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ohh maybe Hannigram and 20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear? ^^

20. things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

“I like my men big and hairy.”

Hannibal finished opening the door to the lab, catching the tail end of a conversation between Will and Beverly Katz. He could easily build the dialogue in his mind: Beverly asking Will about his perpetually single personal life in an attempt to gain some camaraderie between the two of them, Will showing her to his defensive walls only for her to notice the slight crack in them, and then attack accordingly.

It would have been a very brisk back and forth, but the how didn’t matter now with Will standing rigidly, his back to Hannibal and Beverly nodding her head at Will.

Yes, Hannibal was behind him and yes, he had heard

Hannibal smiled congenially. Beverly excused herself with all the grace of a woman who didn’t quite want to leave the room.

“So,” Will turned around, his face still red though Hannibal was sure it had been a much more brilliant all encompassing blush before Will had tried to tamp it down. “Hi, Doctor Lecter.”

“Are you well? You look a bit flushed,” Hannibal moved closer, though he didn’t push Will’s mussed hair away to place the back of his hand on Will’s forehead. He would have liked to feel the blush, but he rewarded himself instead with the up close sight of Will’s heady cheeks. 

Will stepped back, shaking his head. “I’m fine, just a little humiliated. Nothing that won’t haunt me until I die of embarrassment.”

“There’s nothing wrong with liking men, Will. Or having preferences.”

Will’s ears had gone so red, Hannibal knew if he were to ever try and recapture this moment, he’d need the deepest red pigment he could find.

“We don’t talk about this kind of–” He gestured at himself and what must have been his apparent sexuality. “–thing.”

Hannibal switched his overcoat to his other arm, looking at the wall pinned with photographs of the latest victims. Giving Will a moment to collect himself. 

“We can if you’d like.”

“There’s not much to say. You can apply ‘I’m not great with people’ to pretty much any level of sociableness I have.”

“You sell yourself short.”

“I really don’t.”

“Would you like me to ask?”

“God no,” Will stopped, rubbed his hand over his mouth. Still a bit pinkish. He looked at Hannibal then looked away quickly. “Just. Not here.”

Hannibal nodded and moved on to the subject of their latest killer. He was, as always, excited for their next conversation.

1. Stop looking at the success of others as your failure.
2. Focus your energy on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
3. You can and will reach your goals.
4. Self confidence isn’t a bad thing to have.
5. Believe in and love yourself.
6. Work hard and fight for your dreams.
7. Self doubt has a way of dragging you down and keeping you from where you should be.
I have to remind myself of these things daily because it becomes so easy to tear myself apart rather than build myself up.

Okay what KILLS ME is that all Stan ever wanted was a life of fantastic adventure, traveling the tides and discovering treasures beyond measure. What Ford wanted was a quiet life of studies and scientific discovery.

What Stan got was ten years of excommunication from his family, living a hard reality and skirting the rules just to get by- then being involved in the mysterious disappearance of his own brother, and settling down in the hovel that was left to him, making a business, and staying in place for 30 years looking for a way to undo the things that led his life astray.

What Ford got was ten years of hard work in school followed by fantastic adventure, discovering new things, and living the dream until his life was completely gutted and he was sent to an alternate dimension where he undoubtedly faced hard decisions, restless nights, and mortal danger, and a loss of reality.

They each got a life that the other wanted more than anything and all I can think of is how different it would have been if they hadn’t had a falling out- if Ford hadn’t accused Stan of destroying his experiment, if they went to Backupsmore together and moved to Oregon together. If they had faced Bill for the first time together and when the portal sucked Ford in it sucked in Stan too, and then it was Fiddleford trying to get them back without letting Bill through because he knew the dangers.


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(thepiratescarletdavid) Sweet Dreams

The kid wasn’t what Roman expected, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy the boy. He was a good little solider boy, and Roman almost thought it was too much fun to bring him crashing down. The little moans and whimpers Scarlet let out in pleasure were sure to haunt him. Sleeping with the enemy had a way of creating regret.

