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no pokestops in rural areas smh

a rinpana pokemon au oneshot (??)

“Kayo-chin! Kayo-chiiiin!” Rin calls from beneath her window, keeping a handful of pebbles at the ready just in case. Thankfully it doesn’t come to that; Hanayo opens the window and peers out, her bedhead only half-tamed. The sun’s barely been out long. Not even the Miltank have gone to graze in the fields yet.

“Rin? What is it…?” Hanayo yawns.

“I saw something good at the edge of the forest!” Rin enunciates her words with little fist pumps, dropping the pebbles all over her shoes. “You should catch it! Get dressed and come down!”

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I organized and color coded my entire bookcase at 5 in the morning last night.

It’s more than just a bookcase, it’s memories with each paged I’ve touched until the book ended. It helped me through hard times, especially as an immigrant with parents that worked every night to make ends meet. 

It won me baseball tickets when my reading teacher told me in 2nd grade that I read over 100 books.

It’s happiness on a bookcase, really.

Grade Conscious

“Grades don’t define who you are, or who you will be in the future.”

I know for some grades don’t matter, and okay na sakanila yung makapasa. Ako kasi hindi ganon. I am very conscious when it comes to my grades, I don’t like failing, or getting a low score on a quiz, homework, seat work and most especially an exam. Grades matter to me, because I think about how expensive to get quality education and how hard my parents work for. That’s why I don’t settle for “okay na” I always want the “best” when it comes to studies. I’m not a perfectionist I just want to show my best at everything.

At isa pa yung mga kaibigan ko since I was young mga masisipag, achievers ganun kaya siguro nadala ko na din yung ganitong pag-uugali. at isa pa talaga na dahilan kung bakit ako ganito, kasi pagdating sa pag-aaral strict si tatay ko. Yung ate ko kasi MAS MATALINO sakin at MAS MAGALING sakin in every way, kaya idol ko siya, pero hindi kasi naiiwasan na i-compare ako sakanya lalo na sa pag-aaral. Kahit na graduate na ate ko at may trabaho na at may license na kinukumpara padin ako sakanya. So yeah Grade conscious Lei always puts pressure on herself when it comes to studies.

Alam ko naman naa hindi lang ako ang ganito, madaming estyudyante na pinapahalagahan nila ang grades nila kasi minsan Scholar at kailangan ng mainting grade. Kaya guys kung may kaibigan kayo na GC support lang kayo, tulungan niyo din sila kahit minsan. Pakita niyo na palaging kayo handa na tulungan siya.

Okay but…

What if Enjolras and Grantaire meet while Grantaire is doing a renaisance style painting on Enjolras’s ceiling?

Like, canon era AU where Enjolras’s parents work out what’s up with his rebelious arse and instead of getting to be a student in Paris and lead a rebelion he’s shipped of to the country to ‘learn how to run the family estate’.

So he’s 100% rightous anger and frustration. He keeps trying to run away and getting dragged back by the staff/locals who rely on the good will of Enjolras’s father.

Maybe he’s still in touch with Combeferre and Courferac, his childhood friends, and he sends them speeches by post. And when they die on the barricade he’s devestated. So he is now only anger and depression and hopelessness.

The other person who doesn’t make it to the barricade because of this is Grantaire who carries on drunkenly stumbling through life and somehow aquires and apprenticeship with a famed painter of renaisance style ceilings.

At this point, Enjolras’s father decides to have the ceiling in the great hall of the country house decorated. So R packs his bags.

When Enjolras and Grantaire meet they instantly hate each other and avoid each other. To be fair, Enjolras hates everyone at this point. Then one night, after months of barely contained anger, Enjolras drunkenly stumbles into the grand hall and realises R is up on the scaffholding, painting the ceiling.

R ends up venting his frustration about the master painter who turned out to be a scamer and a drunk who’d been coasting on his last apprentice and now expects Grantaire to take up the slack. They both end up bitching about how crap the countryside is and how they want to be in Paris. They form an awkward bond.

After that, Enjolras comes to join R most nights. At first they just bitch and are passive agressive, then E starts opening up about his idealism and frustration and R talks about his cynicism and they discuss politics.

And slowly somehow this morphs into E talking about the barricade and survivors guilt and if only he could have been there and R talks about his directionlessness and hopelessness and basically they fall in love on top of a scaffholding while Grantaire paints cherubs.

At this point, the painting master isn’t coming in at all so they 'finish’ the painting together and E sends for his father.

On the dad E’s father arrives, the master painter drags himself out of his cups to present…a half finished classical ceiling with the figures painted with the faces of famour revolutionaries and the words vive la revolution scrawled across it in red.

E and R, meanwhile, are long gone. On their way to start their glorious rebelious life together.

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Dani sighrd quietly, picking at the apples slices Colin had laid down in front of her. She spent a lot of time at her namesakes household so her parents could work. She didn't mind. Her parents and their friends were pretty close and always looked out for wachother and their families "h-hey can I ask your help with something?"

Colin frowned and sat down across the table from the girl. “Of course you can. Is everything alright?” He asked gently. 

Drew myself and the Pokemon I caught in Pokemon Go so far! I love my babies…

ALSO psst…. y’all should draw yourself (in your favorite outfit or how your character looks like in the app) and your favorite caught ‘mons/what you caught so far… And then tag it as #pkmn go journey
for science….

The Lament of the Working Parent

I missed my first baby thing yesterday, on my second day back to work. It wasn’t a big thing: he reached out, unfurled his hand, and grabbed an owl toy with a tinkling bell hidden inside. But it was something, an assertion of agency beyond a smile for like and a cry for dislike. 

