working out is a drug

For whatever you’ve done or whoever you’ve been in your past, you are here now. Forgive yourself for anything and everything. It’s the first step in healing. If you forgive yourself, you will be okay.

No matter what you’ve done in your past, to yourself, or to others, you will be able to make things right. You are a good person. 

How I made $2000 off a meth dealer.

A few years ago I was married to a degenerate tweeker (she wasn’t originally like that, but y'know, meth does what meth does).

I kept interfering with her tweeker lifestyle trying to get her treatment etc and she rewarded my efforts with a restraining order (lied, said I beat her and other overly dramatic stuff).

So, I get kicked out of my place and end up in a studio apartment with nothing but my toothbrush and the clothes I was wearing.

One of her great plans was to get a front for a ton of dope using EVERYTHING OF VALUE WE OWN as collateral.

Drug dealer literally takes everything and puts it in a storage unit somewhere in town. Wife plans to stomp on the dope, sell it and by the weekend be a millionaire (tweeker logic).

Of course, she fucks off the plan and ends up just doing the dope so now all our expensive stuff is in the wind.

I try to work out something with POS drug dealer but he wanted an absurd amount of payback, plus I made some threatening comments he didn’t appreciate so negotiations stalled.

Eventually, I catch wind that he got locked up and that some friends took all HIS property and put it in storage for safekeeping until he got out.

I hit every storage place in town with my story and his picture hoping to catch some kind of break.

Eventually, I find the place. Owner tells me that the unit is going up for auction the next weekend for non-payment. He tells me if I just pay the 3 months back rent that he’d write it up as I won the auction and I can have the unit.

$320 gets slapped on the counter and we go drill the lock.

All my stuff is there! And, whaddaya know, now I own all his stuff free and clear.

And, cuz I’m a nice guy, I dug out all the personal irreplaceable stuff (old photos, important documents, etc), boxed them up and gave them to his mom (found her on Facebook).

Actually made quite a bit of money off the deal selling his shit on Craigslist (came out about $2000 in the black on the deal).

Divorced now, have all my stuff and am happy….

bad boy josh / dancer tyler

josh propositions tyler and exploits his flexibility. also worked a jockstrap kink in because you know, why not (for a request) ;-p

ps - i know i have a huge surplus of bottom tyler and i said i’d do some bottom josh, don’t think i forgot. 


when josh got off from work, it was his job to pick up his younger sister from ballet practice. it was in a somewhat shady part of the city, and she was not allowed to take the bus home because it would be getting dark by the time her class was over. his mom never understood the dyed hair, the make up, tattoos, and piercings. But she figured it was the least josh could do, was use his intimidating looks to protect his sister and allow her to fulfill her dream. 

josh was a high school drop out in his early twenties. he never really outgrew his rebellious phase. his parents wanted him to go to college, so instead he picked up a full-time job as a bartender to support his bachelor pad, supplementing his income selling drugs. they also wanted him to find a girl and settle down and have a family. but instead he got drunk every weekend, bringing strange guys home to fuck before practically shoving them out the door. he had been to jail a few times for petty crimes, mostly to do with misdemeanors, drugs, or stealing. but he worked out and fought dirty, so no one fucked with him.  

josh’s phone buzzed when he was standing outside having a smoke before getting in his car. he sighed when he seen the text was from his sister, and he realized he was running late. he dropped the cigarette on the ground and stomped it before getting in his beat up car and driving to the city. it was a friday, so he was beyond tired from the work week and ready to party. but this was his last obligation. 

sorry sis, just lost track of time 

josh texted while parked at a red light. a car behind him honked as soon as the light turned green. so josh rolled down his window to flip off the cunt, then turned his music up. 

josh pulled up beside the building to see his sister standing next to a guy he never seen before. he parked and took in the guy’s appearance, finding it hard to peel his eyes from him. his sister waved, which broke him out of his trance. then he realized she was walking to his car with the guy. 

“thanks josh. oh, by the way, this is tyler. is it alright if you give him a ride home? his mom forgot to pick him up.” she asked. josh looked at tyler, a tall, thin boy with soft lips, doe eyes, and dark features. his expression looked vulnerable and apologetic, maybe even a little scared. 

“yeah i guess” josh answered with a shrug, “get in.” 

josh’s sister got in the front seat, and he watched in the rear view mirror as tyler climbed into the back. he looked down timidly and blushed when he caught josh’s piercing eyes staring at him in the mirror.  

“thank you, josh, f-for the ride” tyler said politely. josh nodded to him in the mirror before starting his car. 

“so how old are you, tyler?” josh asked after a few minutes of driving. 

“i’ll be 21 december 2nd” tyler answered, curious as to why josh was asking. josh did the math in his head, realizing tyler wouldn’t be old enough to drink for another 2 months. 

“why do you ask?” tyler asked finally, smiling a little. josh’s sister felt slightly awkward with her big brother hitting on her friend. but tyler didn’t seem to be aware at all. josh smiled at him, playfully winking through the mirror. 

“i guess getting you drunk is out, for now at least” josh mumbled. his sister made a disgusted look and turned to face tyler. 

“i’m sorry he’s like this. he can be kind of forward” she apologized. tyler just shook his head, his cheeks still flushed. 

“it’s fine. how old are you, josh?” tyler asked. josh liked how this guy seemed to be awfully bold for wearing a floral kimono and tights. 

“i turned 24 a few months ago.” josh answered. 

“oh, i like older men” tyler joked. josh felt a rush of something he hadn’t known existed at tyler’s voice. maybe because it was the first time in a while he’s picked up on someone without being drunk. 

“yeah, well i like younger men,” josh said. “would you like to check out my place instead? i got video games and weed.”

“oh my god josh, are you actually bribing him?” his sister asked, appalled at how this was going. she’d never seen this pliant side of tyler. 

“wow. i’ve never smoked weed, but do you have mario kart? i love mario kart” tyler said, bouncing in his seat a little. he was warming up to josh quickly. 

“yeah, i have mario kart. so you down?” josh asked glancing between tyler’s beautiful reflection and the street. 

“umm…..okay, i’m down! i’ll just text my mom and tell her i’ll be at a friend’s” tyler said. josh smiled at his innocence, and his sister just crossed her arms and stared out the window. 

josh dropped his sister off at home, and she gave him a warning look. she knew of josh’s fuckboy ways and didn’t like the idea of innocent tyler being swept into it. she knew tyler was sensitive at heart, and probably looked up to josh in a way for being a badass. she really didn’t want him to be some hook-up and get his heart broken. 


josh asked tyler if he was hungry, which his reply was that he was starving, but he could only have salad with lean protein. josh gave him a funny look, but ordered the grilled chicken salad for tyler and a quarter pounder with cheese for himself. 

