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  • Spain: Romano, you're awfully quiet today- ... what did you do?
  • Romano: what?? Why do you assume I did something bad??
  • Spain: because you're always quiet when you're trying to hide something from me. Who did you anger?
  • Romano: ...a lot of people.
  • Spain: wha-why?? What is so important today that you angered so many people??
  • Romano: This. *kisses Spain, hands him a bunch of stuff* I stole flowers from Netherland's garden, bargained/threatened France's luxury shops to get you the best outfit, annoyed Germany for the whole day so that he doesn't bother you with EU shit, threw stuff at Turkey to make you sweets, and forced my brother to cancel his plans so that he can do all my work and I can take you on a date tonight... the night of your birthday... you shithead.
  • Spain: R-Romano...
  • Romano: you know how much I suck at showing my emotions and talking to people-
  • Spain: *kisses him* you're amazing~
  • Romano: o-o-o-o-of course I am, y-y-you i-i-i-idiot!!
Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Boxer!Cocky!Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1750ish

Warnings: some cursing (not too much imo), sexual tension, sexual innuendos, implied sex afterwards

Summary: Two words. Boxer Tom.

A/N: blame @tbholland

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There’s something so therapeutic about consistently punching and kicking a punching bag; the noisy thumps that were emitted every time your fist or foot connected with the bag and the aches that settle into your muscles when you get home were weirdly comforting. Screw paying for a therapist, this is where it’s at. A downside though, was the sticky sweat that covered your skin until you were able to shower and the ragged breathing you got after every session; though today, you’re not sure if it’s from the exercise or how pissed off work made you today. Now that you thought about it, this is the most relaxed you’ve felt all week. The next punch on the bag was harder than the previous ones.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Review

I present yet another review from @kubrickking! This time, she is reviewing Audrey Hepburn’s numerous films and comparing them to - you guessed it - Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I’ve watched 4 Audrey Hepburn films essentially all my life: Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Funny Face. I’ve since made my way through almost her entire filmography, but these were the four films my mother showed me at a young age and I would play continuously on the car ride home from school. Finish Roman Holiday on the way home Thursday afternoon, start it over again when we set off for school on Friday morning. I was still in elementary school when my mom bought me a nicely packaged DVD set of these four Audrey classics and they sit on my bookshelf to this day.

Although she has received accolades for almost all her work, Audrey became particularly known for her Oscar win on Roman Holiday and complex performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s among several other films -

My Fair Lady, Two for the Road, Wait Until Dark

etc. - which I did not see until later on. Despite knowing all this now and having seen more of her work, one of her films that left a lasting impression in my childhood will always be


. A romance story, like all her Hollywood hits, the allure was hardly Humphrey Bogart. In fact, I do remember noticing the age discrepancy between them even as a child, probably stemming from an inevitable parallel of Linus with every boring, fun sucking adult I knew.

Still, something about the coming of age story and Audrey’s particular elegance in that film cemented it as my favorite. In retrospect, the costuming is most responsible for my attraction to the picture. Here, Hubert de Givenchy did his first and, dare I say, best work designing original pieces for his muse Audrey. The sleek suit, circular hat, and dangling earrings Sabrina wears at the train station caught not only the attention of David, but my young eye for fashion as well. She goes on to sport the most gorgeous black and white evening gown with two separate bottom skirts, a number of gorgeously tailored little black dresses, and boating shorts, a plaid top, and wedges which somehow manage to appear as practical as they are effortlessly elegant. Funny Face is similarly a showcase of glorious designer clothing, but without the ruse of being a fulfilling love story.

And, in truth, that is all the narrative of this film is: a ruse. Sabrina’s main, and only, conflict is that she is hopelessly in love with a man, David, who will always be more in love with himself and his wealth than any beautiful woman he takes advantage of. Her character arc consists solely of realizing that Linus, the older brother, rather than David offers the love and companionship she desires. That’s it. She is given no more or no less; a cardboard cutout of a woman, painted and traced by men. While Sabrina does become a successful cook and independent woman abroad in Paris, all of her characterization leads back to the simple goal of attaining David’s attention.

As a child, I never noticed an issue with this narrative. It simply adhered to the societal beliefs and treatment of women that saturates media to this day. However, especially as I learned more about Audrey Hepburn’s life outside of her films, I began to view this particular role as a sad failure in harnessing even a glimmer of the true compassion and determination of its portrayer. Interestingly, as I grew older Breakfast at Tiffany’s emerged as my new favorite from the group of four. As far as romance stories go, Tiffany’s is more a character study than anything. Audrey’s Holly Golightly is an icon of adulthood and childhood all at once. She is undeniably childish in her approach to dealing with adult problems and naive in relation to their surrounding realities. Still, this adolescence becomes a pure indicator of adulthood in and of itself; aka the reality that no one grows out of childhood flaws into an idealized adulthood. In fact, many of the professional aspects of adulthood appear drama free and efficient to a child until they grow up to work with people and on tasks that are just as resentful and senseless as the situations of their youth. Holly’s attitude, policies, and monikers all become indicative of that on a meta level.

