okay but why are so many ppl saying that ~shady~ delphine is so out of character when she’s been like that this whole time??? like she came into this whole thing befriending cosima so she could monitor her (full well knowing about the clone situation and being neck deep in all this)… and also like in s1 she sold out the clones to dyad/leekie and in s2 she gives over cosima’s blood sample…. like this is absolutely nothing new and i feel like it does a disservice to the character to conveniently forget all of that and just see delphine as a puppy

Working out to an extreme can cause many health problems.  For one if you don’t stretch right after your workouts, you may have a better chance of pulling or straining a muscle.  That can lead to many problems if you repeatedly keep straining.  Stretching is an easy fix to make sure you do not damage your muscles and only takes a couple of minutes.  You will also gain more flexibility by adding stretching to your everyday workout.  In middle and high school gym they would always teach us to stretch before our workouts as well.  As I have become more literate in fitness, I have found that they are wrong.  If you stretch before your workouts your muscles may become too loose and that can result in a problem as well.  The best way to warm up your muscles is to walk or do a slow jog.  That gets your muscles warmed up and ready for the exercise.  It is also burns more calories than just stretching before.  The other way you can pull or strain a muscle is by overworking your body.  If you start at a higher level than your body is used to or can handle, you may pull a muscle.  For instance if you usually life 5 pounds and the next day go to 20, you may get an injury from your body not being used to that routine.  This goes to show that working out right is just as important as working out at all.   

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i successfully friendzoned a guy

fragileskittlez asked:

Hey, Gina! Although it's really none of my business to ask, what do you plan on doing with a degree in photography? I remember you said you liked landscapes; are you planning to do something like National Geographic or those photos you see for visual descriptions on a country's tourism page? (if that makes any sense lmao) But whatever you do, you better upload some here!

Omfg future talk shhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t wanna think about the future fish!!!

XD but no, I love landscapes and nature and taking photos for NG would be a dream. As long as it’s landscapes and not war zones and all that. People keep telling me to go into wedding photography because of the money but it’s harder than people think… That and I cannot stand taking photos of people.. I’ve done a few events for friends and it’s different because I personally want to take photos for them too. But I imagine that gets old pretty quick too. With nature, it changes and you never know what to expect.

After school, I think I’m going to relax for a bit and then try and look for a job.. Somewhere.. We have a 4th year show with the option to sell what we show. I’m hoping someone buys my stuff XD I’ve heard that people get their stuff sold but I’m trying not to get my hopes up..

I’m actually going to present my thesis on Thursday! I’ll post pictures of the setup for sure and then I’m going to upload the pics on my site. I’m so nervous for that, it’s unreal.

wow anyway i’m seeing my therapist tmw so thats CUTE

When the French Aren't Romantic

When the French Aren’t Romantic

When the French Aren’t Romantic @blindmanshooting @500px: At St. Maries de la Mer, the countryside town I had just talked about. My friend Terry Letton about 3 hours ago Replied,
“Blindman”. This looks like a great place for a smiley face. ::)))),

I don’t know Terry, As I continued to get up close and personal with this lens I was testing out. I noticed a couple having the…

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I love the fact that people think just because I can get bored and frustrated with things that I both do and don’t understand for weeks and can’t be bothered learning that I’m dumb or stupid because last time that happen I design an elevator that works without power made with wood and water and the time before that I got a Certificate in Auslan(Australian Sign Language).