“so what’s with that? are you always so strict with what you eat? i mean you’re already pretty thin” josh said, looking over him with concern. 

“yeah, there are strict guidelines that i have to maintain a certain weight and train hard. i can’t have my system clogged up with junk. it’s just part of it” tyler answered, shrugging. josh took a huge bite of his burger. 

“so how do you train, isn’t it just twirling in tutu’s ‘n shit?” josh asked with his mouth still full. tyler shot him an appalled look and josh laughed. 

“i do NOT wear a tutu. males just wear tights, thank you very much” 

“you don’t mind your junk showing like that? you know people are checking you out” josh asked, grinning at him. tyler rolled his eyes. 

“dude, you really have no idea, do you?” tyler asked. 

“what do you mean?” 

“i wear a jockstrap, so it’s not like too obvious. also i need to wear tights so i can stretch and move freely.” tyler explained. josh almost crashed the car with the images tyler was putting into his head and he just let out a little “hmm”. 

at josh’s place, josh offered tyler to sit on the shabby but comfortable sofa in front of the t.v. “it’s not much, but it’s my own. i’ll turn on the game” josh said. when tyler turned his back to take off his kimono, josh got his first look at tyler’s long, slender legs and ass in those tights and his jaw dropped. he wanted to run his hands over them, but he went back to focusing on the game before tyler seen him staring. tyler took off his sweaty shirt as well, draping it over the arm of the sofa. josh turned around to see tyler’s body on full display for him. 

“fuck” josh grunted, taking in tyler’s lean frame and tattoos. from how tyler looked in clothes, he never would’ve pictured him to have tattoos or any kind of tone. tyler flushed, eyes glossy as josh shamelessly eye-fucked him. josh’s gaze rested on the sizable bulge between his thighs. 

“goddamn” josh reiterated, “well let me see you in that jock strap.” josh said in a deeper voice. tyler stood up, giving a slow striptease as he pulled his tights off. josh’s breath hitched at the sight of the happy trail and bush peaking out at the top of the waistband being pulled down slightly by tyler’s interested dick. josh sat back on his knees, palming himself. 

“turn around, let me see that ass” josh said, and tyler laughed softly. he did as he was told, turning his back to josh and letting him see how the strap framed his firm, round ass. josh let out a low growl, palming himself harder. 

“we’ll play the game, but you’re wearing nothing but this” josh said.

“what about you?” tyler asked, turning back to face him and sitting back down. josh pulled his t-shirt up over his head and took off his ripped jeans, tossing them aside. 

“that’s better. so much better, wow” tyler said, grinning and settling back as josh sat next to him in his briefs. he handed tyler a remote and they started a game. 

after losing to tyler for a 4th round, josh asked tyler if he’d like something to drink. 

“just water, thanks” tyler answered. he watched josh get up and walk to his kitchen, checking out his muscular back. josh came back with a bottle of water and also handed tyler a joint. 

“what’s this for?” tyler asked, holding it between his thumb and forefinger. 

“are you kidding? put this in your lips and suck, then inhale the smoke” josh said. 

“well i never smoked before” 

“you’ll like it, i promise” josh said, lighting his own joint and taking a puff in front of tyler. josh held the lighter up to tyler’s and lit the end of the joint. tyler inhaled, taking as much as he could. but it burned, so he started coughing. josh put his hand on his back, rubbing up and down.

“you okay? here, take a drink.” josh said, and opened tyler’s water for him, holding it to his lips. tyler drank the water, eyes still closed and put his hand on josh’s to signal he was done. finally tyler opened his eyes to look at josh, and josh started giggling.

“what?” tyler asked, sounding confused. he stared at josh’s face, really taking in his features for the first time. it hit him that he was sitting almost naked next to a very attractive man who was also almost naked. and he wanted to kiss him. 

“you are so fucking high. your eyes are bloodshot” josh said. game forgotten, tyler made his move, crashing his lips to josh’s. he slipped his tongue into josh’s mouth, desperately sucking and moaning at his taste. josh rubbed tyler’s thighs as he moved to straddle his lap. he continued kissing along josh’s jawline and down his neck. 

“damn baby, this seems to bring out the freak in you” josh laughed, running his fingers through tyler’s hair as he placed kisses along his collarbone and shoulder. 

“i want you to fuck me, josh. i want you to choke me” tyler whispered, grazing his fingers down josh’s pec. josh grabbed tyler’s ass and hoisted him up, laying him back against the couch. 

“you want me to do this, huh” josh said, bringing his large hand around tyler’s neck. tyler stared into his eyes, feeling completely helpless in the best way. josh settled between tyler’s thighs, kissing him while tightening his hand. 

“is it too tight?” josh asked, to which tyler immediately shook his head ‘no’. josh continued kissing tyler’s swollen lips, relishing in the small whimpers and moans pouring out of them. tyler was beginning to feel lightheaded and started grinding up against josh for friction. josh groaned against tyler’s mouth, biting his bottom lip. he could feel how hard tyler was, how turned on he was by what josh was doing. 

“you like that? fuck, baby boy” josh said, making tyler whine. he continued grinding their crotches together and brought his fingers to tyler’s lips. 

“suck” josh whispered. tyler licked and sucked josh’s fingers, moaning and making a show of it. if josh’s heavy breathing was any sign, his intentions were working. 

“how do you want to be fucked?” josh asked, staring intently into tyler’s eyes. 

“daddy” tyler whispered, gazing back lovingly and placing his hands on josh’s arms. josh’s eyebrows shot up at this name. 

“oh that’s it. let’s see how flexible my little freak is” josh said, pushing his own briefs down and shoving tyler’s knees up to his head. tyler hooked his arms around the backs of his knees, holding them there. josh muttered something before spitting on his fingers and spreading it over his cock. 

“mmmmm, yes daddy” tyler moaned as the head of josh’s cock nudged against his hole, beginning to sink in. josh’s mouth fell open as he inched his way to the hilt, hips pressing against tyler’s ass. 