Originally posted by oiseaublesse

This is where Breakfast at Tiffany’s succeeds and Sabrina fails. Holly is a complex, interesting character with more tangible and meaningful conflict and action than Sabrina. She is given subplots and background related to her brother in the Army, her unfulfilling life as a hick in the country, and her transformation into a city girl, which all ultimately reveal her to be the same self-seeking, misguided “phony” underneath. She may not be the most desirable character because of her flaws, but she is undeniably a three-dimensional, dynamic, and - despite Paul Varjack’s final monologue - an indefinable woman. Paul’s “sugar mama” is “a very stylish girl,” Paul himself is “the sensitive, bookish type,” Mag Wildwood is a “thumping bore,” Sally Tomato is “a darling old man,” but Holly cannot be reduced to the simple archetype of “wild thing” no matter how hard she tries. She is not anchored to the woes of the men in her life; in contrast, this dynamic is continually flipped on its head. Holly leaves a trail of pleading men behind her (the rats and super rats), having little interest in romance beyond the lifelong wealth it may eventually secure her. She pursues men with large fortunes and picks up extra cash as both a call-girl and delivering coded messages of a criminal nature to inmates in Sing Sing Prison. In truth, Holly doesn’t know what she wants from life, but neither do many of the women in my life. She’s a character that is allowed to be emotional, emotionless, intelligent, naive, right, wrong, promiscuous, and modest as all women are in reality.

Originally posted by distopya

Funny enough, both Sabrina and Holly are characters with misguided and unclear goals related to their future marriages. However, in relation to love, while Sabrina is refining her wants, Holly is denying her needs. Sabrina’s conflict then becomes a battle with the external options presented to her, while Holly’s proceeds as an intense internal battle over whether she even has options or choices at all. While Breakfast at Tiffany’s may still end on a romantic reunion, it is much less about the specific union of Paul and Holly than it is about Holly’s self-actualization and self-realization concerning her desires. The heart of her final scene lies in the rescue of Cat, a moment that forces her to accept that she does possess genuine love for and companionship with something beyond herself and for reasons other than money. This feeling only ripples onto Paul, as a result of Cat, in their final embrace.

Audrey has always brought depth and honesty to her on-screen roles in a way that transcends even the worst written female characters. However, if you’re looking for an arc and characterization that live up to the intelligent, compassionate, vivacious woman behind it, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the only ways to go. Holly justifiably refuses that others put her in a cage, especially her male pursuers, as the patriarchal world and her experiences have hardened her. In the end though, Holly learns to recognize and allow love that makes her happy, as all women must.

tobiseh  asked:

Couldn't come in today even though it's my day off. GM is mad and has cut me hours, again. Then when I asked why she said I'm-still- unreliable and I ask for hours but never come in. Not true, I asked yesterday if I was working today and she said No, so I continued my plans. Yet the girl who didn't show up or call for 3 months still got scheduled all her normal hours... Aigoo

Asgore Weekend!

Asgore Weekend!

Date: TBA (will be a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in December, Asgore’s month since he enjoys spreading holiday cheer!)

We, the Soriel Discord Server, wanted to show our appreciation for this awesome King! Our decision was to give him an awesome weekend of fan art, fics, and other creative works. Even though this is being held by the Soriel Discord, we are opening it up to anyone who loves the fluffy king, no matter what ship.


Day 1: Pre game events

(This includes before being trapped underground to before Asriel’s death)

Day 2: During game events

(This is Post Asriel’s death to before the barrier falls)

Day 3: Post game events

(Everything after the end of the game, with the monsters returning to the surface.)


Remember, this is to show love to Asgore, so no bashing the lovable monster. All SFW posts during the decided dates will be reblogged to the Soriel Discord blog, just tag your work #AsgoreWeekend and #AsgoreWeekend2017  

(While we support fanworks of any ship, we will not reblog your post if you attack our ship or any other ship with your submission. Just as we will not reblog Soriel fanworks that bash Asgore. Bare in mind, we love angst. Angst is acceptable, but bashing is not.)

If Netflix Marvel wants this “everyone thinks Matt is dead” plot line to be effective, I hope they push DD season three as the last show to be released in Defenders phase two.

I mean, it’d be awkward if DD season three was released before the other three shows, which would effectively ruin the illusion that Matt is “dead”. Hell, a plot line where the other three Defenders learn that Matt is alive could work as the opening episode to Defenders season two.

That being said, Netflix can always cheat by playing with the timeline. I remember reading that all of phase two will take place a few hours (or a day?) after the events of “The Defenders”. So instead of the shows being released in chronological order, all of them could be happening simultaneously, which would mean they don’t have to worry about addressing Matt’s “death”. But for that to work, the shows will have to remain aware of each other in order to avoid any time discrepancies.

