working trip

My group for this work trip was two Arizona colleagues in their 40s/50s, two Minnesota colleagues in their 40s/50s, cool boss (27) and me (24).

I was so shocked by how my Minnesota colleagues talked about their adult daughters, one aged 26 and one aged 23. They were talking about how their daughters “needed to lose about 15 pounds, to slim down their thighs and faces” and I saw pictures…like these young women were totally healthy and normal weights and looked great.

I was so glad my mom would never say I need to lose weight! Not to me and especially not to coworkers on her team! Even when I was overweight for my height she never pointed it out or said anything about it, to me or anyone else.

Hey kids! Quick author announcement: thanks so much for reading! We’ve made it to the end of part i, which is utter madness. My life has changed a bunch since I started working on Mimon and it’s about to start changing a bunch again. (But, with any luck, in a direction that will let me start prioritising the comic more!) The last page of part i has coincided with the same week I finish up the dregs of my studies, and so to celebrate I’m taking a couple of weeks off to drive around Scotland with my roommate. We’ll be up and running again on Monday the 19th of June, but until then, I’ll just say this: thank you so much to everyone who has supported this project, whether you’ve been following it since I first started posting sketches in late 2015, or if you stumbled across it yesterday. This is one of the first independent projects I’ve ever committed to, and it means a lot that anyone would take time out of their day to read it. The support I’ve received has been wonderful and overwhelming, and I only hope I don’t let you all down in future. See you all soon, kiss ur pets for me!

In which Marinette realizes she might have a crush on her best friend


By this time last week I was resting from an exhausting 4 day field practice on Prades mountains in Catalonia.

Our class worked non stop cataloging insects, colecting plant samples, counting different species… and I had a lot of fun. A part of this classes grade goes to a field notebook and since I’m determined to mix my career with my art I filled it with watercolour sketches~


La semana pasada estube 4 dias en las montañas de Prades, en Cataluña, en una practica de trabajo de campo

Trabajamos sin parar: catalogando insectos, recogiendo muestras, contando especies diferentes de plantas… al final me lo pase genial. Como una parte de la nota de esta asignatura va para un cuaderno de campo que teniamos que rellenar y estoy decidida a mezclar mis estudios con el dibujo, lo he llenado de sketches a acuarela~