“so tight, unbelievable” josh huffed as he entered tyler over and over. he went slowly from tip to base so they could feel every inch of each other. josh lifted tyler’s ass up, bending him more. to josh’s surprise, tyler put his feet behind his head. josh continued fucking him like that, going a little harder. 

“right there, oh god daddy yesss” tyler whined. josh’s eyes widened and he sped up, hitting that same spot inside him again and again. he grabbed the hem of tyler’s jockstrap, pulling it down to reveal his rock hard dick and grasping it. he dipped his finger through tyler’s pre-cum, spreading it down his shaft and playing with him while pounding his ass harder. 

“alright baby, i wanna see that ass” josh said, remaining deep inside tyler and kissing his lips. tyler kissed back, letting his legs back down and running his fingers through josh’s hair. 

“okay daddy” tyler answered, flipping over on his stomach once josh pulled out. josh snapped tyler’s jockstrap, causing tyler to whimper and buck his ass up. he grabbed tyler’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart and licking over tyler’s hole. 

“such a good boy for me” josh muttered, pulling tyler’s hips up for more access. tyler begged josh for more, rocking back, but josh held him still and bit his ass cheek. 

“who’s in charge here?” josh asked, hearing tyler let out a sigh and halting his efforts. 

“you are daddy” tyler answered submissively. 

“that’s right” josh said, going back to eating tyler out while stroking his own cock. he reached around to squeeze tyler’s dick through the jockstrap and didn’t stop eating him until he felt tyler trembling. he also knew tyler was close because he was moaning louder.

“shhhh baby do you want everyone to know you’re being fucked like a little slut?” josh asked, placing kisses up tyler’s back and rubbing his hips. 

“yes, daddy i’m you’re slut and i want everyone to know it” tyler answered. josh appreciated his honesty, laughing slightly at his attitude. 

“well come here, i want you to ride me. i wanna see what you can do with that hot little body” josh said, turning tyler back to face him and laying back. tyler seen this as his opportunity to take control and worship josh the way he wanted to so badly. he rested his knee between josh’s legs, leaning over to kiss him before licking and sucking josh’s nipple. 

“show me what those pretty lips can do to me baby, come on” josh urged him.

“oh i will” tyler answered, traveling his way down and planting little kisses to josh’s heaving stomach. he got to josh’s briefs, sucking his cock out through the hole with his mouth. josh moaned in surprise, grabbing and tugging on tyler’s hair which caused him to suck more aggressively. he massaged josh’s balls through his briefs and gripped the base of his cock, pulling his mouth off josh’s with an exaggerated pop. he let the excess spit building up in his mouth spill over josh’s dick, spreading it up and down while relishing in josh’s satisfied grunts. 

“somebody knows what they’re doing. somebody’s had some practice” josh said, gazing at tyler’s face as he tongued at the tip of his dick. 

“am i a naughty boy, daddy?” tyler asked, positioning himself where one knee was on the couch beside josh’s legs, and the other leg was hooked over the back of the couch. josh thought the way tyler’s legs were spread looked painful, but tyler didn’t seem to mind at all. he reached behind to grab josh’s cock and ease down on it. 

“ooh you are a naughty boy. i might have to spank you” josh said, biting his bottom lip and grunting when tyler began moving his hips up and down. tyler’s head fell back, supporting himself on josh’s knees while riding his cock. josh started caressing tyler’s stomach, thighs, and dick that was falling out of his jockstrap. josh thrust up to meet him, shocking a loud moan out of him. 

“so sexy, baby boy” josh praised, holding tyler’s ass and thrusting up. when tyler leaned forward, josh took the hint and wrapped his arms around tyler’s waist, fucking up into him. tyler moaned and sucked hickies into josh’s neck, feeling his orgasm about to peak. both were panting, sweating, and rocking back and forth with each other. 

“ohhhh i’m gonna cum, daddy” tyler moaned urgently. 

“go for it, baby boy” josh encouraged, tapping tyler’s ass and continuously fucking him.

“josh, daddy, oh my god, so good” tyler babbled incoherently. he lasted maybe 5 more thrusts before he was spilling everywhere, making a mess. josh felt tyler still and something warm and wet dripping onto his skin. 

“did my naughty little boy cum for me? jesus you are so fucking hot” josh praised, continuing to ram into him. he turned tyler’s face to his and they kissed as josh reached his peak, cumming deep in tyler’s ass. tyler continued grinding on his cock while kissing him, and josh held onto his ass like he owned it. 

“you should stay the night” josh suggested. tyler broke from the kiss. 

“really?” tyler asked, staring at him with a dopey smile. 

“yes, it’s late. we can shower in the morning. um…would you be down for round 2 after more mario kart?” 

“um, sure!” tyler said, laughing. they both sat back up, resuming their game at lap 5. 

i had a dream about these two random guys getting together and it was the sweetest (and angsty-est) thing at the time - i was so invested! i just had to draw what i remembered!

might make a comic about these two one day once i flesh out their stories more

hope you enjoy this little doodle dump - had a lot of fun bringing them to life :)

