Roadtrip with girlfriend or bust. Next stop: Being total beach bums.

So this is what you get when you mash the words Pricefield with Summer. Both relevant right now. Enjoy while it’s still hot!

Story behind this pic is even better, cause this serves as a birthday giftie for the best motivator and backup when I need it, as well as a great friend - explosionshark. I realized it past 1am and I had a few hours spare. ENJOY THIS PIC YOU TRASH PILE ON FIRE (in other words, thank you so much for the support last week and I hope this quenches your Pricefield thirst somewhat ;) )


aaAAA Thank you so much for 30+ followers!! ;v;



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Individual transparent babbies can be found here (feel free to use for anything, pls credit tho)

  • Patron:Where is (ex-coworker)?
  • Me:I'm sorry, he doesn't work here anymore. Could I help you with something?
  • Patron:What do you mean he doesn't work here anymore? He just helped me the other day!
  • (note:He hasn't worked here in over a year.)
  • Me:Well that is odd, maybe I could help you?
  • Patron:Women can't understand these computer issues. Is there another male here that I can speak to?
  • (I'm the computer expert, and he wanted to check his email.)

Hooooly cow, I got so much done today.

None of it writing, unfortunately. But not because I was procrastinating on writing. There was just a whole lot of cleaning/laundry/chores that really needed to be caught up, plus some tasks that’ve been sitting on my list for a long time, plus getting some good exercise in for both myself and my dog.    

Anyhow, feeling pretty accomplished now. And I think I may get some good writing time in tomorrow. But for tonight…