Upon waking up, he found, regret was something Roman could relate to. The sleeping boy beside him being the cause. He sighed, watching the kid sleep for a few minutes. Perhaps Roman could just corrupt him entirely and pull him to the dark side. It wasn’t likely, as those idiot huntsmen tend to be stubborn in their ways, but Roman could be rather tempting.

Review: Yoshiwara Higanbana

PC R-18 Otoge

A good R-18 Otoge at last!!

Ten years ago, Rin’s parents sold her to the Yoshiwara red-light district in Edo to pay off the enormous debt they owed… she is now the highest ranking oiran in the high-class brothel Ouka-ya. She goes by the alias of Chihaya, entertaining and pleasuring men every night and working hard to pay off her contract, dreaming of the day she will be able to go back home. But despite this Rin isn’t displeased with her current state of affairs – all the contrary, she takes pride in the work she does. Her kamuro, a young girl named Yuzu, provides her with solace, and her friend Kichou is always there to support her. But there’s more to her story than meets the eye, and Rin will slowly discover she has been kept in the dark from many more secrets than she can imagine…

Read more here, on my blog Kira Kira Treasure Box!

Taylor Swift made herself famous. She was a young girl with a huge dream and she worked hard to make it happen. From running from record label to record label trying to get her music heard to endless days in studios creating beautiful songs, all the way to designing world tours in which thousands of people have had the times of their lives. Taylor has made her dreams come true through her own dedication and hard work, no one else’s.

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My crush? She's my girlfriend, lucky me! We're completely in love and she's two years older than me. We went to the same school for five years but never spoke their once! She's short with freckles, green eyes and dark hair. I'm taller, blonde and have blue eyes! We both live at home but next year hope to move out/in together. We are both in full time work and saving so the dream should be reality soon! Then off on our travels after that. I love her so much, I wish I could be with her right now.

ah you guys are cute I’m so happy for you :-))

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Squeekadeeks, my Squeekadarling, tell me: what are you hopes and Squeekadreams?/

so realistic squeakdream is becoming a rad high school physics teacher. 

but real squeakdream? like, squeakdream from second grade? Make one of my stories into a real, published work. BIG BIG squeak dream is an animated movie but that is downright impossible from where i am now. like just…a comic or anything being sold in bookstores and having people like my work…but ha ha i am not in art school, nor do i have the competitive skill. also i just have SO MANY STORIES that i can’t keep focused on one for too long.  i just don’t have what it takes, skill or motivation/commitment. 

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Answer these questions :) •What religion do you believe in? •do you BElieve in aliens? •where do you like to spend your time? •what's your favorite clothing store? •favorite color? •age? •what your favorite vacay spot? •what's your dream job? •what's your favorite quote? • how are you? 😊

1. I don’t believe in any religion, but I do believe there is something else out there.

2. I don’t really believe in aliens, but again, I do think there has to be something else out there!

3. I like to spend my time at the beach or in the city, or just anywhere outdoors.

4. My favourite clothing store is General Pants

5. My favourite colour is like a baby blue, like sky blue?? hahah

6. I am 17 years old

7. My fav vacay spot would probably be somewhere tropical, like Bali or Hawaii or something!

8. My dream job is working for a magazine, or working as a travel photographer so you basically get paid to travel the world photographing everything!

9. My favourite quote is “talk is cheap and lies are expensive”

10. I am good thank you!! x

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Wait, you attend Sheridan?????

yep!, i’m in 2nd year illustration to fulfill my dream of working on a remake for the super duper sumos game for gba

So, what if Kreas’s dad left her more than just his powers.  Maybe that curse of his stuck with her too.  Maybe it talks to her and she’s able to hear it because of her traversing into purgatory and working with her ‘dream chair’.  Maybe it leads her on spooky adventures, following the clues.  Maybe she finds things.  Maybe not.  

I’ve had this idea for a while.  feels good to get it on paper.  super shout out to @soljack-arts for fixing her face for me.  I’ve still got a lot to learn about profiles.