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The post no-one was waiting for (but that I’m doing anyway).

Men’s Short Program Review – 30.03.2017 – Helsinki

I admit I was very tempted to start my recap from pairs or ladies (no dance, since I didn’t watch ice dance at all), but I guess I did postpone enough, didn’t I?
I admit I was very tempted to just make it short and post this as my comment to Men & Women tech and judge panels:

Short and on point and probably much better than anything I’m going to write lol

Sadly for you, I finally found enough strenght to actually write something so let’s start my recap from Men’s Short Program Event.

As you (might?) know, I was in Helsinki and I did watch all event live. I’ve to say that – rewatching it now – camera work was really bad on ISU feed. I wish there were more fancams around, but I haven’t found any for all top-6 skaters, so official ISU feed will do for now.
Fair warning, this post may become quite long. If you feel offended by anything I write, asks box is there for you.

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Set them free

Request: Part two to “If you love someone” (part one here) my day five hamwriters writeathon fic from Lin’s POV

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader, Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: angst, breakups, unrequited love (or is it)

Word count: 1,996

A/N: I started to write this because I felt bad about the angst in part one but… it didn’t turn out quite as I expected. You can blame @fragmentofmymind because part 7 of Work Comes Home made me want to write all the angst

Almost six months after you and Daveed started dating Lin decided he would leave Hamilton in July. He had had a tempting offer from Disney for Moana and he could feel the time was coming for him to move on. Lin knew he would miss the show- the theatre, the story, and the cast who had become his family- but he knew he couldn’t be Alexander Hamilton forever.

Lin was rewatching The Little Mermaid, sprawled on the couch with his laptop and a mug of his favourite coffee, when his phone rang. The sound of your singing let him know who the caller was. He picked up. “Hey Y/N,” he said as he reached for the remote to pause the movie.

“Can I come over?” you asked and, even over the phone, Lin could hear that you were holding back sobs. The rawness of your voice and the careful control you were just barely holding made you sound vulnerable, though Lin knew you were one of the strongest people he knew.

“Sure,” he said gently, “do you need anything?”

You sniffed. “Can you open the door?”

Lin got up, forgetting about his laptop. He winced as it hit the floor with a worrying thump but it seemed to be alright, so he set it back on the couch and hurried to get the door. You rang the doorbell as he fumbled for his keys- why had he left them at the bottom of his satchel again? 

When he did open the door it was to find you standing nervously on the doormat, eyes red and clothes in disarray, clutching a tissue. “Hi,” you managed to say before you started to cry again. 

Lin pulled you into his arms and inside, closing the door with his foot. You buried your face in his shoulder, muffling your sobs. Lin rubbed your back gently and held you, unsure if he should try and move you to the couch or just let you cry.

After a little while your tears seemed to subside and you straightened, wiping your eyes with your sleeve. “S-sorry,” you said, stepping back, “I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine,” Lin insisted, heading through into the living room, “what’s happened?”

You settled on the couch, still sniffling a little. You took a deep breath and Lin inched a little closer, just in case. “Daveed’s decided to leave Hamilton,” you started, voice thick with emotion, “in July.”

Lin made a sympathetic noise. He knew Daveed would leave sometime- he still had clippng. to worry about and he couldn’t be Lafayette and Jefferson forever. Right after me, he thought, but didn’t say that. 

“He wants to go back to Oakland for a little while and-” you paused and Lin could see you blinking back the tears again, “and he doesn’t think long distance will work.”

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How I fell in love with Sakura  Haruno

This is going to be very long, but it’s very important to read especially if you’re a hater.

I started Naruto pretty late despite years of recommendations. It took me total 25 days (I counted) to watch complete Part 1 and 2 and catch up with Manga. During this time, I didn’t check out any Naruto fan sites or met any Naruto fan over the internet. I didn’t even know how Naruto fandom worked, what they liked or disliked about this series or characters. So my feelings and impressions of all Naruto characters were completely pure and uninfluenced. Keeping that in mind, I want you guys to know what I felt about heroine of this series Sakura Haruno without knowing what anybody else thought about her.

Starting off with the very first arc, I was surprised to find out that she was the main girl of the series, because she appeared very…. ordinary… and average. I didn’t take her crush on Sasuke seriously and didn’t care much about her character. When I finished first arc and my friend asked me how the series was going, here’s what I told her:

“Naruto is awesome. Sasuke is really cool. And Sakura is the most useless ninja ever.

