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Okay, this is for @the-cactus-adventurer: Jim’s Wings using various green dyes, in an attempt to get a Cursed Flames look.

Dye order is No dye > Green > Lime > Green and Silver > Green and Black > Acid > Green Flame > Chlorophyte

Modeled here by someone forgettable.

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HCs about the older teenage losers all having after school/summer jobs at the same mall but different places in the mall. Where does each of them work?

stan would work at an apple store because he nearly fainted at the sight of such cleanliness and order. he HAD to work there, and plus he knows his technology 

beverly would work at the pet store because she loves animals so much, and she’s never had a pet of her own

mike would probably be a cook of some sort in the food court, and he hooks the other losers up with free food - or at least discounted food

eddie would probably work at either a hallmark store or an oil/medicinal place

richie would definitely work at spencers because there he can wear whatever he wants, and he was told by everyone there over the years that he should get a job there

bill would probably work at sears and end up being a shift manager. it’s a good job with a great discount so it really helps the losers out when they get to college

ben would probably work at gamestop because recently he’s really gotten into videogames, and he also gets a really good discount that the losers totally use 

A Pet store PSA

Don’t put your hands in cages!

Dont put your hands in cages!

Dont let your kids put their hands in the cages!

This also applies to aquariums, and In one case I saved someone from losing a finger

Here’s how it happened:

It all started with this little guy

(In this picture he was pissed off because I gave him two mussels, but I gave the remaining ones to other fish)

Hes a porcupine puffer, a notoriously food oriented saltwater fish.

Our tanks have black wooden ‘flaps’ that the employees can lift up to get inside the tanks. This keeps customers from reaching into them, and also keeps jumping fish Inside the tanks. 

Enter stage left- sorority girl and dudebro boyfriend. 

I walk back to the tanks to ask if they need anything, and lo and behold, sorority girl had lifted up the flap and is starting to reach into the tank towards a puffer that is snapping at the glass and swimming back and forth so quickly that water is splashing out of the tank and onto the floor.

So naturally I yell “STOP, DONT TOUCH THAT”  and she retracts her hand. And I quickly explain that puffers, and especially 12 inch basketball sized puffers have incredibly strong jaws and sharp teeth, and he can easily mangle, break, or eat a finger thinking it was food. 

Then I have to listen to her boyfriend yell at me for fifteen minutes about how we shouldn’t have dangerous animals and he would have sued if his girlfriend was hurt. 

And I just calmly walk him over to the sign (posted five feet away) that says “do not touch tanks or tap on glass. An Employee would be happy to assist you!”, before telling him that In all of the years I have worked in pet stores I have never had a child attempt to open a tank, much less someone who was supposed to be an adult. 


something that makes me a bit sad/disappointed in terms of fantasy settings inspired by german folklore: no one talks about pet dragons.

i can only speak for east germany, but over there there are tales of farmer’s wives that have a dragon that helps them with their work.

usually these dragons get fed with coal and food leftovers. if they’re well-fed, they happily do their assigned work.

that includes helping the wife by perfectly cooking the food & protecting the house from fire or being struck by lighting.

some of these dragons were also said to be able to turn coal into gold pieces for those who treat them well. aka, feed them a ton.

also they tend to live in the ovens or the fireplace/chimney of the house. I suspect generally warm places.

proof of this theory were „dragon sightings“ over farmland, which were actually just bright comets in the night sky.

generally it was said that a farmer’s wife had a dragon, if their farm was doing especially well or their products were „unusually“ tasty.

i love how people went form „oh these people are richer/better at their job than me“ to „that must be because they have a pet dragon!“

i know i talked about this before in length at least once, but hey. i will keep talking about this until i see it in a video game at least! >:c