My sister brought home this black lace jacket that she never wears and which I have been coveting for about a year, and now I can finally be the pastel flower witch queen of my dreams

Today I used the toilets at work and I could hear someone softly crying in the next stall and so I went back into the office (after I’d finished doing my own business, I’m not a barbarian) to see if there were any chocolate bars left so I could maybe leave one by the sink as a benevolent gift and a sign that the weeping human was not alone with their maudlin thoughts, but alas, there were 0 chocolate bars because I had a hard time last week and raided the emergency stash like the disgusting slob I am, and when I got back to the toilet, there was no crying human but there was a really lingering smell and let me tell you, that human should really have been working from home

It’s been a while since we all partook in the communal glory of one another’s minds, so answer me this: what’s your favourite awful joke? Mine is definitely the classic ‘a man walks into a bar. Owch’ because the success of that joke depends entirely on the delivery, and I am the goddamn mailman of punchlines

Now you!!!!

Because that’s not at all worrying…

I’ve been a bit quiet for the past few weeks. Work’s started again and school is starting again soon too, so I’ve my hands full of real-world responsibilities… A pity, really, since I’d love to get a little more online time to nerd about the upcoming musicals!

During the past few weeks, I have

  • written two articles for theatre programmes, one for a play and another for a new jukebox musical
  • introduced the theatre’s new student discount to hundreds of first-year students
  • supervised audience members when they were taking baths in the theatre foyer in a bathtub filled with lottery balls (not joking)
  • had a picture I took for the theatre’s Instagram appear in a notorious Finnish gossip magazine (not joking)

During the next few weeks, I wish to

  • post some photos from my and nyranor‘s European summer trip
  • draw Jyväskylä Jekyll & Hyde fanart
  • sort out my inboxes

Let’s see. And now, bedtime!

I can’t believe I am actually going to college tomorrow 

That I actually worked my ass off to get to my dream school  and get the FUCK out of Maine, hardly anything or anyone good comes out of this state and NOONE ever leaves, but I am. I have better shit to do, bigger shit than any of this. 


I’m a big believer that setting goals helps both inspire and manifest them into existence…so I’m going to put some of my current goals/thoughts/ideas out in the open so that the Universe and I may work toward them together!

1) Begin the foundational steps of building my dream project–a box/package that I can send to anyone who wants to buy revolving around self love. They will be packages that you guys pay a small fee for that include my handwritten words to help you get through whatever you may be going through, snacks and chocolate and my own photography and poetry and watercolor doodles…basically a package that says “I love you and you can do this.” I’ve been tinkering around with this idea for awhile but I’ve been too afraid and hesitant. If you’re interested, message me and let me know x

2) Find a time every day to get my heart pumping, whether it be hiking, biking, walking, running, dancing…I have spent the past year prioritizing mental health, and now I want to prioritize my physically wellbeing. 

3) Don’t let my innate distaste for school get me down. Work hard, stay on top of my projects and just breathe.

4) Focus my energy on producing quality and consistent Youtube videos. Any videos that you guys would like to see, let me know

5) Continue planning planning planning road trips 

6) Seek out a second job

hyorin is my inspiration to work hard to reach my dreams, to believe in myself, to love myself, to work out, to stay in school, to do homework, to remember to eat, to sleep, to live

anonymous asked:

1, 2, 19, 20, 21, 25

1 has been answered!

2.) What’s a snake you dream of working with (as a breeder)? I know very few things about breeding, but I do know I would want to turn every morph pastel. So probably a pastel.

19.) What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever seen a snake do? Produce a poop so humongous I swore it was a prank

20 has been answered!

21.) Do you have any experience with wild snakes? Can you tell us the story? I do! I have three main experiences that come to mind.

  • 1. When I was very young, probably around the first grade, my mother found a young injured ringneck snake that we put in a terrarium. She worked with wildlife rehabilitators so she did have some background knowledge. It was my first experience with a wild snake. The snake didn’t make it very long, unfortunately. 
  • 2. When I traveled to New Orleans, I was at the Audubon Nature Institute and saw a HUGE wild black king snake. It was at least 4 or 5 feet long.
  • 3. About five days into my job as a zookeeper, I ran into a teensy tiny baby watersnake. It was in the middle of a pathway so I knew I needed to move it to avoid having a visitor run into it (we have had some unfortunate incidences.) He coiled up and went into strike mode so I helped move him over as he hissed and struck at me… while I cooed at him and told him he was super ferocious.

25 has been answered!

So if I told my boss I can’t come into work on Monday because the Wildest Dreams video has left me paralyzed on the cold hard ground from the sheer brilliance of it…would that be a reasonable excuse? Lol


Third part of Numerical A.U.gust.

partly beta’d by mrsenneshaw

Rating: Mature.
Tags: Alternate Universe; Mild Sexual Content
Summary: Employee/Customer AU loosely based on: ‘I’m on the verge of [bashing someone] because of rude customer(s) and you step in and stand up for me.’
Notes: If you’re a Malcolm in the Middle fan, you’ll see the blatant scene-stealing I’ve made towards the beginning.

Mickey hates his job. But he assumes not many people actually dreams of working in a mall, constantly filled with dead beat mothers, crying children and bitchy old people. The money helps, though, so he stays. He’s able to take more shifts when needed, because the mall’s always looking for more workers. Also, it was the only place where the managers didn’t scrunch up their noses upon seeing his tattoos so that’s a plus. Still, he hates his job and at the end of the day, he’s more than glad to come back to the shithole he calls home.

He’s been living on his own for years now, and he honestly didn’t think it would be this hard. He doesn’t mind the actual loneliness, or any other way you could describe it. What he minds is how much everything costs: rent, heating bills, water, electricity, groceries, smokes, train card; and on and on… He made a promise to himself that he wouldn’t do anything illegal, there’s no way he’ll join his father (or maybe more of his family, who knows) in jail for being caught stealing or dealing drugs.

More on AO3.

anyone ever have work stress dreams?? sometimes i can’t get to sleep at night because i’m thinkin about the orders i get throughout the day……mocha grande….why u order the size after the drink……….? pumpkin spice latte… ain’t out yet bitch………………earl grey tea with three inches of cold skim milk……three inches…….t h r e e i n c h e s

Friday Fav’s

Song of the week: My Silver Lining by First aid kit.
                   This song is so special to me. It fill me up with hope and a weird kind of calm. Not everybody likes it but I love it. I think you should definitely listen to it at least once.

Book of the week:  Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson 
                   I read this book two years ago and have since reread it many times. You know, I love computers and technology but that is not the reason why I love this book. I love this book because it teaches how dreaming and working your ass off on an idea can make anything possible. Also, it tells you when to be a douche and when not. You should read it.

Movie of the week: Whiplash
                    The oscar-winning movie. I love this film. I do feel there were some flaws in it but over all it’s such a nice watch. You feel so inspired after watching it. I think you should especially watch it if you have been slacking  of a bit in your field of work lately.

Blog of the week: academla
                      Because you should follow some beautiful souls.

This week’s post is a bit short but hopefully next week onwards it would be better. Do send me suggestions of your fav’s! And yeah, may you all have an awesome week.