Believe me those were my exact words. And my friend was kind enough to not to spoil anything and just said:

“She gets better.”

Fast forward to forest of death, the episode “Sakura Blossoms” left me unsatisfied. I appreciated that she tried to protect her team and all but all she could manage was cut her hair and get beaten up. (Just a reminder, these were my very first and raw thoughts as a new fan. My opinions changed, of course, drastically.) Despite all this, I was very surprised when Sakura hugged Sasuke from behind and calmed him down. That’s when I thought, “wow, this “crush” shit looks pretty serious”.

There were moments where Sakura annoyed me. I was annoyed when she constantly bugged Sasuke about his mark. I was annoyed whenever she would act mean to Naruto. And I always had this desire to urge Naruto do something to make her respect him. I mean Sakura was like never impressed by Naruto!

Sakura vs Ino was really good though, and in this fight I also realized that Sakura could be hard on Naruto sometimes but she never really hated him. I was really moved by the bond Sakura and Ino developed after their fight. Their friendship inspired me.

The next time I noticed her was when she attended to Sasuke in the hospital after he got his ass kicked by Itachi. I was a bit taken aback when an asshole a cold guy like Sasuke was letting her feed apples and hug him. By that time I was certain that Sakura is one stubborn girl who doesn’t know when to back off.

Her love confession on the night Sasuke left was a big surprise. I didn’t even think it was that serious. I was like, “You’re 12, what could you possibly know about love?” And Sasuke’s “Thank you” gave me the impression that he too felt something about her in his heart. Another surprise.

I’d be honest here. From the end of part one and until after Pain’s arc in part two, all I really cared to know about Sakura was this:

“Is she nice to Naruto yet?”

I mean sure she was nice with him most of the time, and all those scenes where she punched him were comical and Naruto deserved them, but I’m talking in regard of her acknowledgment of Naruto’s powers. When Naruto was about to leave to train with Fukasaku after Jiraya died and asked where Mount Myōboku was and Sakura was like “He is supposed to save us? We’re doomed.” I took this statement rather offensively and exclaimed:

"C'mon woman! Are you ever gonna be impressed by him?”

Before I go ahead, let me clear up one thing:
I never hated Sakura. Sure she annoyed me at times and seemed un-nice to Naruto, but all of these were first impressions. And I didn’t have time to stop and think about the characters anyway because I was kinda in a hurry to catch up. But I never really hated Sakura. Moreover, I’ve come to realize that to hate Sakura you have to be a Hinata fan, which I’ve never been.

Moving on. Sakura’s “confession” to Naruto was a jaw dropping moment for me. Not because I thought that somehow she really was in love with him. But because I believed that the writer (I didn’t know Kishimoto’s name that time) had completely buried any chances of Sakura being with Naruto. Yeah and I also believed that that confession was a mean thing to do. And when Sasuke tried to kill her twice in the gap of few minutes, my impression was that the writer had also buried any chances of Sakura being with Sasuke too.

Fast forward to the moment where I absolutely loved and was greatly impressed by Sakura. The moment where she outfoxed Neji-Zetsu, strangled him and beat the shit outta him. That’s still one of my favorite scenes. Even though I had been a bit irritated few moments earlier over the fact the she still loved Sasuke even after everything he had done. You guys know which moment I’m talking about right? Where she received the love letter?

Anyway, nothing important about her happened in the anime after that. I watched all episodes, all movies, caught up with the manga, found out that Sakura had obtained the diamond on her forehead and had punched few ten-tails.
After all this, I sat back and relaxed. Then one fine day, me and my friend were discussing Naruto and it hit me like a spaceship (seriously, the impact was that big) and I told my friend:

“I love Sakura!!!”

It was bizarre! I couldn’t believe I was saying this. But it was true. I knew it was love. The feeling was very strong. I had never felt like this for a character before. After this realization, I went back and rewatched all episodes, trying to figure out what moment could possibly have made me fall in love with a girl with pink hair!!

