Inspirational Illustrations on Notebooks & Stationary Pay Homage to the Magic of Nature by Katie Daisy

Oregon-based illustrator Katie Daisy admits to being raised by “birds and warm breezes” in a small town, “where she was brought up among the other wildflowers with roots planted deeply in the natural world.” Deeply impassioned by nature, Daisy’s aim is to interpret the beauty of Mother Earth she has engraved deeply in her velvet bones.

She hopes to convey the message of our surroundings through her adventurous and vibrant illustrations. Composed by watercolor, acrylic, photoshop, the watercolor creations contain messages of inspiration, love of beauty, poetry and nature expressed by the most influential minds in literature, art and humanity.

Adorned with floral patterns, constellations, landscape sceneries, and plants, Daisy’s work is a wildly romantic series, which urges everyone to dream. The small literary excerpts communicate the simple joys of life and the magic found in nature. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Ive noticed a lot of girls uploading photos of other women’s bodies and writing things like “goals” - “i wish” - “need”. I’ve said this a few times now, but i will say it again for my new followers. When it comes to achieving your “DREAM BODY” you need to work on it from the INSIDE OUT….not the other way around.
So many women believe if they fix the OUTSIDE….the inside will follow. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way. Women say “as soon as i look like this, then i will be happy”. I am sure you have heard someone say this or you may have said this yourself, whether it be out loud or internally… someone has said it.
I want to change that mentality.
When you start focusing on how you FEEL instead of how you LOOK, your priorities will change, your perception or idea of the ‘perfect body’ will change … because when you start to love yourself from the inside-out … nothing else matters. Happiness makes you beautiful.
You could have 70 million followers on Instagram, 30 million likes on your photos, 30,000 positive comments saying how beautiful and amazing you are…. but if you don’t love YOURSELF for who you are as a person. If you are unhappy..…no matter what ANYONE writes, you will still feel miserable.
Fix your body from the inside, focus on happiness and I guarantee that when you stand in front of the mirror, your “DREAM BODY” will be YOUR body - exactly the way is it.

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“Bubbled” Spell

Inspired a bit by Steven Universe’s “bubbles,” this simple spell will relieve and remove stress (especially in relationships.) Also, baby’s first spell!

You’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Black pen
  • Pink fabric (preferably a bag, but a shirt or blanket will work)
  • Something with doors (cabinet, closet, fridge, etc.)

1. Write the target stressors down in detail on the paper, using the black ink. Be sure to be meticulous about what specifically is causing the problem.

2. Rip the paper vertically into shreds. While doing this, picture the stressors “poofing” away.

3. Collect the shreds and wrap them in the pink fabric. Imagine the fabric surrounding the paper shreds like a bubble, letting nothing out and nothing in.

4. Before you sleep, put it in your selected place with doors. My preferred spot is the fridge, but that’s because I’m in a dorm, lol.

5. Throw away the shreds in the morning, and take out the trash. These aren’t the sort of thing you need laying around. Wash the fabric (just a plain laundry day will work fine) before you use it next!

Haven’t mentioned it yet folks, but I got my sales figures and royalties payments from January to June 2016 in last week, and they’re better than my predictions! Thank you everyone for being awesome, purchasing my work and helping make my dream continue to be my reality! 

It’s been twenty nine years and I still haven’t had one of those show-up-to-work/class-naked dreams that everyone allegedly has.
The closest I’ve ever had was last night when I dreamed I left the house in my pyjamas and got about twenty paces from my apartment before noticing and rushing back home.

I had a dream that Pokemon go actually worked on my college campus if you got a special program and I was so ducking happy holy shit this is pathetic

I’m working on my resume and cover letter for Dream Job and all I have so far is the decision to not re-work a past cover letter, but start from scratch.

So I have a blank piece of paper.

Anyway here’s my resume of Things They Didn’t Ask For:

  1. Very seldom cries in the office
  2. Able to calmy teach people things they should be able to figure out by googling it
  3. Is nice
  4. Maintains good relationships with the IT guys (a vastly under-practiced skill at my workplace)
  5. Makes coffee when the pot is empty and puts dirty mugs in dishwasher
  6. Has been on campus for twenty-one years so knows a lot of people and stuff
  7. Hasn’t made a single mortal enemy on campus in seventeen years
  8. Perfect driving abstract
  9. My mom thinks I’m smart

And The One Thing They Did

  1. Tells really good stories
▼Chansoo Fanfic

Title: Walk with me

Author: bowlerrootx

Pairing: kyungsoo/chanyeol

Rating: nc-17

Genre: inception!au, sci-fi

Length: one-shot (27.8k)

Warnings: past severe mental illness, dub-con

Description: Kyungsoo left the military’s extraction programme just months before dream sharing is legalised in South Korea. Two years later, Kyungsoo is a freelancer working exclusively with charities. One day, he meets Chanyeol in a dream. This happens over and over again.Until it doesn’t.

