working out


Sooooooo since I’ve been in AZ (so almost two months now), I’ve been cutting back on heavy lifting and focusing on more of a fitness change. I love lifting, but my body and mind really needed a break from it. I definitely plan on getting back into a routine in the future, but for right now I’m taking it day by day and doing what feels most right for my body.

I’ve still been lifting 2-3 days some weeks, along with yoga twice a week (which I’m finally able to do more often again). I also walk A TON each day because of my job. It’s nice to remind myself that I have the freedom to choose how I want to be active.

Since I’ve been in Arizona, I’ve been hiking at least once a week. Last week, for example, ended up being a 7 hour round-trip of a hike with over 400 floors climbed and 14 miles walked. I consider myself to have a strong legs but they were dyingggggg by the end. (Something around 31,000 steps for the entire hike). @fitnika has touched on this subject before, saying that there are so many amazing ways to be active that don’t include staying in a gym. MOUNTAIN WOMEN, UNITE 🏔☀️

But here’s some selfies to remind myself that even though I’m not pushing through hard lifts as often as I was in the past, my muscles are still growing and supporting me in ways that I need them to.

These thunda thighs can carry me up mountains. I’m damn lucky and proud of them ❤️

Low-energy “exercises”
  • Point and flex your feet repeatedly
  • Dance to your favorite song while sitting in your favorite chair
  • Stretch!
  • Work your face muscles by smiling for a minute
  • Flex your boob muscles (technical term)
  • Shrug repeatedly because nobody knows what’s going on
  • Clench your tummy muscles for as long as you can
  • Wiggle your toes a little bit