Honestly, I’m still not sure why I’m so in love with her but I have managed to create a list of possible reasons of Why I love Sakura Haruno :

1. She overcame her complexity over her forehead.

2. She rivaled, matched and surpassed her best friend. And still maintained their friendship.

3. She had the urge to compete with Sasuke and Naruto despite them being way out of her league.

4. She aimed to become powerful and achieved it.

5. She has this “Don’t mess with me or you’re gonna get it” attitude.

6. She is fierce, but she’s also kind.

7. She healed Kankuro and created antidote. To me it’s bigger than her fight with Sasori.

8. She smiled at Sai moments before punching him.

9. She explained to Sai how nicknames worked and then kicked his ass for getting it all wrong.

11. She asked Shikamaru to back off when Tsunade was in her mourning period over Jiraya’s death.

12. She took down the giant centipede at the start of Pain arc.

13. She soft-punched Naruto and then hugged him after he defeated Pain.

14. She kicked hard at Kiba’s foot for asking her to tell Naruto the truth.

15. She managed to knockout Sai, Lee and Kiba

16. She told Sasuke that she had deserted Konoha for him.

17. She healed Karin while crying.

18. She received the love letter.

19. She politely declined.

20. She still loved Sasuke.

21. She was in an emotional state when Neji-Zetsu came up to her and she still managed to trick him.

22. She deceptively calmly asked Neji-Zetsu to sit down

23. And punched him before he could attack.

24. She strangled Neji-Zetsu, explained why he was an idiot

25. And punched him again.

26. She’s just that smart and Zetsu is impressed

27. She has breathtaking eyes.

By this time I was already in love with her but here are some more reasons that came afterwards:

28. She asked Sasuke why he was here instead of being happy about it.

29. She did not trust Sasuke.

30. She gave Naruto CPR and grabbed his heart. Literally

31. She nosebleeded over Naruto’s reverse harem jutsu.

32. Those eyes.

33. These expressions: mixture of despair, anger and hope.

34. Don’t interrupt Sasuke-kun.

35. Can I come with you?

36. Reaction to the poke and “thank you”

37. She has a daughter. And she too is allergic to stupidity.

I don’t know if you noticed but I didn’t include the common “shining” moments of Sakura because this post isn’t what other fans think or see in her. It’s about how I feel about her. Also I’ve not included moments from part one because I believe that Sakura of Shippuden is the Sakura I fell in love with. 

Also I’ve refrained from touching SasuSaku too much because this post is specifically about Sakura and I as a person believe that she’s the kind of girl who doesn’t need a man to complete her.

There are other moments in movies but this post has already taken me over 5 hours..

The point of all this is that don’t hate a character by the first impressions. Give them some time. A character like Sakura is the most realistic character in entire series. You will find girls like her in real life, and these girls are something to aspire to.

I’m very tempted to make one post on critical analysis of Sakura’s character and one on why she was badly handled by her creator. But all in a good time.

Thank you for reading.


Summary: In an attempt to stay awake after a long day at work, you engage in conversation with the stranger next to you on the subway with striking blue eyes.

Word Count: 1414

Warnings: Absolutely none

A/N: Okay, so I got inspired by this post (the one with all the pictures of people falling asleep on other people on the subway) and I wanted to write something like how that made me feel, but writing it with Sam or Dean didn’t feel right and I’m rewatching season 9 with my roommate and human!Cas has made me feel things and so that’s how I ended up actually writing a Cas oneshot. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get another Cas oneshot out, but there’s just something so pure about human!Cas, don’t you think?

Version en Español: Maravilloso

“Don’t forget to be back here by six tomorrow morning. We’re meeting with the Senator then with some of our regular clients. Can’t let our regular work slack off just to get the Senator’s event going,” Claudia reminded you as you trudged toward the front doors of the office building, seventeen hours after arriving for the day.

“I’ll be here,” you replied offhandedly. As soon as you were out on the busy Manhattan street, you groaned and pointed yourself toward the subway station. Mumbling to yourself like some lunatic was the only way you were going to be able to stay awake, so you decided to hell with what people thought of you.

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Scott and Betrayal

So, I’m doing my rewatch and I’m wrapping up season 2. Which used to be my favorite, but it’s becoming more and more troubling for me.

So, near the end of 210 and Scott encounters Gerald at the police station. And he’s indignant: “What are you doing here? Its not supposed to be like this.” then “I did everything you asked. I joined Derek’s pack. I got you the information you wanted. I told you Matt was controlling the Kanima.”

Gerald sends him away and Scott walks down the hall, past Derek, who’s hiding around a corner and clearly heard everything. 