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Solangelo hc's

- it’s flirty bantering 24/7
- little to no physical contact at first
- glaring when they steal each others food because yours tastes better but it ends up into laughing because you made eye contact too long
- when people point out they Nico is smiling and random skeleton hand pops out of the ground and grabs onto there ankle just to scare them
- canoe races. Not romantic dates. Races.
- there teenaged boys yes there horny but no!! Physical!! Contact!!
- like in the future yes but at the beginning it’s all a fun and games
- I legit can’t see them making out until there 16 and even then its making out as in kissing longer than 30 seconds
- and than it leads into wrestling and star gazing and trying to find a dick in the stars b/c there teenage boys vvhat do you want from them
- Nico was raised to be against gays he had an internalized homophobia and is still weirded out by his desires until he remembers how great will is and will can’t possibly be wrong
- like why would anybody ever not like will? He’s honestly pure sunshine?
- they go skiing you can’t tell me otherwise
- Nico’s got frail bones and he sprains them easily which is annoying
-(it’s never an excuse to see will don’t ducking talk to me about lift up your shirt doctors orders or some shit)
-(he honestly just had crappy bones ok he needs to drink more milk)
-Nico’s always okay with will touching his shoulder or putting an arm around him
- and he’ll fall asleep on him sometimes at sing along fire thingys (bonfires?)
- will has this anxiety that his only talent is medicine and he can’t even save everybody?
- And although everybody’s like your great at it!! He just thinks no I’m not my own brother died??
- Nico’s got a mood disorder and doesn’t really make it out of his way to talk to people, but he doesn’t really only talk to will either??
- the word boyfriend is still weird for him like,, he knows there dating and stuff and he’s cool with it but labeling it that it’s just weird for him
- most of there time together is laying on nicks bed sucking on doctors office Lollipops
- they randomly dance sometimes when Nico’s feeling down.
- like they’ll close Nico’s cabin blinds and turn on heavy metal and just bounce on his bed and jump around
- wills got that accent where certain words are said with it and others aren’t
- Nico curses in Italian under his breath sometimes and that is how will learned Italian
- suddenly vvhat Ciara says makes sense to him after hearing Nico enough
- Jason doesn’t interrogate him and neither does percy and nobody is over protective of Nico anymore than they should be like
- they barely see eachother since Jason is in California and percy is at home??
- Nico becomes better friends with the campers than he ever was with the seven
- will wears his ski jacket ALL THE DAMN TIME
- it’s all in good nature
- let’s stop the doctors orders thing it’s just a joke they have nobody takes it seriously and if anybody at camp ever thinks they use it as an excuse well when Nico does cabin check he gives them a bad grade
- like suck it you idiots
- Nico wearing doctor stuff like gloves
- putting water in doctor gloves and making hand turkeys together to decorate the hospital at thanksgiving
- zombie doctors for Halloween
- bisexual will is canon will
- checking out other campers and getting jealous of the other
- Nico making it known there together when someone try’s to flirt with will
- Nico legit having an agenda against paolo like we can’t even understand him for all I know he’s been asking you to marry him like he’s not even that hot will wtf
- will; yeah no your hotter
- followed by tons of blushing and shut the fuck up will don’t be so gay
- Austin and Kayla and will are best friends and Nico just tags along
- let Nico have friends his own age 2k17
- legit fighting while fighting monsters like
‘Will you can’t fucking ask the monster to stop attacking us’
‘Well have you ever tried too’
‘No I haven’t because I’m fucking sane’
And this is while Nico is stabbing it and will is standing there helpless because nonviolence unless it’s self defense
- will has a whole thing about violence because it just means more work for him
- like when you were a teenager when did you ever go out of your way for more work??
- will having those no drug pamphlets and no sex ones from glee that Emma had
- Nico reads them for a good laugh
- idk autistic will / very high functioning
- wearing flip flops while at the hospital even though it’s a safety hazard
- wills scrubs are wearing baggy clothes and tank tops because he’s too lazy to find actual scrubs
- there are no more lollipops when he tries to hand them out because Nico and Kayla fucking ate them all
- Nico trying to spare with will but it doesn’t work so he does it with Kayla and she’s like meh
- he gets so angry because he isn’t challenged and will just like
- suck it up

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you would be willing to do a dark AU where the clones are really, probably unhealthily, possessive. Preferably one where the find the chips and order 66. Heck, maybe that's what triggers the whole kit and caboodle; the clones find out they're supposed to kill their Jedi and just nope the heck out and decide no one's going to harm their Jedi, or make them do it, either. Regardless of the methods they have to use. Thanks!

Lowering his cup slowly, Wolffe stared at Rex. “What do you kriffing mean that we’re suppose to kill them?” He growled out.

The captain growled back and shook the chip at the others. “That’s what this is going to make us do. That’s what Fives said and what Tup figured out. These things.” He shook the jar lightly. “Are wired up to wipe us of our loyalty to our Jedi and make us consider them traitors…and then we kill them.”

Cody touched his own head, staring at the glass jar. “We ALL have them?”

“Not all of the early generation but who’s left of them?” Rex looked around. “Four or five out of what? We are a whole army, a whole army against the Jedi? The old? The young? The disabled of them? What about the cores?”

Several vods paled until they looked like ghosts.

They could already imagine what would happen.

“And our Generals? Who trust us with their lives? Who shows us their backs? Stars light, Kenobi even lets Cody carry his lightsaber.”

Cody gave a full body spasm.

“How many blaster bolts can a Jedi dodge even with a saber?” Rex continued, driving in each point. He then looked to Wolffe. “What about General Koon in his ship with the Wolf pack behind him? He doesn’t stand a chance.”

Wolffe crushed the cup in his hand, water pouring over his glove as he stared at his vod.

“…Then what do we do?” Someone questioned.

“We do what we were made to do. We go to war and we serve and protect our generals.” Rex leaned in.


Rubbing a hand over his face, Obi-Wan slowly set his cup aside. “Force…I feel exhausted.” He sighed, wondering where the sudden tiredness came from.

“Perhaps a small rest or meditation then sir?” Cody asked. “We’d inform you if our situation changes of course.” He added when he saw the Jedi open his mouth to protest.

That got a small pause then Obi-Wan nodded. “Yes, that does sound good. Inform me if anything changes Cody.”

“Of course General.” Both Cody and the comm personnel watched the Jedi go, Cody slowly counting to twenty in his head as everyone else milled about as normal.

And then he turned to the comms. “Longshot?”

The clone smirked. “Come in Echo team, what’s your position?”

“Still hunting, the bitch is running. The General?”

“Currently sleeping, you have half an hour before he works the drugs out of his systems.”

“Copy that sir.”

Cody switched channels. “Commander Pond? How goes?”

“Droid bait is wearing down. He’ll burn soon.” Came the icy cold voice of Pond in return and Cody couldn’t help a vicious grin.

“Good. Any news from Captain Rex?”

“He has a dot on the Sith Master he says. Refuses to tell us who but he has him.”

Cody nodded that, taking a deep breath. From what Rex had hinted at it was something high up in the Senate and therefor anyone still chipped would not be told. Beside, what they didn’t know they couldn’t reveal.

“And Commander Bly?”

“Still tracking the Count. He says his General is getting suspicious though.”

Aayla Secura was one smart cookie and that could be a problem. “Does Bly have any plans of action.”

“Tranq. Its his only plan.” Pond suddenly went quiet for a few moments. “Kark, General Windu is waking up.” He hissed. “Razor, tranq him, now.”

‘We’re doing this for a reason, its for their sake.’ Cody reminds himself, fiddling with the tranq in his own utility belt. He hopes it won’t come to that point, he’d rather not have to drug his Jedi twice in one day.

It felt like forever until the comms suddenly crackled again.

“Echo squad reporting in. The bitch is down.” There was a blaster impact. “And dead.”