Also, I just realized this. Would Punisher also be taking place in the same time frame? Like maybe after mourning Matt in the church in the Defenders season finale, Karen runs into Frank and bam, the Punisher show starts. If we’re assuming that Karen Page will show up in DD season three, that’s something they’ll really need to keep in mind.

The First Day (Boku no hero Academia au part 3)

Hello everyone, Mr.E here, still very much writing. haha sorry for not updating, I’ve been pretty busy and honestly kinda wanderlust in terms of what I want to write but here we are with the next chapter of my hero academia au for star vs.

So i wanted to do my own version of the first day of school and i felt like this was the best way. Since I kept writing and stopping cuz life kept making me deal with it, it feels a little off to me. Probably not my best work but i Hope you get some enjoyment out of it all the same. 

So some notes Bold mean the standard Adult Marco flashback in the vein of Adult Deku telling his story similar to the show and bold and italics is a new thing i tried to keep with the spirit of the anime and that is someone quickly explaining someone’s quirk. I felt it was a fun nod to the anime and in case You are wondering who is present Mic in this au, it’s Ruberiot because of course it is.

that’s it for me. have an amazing week and i hope you enjoy the story!

here is the link to part one

Notification squad: @artgirllullaby @ladyxgilex @nerdymetalhead @minthia-ren @thefandombytes @hipster-rapunzel @isolated-frequencies @burstingamerworld @sineston

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anonymous asked:

You should rename this blog js. 'allaboutrupert' or 'quinnhomeland'. This is a show with a great female character, but (surprise! surprise!) the fandom is all about him. Disheartening, but expected.

We’re working on that issue. We know. Give us a couple of weeks. All the Rupert talk needs a new home.

Some of us on this blog still hold out some love for Claire/Carrie. (Sadly, they’re both harder and harder and harder to love with each passing day/season.) 

What can we say? At the end of the day this blog is about Homeland however disheartened and disgusted the core of this fandom is with the show. The blog will soon pivot back to Homeland. 

We’ve been following Rupert closely because in the bafflement over Quinn’s death people are interested in talking about him. We can’t ignore that.

The heart of your question is whether a woman can carry a TV show without a bunch of self-proclaimed feminists wrapping themselves up around a hot male co-star. The answer is “yes” - unequivocally. The Handmaid’s Tale, Big Little Lies, Scandal, The Good Wife, American Crime, How to Get Away with Murder, Girls, Empire, Outlander, The Crown, Orange is the New Black, Veep, and Stranger Things among many others prove that.

Carrie and Claire have simply been the victim of horrible story telling. That’s why no one is all that interested in either one of them at the moment. 

List of things Vanessa has done this year/has going on:

  • Starred in her own tv show
  • Featured on her first major single in years
  • Performed said single on The Today Show (and is performing it at WE Day)
  • Hosted a major music award show
  • Landed movie roles
  • A judge on a dance competition show
  • Has other things in the works

and people have the nerve to complain/bitch because she didn’t film a movie at the exact moment she was “supposed to” as if it’s completely unheard of for things to be postponed. This is the most Vanessa has had going on all at once in awhile so would it kill some of y’all to just be happy? Or just admit that you want her to be doing what you want and move on. 

THIS IS IMPORTANT: We always talk about “loving and caring about all the members” yet this should not be JUST talk but act too. Right ARMY? We gave loads of care to our beloved Jungkook’s birthday not too long ago. Rap Monster’s one is approaching too (September 12) so let’s do the same. Not all ARMYs can pay for a billboard in Times Square or give an expensive watch as a gift but I believe EVERYONE can stream his song “DO YOU” on Youtube. Can you accept it didn’t reach 10 million views yet???? There is already this project going on for streaming his songs. However, it feels like only Namjoon’s stans are talking about it when it should be ALL ARMYs

Originally posted by chimcheroo

Even if he is not your bias he takes care of your fav day and night. He thanks ARMYs first whenever BTS win (when other artists start by thanking their producers and company). For a man who loves you like crazy ARMY can you please at least show his work a tiny bit of regard?

Small Candle Spells

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Not every witch has the means to collect tons of exotic ingredients.   Sometimes, all you have is a candle and a wish.  So, I have put together 10 small candle spells.  (The types of candles I am talking about are tea lights or small, tapered little fellas.  Relatively cheap and easy to use!)  Hope this becomes a resource for you all!  Let’s get started!  <3 Salt

BLACK CANDLE:  Protection

You will need:

  • One Black Candle
  • Sheet of Paper
  • Pen/Pencil


  • Write down what it is you wish to protect, be it your home, your family, yourself, etc.
  • Light the candle.
  • Chant the following ten times:

By the time this black candle has waned,
the blessing of protection be gained
by all that fall beneath its wax
be safely guarded from attack.
Until the next waxing moon appears,
protect all that I have written here.

  • Allow the candle to burn completely down and the wax to spread across the paper. 
  • Fold it and keep it until the next waxing moon.
  • Repeat as often as needed.