And his face- its just completely shut down. It didn’t strike me until now how deep Scott’s betrayal went. The fact that Derek had thought that he was winning Scott over, that they could be brothers, that he had just saved Scott’s life. And it was all at Gerald’s bidding. 

Now, Derek is anything but stupid, and he knows Gerald pushed Kate, made her into a person who could do what she did. He know how flat out evil Gerald is. And to have Scott, a werewolf, to be working for him, after Peter just used him to resurrect himself.

I’m frankly amazed he didn’t just grab the betas and leave town. I would have been so tempted to just say ‘Fuck off, Beacon Hills.“He’s got money. He doesn’t have to stay there. And yet, he is. He’s still trying to stop the Kanima. He’s still trying to save people.

I almost wish he did leave. Because in just a few nights, Scott’s going to force him to give the bite- what he believes to be a gift- to that bastard Gerald. 

No one suffers like Derek Hale, and he just. Keeps. Going. He’s nothing short of amazing to me.

The entire week I’ve been trying to put a meta together about the link between “The Price”, “Quite a Common Fairy” and “The Price of Gold”, but it seems like it’s just too much. Instead I’ll just offer some bits and pieces for now. Maybe I’ll come back and make it coherent, we’ll see. I assume that Emma and Regina are in love at least subtextually, so that’s what I’ll be talking about.

I’ve been thinking about that last episode and something is just off about the explanation of the fury, it doesn’t completely add up. This entire episode just felt like we were missing information to really interpret what was going on.

Belle:  Someone used magic in Camelot and didn’t pay up. It comes when the price for magic is a life.
Regina: Robin. Y-you mean that demon is here to drag him to the underworld?

I wonder if we’re being partly misled by Regina’s reasoning here. Robin would have died if Emma hadn’t used magic, that’s true. So if it was about angry Gods claiming a life that belonged to them, then Robin would be the life they wanted to claim. But that’s not what Belle says. It’s the price of magic that wasn’t paid. Say you buy a television on credit and you can’t pay up. What you are first asked for is your money, your television being claimed back is only the last step. It’s not interesting to the salesperson, because they wanted your money, a profit, they didn’t want the television back. They’d only want the television back eventually, because they don’t want to lose money because of you. So does the Fury come back to claim your money (the price of magic) or your television (the thing you obtained through dark magic, but shouldn’t keep because you didn’t pay for it). It seems like it is the latter, but this serves to distract us from asking the important question. 

What was the price of Emma’s magic?

Now, let’s go back to the ball and shake things up a little with scenes from other episodes. I rewatched ‘Quite a common fairy’ because of this exchange between Rumple and Regina about tasting the darkness. Anyone interested should take a look, because it seemed like a very relevant episode in general. 

Regina: Emma. There is another way.
Emma: Is there?
Regina: Magic.
Emma: Didn’t we just go through this?
Regina: I’m not talking about my magic. I’m talking about ours.
Emma: I’m not interested. One thing I’ve learned is, it always comes with a price.
Regina: Sometimes not using it comes with a price too. I bet you and I combined are strong enough to overpower Pan.
Emma: What if we’re not? I’m not taking a chance on that. We’re talking about Henry’s life.
Regina: I’m aware of that.
Emma: Look, I know you don’t like this plan. Let’s just see it through. At least, we can see if we find Tinker Bell.
Regina: Do you think it’s the best plan because your boyfriend came up with it?
Emma: My boyfriend? Hook? What’s your problem?
Mary-Margaret: She just lost Neal.
Regina: I’m sorry. I’m just worried about Henry.

So we all talked about how it wasn’t fair of Regina to ask Emma to use magic, but I thought the ‘sometimes not using it comes with a price’ was interesting in relation to what happened beforehand. The first one not to use magic is Regina. The only reasonable explanation here is PTSD. She is rendered helpless again, because she was when Cora killed Daniel. Emma on the other hand, doesn’t think twice and is - as always - ready to protect Regina and help Robin. Hook physically restrains her. If magic is emotion, then this is Hook quite literally standing in the way of Emma expressing her feelings for Regina throught magic. Now, I think the price of not using her magic in this moment were Percival’s and Robin’s life. She would’ve just stunned them, they would have lived. She was ready to give her magic freely, so nobody would have had to pay the price - except for Emma, Regina only had to pay the price because she asked.

