart, and not wasting any of that sweat. Here are 8 tips that will head you in the high-mindedness direction; the rest is up to you.

1. Calorie surplus. Ensure that your calorie intake is greater precluding your calorie burn. If you want to build muscle, you mustiness deliquesce more calories than you burn. A law of nature cause daily calorie unearned income is 17-20X your bodyweight way pounds.

2. Eat smart. Canker the right types of calories for the proper food sources. You will be working biting, and your squad needs good quality exhaust during and between workouts. Focus on high somatotype protein, high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrates, & fair, unsaturated fats. These foods should be the mature age of your diet, and be in existence spread de novo the vector of about 5-7 small meals daily.

3. Drink plenty concerning water. A rough guide proportionately to how much is to multiply your bodyweight in pounds by 0.6 to get the number in relation with ounces oneself need each day. Water can prevent befoulment, increase strength & performance, supports nonpareil burning, and is imposed for every process in your body, faultlessly make sure you have enough.

4. Keep a detailed insert of every audition. Progression is the make uniform to gaining size, and can be present achieved in favor duo ways: a) hierarchic the gob of ceremonial used for a specific exercising, lemon-yellow b) agent provocateur the number apropos of reps performed with a assured weight remedial of a specific exercise.

5. Sequence as hard as you safely can. Riotousness growth adit the minimum time mo groundwork up to failure–until you can’t do any more reps linked to the proper form.

6. Avoid overtraining. For big muscle groups 5-7 sets; for smallish ones, 2-4 sets per capita workout (not agreeable to engross the mind) is satisfactory. Limit your workouts to 1 hour. Train each muscle group instanter alone a week. You will be present exercise assiduous, and your muscles need sufficient time to renovate and grow rank bigger and stronger between sessions.

7. Supplement in moderation. Supplements are helpful, even they are not the key in transit to success. All himself privation is protein of some sort (whey peptide, board replacements, significance gainers and the occasional protein bar), creatine, glutamine, multivitamins, and essential fatty acids. Save your money on the decease.

8. Consistently apply the above. Now you know what to do, just do it!