WHITE CANDLE:  Spirit Communication

You will need:

  • One White Candle
  • Photo of the Person you wish to speak to


  • Before bed, light the white candle and focus on the flame.  Let’s its warmth ignite the love you feel for the person you wish to communicate with.
  • Say their name allowed.  Speak of the memories you have with them.  Let the memory of them come to life in your mind.
  • When you are ready, recite the following spell:

Before I rest my head for the night,
I ask that my heart’s call to you,
(say their name), be answered.
In dreams, let us be together again
and share the embrace of love.
I await your visit
and, for it, you have my deepest thanks.

  • Blow out the candle and visualize their face in your mind’s eye.
  • Once the wax has cooled, place it and the picture together near your bed.  You are free to sleep.  Enjoy the visit!


You will need:

  • One Pink Candle
  • Piece of paper (cut into a heart shape)
  • Pencil or pen


  • On the heart paper, write down the positive aspects and assets you have.  It can be anything (from pretty eyes to being compassionate.)  Fill up the paper and fold it into a half heart.
  • Hold it in your hands and shut your eyes.  Deeply breathe, and focus on your pulse and the things you wrote.  Focus on yourself.
  • Recite the following incantation:

I am who I am
flawed, challenging, human
I am who I am
soulful, in communion with the universe
I am who I will be
ever-changing and growing
And I bow to the purpose that resides in me.

  • Light the heart paper on fire, allow it to turn to ash, and blow out the candle.
  • Anoint your forehead and the center of your chest with hearts made of ash.  Meditate on the self and what your purpose might me.
  • Anytime you feel the need to revisit self-love, use the ashes and light the candle again.

PURPLE CANDLE:  Accessing Gifts and Talents

You will need:

  • One Purple Candle


  • On the night of the New Moon, sit in a quiet, dark room.  Light your candle and concentrate on expelling all the static energy from your mind.  
  • Focus on your the gifts you would like to explore.  An example?  If you are drawn to Tarot, have your deck nearby and envision yourself shuffling the cards.
  • Repeat the following chant 13 times:

My mind is clear, my heart is too
Reveal my gifts, deep and true

  • Open your eyes and stare into the flame.  Let the fire of inspiration illuminate the talent you want to access.
  • Invoke the gift by whispering:

On this night, and all nights to come,
I will open myself to this ancient power
and allow discovery of my true potential.

  • Blow out the candle and keep by your bedside.  When you practice a gift or talent, light it until there is no more wax.

ORANGE CANDLE:  Calling Your Inner Child

You will need:

  • One Orange Candle
  • Divinatory Tool (Suggest: Tarot or Oracle cards)


  • Light the orange candle and begin shuffling your cards.
  • When you feel that you have shuffled enough, hold the cards in your hand and focus on the flames.
  • Say the following spell:

Bring future to past
with this candle’s light
and provide for me
childish insight.
One card to tell me of my woes,
another about the child within,
a third cast to bring us together
so that we may begin again.

  • Draw three cards.  The first will represent your position right now (who you are and what you have been going through); the second will represent your inner child and what insights they can provide through their innocence.  The third and final card will show you what will happen if you allow the present you and your inner child join together.
  • Light the candle whenever you need guidance from your inner child again.

LIGHT BLUE CANDLE:  Fortune and Glory

You will need:

  • One Light Blue Candle
  • Money (coins or paper money)
  • An Award or piece of Recognition (trophy, certificate, etc.)


  • Anytime on a Sunday (the day where workings for wealth, achievement, goals, and promotions correspond), place your candle between your representations of fortune and glory.
  • Put one hand on each item, and say:

I humbly ask for the Universe and all the powers within it to look upon these representations of fortune and glory.  I light this candle to honor you and ask for the following blessings…

  • Light your candle and return your hands to rest on your items.  Recite:  

By the light of this flame,
sweet fortune I do claim.  
Wealth and wisdom I do gain.
By warmth of this flame,
glory granted to my name.
Recognition I do gain.

  • Allow the candle to burn until there is no more wax.  Collect what is left, store in a jar, and keep in a place you conduct business.

YELLOW CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Air

You will need:

  • One Yellow Candle


  • At 3 PM, go outside and bathe in the light of the middle of the day.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
  • Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:

Here and now, I call the element of Air.  Summer breeze and roaring wind, echoing melody and lifting wings, ever-dancing.  I call you forth to infuse my intention with your swirling fits of both song and silence.  Carry my will on your back and raise my purpose into your sky.  Breath and cloud, sound and song.  Air, I call you to me.

  • Open your fists and allow for the spirit of Air to translate through your palms and into your center.
  • Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

GREEN CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Earth

You will need:

  • One Green Candle


  • At night, go outside and bathe in the light of the moon.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
  • Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:

Here and now, I call the element of Earth.  Soil of fertility and growth, fecund source of stability, stillness and health.  I call you forth to filter away all that is impure, and to stand rooted in this world.  Mountain and dust, footstep and stone.  Earth, I call you to me.