So fast forward to the scene in the tower where Emma saves Robin. First, we have to ask ourselves why Regina’s magic didn’t work. The sword was enchanted to kill her, but what did that mean? The only thing that makes sense to me is that she was weighed down by being reminded of her past as the Evil Queen, which is what she was being attacked for by Percival. She forgot all of the progress she made and she couldn’t use her magic. Then she turns to Emma. I really think she wasn’t going to use the dagger on Emma and that she didn’t realize that her attempt to emphasize Emma’s free will, sounded like exactly the opposite. It also showed how Emma, whose believe in her enabled her to heal, has now become a crutch. She’s come far enough to stand on her own feet, but she doesn’t believe in herself yet. Maybe she would have in a good moment, but this wasn’t a good moment. She’s just reminded of the biggest trauma of her life and of her own horrible deeds. So she turns to the one person she has always been able to count on to help her. In fact, the only person she’s ever been able to count on quite as consistently. 

What would have happened if Emma wouldn’t have been there? I think Regina would have tried harder to make her magic work anyway, she would have found a way to make it work. She’s used Emma as a replacement for her self-esteem and it’s time for her to learn to stand on her own two feet. And she’s terrified.

Then there was Emma’s response. It was the first time Emma was tempted to ask something in return from Regina. We don’t know the exact rules of the price for Dark One magic, but it’s likely that it is set by the desires of the Dark One. Rumple seemed to be collecting firstborns and we know his focus was on getting his firstborn back. Now Emma has come to see her own desires and wants as a bad thing. More and more she’s been taking herself out of the equation, but the Darkness won’t let her. What Emma did here wasn’t fair either. She never told Regina there was a price to pay, and considering the consequences, this is where Emma makes a mistake, even if Regina shouldn’t have asked.

Now, here comes the line ‘Sometimes not using magic comes with a price’ into play again. In ‘Quite a common fairy’ Regina was specifically referring to using their magic together. Now, what happened when Emma healed Robin? For the first time we saw Emma’s magic turn into one of the true love colors. I’ve been trying to figure out the rules behind the magic colors and Regina has kept her own color unless she was doing magic with Emma, then the last couple of times she changed into the other true love color. Her magic has changed colors occasionally when she ws heavily invested in something emotionally. So we can assume that on an emotional level, this magic was entirely about Regina. It probably also means she can’t deny her love for Regina to herself any longer.

So what was the price for the magic Emma didn’t want to voice? If she had asked her to step up and try to make magic together with her anyway, it could have been the first time for them to make true love magic together, signifying their emotions, their feelings are now out in the open. So in a way, it seemed like the price for magic was Regina’s love. Now, Emma was still holding on to her old self, so she wasn’t ready to voice it yet, even if she couldn’t hide it for herself anymore. When she used her magic, she felt the love and gave in to it. If the kiss with Hook wasn’t about jealousy and the healing had nothing to do with her feelings for Regina, then her magic likely would have been black. The subtext and the color of the magic only supports that the entire kiss was Emma trying to hold on to denial. The little moment before Emma leaves shows that on some level, they both know it.

Then followed the exchange between Emma and her Rumplified Darkness. She denies liking the power, but Emma had already used her Dark One magic before. So was he actually talking about the yellow magic? The love magic? Did she enjoy the power of - gasp - love, Celine? Was she frightened but not quite ready to learn? 

I’m not sure if there is any other way to read this exchange than Emma’s inner struggle about loving Regina. She enjoyed letting herself feel the love she feels for Regina, being happy about making her happy for a brief moment. If she didn’t feel her - to her - forbidden love, then kissing Hook should have worked and should have lifted the Dark One curse. It’s not the love itself that is part of the Darkness, it’s simply one of the things that Emma had classified as bad and unacceptable or selfish her entire life. So it’s the Darkness using her own ideas about right and wrong against her to confuse her. It’s using her love, something that is a good thing, but also a very powerful emotion even Savior Emma would like to indulge in as a gateway to have her give in to the Darkness. Because it’s the Darkness that allows her to be selfish. Selfish in the sense that she takes her own wants and needs into account and not just those of everyone around her. She has classified anything about her that may hurt her parents asnbad because of their misconceptions, not because it is wrong  objectively speaking.