One Sith down, three left.

“Pond reporting in. Droid bait lit up like a bonfire.”


Cody had to leave the tent to distract his General when the third report came in.

“Count is cornered and scared. He’s surrendering to our General.” That was not part of the plan but obviously Bly couldn’t get around her. Well perhaps the information the count would give the Order would help.

And then Rex reported in. “And then there were none.” His voice sounded viciously satisfied.

Cody would have asked what Rex had done when the holo display suddenly light up, General Skywalker looking pale and shaken as he demanded to see Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan! The Chancellor is dead! A sniper!”

Cody exchanged a look, startled look with Longshot.

‘And then there were none.’

Putting yourself first and making sure your happiness is taken care of is so important to your happiness and to your health.


Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1200ish

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death

Summary: After you had finished studying in the school library, you find Peter crying on the steps in front of the school.

A/N: I don’t know if you’ll even like this shit but ¯\_()_/¯.

Originally posted by poptartcalum

A shrill bell rang throughout Midtown High, signaling the end of the school-day. You packed your bag, shoving your textbooks and papers inside. Stepping out into the hall, you started on your new route to the school library, dodging and weaving through the throng of people. Normally, you’d go straight home. But, since you have a huge Chemistry test the next day, you thought it’d be in your best interest to study as much as you could. On the way there, you kept your head down, eyes on the floor, not wanting to attract the attention of any of the bullies that might be lurking nearby. God knows you didn’t need that right now.

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Some more problems with being schizophrenic

- not being able to express emotions so people just think you’re a hearltess bitch when in reality you are feeling emotions very intensely inside

- feeling like you’re slowly rotting

- believing that your flesh is slowly decaying while everyone else’s is not

- what is it like to not have delusions??? How do you think logically??? Is that a thing?

- your brain working so fast while writing that you leave letters out of words

- knowing drug use will worsen your symptoms, but believing they will help you

- thinking you are like no other human on earth and are exempt from all rules everyone else must abide by

mafia! Mingyu

anon requested: “Could you do Mafiamember!Mingyu please?? Thank you!!”

Admin Jess: Ok so I know this is extremely late, but I wanted to make sure I could do this au correctly so I researched and rewrote, and made people edit and read this and went over it again and so yea,,, Hope you enjoy:)

Warnings: This is a bit of a ride,,, so mature themes including mentions of death, drugs, mild cursing, it’s a mafia au soooo…

Word count: A LOT MORE than usual

  • Mafia! Mingyu is no joke everyone

  • like damn

  • klutzy or not this boi can do it all

  • he knows how to dress a bullet wound faster than any surgeon can

  • knows how to make fairly powerful explosives too

  • but don’t ask the others how he practices

  • there have been too many times when Seungcheol has had to yell “COVER!!!” as Mingyu sets off one of his experimental explosives

  • let’s just say the others have flame resistant tables close by whenever Mingyu is experimenting

  • he’s still really young

  • new to the Svt mafia gang

  • not the youngest admittedly but already an indispensable member

  • he runs exports on explosives because that’s his specialty of course

  • but since that isn’t always in high demand

  • he’s in charge of the clean-up committee

  • removing any evidence of the gang and their activities from any physical place

  • which is probably why the cops haven’t caught them yet

  • there’s never any evidence

  • not even a speck of blood

  • not even a hair

  • nothing

  • it’s like they’re ghosts

  • Mingyu generally runs his own team through Svt’s side businesses

  • either exporting explosives, or cleaning up after the mess of a job

  • but other times you can find him partying with the others in some club

  • or playing some high-stakes poker with some of the other members, like Wonwoo since he runs Svt’s underground games

  • on really rare occasions for really important jobs

  • he gets called in for protection racketeering

  • because Seungcheol trusts Mingyu the most to handle these sorts of one client jobs

  • Svt specializes in protection racketeering

  • protecting people who can’t get protection through the law

  • or protecting people from the law

  • big jobs require everyone

  • but the small scale ones

  • Mingyu get called along with some others

  • which is where you come in

  • where you meet Mingyu

  • you see 

  • you didn’t like the family business

  • but hey a person’s gotta eat

  • even if that means you have to supply drugs to the criminals in this town

  • whatever it takes

  • at least you can afford some nice shoes

  • like those heels you got last week

  • the ones that are sharp enough to poke someone’s eyes out

  • quite literally

  • at this point, you’re kind of used to it

  • the whole running around with the wrong crowd

  • the feeling of your heart racing as a deal goes down

  • you’re the face of your family business now

  • your dad ran the lab

  • made everything

  • handled all the business behind the scenes

  • and you were the pretty face up front

  • making the deals

  • smiling because you know you live on the edge now

  • and the feeling is a bit exhilarating

  • your dad takes you to the lab often and shows you how to use the equipment

  • but you’re not too interested in the science behind it

  • but he shows you anyway

  • in case things ever go wrong

  • and you need to run things by yourself

  • it made enough sense to you anyway

  • things weren’t always like this of course

  • you used to be a very normal family

  • before the accident

  • and your family fell into debt from a steadily increasing hospital bill for your mom

  • and when your mom passed away

  • the law felt no sympathy

  • never showed you and your dad, who had never hurt even a fly before, any mercy

  • and in that cruel moment of time

  • your dad turned to other methods for a way to pay off the debt

  • when the law fails you

  • you don’t listen to it

  • besides

  • the drug business is good money

  • dirty but good money

  • and as much as you didn’t really want to have to deal with slimy characters

  • people too high out of their minds to give you the time of the day or what year it was

  • or how it fueled gang business

  • you welcomed it

  • welcomed the lifestyle

  • as risky as it was

  • because you had your father with you

  • and the law didn’t need to know

  • slowly your debt was repaid

  • but by then you had been done with trying to lead a normal life

  • it was boring, not fun

  • and to be honest

  • you didn’t know what else to do anyway

  • still you knew your dad was getting tired of living dangerously

  • soon your family business became the biggest in the area

  • enough that your dad could buy a nice little house in the suburbs

  • enough that you could leave this life behind the both of you

  • and just enjoy life

  • but things in the drug circle don’t always work out that nicely do they?