Then, when work was done, and I began my caretaking shift, he cried as my wife returned him to my arms. Had I lost it? Parenting is a confidence job perpetrated on the self. One cannot lose one’s nerve. My connection to my son, earned over the endless hours of two months, dropped in a day.

But mercifully, his crying stopped as I bounced, and my anxiety waned.

I remain a little melancholy. This milestone is the first of many I won’t see.  I’ve gotta work. And work is time away from the kid, even if I have the privilege of mostly laboring from home at a job I love.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 ((2016))



Still working in her parents’ Greek restaurant, Toula Portokalos’s daughter Paris is growing up. She is getting ready to graduate high school and Toula and Ian are experiencing marital issues. When Toula’s parents find out they were never officially married, another wedding is in the works

You know what episode never fails to strike straight at my heart, besides the obvious like A Tale of Two Stans, Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, or the Weirdmaggedons?

Blendin’s Game.

I don’t know if there’s already posts that have explored just how important this episode is, especially on the subject of absentee parents, but here we go anyway.

First off, when the narrative deals with Soos’ father, it pleasantly disregards the whole “every boy needs his dad” trope or the outdated “the lack of two opposite gendered presences in a kid’s life is detrimental” one, both of which need to fade out. This way of thinking undermines the fact that plenty of kids grow up with same-sex parents, single parents, grandparents, etc. and are plenty well-adjusted and loved.

No, the narrative establishes right off the back that Soos doesn’t suffer from a lack of father - he suffers from knowing that his father COULD be a presence in his life, is wholly able of visiting his son, yet chooses not to.

That moment on his 12th birthday, when he received the eight consecutive postcard claiming his father’s too busy to come. That’s when his faith, his inherent belief in his parent, disintegrates. That’s when he realizes the depths of his father’s neglect.

Soos is perfectly content until this happens. And that’s the thing, about not having a parent around - you get used to it. Especially when you’re surrounded by a family as loving and supportive as Soos’, you tend to forget the absence even exists. It’s when you DO remember that kills you.

Because maybe after so many years, Soos starts to question, “Why?” Why doesn’t his dad want to be around? Aren’t dads supposed to be around, supposed to love their kids enough? Is it something Soos did? Is it just him?

And these doubts can really build up. You can’t ask an empty chair one way or another, after all.

Maybe Soos not wanting to celebrate his birthday from then on has some even more heart-wrenching implications than thought…

BUT. Enough of that. Now for the second part of this post, which is frankly the best.

At the end of his flashback, we see Stan giving tiny Soos a job, and we know Soos grows to view Stan as a father figure. And we know Stan adores his handyman and feels much the same, though he’d be hard pressed to admit it aloud.

Then in the present, Mabel and Dipper fight an futuristic gladiator-style battle, risk their lives, just in an attempt to make Soos happy.

And Soos, the boy who must have felt so unworthy and insecure from those years of parental silence, realizes that whatever his father’s opinion is or was, it doesn’t matter. Because he has a family, a family that loves him so DAMN MUCH, and that’s a reminder he won’t soon forget again.

Soos says at the end how silly he’s been about avoiding his birthday, but I don’t think it’s silly at all. I think him finally gaining closure and finding the strength to sever the hold his father’s abandonment had over him is such a triumphant achievement.

And so, so important for kids in similar situations watching this show. Kids who should know that family isn’t measured by blood, it’s measured by love, effort and devotion.

Sure, in Weirdmaggedon Part 2, we see that Soos still yearns to have that father figure in his life; and that might not ever change. However, it’s clearly a vague desire, highlighted by the fact that he can’t even place his biological father’s face on his fantasy dad.

Plus, at the end of Weirdmaggedon Part 3, when Stan bequeaths the Mystery Shack business onto Soos, I don’t think there will ever be an ounce of doubt of who his true father is.


Slowly, Shiro took her hand, and she could feel the heat of his fingers against her own. She tugged him towards her. “Just follow my lead.”

Part 1 [here] | Part 2 [X] | Part 3 [coming soon]

I decided to draw a scene from @shiroallura‘s cute oneshot “step on my feet (just don’t step on my heart)”. I’m too tired to finish it today, so you’ll get part 1 as a “teaser” ;D

Nearly all states are failing to support working parents, despite family-friendly initiatives. Look to California and New Jersey for answers.

As someone who has worked for decades to advance family-friendly policies, it was truly amazing to see more than 1,500 lawmakers, businesses, workers, advocates, and top administration officials come together with President Barack Obama for the recent White House Summit on Working Families.

The event brought unprecedented attention to the unmet needs of workers and their families and the role that stronger workplace policies will play in strengthening the nation’s economy. But the national conversation and calls to action it generated must only be the beginning.

How much progress this watershed moment brings for America’s working families depends on what happens next. The weeks, months, and years ahead will be critical for the movement.

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YoungMom Confession #39

One thing that bothers me the most about being a working mom and full time student are the ignorant comments. 

So many people out there don’t know how hurtful they are when they comment on me not being able to spend quality time with my son because I’m always busy.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE before you blurt out,”oh you work too much/you’re always so busy, do you have any time for your son?” or anything of the sort to ANY parent, be considerate and DON’T MENTION IT

We’re stressed out enough trying our hardest to provide a better future for our babies that the depressing feeling of being a horrible parent for trying so hard is so unnecessary. I used to cry myself to sleep over this and I still do from time to time. 

And if you’re a parent like me who is forced t spend time away from your babes remember that you are an amazing parent for not taking the easy way out. Your little ones will understand later on. Never give up okay loves?