Then we have the conversation at Emma’s house about the fury.

It’s obviously meant to both remind us of the scene where Regina asked Emma to use her magic and didn’t consider Emma’s life precious enough in that moment and of the way she’s taken lives as the Evil Queen. Except, this incident happened at the very beginning when they arrived in Camelot. Lana said in an interview Emma and Regina would be having many conversations about Darkness and fighting it, but judging from Emma’s face in the previous episode, they will need to talk about what Regina did there before they can have any other real conversations. We can also safely assume there will be so much more happening between them before this moment, yet Emma still seems really angry about it. Like it may be a fresh wound.

The other thing is, it doesn’t really make sense. Life in that moment was precious to Regina, she wanted to save Robin’s life. Which Emma understood. So it’s a strange way to formulate this. There is a moment it does apply to and that is the moment Percival pulled the sword. She wasn’t heroic there, the life that wasn’t precious enough for her to save was Regina’s own life. Yet we know Regina’s life is precious to Emma, because she has saved her over and over again. She has given up her soul just so Regina could be happy. How would you respond if that person you gave up everything for is so careless with their own life? Wouldn’t you be as livid as Emma is in this scene? Wouldn’t you feel hurt and betrayed? The Dark One still wants what Emma wants and Emma really wanted Regina to be happy, which is why she became the Dark One in the first place.

Again, there are many links between Quite a common fairy and this episode and it is the episode where Regina attempts ABC-family-friendly-concealed suicide and they make it as clear as possible through her conversation with Tink, without really saying it. This is before Regina became the Evil Queen, so we know her self-loathing, her disregard for her own life started before her crimes as the Evil Queen.

So this conversation again felt like a misdirect to me, even if it’s probably important that we were reminded of Regina’s past as the Evil Queen.

We were meant to connect this part of the conversation with the previous part, but here is where she really talks about that incident. I guess we learn that the price may be set by her desires as the Dark One, but she is now part of a cosmic system that collects her debts for her if she doesn’t do it. Regina may not have paid the price, but she wasn’t told what it was, so it wasn’t exactly a fair deal.

Emma said there was no Savior, so technically she couldn’t be the Savior, but she’s specific about everyone believing she’s the Savior. Isn’t that why Regina has to ask for Emma’s help when saving Robin? In that moment she didn’t believe in herself enough to do it. Emma is done saving her, she is forcing Regina to believe in herself in a very… aggressive non-psychologist-approved rather dark manner. She’s also clearly extremely angry about something. She also encourages Regina to give her own life, which makes me wonder if Emma wants Regina to go to the Underworld. If we assume Regina did something to her own life, maybe there is a chance for Regina to save herself if she goes to the Underworld, but she has to go willingly. I don’t get the impression the Dark Swan wants Regina dead, so why else would she encourage her to give up her life if is wasn’t part of her plan? Also, the fury only comes when the price is a life, but as someone pointed out, one of the Furies represents extreme jealousy and it came for Robin’s life. Was what Regina asked in Camelot - the healing of a life - which didn’t turn out to be so difficult for Emma, really worth the claiming of a life? Also, if it was related to Emma saving Robin, why didn’t it come sooner? They had been gone for six weeks and the ball took place right at the start of those. Was it a culmination of things?

I feel this episode left me with far more questions than answers. Nothing from the dialogue really adds up, unless people aren’t talking about what they seem to be talking about. When they introduced the Underworld, I thought it would be really interesting as another test in Regina’s redemption that she would go to the Underworld, first to be confronted with all the lives she took as the Evil Queen, but also to face Cora, Leopold and Henry Sr as both their victim and their killer. It would be an amazing way to deal with the past. Since then Eddy Kitsis has described 5B as ‘Hell!’, so that idea doesn’t seem implausible.

Pitch Rewatch - 1x08: Unstoppable Forces & Immovable Objects

I can’t believe I’m already at 108! I was right, this made the week go by quicker (cuz 109 is freaking TOMORROW!!!!), but I’m also kind of sad it’s over. I might have to take a couple weeks and then rewatch 109 and 110 so I can post notes about those too…in the meantime, I’ll focus on the fic (when I can get some sleep and get over my writers block)!