  • Open your fists and allow for the spirit of Earth to translate through your palms and into your center.
  • Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

DARK BLUE CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Water

You will need:

  • One Blue Candle


  • At twilight, go outside and bathe in the light of the fading sun.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
  • Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:

Here and now, I call the element of Water.  Tranquil and powerful, rippling and deep, abundant resource of life.  I call you here to infuse my intention.  Wash my will in your flow, carry my purpose on your current.  Dewdrop and lake, clarity and storm.  Water, I call you to me.

  • Open your fists and allow for the spirit of Water to translate through your palms and into your center.
  • Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

RED CANDLE:  Invoking the Spirit of Fire

You will need:

  • One Red Candle


  • At sunrise, go outside and bathe in the light of the new dawn.  Light your candle and place it in front of you.
  • Fisting your hands, place them on either side of the candle and say the following incantation:

Here and now, I call the element of Fire.  Heat and flame, passion and love, anger and wildfire.  I call you forth to burn away all that impedes my highest vision and to enact change in the world.  Lightning and hearth, heart and forge.  Fire, I call you to me.

  • Open your fists and allow for the spirit of fire to translate through your palms and into your center.
  • Let the candle burn for five minutes and then blow it out, keeping it when you need it again.

Idea for October

So as most of us know Anti won’t be re-appearing for October as Jack has the tours coming up and has to prepare and plan videos for that time, too (which gives him hardly any time to do anything else super big).

As an idea, how about we do a little event for October since technically the 10th is also known as Anti’s birthday, which is the day it would start, maybe something along the lines of #antiart a counter tag for the previous #septicart event in August!

The event would be a surprise gag, so nobody talk about it too openly yet! Prepare art of any kind, draw, edit, theorize and write as much as you want and start posting on the 10th of October out of the blue, until the 31st!

Let’s surprise Jack and Robin, show our appreciation for all the work and love that goes into creating the Anti character, something that started right here with the community!

What does everyone think?

Originally posted by milomumbles

Today on twitter someone told me I should SUPPORT the shows and movies I’m talking about instead of just tweeting about it because “tweeting about it doesn’t get them views/money” and I’ve never, ever, encountered someone who so badly missed the point of my entire online brand. Wildest thing someone ever said to me. 


Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel’s contrasting endings.

Sunshine is beautiful. It is life giving, renewing and means new beginnings. It can also mean happiness, youth, new beginnings, wealth and original ideas. Overall, it is seen as a positive force. Sunshine feels and looks good, so we embrace it. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer ends with the sun shining. The slayers have been ‘awoken’, and the battle in the Hellmouth is over. We don’t know what’s next for Buffy Summers- yet judging by her smile, it can only be positive. She’s got her life ahead of her. The ending to this saga is heartwarming and feel-good, as well as leaving the viewer with a sense of triumph.

Rain is more bittersweet and melancholic. Some theorize that rain is the tears of God, men- and even angels. Rain is grim and hard to understand, but ultimately nourishing for the earth. Despite how grim and impactful rain can be, it is worthy of our understanding.

Angel ends in rain, during the night. LA has never been darker, the forces of Wolfram & Hart are out to kill them. If rain symbolizes pain and hardship, then it’ll never stop raining for Angel. He must keep fighting, and the fight will never end for him. It’s a tense, powerful ending that stays with the audience for days. It’s not a cliffhanger- but merely reaffirms what the series is about. If Nothing We Do Matters, Then All That Matters Is What We Do. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer shows a fight that has been finished. Angel shows a fight that will never stop.

PSA: Possible Cheritz Appreciation Project!

Okay, so here’s the deal, everybody.

I’m sure by now most of us can agree that Cheritz is LITERALLY god-status company among men.
They have been almost ridiculously good to us fans, proven by the constant free hourglasses, actual response and adjustments to fan feedback, the ability to free-play what should be, tbh, a paid game judging by the sheer quality & quantity of content, the translated chatroom greetings for English-speaking fans(!!!) etc. etc. etc. etc.

AND, they’re still listening and working super hard every day for all of us- even those of us who are…less than kind to them, unfortunately…

SO, i’ve been thinking about what we can do to show them that hey, as a whole, we super love everything they do and, most importantly, we see and appreciate the fact that they’re always going above and beyond for us. (Because they really are.)
And I know in some other fandoms, people organize days where they send the devs cupcakes or letters or videos or something and since nobody else (to my knowledge at least??) has done anything of that sort for Cheritz yet, I was thinking we could do the same???

I doubt many people will be super into the idea, but if you are, PLEASE spread the word! And feel free to comment your ideas so that if I do find people/a person to co-plan, we have somewhere to start.