  • because when you deal with drugs and criminals

  • there’s always danger around you

  • and you can’t let down your guard for even a second

  • one day you head home to your small apartment in the bad part of town

  • you had been packing your stuff to move into the new house with your dad

  • everything had been going smoothly

  • but when you get home

  • your dad is gone

  • and the lab and everything

  • it’s just gone

  • everything was silent

  • you close the apartment door and look out over the cardboard boxes littering the floor

  • the picture frames of your family before you started the business

  • the various books from your childhood

  • all your memories were packed away in these boxes

  • but where was your dad?

  • you hear a knock on the door

  • it’s loud and cuts through the silence like a knife

  • you steady yourself as you remember

  • your dad had briefed you many times on what to do if he was found out

  • deals can go sour, plenty of people could have been after him

  • wanting blood for one thing or another

  • or the cops could have caught him

  • many things could have happened

  • but the first thing he told you?

  • never open the door if someone knocked

  • only those who don’t have a key knocked

  • and if they don’t have a key

  • they weren’t your friends

  • you slowly backed up to the kitchen where your dad hid emergency supplies

  • cash in ziploc sandwich bags

  • fake ID’s and passports

  • extra drugs to sell in a pinch

  • and your hand wrapped around what you were looking for

  • the gun

  • you grabbed the supplies slipping the backpack over your shoulder and steadily, calmly aimed at the door

  • and waited

  • the knocking had stopped and you could hear voices

  • “The boss said this was the guy’s house.”

  • “That old man sold us short!!! He owes us thousands, he has it coming!!!”

  • “His daughter should be home soon, let’s just grab her and get out before the cops are called.”

  • “That’ll show him for trying to mess with us.“

  • "I can’t wait to put a bullet through them both.”

  • your blood runs cold hearing their words

  • a bang shakes the whole frame of the apartment

  • you know your neighbors won’t be any help

  • no one’s here

  • you slowly back up looking for your phone and some possible escape route

  • when the worst possible timing happens

  • and your phone rings from across the room

  • “Fuck, I knew there was someone inside!!!” comes the voices outside as the pounding on your door increases

  • you dive for your phone

  • “Hello?” you curse yourself for having a shaky voice

  • “Miss y/n? Your father left you in our protection, please follow our instructions carefully.” a deep voice said calmly

  • you jumped at the sound of metal crashing on metal

  • “Great if you have instructions I’d like to not die.” you say

  • “He told us to tell you emergency code 7991 if you don’t believe us.“ the deep voice returns

  • the emergency plan number, the one your dad told you meant to throw away any inhibitions you have and to follow this plan in order to live

  • it also meant a deal went sour

  • “Ok so what do I do now?!?!?” you supply pulling both backpack straps higher onto your back and leveling the gun in your hand

  • “Someone is waiting outside to take you to a safe location, all you have to do is get out of the apartment.”

  • the front door bursts open right as you hear these directions revealing several men

  • with weapons no less

  • you frantically looked around and spot the bathroom window

  • “Grab her!”

  • quickly, you throw it open as you take the short leap and land outside

  • you take off before they have a chance to even aim a gun at you

  • you run around a corner

  • before being jerked backwards by someone who grabbed your arm and covered your mouth with a hand

  • ‘Fuck me if this is how I die.’ you think struggling to escape whoever it is

  • 'To think I was going to buy that jean jacket I’ve had my eyes on for weeks..’

  • great last thoughts, y/n

  • struggle as you might you were no match for this person

  • you twist your head to try to look at him 

  • and you stop struggling bc

  • something about him doesn’t seem all that dangerous

  • wow don’t you love having your priorities straight before possibly dying

  • the men from earlier run past shouting and you see the guy who’s holding you stare at them for a bit after they disappear through an alley

  • and the man holding you sighs in relief before letting you go and placing two firm yet gentle hands on your shoulder and looking at your face with dark eyes

  • he was at least a head taller than you and his face was handsome and his features were sharp and dark

  • his hair was lightly tousled and his gaze felt reassuring for some reason as you stare at him

  • “I’m here to take you to the safe house.”

  • 'so time to think very carefully about what your next words are, y/n, he could be here to kill you’ you think

  • “Ok.”

  • smoooooth

  • he says nothing more as he pulls you up and opens the door to a black mercedes parked a bit away

  • you stand frozen, heart racing from your too many near death experiences today

  • him dragging your arm as you stop in front of the car

  • this is why you don’t like the family business

  • if only drug dealers could retire and get a nice house in the suburbs without needing bullet proof windows

  • or bullet proof anything

  • or a heaping helping of death and danger every five minutes

  • “Who are you?” you ask

  • real smart y/n asking the stranger who saved you from a bullet in the stomach who they were, you thought to yourself

  • he turns back to face you


  • but he just tilts his head to the side a bit

  • and gives you a cute smirk

  • “You can call me Mingyu.”

  • then he pulls you into the car, slamming the door behind you, taking the driver’s seat and hits the accelerator faster than you could say “seatbelts first”

  • screeching out of the parking stall

  • racing down the road

  • you grip onto your backpack containing your few emergency supplies

  • holding the gun lightly in front of you in view of Mingyu

  • “There’s no need for that”

  • Mingyu caught your eyes through the rearview mirror

  • “If I were here to kill you, I would have done it by now.” he throws the words out casually

  • “Why thanks Mingyu-ssi, that’s super reassuring.” you huff, lowering the gun by a bit

  • he chuckles at your response which surprises you

  • guess even the mafia has a sense of humor?

  • “Soooooo, Mr. Mingyu, did my father hire you?”

  • “Yes,” Mingyu said glancing at you through the rearview mirror again, “hired us to protect you until he could clean up this mess that the deal left.”

  • cryptic

  • but you weren’t stupid

  • “He wants me to stay out of it.”

  • “He wants you to stay safe.” you looked up at Mingyu after he said it

  • “I can take care of myself just fine.” you bluff rolling your eyes

  • Mingyu just raises an eyebrow at you through the rearview mirror

  • “Does hiring the mob sound super safe to you?” you ask him in response to his eyebrow raise

  • “We take our jobs really seriously, Miss, you don’t have to worry.” Mingyu supplements

  • “Said the freaking mafia to the drug dealer’s daughter…” you mutter

  • he chuckles again

  • “Yes, the situation isn’t ideal, Miss.”

  • “Just call me y/n, Mingyu-ssi.”

  • “Then just call me Mingyu, y/n.”