- Admin Vic

Has anybody else had that majorly disappointing moment where you realize that some of the people you grew up with – childhood friends, high school classmates, college acquaintances – have already achieved the life that you’ve been dreaming of and working your ass off for since day 1? And it just pisses you off because they were always impulsive and never seemed to worry about the future, but here they are with everything you’ve been working towards and planning for while you’re stuck with nothing and nobody, all because you spent your whole life dreaming and planning instead of doing?

Farmer’s Daughter (Camren)

A/N: The original author of this story is MirmLovesHollistein_136 from Archive of Our Own.


Chapter 7: Getting Their Sh*t Together

Five days until Lauren’s ceremony. She was closing in on a month of working for Farmer Cabello, and Lauren found herself spending more time with Camila then she’d spent with anyone else in awhile. While Lauren worked, Camila would sit close by. They’d talk about everything. Dreams, goals, religion, politics and just life in general. Lauren found out Camila was very, very gay and though her father and mother were Baptists, they had excepted Camila with open arms.

On a particular day, a Sunday, while the Farmer was at church, the two girls found themselves under the Big Willow. Lauren pulling weeds from the ground and Camila relaxing against the tree. Shadow lay beside her, head on paws. Her miss colored eyes closing slightly. Lauren laughed at what Camila had just finished saying.

  “No! It’s true! The first guy I kissed spewed milk on me! While we were kissing!” Camila giggled.

  “Sorry cutie, that sounds horrible! Did you date him?” Lauren asked, wiping her hands on the muddy jeans she was wearing.

  “No way! He, for one was a terrible kisser, obviously. And he also was a boy, so, moral of the story? Don’t play spin the bottle at a middle school party,” Camila supplied. They stayed in silence for a moment before she spoke again, “he wasn’t even the reason I played.”

  Lauren turned completely toward the younger girl now. Camila looked amazing, as usual. She was in light colored jeans and a striped shirt. The sun was doing incredible things to her eyes, making them shine with vibrant color. Camila looked back at her and smiled (which was much brighter in Lauren’s opinion) ,

  “I was playing because this girl I had a crush on was playing. God, I was so ridiculous, she was painfully straight.”

Lauren clicked her tongue, as she pulled out a tough weed.

  “That’s sucks, Camz. Straight girl crushes are the worst.” Camila laughed,

  “Yeah…anyway! What about you? How was your first kiss?” Lauren looked down, smiling at the memory.

  “Amazing-actually.” She looked back at Camila, “I was fifteen…in a closest believe it or not, ” Lauren chuckled, “it was at camp and…it was everything I could have asked for…we dated actually… for a while…” She looked to Camila suddenly, walls going back up, “but you know, all things come to an end so…” she was grateful when Camila didn’t push. She didn’t often talk about her romance history. Camila looked out over the large cornfield.

  “Done,” Lauren said with a huff. She stood up and went to go sit with the younger girl. Camila sighed and looked over, into Lauren’s eyes. Looking away before she did something stupid, Lauren began to fall asleep. A light wind had picked up, temporarily taking away the heat of day.  

  “Hey,” Camila said, softly tapping Lauren with her foot, “Did you ever see the movie Inside Out?” Lauren opened one eye.

  “The kid’s movie?”

  “It is not a kid’s movie!”

  “Whatever you say sundance. To answer your question, ‘no’ I haven’t seen it,” there was a pause. As of Camila was thinking of what to say next.

  “It’s playing at the Carmike today…”

  “Carmike? The sketchy as hell movie theatre?” Lauren asked trying to stifle the smile dancing on her lips. Camila scrunched her nose, and slightly shoved the older girl,

  “Ugh! Why do you have to make this so hard! Is it so difficult to ask a friend to go to the movies!” She groaned.

  “Are we friends?” Lauren smirked, she loved pressing Camila’s buttons. Camila’s face fell a little, pushing some stray hair behind her ear, she mumbled,

  “Well, I mean…I hope so…” Lauren looked back beside her. The insecurity in Camila’s voice made her heart hurt.

  “Hey come on. Camila, you know we’re friends.” She paused, “you’re probably my only friend here. All my other friends are still in the Navy.” She heard a slight sniffle from the small girl. Flopping her head against the tree Lauren groaned,

  “When did you say that movie was?” this girl was gonna be the death of her.


