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We were told to dream big, that we can do anything we choose. So here I am at 17 going off to college next fall and realizing that I’ve been lied to. No I can not do anything I choose, dust off I have to go to school where my parents comply is the “right school for me”, meanwhile I have to finish my school work, go to practice, fold laundry, sleep, and then repeat. In college I have to find an acceptable job to pay off bills, and taxes that the United States of America impose upon us. Meanwhile we’re supposedly a free nation, so we’ve been lied to again. Next up what ever job I get I will automatically be assumed that I’m weaker because I’m a female, and is automatically going to “have babies”, just because I have a vagina. Therefore I won’t be able to have the same jobs as a man. Wait but what if i dreamed to be an artitect, well I’m sorry but because your a girl it’s going to be 10 times harder. Well fuck I guess dreams can go to hell because you all lied. I can’t be what ever I wanna be I have to please every one else.

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did New Orleans play a part in your inherent witchy-ness? Anything different now that you're living up north?

Yes and yes. I learned a lot from odd neighbors like The Chicken Lady (a woman who lived on the edge of the woods when I was 5 and would give me chicken eggs out of her coop) and they weren’t too shy about teaching us about local practices and taking us to cultural events in school. The North is still very foreign to me and below ground graves sort of spooky. Some of the ingredients I used aren’t available widely but can be purchased on the internet, luckily, but it’s hard finding folx who know about veves or Ioas. I try to put my own experiences into my work and practices now more than ever to remember my childhood. Thanks for asking! ❤🍳

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Finally cleared out all unwanted stuffs and cleaned my room today! It took me four whole hours but I’m already satisfied as I’ve cleared the most problematic task of today. 🙌

I’m not a book hoarder as you can see. Just a few languages books(mainly Japanese), はたらく魔王さま light novel which I’m fan-translating, a couple of university textbooks which are yet to be sold. I got slightly distracted by the gameboy which I dug out (it’s on my table) and I was surprised to find my old af tarot cards which I bought when I was 13/14y.o????? I counted it and there wasn’t short of any cards! That pink box is filled with cards that were given to me and I’ve decided to put it together with photos/purikuras 💕 本当に大切にするわ!

I’m going to work out and practice on my Japanese speaking/pronunciation with more recordings of voice-acting-ish dialogues! よっし!

I’m still in love with that statistic that says surgeons are the least likely people to skip work because they are sick.
Imagine a surgeon waking up sick and going through the day carefully keepig a track on how they are feeling so that they can do stuff like take some ibuprofein when they start feeling like the fever’s getting to them so it will kick in in time to avoid any problems so that they can keep working.

And when their day off comes they are in a terrible shape and have managed to stay “well” enough to continue working through skillfull, well practices symptom management. With no duties to call them their condition just kind of crashes.
…if they make it that far

slightly weird wind player practice tip of the day

working on a piece with lots of technical sections and very little room to breathe? play it after running in circles or doing jumping jacks or push-ups, or just any other physical exercise that’ll get you out of breath. then mark the places where you had to take a breath while playing it, and practice it over and over breathing in those same places every time.