  • THIS is how the episode starts?! I should have known this would be a doozy…God, he’s beautiful.
  • I’m so glad the announcers pointed out how rare a rain delay in San Diego is. I once cut a Padres highlight at work where the game was postponed because bees took over the field. The bee delay was their first delay in years.
  • Oh, Oscar and Sarah Shahi. I preferred her as Carmen. This storyline bores me to tears.
  • I totally missed Ginny’s laugh when Al compared his bones to Mike’s. Ha, so cute…
  • I like the dynamic between Ginny and Livan, but am I the only one who doesn’t think it seems all that romantic? If any relationship is sibling-like in this show…I don’t know, maybe I’m just Bawson trash.
  • Oh my God, that sweatshirt. How does he just…walk around like that? How does Ginny stop herself from unzipping it the rest of the way? I think I’m getting fic ideas…
  • I really dig the flashbacks to Ginny’s first and second start. I like the idea that we’ll go back in time and get different versions of things we’ve already seen. Maybe we’ll find out how Mike learned all that stuff about Ginny.
  • I don’t know how to feel about Amelia and Will. I didn’t watch these scenes closely the first time around. I’m not sure I like either of them, and I’m not sure either of them are right about what’s best for Ginny.
  • I hate Mike trade talk, but God jealous!Mike is the fucking best…
  • Kangaroo Court!!! I love how delighted Blip is with the court. It’s adorable.
  • I’m trying to get into this Will/Evelyn restaurant thing, but I just…can’t get there. Will’s making me grrrrrr.
  • More jealous Mike! I’m tempted to just make a gif of every jealous moment…but it’s been done ;)
  • The Ginny and Mike fight is so hard to watch. Though I like how she just keeps rolling her eyes at his insults. She knows he’s full of shit.
  • Oh good. More Oscar and Charlie. Oscar in general is boring this episode.
  • It’s here! The scene! Omar is so adorable here, but we all know what we’re looking at. And it starts with this look for me…
  • I like to call this scene the “But you don’t know she hates cilantro!” scene.  It can also be titled “Mike shows his hand”. God, this show…
  • Ginny and Amelia battling…I’m beginning to think people might be right about her firing Amelia in Episode 10…that would make a lot of sense.
  • I think I might actually side with Amelia in the Amelia/Will fight. This rewatch changed my mind.
  • And the moment. The moment that has made these past two weeks both unbearable and slightly bearable at the same time…#MikesLoveIsCanon

Final Thoughts: I love 108. It’s not the highest on the list because some of the side storylines aren’t that interesting to me, but I still think this is a great episode. I love the clubhouse dynamics, learning about Livan and Ginny’s friendship, the kangaroo court…and, of course, all the Bawson! It also feels like it really sets up the rest of the season (I assume, I have no idea…).

My fic is going to be sweatshirt related…but it’s in the queue behind 106 and 107. Get excited for some fun coming up ;)

anonymous asked:

What about a drabble with sexy firefighter klaus??

+ “Drabble request: established klaroline. Caroline is spoiled rich girl, klaus is rugged firefighter: they go shopping and spoil klaus and be super cute then later that night they’re laying in her bed in her fancy room and he asks her to wear his shirt to bed rather than fancy slips. Maybe sorta long if you don’t mind? omg thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!” by @klauscarolove


He was looking at her.

Like, really looking at her. At her legs, to be more specific. It’s not like she’d known that the fire alarm would’ve gone off and that she’d be forced out of her dorm room in her really tiny shorts and a tank top.

So now she was outside with dozens of other students, freezing, feeling extremely exposed and being eyed by the incredibly hot firefighter, who happened to be incredibly infuriating.

“But why can’t you just let me in?” she asked for the hundredth time, “Clearly there’s nothing on fire, no danger to my safety. It was probably just some dumb person who was trying to smoke in their rooms or something. And, by the way, if you know who this person is, you better tell me, because then it will be easier for me to murder them!”

Klaus rolled his eyes, “Love, you know I can’t let you in. Safety measures. But you were right; it was a dumb boy who tried to smoke in his room. I believe it was the guy from 341, but you didn’t hear it from me.” He smiled.

Caroline rolled her eyes, “Of course it would be that fucking idiot! Write my words, Damon Salvatore is a dead man. But, can you please let me in? I won’t tell anyone, I promise. I need to sleep. I have a super important test tomorrow. Also, it’s really cold out here.”

He sighed, “Fine, sweetheart. I’ll sneak you in.”

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