  “So you’ve got a date I’m not judging you!” Chris said from his room. Lauren snarled, pulling on her combat boots and dog tags,

  “It’s not a date, Christopher! It’s just… friends hanging out!”

Chris walked to the sitting room were Lauren was getting up and grabbing her keys.

  “Did she say that?” Chris asked. Lauren opened the door to the house.

  “Yes she did, so leave it alone.” Before she could close the door, Chris called out,

 "Lauren…we should talk when you get home…“

  But Lauren was already out the door.


  "Wow, you look great!” Lauren complemented when she saw Camila outside of the theater. The young girl was in a white sundress, with purple flowers at the hem. She wore the same hat from the time the two went horseback riding and tan boots. Lauren didn’t know what it was with that hat but it made Camila ten times hotter, which was saying something.

  “Thank you!” Camila grinned, “ You’re not too bad yourself,” She giggled, putting on a pretty good impression of the brunette, “Come on, let’s go in so we can get good seats,”

Lauren rolled her eyes,

  “It’s Carmike, Camz, nobody’s gonna be in there.”


 The movie was sad. Probably one of the saddest Lauren had seen since in a while. Camila cried, and leaned into Lauren when she did. That damn imaginary friend part made her tear up a bit too, if she was being honest. As the walked out, Camila casually slipped her hand in Lauren’s. It was soft and warm, and-oh god what was this girl doing to her?

  “But what the fuck was that?” Lauren was saying, “that was not a kids movie! That was real life shit!” Camila laughed as they strolled to Camila’s truck.

 "Aw, did little Lolo get choked up in there? Did you have a traumatic childhood!“ She teased, leaning against the dark vehicle. Lauren flinched, but brushed it off, Camila didn’t know, so instead she chuckled,

  "I didn’t exactly have a Bing Bong or whatever his name was…but I did have a dog named Little Foot.”

  Camila looked a bit stunned that Lauren had opened up so much.

  “He got run over though so…yah know. Shit happens.”

They were still holding hands and Camila rubbed her thumb over the back of Lauren’s.

 "Well thank you for telling me.“

  Lauren nodded solemnly. She didn’t mention the fact her mail man was the one that ran over Little Foot.

  Lauren also hadn’t noticed until now how close they were. Close enough to see the gold in Camila’s eyes again. Even under a shitty street lamp she looked gorgeous.

 In the back of Lauren’s mind, she wondered if maybe Chris was right. Was this a date?

  "I had fun,” Camila said softly, swinging their arms between them. Lauren grinned, glancing at the girls lips. It wouldn’t take much. Just a small movement forward, and they’d be kissing. Man, she wanted to kiss Camila. To taste her, to make her breathless, to hear her gasping over and over into the night, saying-

  “Lauren.” Camila asked, snapping the ex-soldier out of her daze. Good thing too, “I was saying we should do it again,” Lauren nodded and turned to go get Chris’ truck. With a dash of courage she spun back around yelling out,

“Hey, Camila?”

Camila looked up, one leg in her truck.


“If you don’t mind me asking…what was tonight…like…what was it?”

Camila gave a shy smile and shrugged,

“I guess whatever you wanted it to be. I mean, yah know, I know what I wanted it to be.” and with that she got in her truck. Pulling away. As she drove away Lauren was actually stunned into silence for only a millisecond. After which she turned on her heals and whistled to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s, “Fly Me to the Moon”.


Her mood lifted even more when she walked into her childhood home and found someone she hadn’t seen in a long time. Standing up from the couch, Lauren’s sister held her arms wide open,

  “Taylor?” Lauren gasped, hugging the older girl tightly.

  “And if it isn’t my bella, Michelle!” Taylor practically sang.

“Taylor, you know it’s Lauren know…and what are you doing here? I thought you were in Italy for the summer?” A crease was donned between Lauren’s eyebrows as she asked. Chris walked in at that moment, folding his arms across his chest. He looked tired with dark circles around his eyes and he was wearing their father.s Coast guard tags, which meant he’d had a rough last couple of hours.

 "…just here on some…lawyer business,“ Taylor said. Lauren raised an eyebrow. Taylor hated their childhood home almost as much as Lauren and she just came for business?

  "What’s going on. Chris are you okay. It’s not JP is it?”