(And PLEASSEEEE please please, for the love of god, someone get in touch with me about co-planning cause i’m a disaster and know nothing…) 

**If I don’t get any messages about co-planning by September 30, i’ll consider this whole thing moot! (cause i’m a small, nervous bean who can’t handle all this herself…)**

In the meantime, be sure to (if you can) support their work by buying hourglasses and merchandise, and send them some love on social media!


Raymond Reddington in 4x13

repercussions : ceo!tom imagine {part i}

Summary: Your hookup from last night was now standing in front of you as your boss (ft. CEO!Tom)

Requested?: Yes !

Word Count: 3.3k

Warnings: Language, mentions of sex, CEO!Tom

Author’s Note: I had so many Grey’s Anatomy vibes while writing this so I actually re-watched the first episode…Lord help me. Part 2?

As your eyes shot open, a deep sleep being disturbed by the fluttering of your phone alarm across the room, your eyes tried to adjust to the bright rays of early sunlight filtering through the light curtains adorning your bedroom windows. You almost forgot about the stranger lying next to you, his face buried in the pillow drowning out his soft snores. You watched his back rise and relax through his deep breaths, clearly unfazed by your alarm that was still chirping.

You removed the comforter and sheets that were draped over your pantless body, only clad in a shirt you assumed belong to the man that resided next to you. You swung your legs softly off of the bed, careful not to shift the bed too much. You crept over to your phone that was perched on top of your dresser, rapidly pressing the button that would stop the alarming sounds. You unlocked your phone and scrolled through the notifications you had received over the course of the night, your back facing the bed. A new notification popped up, ‘NEW JOB TODAY !!! 9 A.M.’  You checked the time, thankful it was only 7:00 a.m. meaning you had some spare time to get ready and put more effort into the look. Your attention was caught as you heard the man still behind you clear his throat, making you turn around quickly.

“Well, this is quite the view to wake up to, darling,” his voice was coated in a morning rasp, and it made his accent much thicker. It made your stomach flip as you took in the nickname, gaining some memories of the names he had used for you last night sending a blush up to your cheeks. You forgot he had an accent. Hell, you struggled relentlessly to remember his name. You cleared your throat as well, setting your phone back on the dresser.

“Uh, yeah, hey, good morning…” you began, mentally kicking yourself for already forgetting his name. He noticed you were having difficulty and took amusement in it. He sat himself up in the bed, leaning back on his palms that rested slightly behind him, showing off his very toned torso.

“It’s Tom. Thought you would at least know that from as often as you screamed it last night.. Tell me, Y/N,” he put an emphasis on your name as he smirked, clearly remembering yours, “is your throat feeling sore from all the screaming? Or perhaps su-”

“Ok, ok, I remember now, thanks for the refresher course!” You tried to shush him, your hand waving along with your words, his crude comments much too much for you to handle this early in the morning. “I have to get ready for work now, it’s my first day, and I’m sure you have a job to attend to as well,” you tried to reason with him, eager to get him out of your apartment. Your head was starting to pick up an aching feeling, and you said a quick prayer your hangover would be merciful for your first day of work.

Your mind flashed back to the night came to end only merely a few hours ago. The club you went to was up the street from your apartment, and you were eager to get out of the cramped space. Your intentions were only to get a drink or two, just to ease the nerves that racked your body that followed the anticipation of your new job beginning tomorrow. As you traced the edge of your freshly mixed Cosmopolitan, surveying the bodies that packed the small club, a man took a seat on the barstool standing next to you. You briefly shifted your eyes to look at who was occupying the seat next to you. However, his eyes were already wandering over you. You were clad in a tight black shirt that hung off of the shoulders and a simple pair of high waisted jeans accompanied by a simple pair of black heels. You turned your head to look at him properly after realizing his attention was already on you.

You first noticed his piercing eyes. They were a deep auburn, flecked with golden sparks towards the center. They were furrowed into a hungry look, as if they were consuming the sight of you. His hair was styled almost too perfectly. His what seemed like brunette curls were swept to the side taming them to a wavy state. A crisp white button down and a black tie complimented his fair skin. He leaned over in his seat until his face was in close proximity to you, sending confusion throughout your mind.

“Excuse me if this is a bit forward, but ever since I saw you walk through those doors, I’ve been planning on leaving with you on my arm,” his voice spoke just loud enough to be heard over the thumping music, an English accent ringing clearly. You raised an eyebrow at his confession, leaning back a bit on your stool. However, the alcohol buzzing through you was enough to guide your confidence.

“Buy me another drink, and we’ll see how well your plan works.”

“Actually, yes I do, love. Thanks for the reminder, by the way, may I have my shirt back?” He motioned to the shirt that hung off of your body, barely covering your bum all the way and reaching only the top half of your thighs. You nodded in cooperation.

“Well, yeah of course, it is your shirt..Let me just go change in the bathroom,” you spoke, pointing to the bathroom door that was slightly ajar. You reached for one of the drawers of your dresser, opening it in search of a t- shirt and a pair of shorts. As you pursed the clothing items, Tom interrupted you.