  • as he drives along the back roads he glances at you from the rearview mirror

  • “Pay attention to the road Mingyu, the last thing we need is a car crash. Are you staring because I’m pretty?” You say jokingly, not really expecting a response as you try lightening the mood but also calm your own anxious nerves down

  • “And if I am?“ He flashes a grin at you one more time from the rearview mirror before staring straight ahead at the road again

  • you blush and shut right up, shaking your head to clear your jumbled thoughts

  • the short car ride ends when you both reach a hotel

  • it’s a pretty fancy hotel

  • one with full-on suites

  • “My orders were to wait here and protect you for a few days while the others figure out how to get you and your father resettled in a safe place. Then we’ll rendezvous with them at the warehouse.”

  • “We’re staying at this hotel?”

  • “Well I think it’s better than bleeding out in some alley somewhere.” He laughs while you shoot him a glare

  • “It’s just kind of fancy for a drug dealer’s daughter don’t you think?”

  • “Hey, the mafia is nothing if not fancy.”

  • he smiles brightly throwing you off

  • he could honestly pass for some college kid now that you get a chance to look at him, he can’t be much older than you are

  • and he definitely does not look like a tall intimidating man who could kill you

  • he grabs your hand pulling you into the lobby

  • “What the heck-” you start trying to get him to let go while he drags you across the beautiful foyer

  • “I’m here to check in.” he says pleasantly

  • smiling warmly at the lady behind the desk

  • you see her get flustered at Mingyu’s good looks bc of course and stammer asking him what his name was

  • “It’s under Mr. and Mrs. Kim.” 

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  • Aries: Stripping for them bills.
  • Taurus: Drug dealing.
  • Gemini: Being that free lawyer your appointed if you can't pay for one yourself that sucks at arguing.
  • Cancer: Becoming candy store cashier and stealing candy.
  • Leo: Start doing infomercials.
  • Virgo: Becoming a receptionist and hating life just a tiny bit more.
  • Libra: Hobo by day, hobo by night.
  • Scorpio: Being a book store cashier to avoid interacting with customers and being able to read all the time.
  • Sagittarius: Bartender all night.
  • Capricorn: Full-time scammer.
  • Aquarius: Starting their own handmade soap company with your bestie.
  • Pisces: Pet store owner.
Tattoo Girl (G.D) Part 1

Summary: Grayson, his twin brother and their 3 best friends work for the police force. They’re working on busting the biggest drug case of the century, ran by the most dangerous gang in America. While busting down doors, and trying to track down the bad guys, Grayson’s attention turns to a mysterious girl with a mysterious tattoo. Who is she? Where is she from, and what’s her story? What happens when you fall in love with one of America’s top 10 wanted criminals?

Warnings: Mentions of drugs, violence, guns, and blood. Cursing. 

A/N: It’s here! The new series is here! I’m really excited about this one! It’s a little different from all the fluffy lovely dovey stuff I write, but I really like it, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to let me know what you guys think about it! Love you guys <3

( All the characters are in their mid 20s in this series. )

* * Y/N/N : your nick name * *

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Grayson’s POV

My name is Grayson Dolan, and I work for LAPD. I’m a head narcotics cop, and alongside me were my best friends Ethan Dolan, and Nate Garner. Ethan also happens to be my twin brother, and Nate has been our best friend since high school.

Our other best friends Aaron, and Jack works for the police force also. They were double agents, who would soon be ranked with us, once we bust this big drug case.

It was Ethan’s, Nate’s and I’s weekend off, but we were called into LAPD headquarters for a meeting. Chief never holds meetings on a Saturday, so whatever this was about, its clearly important.

I should be listening to the chief, but I was doodling away in my notepad. For the past 2 weeks, every page in my notes is filled with drawings of a compass, with leaves floating around it. It was actually a girl’s tattoo that I was drawing. I have no idea why, but I just couldn’t get it or the girl out of my head.  

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Boogie Nights & Colombian White - The Cartel Masterlist

A/N: part of EXO 1970′s Cartel AU Collab Project, this one is Kyungsoo’ part! Special thanks to @kpopfanfictrash & @the-porcelain-doll-xo for letting me use their characters plus to @rudeboywonho & @igot7bangtanbaes for a read through, as well <3

Words: 5336

Rating: M for Mature themes, mentions of drugs, explicit language

Genre: Angst/Action

Do Kyungsoo - The Fed

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The end of September marked a year since the assault. The loss of my family, and the height of my drug addiction. This time last year I was in the hospital on a purposeful OD and didn’t plan to make it.

Despite this year and its struggles, I am proud of myself. November will mark one year in recovery, and truly, I have never been better. I have rebuilt my familial bonds, worked my way out of my drug-debt,  and though I may not be able to claim I am “healed”, I am well, and thankful, and living.

There is so much love, and beauty, and I am here. I am glad to be here.  The love I have received by my friends both in my life and on here, has made all of the difference. I will always be grateful for the kindness and support I have received.


While certain mental health conditions have been shown to have a certain degree of heritability, it is difficult to detangle this from environmental and social factors that could contribute to these conditions. Between 2000 and 2006 Pablo Nakada murdered 25 people, when he was finally apprehended he was found to have been living with paranoid Schizophrenia, a psychotic illness that limits an individual’s understanding of reality when it is untreated. Pablo had believed that he was carrying out God’s work by murdering homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts and criminals. He earned the monikor ‘Apostle of death’ because of his delusional beliefs and was detained in a psychiatric unit. 

In 2015 however the name ‘Nakada’ became international news once again. Japanese authorities had detained a man named Jonathan Nakada who had been found incoherent and disoriented at a fire station, mumbling to himself. He was briefly allowed to venture outside the police station for a cigarette, and disappeared. 

When he was discovered again he had already murdered 6 people, and was found in the home of three of his victims - two of whom were children who were aged 7 and 10. When the police tried to apprehend him again Nakada cut his wrists and jumped from an upper floor window. He was brought straight to hospital and survived this suicide attempt.

Jonathan Nakada is the younger brother of Pablo Nakada, both of whom experienced horrific abuse in their formative years, and both of them would go on to commit multiple murders while in a deep psychotic episode. 

lollipoppopsicles  asked:

I absolutely love your White Boy series please continue it whenever you get the time, no worries 😘😘love ya and thanks 😍😍 I hope youre having a great day btw

A/N: Thank you so much for your support on the “White Boy” it is greatly appreciated, I love you as well, you are truly too kind, my day was swell and now I hope this part will make your day better! Enjoy part 5 of the “White Boy Series”.

Warning: Cursing, jealous Carl, and semi protective family, & death.