Taylor and Chris shared a glance and it was only then Lauren noticed that Taylor looked tired too. Her usually flawless hair a bit untamed and her usually perfect posture and suave was reduced to a slight hang of the shoulders. Chris sighed and took a deep breath,

 "JP’s fine sis. Taylor just has to stay here for a bit. Why don’t you get some sleep.“

It was weird and Lauren should have pushed for more information, but she was still on her high from being with Camila, and whatever Chris and Taylor were hiding they clearly weren’t going to tell her.

 "Okay then you weirdos. I’m gonna turn in early. I’ve got work tomorrow so…night.”


  “Lo. Lo wake up.”

  Lauren opened her eyes, into darkness.

  “Camila?” She said sitting up, and turning on her lamp. Camila crouched on Lauren’s small bed. Her eyes were dark, and she bit her lip.

 "I can’t get you out of my head,“ Camila said, crawling forward slowly. Lauren gulped as Camila got closer.

 "Yeah?” Lauren said. Because that’s really all she could. Camila had finally reached the top of the bed. She reached out and touched Lauren’s face.

 "Mhmm. You and your stupid smirk.“ Camila was whispering now. She leaned in connecting their mouths and a moan broke from Lauren’s throat. God, this was everything she imagined. The kiss became desperate as Camila pushed Lauren back, ripping open her shirt.

 "Holy fuck.” Lauren tried to say but the ending was interrupted by Camila’s mouth again. Camila then leaned back on her heels and pulled her own shirt over her head.

  Lauren leaned up on her elbows, sucking slightly on Camila’s neck, hopefully leaving dark spots in her wake.

  “Oh Lo.” Camila groaned, rolling down her hips. Apparently things were going to slowly for Camila, as she took Lauren’s hands and placed them over her chest, “please, touch me.”

 "Are you sure?“ Lauren asked. She knew Camila had just said, but she needed to be sure. Camila’s eyes flew open they looked like black orbs. She rolled her hips again,

  "Please.” She said again. Lauren kneaded at Camila’s breast. Wait?

  “Why weren’t you wearing a bra?” Lauren questioned. Camila looked down at her chest then back up,

 "Well this is a dream.“



  Lauren gasped awake, sweat covering her from head to tow. Her hand was down her boy shorts, and they were completely ruined.

  "What the fuck?” Lauren spoke into her cramped, empty room. She hadn’t had a wet dreams since…well since she was probably sixteen.

 Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


Depression and anxiety combine to make a cocktail of complete defeat and moments of unrelenting despair. This is my life on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. This is the first time I have ever recorded an episode - I did this for one reason and one reason only… I did this so I could look at myself and see what my kids and my family see when I am drowning in these feelings of worry and inadequacy. Sympathizing with the men and women- the sometimes children that completely break under the pressures of daily life and choose an irreversible answer, one that leaves them silent and their family in mourning. I know the way this low feels and how terrifying it can be to be in that place alone. It’s something that only you can pull yourself out of and the walls are always slippery. Breathing my dreams into fruition and working on manifesting my future by believing it will happen is how I live my life 90% of the time but this little 10% - this weakness and this deep sadness quickly brings all of my dreams to a screaming halt and urges me to quit and curl up in a ball in bed - it urges me to stay still and close my eyes. It tells me I am a failure and I will never breach my ceiling. I’ll always be stuck in these four walls - no door to climb on top. How can your mind fight your body and spirit so viciously? Why would my self beat me down while I’m struggling and fighting to stay positive? I’ve never quite said it before… Out loud. But this is mental illness. This is losing control of my happiness and my power and this is me saying I see it for what it is. | Crazy, mental, mental breakdown, losing it, nuts, sad, pathetic… All of these worlds are thrust at my face when I’m in this place and instantly I fall to pieces and lay in my shame. But this is something I cannot control and I won’t pretend to. Now imagine this scenario with no support and a newborn baby. Imagine a woman who is desperate to nurse her baby but is feeling this way. Imagine a twelve year old boy that doesn’t know he isn’t alone so he holds it all in until he can’t anymore- he ceases to exist. Please think before you speak. Please hug the person in your life that needs it- even if it seems they don’t.

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one day

one day I’ll have travelled the world and written a book and have enough money and experiences to live on and I can go back to uni and actually see it through and feel good because I’ll be doing something productive with my life

and I’ll live in a cute little flat, with someone or alone, and there’ll be polaroids on the walls and flowers on the windowsills and stuffed bookshelves in every room and big windows with lacy curtains and fairy lights around the doors

and I’ll be organised at uni - I’ll structure my classes and my homework and be there from a certain time to a certain time every day even if I don’t have class so I can study, and then on weekends I can catch up on work or write

I can dream