“I think we went way past that stage, I mean you could just strip here,” his words stringing along a nonchalant tone. You turned around to face him, crossing your arms. He shrugged his shoulders in response before lifting himself out of the bed. His boxers were the only article of clothing that stuck to his body. His eyes scanned the room in search of his pants and shoes and other various items. You watched his movements, not budging. He gathered up his items that were strewn across your bedroom, cradling them in his arms. You did your best to divert your attention away from his lower torso and boxers as he approached you. He stood in front of you, his eyes lowering to scan your body. His hand came up to your neck, sweeping away the hair that had fallen over it carelessly, a smug look crossing his lips.

“Might want to cover these up, doll,” his accent adding a new element to the pet name that tumbled from his mouth. Your hand reached up instinctively to the area he was referring to and whipped your body around to face the mirror attached to your dresser, uncovering your hand to see what he was talking about. Deep purple marks littered the side of your neck, some of them darker than others. A gasp left your mouth at the sight that could’ve been resembled a crime scene.

You could suddenly feel the pressure and sensation of his lips pressing into your sensitive skin, teeth occasionally nipping at the skin above your collarbones. He had you pressed against one of your bedroom walls, the back of your head was rested against the wall firmly. One of his hands gripped your waist tightly and the other was wrapped around the back of your neck, enabling him to move your head to allow him access to the surface of your skin that was now peppered with goosebumps and traces of his lips.

You entangled your hands into his hair, desperate for more attention elsewhere from his mouth. Your hands pulled his head up by his hair, his teeth now gripping onto his bottom lip. His hands were now both stuck to your waist.

“Need more, princess?” His voice rasped out, and you, unable to form words, only replied with a nod.

“I need to hear you, tell me what you want,” he commanded, his hands roaming behind you to grip your ass in his hands, he squeezed roughly, making you stand up straighter.

“I n-need your mouth, please.”

“Please, what?” He dropped to his knees. His hands reaching for the button that secured your jeans, undoing it slowly. He pulled the jeans down torturously slow, slipping them down to around your ankles and you kicked them off impatiently, leaving you in your underwear. His fingertips traced the outline of your clothed core, only increasing the wetness that had gathered there. He looked up at you and halted his actions making you groan. “What’s the proper way to ask me, pretty girl?”

“Please, sir.” The two words fell from your lips in desperation, eager for him to bring you to a release from all the frustration that had build up over the time spent with him. “Please,” you moaned out, his fingers now massaging over the damp barely-there underwear covering you.

“Good girl,” he praised. He allowed himself to hook his fingers into the sides your panties and pull them down, sending anticipation through your body. You kicked them out of the way, hands tangling into his hair. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to the inside of your thigh before tapping your calf, gesturing for you to spread your legs a bit more. As you did so, he brought up a finger to your wetness, running a finger along your slit teasingly. Before you could plead for him to do more, he brought his head forward and ran his tongue over the pattern his finger had previously traced. His tongue moved upwards, his lips now sucking slightly on your clit. As he did so, he brought his finger back to your opening and slipped it in, pumping at a teasingly slow pace. You groaned at the mix of pleasure brought from his finger and his tongue, but desired more.

“Sir, I need more, please fuck me,” you moaned out, voice trembling. He added another finger and began moving them at a faster rate in and out of you. He admired your wetness that came from his actions and continued to use his tongue to lap at your clit. He ignored your request for a moment and continued his actions before pulling away completely, procrastinating your closeness to a release.

“Bed now, hands and knees, baby girl.”

“Oh, my, god! Tom! What the fuck? How am I supposed to cover these up?” Your voice was laced with utter panic and irritation at his markings. You turned to face him, his infamous smirk lingering on his face.

“Where exactly are you working?” He asked, a somewhat sincere tone ringing out. His hands reached forward to unbutton the shirt of his you had borrowed for the night. You didn’t stop him, just wanting to get all of this over. ‘What gives, I’m not even going to see him again,’ you reminded yourself.

“Holland Corporations, it’s at the main office and they said I’d be meeting with the CEO today and it just rattled my nerves even more,” you informed him. His fingertips were still fumbling with the buttons. As he reached the last button, he admired the way the shirt barely covered your breasts, revealing the body he had spent all night worshipping. He also took note of the faint bruises that littered your hips, from his hands nonetheless. He kept the observation to himself as he listed to your words.

As you mentioned your new workplace, his eyes shot up to yours. An intrigued look sparked behind his eyes.

“What’s that look for?” You questioned him, turning to face away from him as you let the shirt drop off your body. You quickly put on the other shirt you had pulled out from the dresser. You spun back around to look at him.

“Nothing, darling. It’s just I work there too,” he said it in an unreadable tone. “I don’t think Mr. Holland will mind the marks.” He bent down to pick up his shirt, his lips trying to suppress the grin that was growing on his face. You ignored Tom’s sudden weirdness and put your palm up to your forehead.

