working that hollister shirt

random work story: so today my colleague was like ‘oh I’m going off to lunch can you take over this new membership from me Alice, it’s that guy over there with the really beautiful eyes’ 

and I was like ‘…okayyyyyy’ and then I went over there and he looked up from his membership form and HOLY SHIT

she wasn’t kidding the guy had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen

they were like…tawny golden with long dark lashes they were EDWARD FUCKING CULLEN EYES is what they were, and the guy was pretty handsome too I guess (I’m not really a good judge) and I was just sitting there trying to talk to this dude like nothing was wrong but also low key trying not to make eye contact lest my words fail me entirely because just looking at him was like STARING DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN

First time lifting at Hollister as I got my hook last week 😁 Didn’t get too much as I wasn’t sure how well the hook worked but it was so easy to use 😍

•Jumper - £29
•Checked Shirt - £29
•Panties X2 - £16
•Bralette X3 - £42

TOTAL: £116

I hate the quality of this photo ew