Sometimes I just want to start my own publishing company and sign all the amazing fanfic writers I have discovered over the years.

My work for elderscrolls illustration challenge. Nerevarine’s nightmare.
“I dreamed that a tall figure with a golden mask spoke to me, but I understood not a word. He smiled, and seemed pleasant, but when he reached to touch me, it terrified me, and I tried to escape, but I couldn’t move. I tried to cry out, but I couldn’t make a sound. The figure kept smiling and talking, but I felt sure he was trying to cast some sort of spell on me. When I woke, I couldn’t recall how the dream ended.”


So I did use Google Translate for the Swedish so if it’s wrong, someone please correct me. Also thank you for this request because I do love the Skarsgård family, especially Bill.

Not my Gif.

You had begun to work on Vikings recently after your brother had told you that the show was looking for a young woman who fit your description. You had jumped at the chance to act on the show - acting was in your blood. And so far, it was a dream come true. You got to work on an amazing set with the most wonderful people and you had made so many friends. You spent a lot of your downtime with Alex, Marco, Jordan and Sophie and you had grown close to Alex more so than the others. From going out to dinner to playing video games in his loungeroom, it felt like you were always with each other. This had led you to develop a small crush on Alex, but honestly, who wouldn’t. He was amazing. There were only 2 problems. One - your brothers were all overprotective and Gustaf wouldn’t allow it and Two - Alex actually feeling the same about you.

“Y/N? Are you even listening to me?” Alex asked you for the second time. You snapped out of your daydreaming and turned to him.

“Sorry. What’s up?”

“I wanted to see if you were coming out with the group tonight?” 

You nodded and smiled at him when a grin formed on his face. “Sure. Why not?”

“Good! We’re heading to The Pig’s Head at 7.” He informed you excitedly. You weren’t sure what had him so bubbly but little did you know it was just Alex being happy to spend time with you. Alex began to chat animatedly as he normally did but he was cut off by a voice behind you.

“Lillasyster, vad gör du? Varför pratar du med honom?” Little sister, what are you doing? Why are you talking to him? Gustaf asked overly curious and you could see he was trying to intimidate Alex as you spoke. His eyes bore into the Dane across from you to the point that he shifted in his seat.

“Ingenting bror. Nothing brother. I was just talking to Alex. Everything’s fine and I can talk to who I want.”  You spoke calmly tilting your head back to look at your brother.

“Jag tycker inte om det.” I don’t like it. Gustaf hissed.

“Jag bryr mig inte.” I don’t care. You snapped back at him. You knew that Alex was able to understand most of what you were saying since your two languages were so similar but you didn’t care. Your brother turned away and headed towards his trailer while you faced back around to Alex, who was sitting silently.

“So, what was that about.” He asked trying to act nonchalant.

“My brother is just overprotective, just like the rest of my family. I’m not even the youngest but since there are only two girls, we’re practically smothered. He’ll get over it.” You replied rolling your eyes at the thought of Bill or Alex finding out about all the time you spent with the boy across from you. You watched as Alex’s face began to redden slightly and he began to fiddle, trying to avoid eye contact. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“It’s just that, well, his concerns aren’t entirely misplaced.” He said cryptically. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.


“What I’m trying to say is that Gustaf has a reason to act like that because, uh, you know,” he began to stutter, “I do kinda like you.” He finally blurted out.

“What?” You repeated again. “You like me? Really?”

Alex looked up at you with a shy smile and twiddled his thumbs. “I think I have since our first scene together. I couldn’t help but want to be around you and spend everyday with you.” You were still staring at him with a blank face and a parted mouth and he took that as a bad sign. “Oh God I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that, shit.”

You quickly interrupted his cursing. “No no no. Alex it’s fine! I like you too.” You felt the flush rising up your neck as he said the words but the smile that grew so wide on Alex’s face relaxed any fear you had.

“Really?” He asked, a childlike look of wonder on his face. 

“Yeah, for a while now. Uh, so what do we do now?”

“Would you maybe want to go on a date with me?” He asked. You smiled at him and nodded. 

“I’d love to Alex.  But first, we have to tell my brothers. You need to be vetted.” You said with a smirk and watched as his expression turned into one of terror.

Behind the scenes Janet King season 3!!! ❤️❤️❤️

First of all: thrilled to see Bianca in a suit. Anita Hegh rocks a suit!!

Second: That is a very businessy looking Bianca. I’ve been hoping Janet and Bianca would work together in season 3 too (dream scenario right there!) so that we wouldn’t only get to see them together in Janet’s private life. Bianca looking smart in a suit points to them showing her at work too 👍👍 I really hope that’s the case!! I’d love to see them balance being professional at work and lovers at home. Would be a great dynamic to watch. 

Also: The more Bianking scenes the better! It’s very romantic ❤️

PS. Working-Bianca in a suit might lead to working-Bianca in a gun holster😉

And I’m all for that! 

ft-artcraft replied to your post: Wait, I’m confused, what’s this about Danny…

I’m sad to say I hope he won’t make any new episodes :( he doesn’t even seem to know his own story and characters..

Thats been my feeling for years.
The only hope for the show would be if someone else writes it. Butch apparently doesnt technically own the license anymore. Nick does, so they could give it to someone else.

Like could you imagine if they got some writers that worked on stuff like Avatar, or my personal dream, Spectacular Spiderman?

little one year letter

in no way have i been here, supporting astro since before the beginning and i give my love to all those that have and who truly get to spend this one year with astro :)

but for me, a baby aroha who hasn’t even been around for a quarter of the year yet; i want to take part in this special occasion too.

i love astro so much! everyday they make me so much happier and they inspire me with all their hard work and amazing rewards.

they’ve worked SO hard to achieve their dreams. i adore them and everything they do.

to astro, to MJ, JinJin, Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha; i love you. happy one year anniversary. let’s keeping smiling with warm hearts for many more years :)

I had a dream where I was working with the Pokemon Company.
Everyone was followed by their favorite pokemon, except for me, my boss, and one other person.

My boss got upset at most of us for being basic enough that we clearly resembled our pokemon, but she praised me for keeping mine hidden. Turns out, we both had ghost types; Gengar for me, I think hers was Chandeleur. 
The third person whose favorite didn’t follow them around turned out to be a really good Ditto.

Friendly reminder...

… to all my americans (an europeans too) followers that the 40 hrs week is a dream in Mexico, according to the federal working law our laboral time must be of 48 hrs meaning that many of us work from monday to saturdays.

(And that’s only if we are protected by a contract, there are many many people who are tricked into working more…)

Tell me how we are lazy again ¬.¬

anonymous asked:

unpopular opinion: Exo-l need to stop making Yixing seem like he cannot think for or take care after himself. He isn't stupid or dumb, and if he wants to work his butt off for HIS dream then please support that and allow him to do so, ok? Don't constantly brush part of his personality off and say he SHOULD rest. He gets to decide what's best for him.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree| strongly disagree

a lot of us know that he can take care of himself and make his own choices but you know his fans care about him so they say that he should rest etc. we all know that yixing makes his own choices so i dont think that it would make a big difference if people stop telling him to rest and go to stage etc. Its nice to see people care about you and if i was in yixing’s place i would be happy knowing that my fans are with me and stuff

I’m finally working on one of my dream positions at the studio that influenced me do follow a creative career on a re-imagining of the show that inspired me so much through my life, and they’re saying I’m doing great!

It’s weird, I finally feel a sense of pride I thought I lost years ago…