“Oh my god, I’ve already slept with someone I work with,” you groaned. What a wonderful start. “Whatever, you should just go, I have to get ready,” you spoke quickly. You pushed him towards the bedroom door, a confused look crossing his face, his clothes still bunched in his arms. He tried to speak, but you cut him off again. “Bye, Tom!” As soon as he was out of the room, you shut the door. You hurried into the bathroom to shower and get out the door as quickly as you could.

After taking the necessary steps to get yourself ready, adding an extra bit of makeup to start off the first day, you gathered your things and headed out the front door. You went through mentally how to keep yourself composed when facing your new boss.

You took the short commute from your apartment complex to the rather intimidatingly large skyscraper that was at least twenty stories. As you stood outside the revolving doors, you took a deep breath before stepping into them. Your heels clicked along the tile once you stepped foot onto the white marble floors. You admired the minimalist theme that decorated the interior of the building. You looked down at your phone, searching for the email that contained instructions to navigate your way to your first meeting with the CEO, your boss. You would be working directly with him, an assistant in a way, but almost as an advisor for him to look to for opinions on important matters. You hadn’t met him yet, only interviewed with members on the board of directors that felt you would be an excellent asset to the company.

You followed the simple instructions to get to Mr. Holland’s office: take the elevator to the 22nd floor, exit and turn left, follow the hallway all the way to the end, take a right, and the doors to his office would be right there. You were surprised there wasn’t another receptionist up there, just lots of other presumably smaller offices.

Upon reaching Mr. Holland’s office doors, you straightened out the dark red skirt that was clung to your lower half, reaching just above your knees. You stood up taller and knocked out the door firmly.

“Just a minute,” a voice called out from behind the doors. A voice that sounded almost too familiar. Only a couple moments passed before you heard the shuffling of papers and the squeak of chair wheels skidding across the floor. You took a step back, and soon enough the door was being swung open, causing your jaw to drop, a gasp falling from your mouth. 

“Ah, Y/N. I’ve been expecting you, come in,” Tom spoke, a visible look of utter disbelief on your face. A suit now adorned the body you had slept with last night and into the early hours of this morning. You stood frozen in your spot as Tom turned to walk back into the office.

“Oh my god, when you said you worked here…you meant..”

“Yeah, I meant I own the whole company. Something to that effect. Anyways, come in, darling, let’s go over your agenda,” his back was to you as he spoke. He arrived to his oversized black desk, taking a seat in the leather chair. You however, stood still planted in your original position. You shook your head, unable to form a word. As Tom noticed you hadn’t followed him, he smirked at you. “Cat got your tongue?”

“This is clearly a joke, you think I’d work here now after sleeping with you? What does that say about me?” An edge was present in your tone, taking Tom by surprise. “I’m sorry for wasting your time, I’m just going to head out.” You turned on your heel and started back down the excessively long hallway. Your action caused Tom to hurry out of his seat, rushing out of his office to bring you back in.

“Y/N! Come here, please,” he yelled out at you. You turned around to face him, shaking your head fiercely.

“Hell no, I can’t believe you’d think I’d take this job now. I had no idea who you were last night and if I did it would’ve never-” you began. However, during your little rant he sped walked over to you, grabbing your arm once he reached you. His employees in the smaller offices had now gained an interest in your conversation and Tom noticed this.

“My office, now,” he spoke through gritted teeth, releasing your arm. You rolled your eyes and stomped behind him to his office. Your heels let out a loud sound that echoed throughout the hallway. Once the two of you entered the office, he turned and locked the door.

“Seriously, Tom. You’re delusional-”

“What happened to Sir? It seemed to be a pretty common thing tumbling from those pretty lips of yours last night.” He had a habit of cutting you off today. You rolled your eyes again, irritated with his attitude. He stood in front of you, your arms crossed in front of your chest, hand still holding your purse. He reached forward and took the purse from your hand, making you protest, but he shushed you. You groaned and went and stood by his desk, further away from him. He set your purse down on a table near the door and made his way over to you, adjusting the cuffs of his button up.

“Listen, I’m serious, Tom. I quit. Why the fuck wouldn’t you have said anything as soon as I mentioned it this morning? I’m not going to start a job this way,” you huffed, arms still crossed. Without a word, Tom walked over to you, eyes never leaving yours. As he got closer, you felt your heart speed up. He was wearing the same cologne he wore the night before, a scent that drove you to intoxication. You tried to push away the thoughts of inhaling that while your head was buried in his neck while he pounded into you the night before. Once he got to you, he leaned forward and pressed his hands to either side of the desk, entrapping you beneath him.

“I should’ve said something this morning, you’re right. But that doesn’t change anything,” he argued. It was hard to focus on everything he was saying since he was still hovering above you.

“I-I don’t care, we shouldn’t do this, it’s w-wrong.”

“Darling, the only thing that’s wrong right now is all the thoughts running through my mind about fucking you against this desk until you decide to stay.”

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