Part 1: White Boy

Part 2: Fucking Gallaghers

Part 3: Is She Telling The Truth

Part 4: This Feeling

Families Are The Best:

“Alright, I know you met my family back at the hospital but you didn’t get to talk to them or know their names so now you will fully get to meet them.” Carl said looking at the floor, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous about dinner. He truly did start growing feelings for (Y/N) and he didn’t want to lose her because of his fucked up family.

“Hi sweetie, I’m Fiona, I raised all these kids from diapers till now and they didn’t give a shit, I was married, cheated, got a divorce, then almost married the guy I cheated on my husband with but that didn’t work out, was a drug addicted, fucked my boss then cheated on him with his brother, I own a shitty fucking diner because of my dick ex, oh and I’m a raving sex addict who fucks guys on tinder and I can’t stay in a stable relationship without fucking it up on having it fuck up somehow .” Fiona said smiling as she continued to cook dinner causing (Y/N) to smile looking at who was watching Fiona cook.

“I’m Lip, college drop out and recovering alcoholic, I’m an intelligent fuck up but I mean shit happens.” Lip said shrugging at his statement which caused Carl to softly smack his forehead “Seriously man.” Carl mouthed at his brother but (Y/N) didn’t seem fazed by the statement.

“Debbie, teen mom, high school dropout and the little bundle of joy that’s now crying is Franny my daughter.” Debbie said running upstairs to tend to little Franny.

“Ian, bipolar, gay, army convict and ex stripper who’s in love with his ex boyfriend who was a son with a whore and who’s in jail.” Ian smiled looking at (Y/N) but even at that statement she didn’t flinch at all she even smiled

“That’s little Liam, he’s a little angel who’s starting to take traits from his fuck up father.” Fiona said as Ian kissed Liam’s forehead.

“I’m Kev, I got two wives that are actually married and me I’m just the guy who loves and has sex with both of them, 3 kids and own the Alibi bar.” He said smiling, understanding what the Gallaghers were doing to poor (Y/N).

Carl was so shocked, he couldn’t believe the way they were all introducing themselves he didn’t understand what the hell was going on at the moment but he knew any chance of being with (Y/N) was out the window now.

“I’m Veronica, but you can call me V. I’m one of Kevs wives even though I’m married to Svetlana who is my legal wife who was sold into sex trafficking to make it to America by her own father, I have 3 kids, I co-own the Alibi with my husband and wife, I use to do sex came to make money but then I had the babies, we live next door so if you ever think about stopping by it may be wise to ask first unless you want to hear us have raging hot sex.” V said and that was the last straw for Carl, he nearly flipped right then and there.

Then  he heard a sweet laugh come from (Y/N)’s lips, she didn’t say anything she just smiled and laughed sitting next to Kev which Carl followed her as the food was placed on the table. Fiona served everyone causing the rest of the dinner to be silent because they was truly nothing to say, (Y/N) wasn’t Carl’s girlfriend to be interrogated by his family not that would bother regardless but after this night Carl doubted he would ever talk to (Y/N) again, he was just waiting for the night to be over to spare him the “I can’t be with you cause your family is fucking crazy and WAY too much for me” talk.

As the night continued it became later and (Y/N) had to go back home to her brother “Thank you for the dinner it was nice to eat with a family for once.” (Y/N) said as she stood up walking to the door “Come over anytime you’d like honey.” V said, everyone waving as (Y/N) walked, Carl slowly trailing behind her “Let me walk you home.” He said holding her hand tightly which caused her to nod as they began to walk through the neighborhood in silence.

Carl was so nervous because they never had a silent moment, he knew it was because of his family and he couldn’t hate them anymore for it once they reached (Y/N)s door Carl couldn’t take it anymore “(Y/N), I’m sorry about tonight I did not know they would do some shit like that if I had-” he was cut off by a soft kiss “Carl, relax. They are your family and they are looking out for you, but I do appreciate their honesty, cause now I know more about them. Can’t not know my boyfriends family.” (Y/N) said softly passing a hand through Carl’s hair.

“Boyfriend huh?“ Carl said smirking "Yeah cause your a boy that’s my friend. Don’t get fucking cocky Gallagher, I think your brother Lip is hotter.” She said laughing, clearly joking but Carl couldn’t help but snap when he heard that and before he knew it he had (Y/N) lead up against her house door trapping her within his arms.

“You’re MY GIRL. I’m the only Gallagher you should be worried about, got it?” He said lowly staring deep into her eyes before attacking her lips with his, he broke the kiss apart to see her nod but that just wouldn’t be the girl he’d fallen in love with to just give up and surrender, nope he was expecting a fighting response and she would never disappoint.

“Actually Gallagher, I’m not yours, I’m my own person. You want Dominique back remember. Night White Boy.” (Y/N) said unlocking her door and just as she was about to slam it on Carl’s face he stuck his foot in the door “Fuck her.” He said opening the door grabbing (Y/N) by her waist. He then dipped her slightly as he pulled her into a deep kiss, allowing his tongue to explore every inch of her mouth. 

“You, I want you (Y/N), and I’ll prove it to you.” Carl said before walking out of her home leaving her speechless and in a daze, Carl wanted her, he wanted to be with her, she wanted it to be true but she felt it was all a dream and then she got a phone call that shook her whole world.

Her brother had been killed, shot dead, and before she could process what was being said she sunk to her floor crying loudly, screaming to the top of her lungs, she’d become so loud that her entire neighborhood came to see what was going and when they saw (Y/N)’s swollen eyes and hurt written all over her face they knew what had happened, they all wrapped around her comforting her in her time of need and that’s when she noticed him. Kyle standing behind the crowd and her sadness turned to anger.

“I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU! YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!” She said beginning to charge for him but was held back by a couple of her neighbors and she tried so hard to fight them off but nothing she did worked.

They had let her go when Kyle had vanished and she called the only person who gave a shit about her, he wanted to prove he wanted her, well this is how he was going to do it.

Essays in Existentialism: Revolution

The revolutionist and the reporter sent to interview her.

On the busy corner, in the busy little converted storefront, the bell above the door rang almost nonstop with the constant opening and closing of the old front door. Telephones warbled in their cradles before being hastily answered in quiet voices.The general murmur and sounds of the office blended together until it was just a harmonious kind of hum with no real sound at all, melding itself to almost fill the large floor, going into every corner, never pressing too hard, but leaning against the walls and windows all the same. 

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